The 100 Best Sims 4 CC Packs to Download in 2024

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What we love about the Sims 4 community is that it keeps on expanding with new content and features. With the introduction of CC, the game has become more versatile, and simmers can now download everything from custom hairstyles to furniture and accessories. In this post, we will be highlighting the absolute best Sims 4 CC packs that you can download for free.

Sims 4 CC Packs 2

100+ CC Packs for Sims 4

Let’s get started.. 🙂


all in one 1

Did you know that we create our own custom content? Before diving into the list of top creations by other talented creators, let’s showcase some of our own packs. We hope you enjoy them! Let’s begin with the SNOOTYSIMS ALL-IN-ONE PACKS. This set is a big thank you to all our supporters. Please note that all these packs are available for free on our Patreon. Just follow the links below.

The ONE CLICK download: ALL IN ONE DOWNLOAD – SnootySims CC in One File | Patreon

Visit our account with all the CC for free: SNOOTYSIMS @ PATREON

108. All Snootysims Tattoo

Tattoo 1

Who would have thought that our tattoo CCs are growing!? From our very first tattoo to the latest tattoo cc we have, you can get all of it here!

107. Pink Stream Set

SNOOTYSIMS - Stream Pink

This Stream Pink Set gives a cute pink touch to games who loves bunnies and pink! Get it now here!

106. All-In-One Snootysims’ Bathroom Clutter

SNOOTYSIMS - All-In-One Bathroom Clutter

Making clutter and bathroom décor was a really rewarding and pleasurable experience. That’s why here’s our very first all-in-one clutter download! Get it here!

105. Snootysims Mega Kitchen CLutter Pack

SNOOTYSIMS Mega Kitchen Pack 03

Here’s a mega kitchen clutter pack for clutter lover! Get it here!

Snootysims’ Mega Kitchen Clutter Set includes:

~ Luv Mud Kitchen Set
~ Stoneware Kitchen Clutter
~ Monochrome Kitchen Clutter
~ Wooden Noir Kitchen Set
~ Mum’s Kitchen Set

104. The Snootysims Bathroom Essentials Mega Pack 01

SNOOTYSIMS - Bathroom Essentials Mega Pack Part

We are so happy and excited to present to you our “Bathroom Essentials Mega Pack Part 01”! Get it here!

What’s included:

~ Glow Up! Essentials Pack
~ Modern Laundry Set
~ Pink Themed Washing Machine

sims 4 CC: Clothes, Makeup, Accessories, hairstyles and furniture

The Sims 4 has been around for some time now and we can all agree that it only keeps getting more fabulous and interesting with new updates, stuff packs and expansions. But the CC community of the Sims 4 has taken the game to the next level. As you might already know, there are different types of CC available, each with its own unique purpose and user experience. And we can’t even begin to name the amazing ton of Sims 4 CC creators that always bring forth new content to us.

As more and more clothes, makeup, accessories, and hairstyles are released, players might get overwhelmed with all the choices available for the game. That is where we come in -we have compiled a list of the best Sims 4 custom content that you definitely should NOT miss out on!

Before we dive right into our list, feel free to head over to the google sheet below to have a look at the entire collection!

best sims4 cc packs in2022
Visit this google sheet for the entire collection of the best Sims 4 CC packs in 2022!

103. Human made collection by nucrests

image 460

This collection contains a bunch of clothing items including tees, caps, hoodie, pants and boxers. Grab it from this link!

102. Coco Collection 02 by Jius

Coco Collection 02 by Jius-Sims

Heels, flats, pumps and even socks … This collection is giving such an It girl era! Get it now here!

101. Denumm by Moss

image 457

Grab this collection of denim bottoms from here.

100. Obsidian Collection 01 by Jius

image 456

Download this footwear collection from here.

99. Kitsu Dressing Gown by blue craving

image 447

Here’s a chill gown by Blue Craving! It comes in bright and dark swatches.

image 449

Download this set from here.

98. school collection by astya96

image 455

Download this set from here.

97. Hair Bulk download by Miiko

image 424

Right off the bat, an awesome collection of hairstyles with a single click! Miiko is one of those CC creators you can’t live without. Not only are we getting an awesome variety of hairs but these are available in a new color palette that is absolutely stunning. Is it time for the not-so-berry challenge yet?

image 425

Here’s your download link.

For versatile hair CCs for your males and females, visit this post.

96. Till Death Do Us Part by Sentate, hfo & Joliebean

image 396

There’s no wonder why we get excited when we hear about a CC collab! The amazing group of HFO, Joliebean, and Sentat have gathered to put together the Till Death Do Us Part collection! Now your Sims can walk down the aisle in style! With so many variations, colors and designs, we’re pretty sure you’ll find at least a thing or two to your liking! Here’s your download link.

There are a ton of ideas for Sims 4 weddings, read here.

956. WAVEGAZER SET by simstrouble

4best cc sims4 snootysims 5

Simstrouble always brings forth lots of trouble, but it’s only the kind we love! In this set, we’re getting 3 custom hairs for both male and female Sims, along with 4 cool earrings. Here’s your download link.

Read on SnootySims: Earrings CC Packs!

94. April collection by sentate

image 397

If you haven’t heard of Sentate up until this point, you’ve definitely been living in the dark. This April collection easily won itself a spot on this list of the best CC packs for the Sims 4 for 2022. These glarmours dresses and outfits are just impressive. You’re getting some cool swim wears and luxurious beach/bar outfits!

Here’s your download link.

93. Eyebrow Set No.3 by TwistedCat

4best cc sims4 snootysims 19

I can’t remember the last time I have NOT used these eyebrows in CAS. They’re very satisfaying and pretty realistic, I’d say. For the record, it’s maxis match and they are available for both genders and on Sims of all ages! Here’s your download link.

We have compiled a special list of custom eyebrows here!

92. BAYSIC by Felixadnre

4best cc sims4 snootysims 3 1

You’re either a CAS or build person – or you’re simply a hybrid like us! When it comes to furniture, this set is a must have! It’s literally the BASICS! You’ll be able to decorate your kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom with the CC packs included in this set. It’s definitely the whole package and the decor is quite minimalistic with an elegant touch of modernism.

To easily find and use the items of this set in-game, just type in “BAYSIC” in your buy/build catalogue. Here’s your download link.

Read on SnootySims: 50 Sims 4 Furniture CC & Mods!

91. Dahlia Hair by oydis

image 400

I remember the first time I had stumbled upon this hair… I was way too thrilled – just like everyone else, basically. The hair is shiny and looking as healthy as it must be! You can only love it when these hair CC packs are voluminous, they have that unmatched glow about them!

And yes, these clips are hair accessories that come along with this hair. You can find them under Earrings in CAS. Here’s your download link.

If you’re looking for long hairstyles, you have to view this collection!

90. Home Office Kit by illogicalSimmer

4best cc sims4 snootysims 4

This is yet another Sims 4 CC pack we totoally recommend when it comes to furnishing your house. This time, it’s all about decorating only the coolest office you could imagine! Whether you want to do a makeover of your Sim’s study area or office space, this set will surely be an asset.

Of course, you’re to expect some computers, desks, functional pedestals, some floor fans (I know, fun stuff), as well as plenty of decorative items! It’s a round of of 68 items which we guarntee you’ll love piece by piece. Here’s your download link.

For more office custom content for the Sims 4, go here!

89. Crystal Collection by Jius-Sims

4best cc sims4 snootysims 21

We’re featuring various footwear CC packs on this list because let’s be honest… you can’t possibly create a complete look without glistening shoes to compliment it! In this set, we’re getting some crystal sandals, ankle boots, leather pumps, and some more sandals, in cute swatches! Here’s your download link.

Here you will find a bigger collection of CC heels!

88. pretty little things by Clumsyalien

image 426

This is the type of CC set that feels like home! It simply looks and feels cozy. You get a sweater for female Sims in 20 swatches, a shirt and hoodie for male Sims, a sweater for your Sim kids, and a few more CC packs to go along with them (jeans, skirts, sweatpants).

Here’s your download link.

87. AxA Collection by aharris & Ayoshi

best sims 4 cc

If you’re shopping for the best Sims 4 CC packs, this AxA collection is one to have! Included are jerseys, jackets, denim skirts with cute details, and many more items! Especially if you want to dress your young adults and looking for something (or things) to fit with their age, this is your set. What’s even better is that you have over 60 colors and patterns to choose from!

Here’s your download link.

86. Symbol nails set by TINA-SIMS

image 453

This list cannot be without these dazzling nails! They bring forth so much fun (and color). Here’s your download link.

image 454

More on SnootySims: Hottest Sims 4 Nails CC & Mods!

86. 21 SUMMER by Seoulsou

best sims 4 cc packs

Okay, my mods folder didn’t know Seoulsou existed up until recently but now it’s flooded with their creations! This set was actually exclusive but now we can download it absolutely free of charge! We love everything in this set but the two-color pants though are fire. Check them out yourself!

Here’s your download link.

85. Dawn Living by myshunosun

best sims 4 cc packs

Myshunosun, a custom content creator we all love for all the right reasons! This modern living room set has a sofa, loveseat, living chair, lots of tables, storage units, posters, and decorative items (including books, grass, and pillows) in store for us! Everything is base game compatible and comes in at least 18 swatches each. Here’s your download link.

For more living room ideas, click here.

84. The Timeless Collection by sentate & Rusty

best sims 4 cc packs 2022

The timeless collection never gets old (yeah, we just wrote that lol). The thumbnail itself gets me very excited to launch my game and dive right into CAS. The items in this set are inspired by the fashion beauties of the good ol’ times! Not only do you get glamorous outfits but also some statement accessories. Here’s your download link.

Here’s a collection of pink cusotm content for the Sims 4!

83. Male Hair Pack by Wistful Castle

best sims 4 cc packs in 2022

A long-lasting struggle in the Sims 4 community is creating good-looking male Sims. It just feels unworkable, if that’s even a word. But then there come CC packs like this one that makes the process much easier. This collection has 6 different hairstyles in store for us, all of which come in at least 30 swatches and work on Sims from teen to elder. Here’s your download link.

You don’t want to miss out on these male hairs!

82. twists collection By Sheabuttyr

We love originality when it comes to custom content and these twists by Sheabuttyr are the absolute best! Now you don’t have to create the same Sim all the time. The set brings forth different hairstyles, all of which are compatible with hats. Here’s your download link.

If you like yourself some awesome pigtails CC packs, follow this post!

81. XOXO Set by EnriqueS4

The XOXO set by EnriqueS4 is breathtaking! Also, quite elegant and fashionable. You get a hairstyle, a heart-shaped necklace, and a pair of earrings. Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: Sims 4 Necklace CC You Will Absolutely Love!

80. euphoria cC pack by Clumsyalien

best cc sims4 snootysims 3

We have several Clumsyalien’s CC packs on this list and you’ll come to know why! This Euphoria set will warm the coldest of souls. With such cozy patterns and colors, you get 4 hair packs, 3 cute blouses, a turtleneck, a skirt, jeans, 2 necklaces, and last but not least a pair of earrings. And yes, you don’t need any special game packs to download these, they’re 100% BGC!

Here’s your download link.

79. K-POP hairstyle by S-club

image 449

Who doesn’t love two-tone hair? This one by S-Club is one of the best Sims 4 CC packs that we know you’ll absolutely love. It is available in 24 swatches and even works just great with hats. Here’s your download link.

For a bigger variety of Korean hair CC packs, visit this page.

78. paloma passion twists by Sheabuttyr

This is a twist on the twists collection we have featured earlier. You also get different hairstyle options in all of maxis colors. Here’s your download link.

77. slouch – stuff pack by Charly pancakes

image 415

Before you jump to any conclusions, this isn’t just any CC pack. It’s a functional sofa that you could play around with to create different shapes and versions of furniture. It comes in such cool funky swatches. But hey, you’re also getting that rug in the thumbnail above, the coffee table, and end table. So, get going to creating your living room now! Here’s your download link.

Read on SnootySims: Sims 4 Sofa Bed CC That Will Complement Your House!

76. Cozy Setup Collection by Caio

best sims 4 cc packs

This feels and looks straight out of heaven, doesn’t it? The Cozy Setup Collection by Caio has 19 wooden buy objects for us. They are actually available in some extra colors too. Expect a set of computers, some lights, a desk for sure, a chair, some plants, shelves, and definitely a variety of clutter pieces. Here’s your download link.

75. fresco & rosewater by lamatisse

image 427
image 436

I love both of these overlays so, so much! If you’re an avid SnootySims fan, you’ll notice them in almost all of our featured images! Rosewater is the closest thing to a realistic face and Fresco has that Barbie feel to it. You can download the default version for them but you’re also given the chance to get them in non-defaults too. And please allow me to draw your attention to the cute moles that are part of these packs! Here’s your download link.

Here you will find more skin overlays and skinblends for your male and female Sims!

74. KK Maniac hj outfit by KK’s Creation

Studio K Creation knows how to create outfits for male Sims, no arguing about that! This set easily won itself a chair on this list. The cute outfit is available in 20 breathtaking colors. Here’s your download link.

Here’s the best of Studio K custom content and mods!

73. teenage dream by Boonstow

best sims 4 cc packs

Your teenage dream is about to come real with these outfits! You get 4 different items in this set, all of which are compatible with the base game. Especially if you’re into the 70s colorful vibes and retro styles, this set will satisfy your needs. Here’s your download link.

Read on SnootySims: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s CC for the Sims 4!

72. toddler hair conversions by casteru

4best cc sims4 snootysims 20

Toddlers don’t really get that many hairs sadly, but fortunately for us there are people like Casteru who take it upon themselves to create hair conversions for us! This is one of three parts that Casteru created. The hairs work on male and female toddlers. Here’s your download link.

If you’re looking for more custom hairs for your toddler Sims, check out this list!

71. CAMELIA by Viiavi

4best cc sims4 snootysims 10

A classy dress by Viiavi is next on our list! With a mix of casualness and playfulness, this dress is a must-have! Available in a total of 30 swatches, you can have your females from teen to elder wear it. The back of this dress is super nice! Here’s your download link.

Wasn’t it kawaii? Here is more!

70. LOTTIE BEDROOM by myshunosun

image 402

This Lottie Bedroom by Myshunosun is the type of minimalism each Simmer needs in their Sims 4. It includes a bedframe, mattress, basket, blanket, some functional candles, mirrors, desks, and dressers in a bunch of swatches. Everything is BGC! Here’s your download link.

You seriously need to have a look at these Sims 4 bedroom ideas!

69. Long & beautiful Set by Daylifesims

image 399

Here’s yet another creation by Daylifesims that we’re absolutely in love with! It deserves its spot on the best Sims 4 CC packs in 2022. You also get hair accessories along with it. Here’s your download link.

For more curly hair, click here!

68. Paint of Heart by Ravasheen

4best cc sims4 snootysims 7

I bet you’re wondering what this is! This Pain of Heart CC is a functional paper sketchpad that your Sims could use to look old-fashioned in the coolest way possible. This one has all the interactions the digital version has. Here’s your download link.

Here’s a list of functional CC packs for the Sims 4 that you shouldn’t miss out on!

67. Cozy Set by by Hydrangea

image 439

If you’re looking for some cute accessories/clutter for your house, you shouldn’t miss out on this pack by Hydrangea. You get 15 different iteams including cottage art, rugs, blankets and many, many pillows! Here’s your download link.

Find the Best Clutter CC & Mods Here!

66. Laces and Spikes Collection by Trillyke

4best cc sims4 snootysims 11

It’s time to rock and roll with these outfits! With over 20 clothing items (including tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and more), your Sims will steal the spotlight! Everything is available in 25 swatches. As you might already expect, these will surely include flamboyant colors to match the vibes of the outfits. Enjoy! Here’s your download link.

Read on SnootySims: Sims 4 Punk CC Pieces You Need to Have

65. lavish – stuff pack by charly pancakes

image 401

This Lavish closet is one to have now. Yes, now! Before you even learn what it has to offer, just go download it, trust us. It’s a pack with 8 pieces that’ll allow you to create the wardrobe of your dreams. You get 25 different clutter items including a functional shoebox, shoppingbag, hanging clothes, hangers and more!

To easily find everything in-game, just type in “Lavish” in your build/buy catalogue. Here’s your download link.

Have a look at these Sims 4 walk-in closet rooms!

64. Marshmallow Collection 01 by Jius-Sims

4best cc sims4 snootysims 18

Here’s yet another pack by Jius for an awesome collection of footwear CC packs. This time you’re getting some seriously cute slippers, crocs, sneakers, and knitted socks.

Here’s your download link.

63. MIDSUMMER EVE by myshunosun

image 407

Your warm summer evening in the Sims 4 will get warmer with these outdoor furniture pieces! I love everything this set has to offer, from the smallest of items to the breathtaking pergola! Whether you’re planning a wedding, a home party, or a simple family seating area, this set has fully got you covered! The pack is compatible with the base game and it comes in a variety of swatches.

Here’s your download link.

62. Folklore Set – Off the Grid Living by lili’s palace

image 404

It’s these CC packs that make the Sims 4 a unique and enjoyable experience. There’s literally nothing that we cannot live through and experience, thanks to the awesome CC creators out there. Lili’s Palace is bringing forth over 50 items for a spot-on folklore vibe. You can build the nicest farmhouse, with functional and decorative items. Here’s your download link.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your farmhouse builds, this list has got you covered!

61. Dream Cubbies Addon by miips

image 406

If you love modular furniture, you’ll more than love this pack. You get 37 items in several swatches to build the closet of your choice! It does require the Dream Home Decorator game pack to work, though. So, if you have it, just head right on to downloading this one. Here’s your download link.

60. LEGWARMERS by Jellymoo

image 428

Legwarmers are the trend nowadays! We don’t really have that many options on the internet but these were so cool, especially since they work on Sims from teen to elder! Go ahead and dive right into CAS! Here’s your download link.

Read more: 20 Sims 4 Socks Custom Content + One Special Pack!

59. MICHIKO – Tokyo Street Fashion Collection by trillyke

4best cc sims4 snootysims 14

This Tokyo Street Fashion set is memozring! Tons of ravishing colors, clashing patterns, a mix of layers and accessories, there’s absolutely nothing to hate or alter in this collection. Trillyke says, and we qoute, “It is all about self-expression and personalized outfits, there is no proper definition to it.” And we honestly completely agree! Here’s your download link.

If you’re still CC shopping for pride CC packs, visit this page.

58. FREJA NURSERY by myshunosun

image 408

Here we introduce one of the best Sims 4 CC packs for your toddler Sims: FREJA NURSERY! A collection of pretty items, both functional and decorative. As shown in the thumbnail above, you’re to get a hanging chair, beds, dressers, suitcases, rugs, and a few more items in a bunch of swatches! Here’s your download link.

For more cute Sims 4 nurseries, head over to this page.

57. Cozy Backyard Pack by max 20

image 410

Your backyard in the Sims 4 kind of always gets left behind because we don’t particularly have that many buy objects for it in the base game, but thanks to this Pack, you’re introduced to just a ton of new backyard ideas. Included are armchairs, candles, ceiling lights, dining tables, rugs, sofas, and much, much more! Learn more about the set on Max’s page. Here’s your download link.

Here are the ultimate backyard ideas for the Sims 4.

56. Wedding Makeup Kit

sims4 cc packs 36 1

Come check out our favorite Maxis Match CC makeup set for the Sims 4 which is perfect for any Sim. It is a stunning and simple eye shadow and lipstick combo that will make your Sim look elegant and polished as they are walking down city streets or lounging in their home. There is a mix of different tones and shades for both the eyeshadow and the lipstick.

This kit is a beautiful combination of earthy tones and a pop of purple. It’s sophisticated but simple at the same time. Feel free to grab them from this link.

You should try out these maxis match makeup CC packs!


best sims4 cc packs 4

If you love customized items, you will love these rugs! And if you don’t have time to design your own, there is an option for that too. These custom rugs for the Sims 4 come in a variety of colors and patterns, some even with dragons that resemble mythological creatures. These customized rugs will be matching any Sim’s home or style as you can choose from 54 swatches. Feel free to check it out here.

Fore more custom rugs, click here.

54. Teddy Bear Slippers by Trillyke

4best cc sims4 snootysims 13

These adorable bear slippers are totally recommended! You don’t want to leave your kid Sims wearing some boring slippers around the house now, do you? With over 15 swatches to choose from, you really shouldn’t miss it! It works on boys and girls, by the way!

Here’s your download link.

53. Polar bear backpack

image 393

Next up is only the cutest backpack we’ve seen in all of 2022! Doesn’t it deserve a spot on the best Sims 4 CC packs? It surely does! It just warms our hearts with the ton of cuteness it brings by. Available for free on the Sims Resource now! Here’s your download link.

Here’s a collection of backpacks for the Sims 4.

52. Beards N1, N2 & N3

sims 4 cc packs

As for this collection, there are three different versions of custom beards for your sims. The first one is a normal beard that will seem realistic and also fits most faces. It comes in 15 swatches. The second one looks interesting and subtle and it also comes in 15 swatches. The third one is showcased in the previous picture. And it’s definitely our favorite! You can have it in 14 different intensities and colors. Head over to this page to download.

For more custom beards for the Sims 4, read this post.

51. Moonlight Sneakers by Trillyke

4best cc sims4 snootysims 12

These sneakers are mood changers, are they not? With over 16 original swatches (absolutely stunning ones, by the way), both your male and female Sims will have a good time wearing them! Here’s your download link.

There’s always more CC to have a look at. Here’s a collection of footwear CC for your sims.

50. luxury Wallpaper

sims4 cc packs 402

Electronic Arts wallpapers could never compete with these. Build your serenity bathroom with these. Your Sims 4 home is about to get a luxury upgrade with this custom luxury wallpaper set. This luxurious, subtle pattern will make your home feel like you’ve gone on vacation. It will make your residence look more impressive, elegant and classy. This wallpaper set matches with a variety of home designs. Check them out here.

You could download plenty more interior and exterior walls for your builds!

49. Lenses 014

sims4 cc packs 39

If you would like to create the impression that your character is crying, these eyes are the perfect way to do that. It will make your sim look more sad or shoogly with a red-rimmed eye or watery eyes. This collection of 18 custom eyes is a fun way to customize your sim and make them more relatable. Here’s your download link.

For more custom lenses for the Sims 4, read this post.

48. Lipstick N06 by Anonimux

sims4 cc packs 407

If there’s one thing your females can’t live without, it’s makeup. So why not make it easy on them? Get your Sim on a beauty look with this custom lipstick for females, available in 10 swatches in bright colors and it’s compatible with the color slider too.

Be a bold beauty in the Sims 4 with this custom lipstick, here’s your download link.

For more lipstick CC packs, visit this post.

47. Soft Vibes makeup collection

sims 4 cc packs

This is a custom pack of glamour makeup for your Sims 4 game. It offers 2 eyeshadows and 2 eyeliners. We have actually tried it ourselves and we were impressed with the look of each item. The eye shadows are shimmery which gave off a 3D look and we loved the graphic eyeliners that come with it. Soft Vibes, the new makeup collection is designed to provide a chic and professional look for Sims. Install from this page.

Read more on Sims 4 eyeliner mods.

46. City Adventurer: a 14 item collection

sims 4 cc packs

Casual clothing is perfect for any portrait! This collection features 14 new pieces for men, women from teen to elder. Each item is designed to match its counterparts as well as other items in the pack for a cohesive look. The colors are all neutral hues so you won’t have to worry about coordinating your specific colors with other colors in your game.

So, spruce up your sims’ wardrobes with this installment of casual clothing packs. Go ahead and install this collection into your game.

You could also review our post on the best baggy sweaters for the Sims 4.

45. Unify Collection by nucrests

image 412

Okay, we’re finally down to one my all absolute favorites on this list, the Unify Collection by Nucrests. There’s a part 2 just down below, you seriously need to get bothg. These super chilled outfits include 36 items (tops, bottoms and accessories). We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, espcially since it has options for both feminie and masculine frames.

Here’s your download link.

44. Unify Collection Add-Ons by nucrests

image 411

If you’re getting yourself the previous collection, this one is a must-have for sure. With over 25 additional items including 8 tops and 8 full body outfits, 8 bottoms, and a clothing accessory because why not apparently? We LOVE it!

Here’s your download link.

43 Chanel Brooch Short Sleeve Knit dressby Soboro

This short sleeve knit bodycon dress is created by Soboro. A fashionable young adult female everyday wear that comes in 26 bright swatches. The dress is meant to compliment Sims’s body and hugs it with its soft wool fabric. The white sleeves are designed in a puffed pattern, giving the character a formal and chic look. It can be styled with sheer black leggings and high heels. Have a closer look at this from this page.

If you’re looking for Chanel custom content for the Sims 4, we’ve got your back here.

42. Hotel Bedroom CC Pack by SIXAM

This hotel bedroom CC pack is next on our list today! I mean, we can’t possibly not cross the line with this pack, it’s simply one of a kind with its versatile items. Not only can you furnish a hotel with it, but you could pretty much unleash your creativity and utilize it in the making of your other builds! Here’s your download link.

There’s actually a hotel mod that you could download for the Sims 4, learn all about it here!

41. aesthetic washer (with animation) by Hydrangea

Hnet image 2

Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing? A truly aesthetic and FUNCTIONAL piece of furniture with continuous ANIMATION is now available for download for free! We simply are giving credit where credit is due, this pack is one of the best Sims 4 CC packs we’ve seen in 2022! And for the record, just in case you wanted to turn off the animation, that’s doable! But we all know we really wouldn’t.

Here’s your download link.

40. Female Skin

sims 4 cc packs

One of the most visually appealing aspects of the game is its skin customization system! This skin overlay comes in a number of 14 swatches for your female sims. It works on characters from teen to elder. To install this one, click here.

More on SnootySims: The latest Sims 4 skin overlays CC.

39. Sentate Collection by Sentate

image 395

Is Sentate one of your favorite CC creators yet? Yeah, I thought so! These rebellious clothes are versatile! From micro mini to cropped tops, your Sims will easily rock an edgy look! It has 11 items in store for us, along with a couple of accessory shirts. And as usual, there are a ton of swatches available for each item in this set.

Here’s your download link.

38. Ambar Set

A gorgeously designed boho-themed set! There’s so much to admire about it. Not only do you get awesome hairstyles that will make your sim stand out from the crowd, but also a custom necklace, turtleneck, top, and skirt. Each of them comes in a number of different swatches. Have a closer glance at it on this page.

We also have a dedicated post on black and white hair for your female sims.

37. Sims cottage core Set by dreamgirl & Bluerose

image 435

This cottage core set is very homey! It brings to mind Pride and Prejudice for some reason. You get some mushroom earrings, a corset dress, a headscarf (a pretty cool one), hats, a and short layered dress among many different items. So, yes, plenty of clothing packs and accessories as well. Don’t miss out on this one! Here’s your download link.

Feel free to get more cottagecore custom content for your game from this collection!

36. First Fits Kit by AdrienPastel

image 394

I honestly almost screamed at the sight of this collection. If this is not to be regarded as one of the best Sims 4 CC packs in 2022, I don’t really know what should be. It’s base game compatible, which is always a plus, contains at least 14 items (tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, and a hat). Your male Sims will be proud and exceptionally hot, for sure! Here’s your download link.

Here’s a dedicated list for custom clothes for your male Sims!

35. aurora by boonstow

image 437

We’re just going to put it as nicely as possible: WOW! If you think so too of these 5 items, just do your Sims a favor and grab them already. Here’s your download link.

There are lots and lots of custom skirts out there for your females, check out the best of them here!

34. Fairy Collection by Dreamgirl

image 429

As for this set, it’s a collaboration between Bluerose-sims and Dreamgirl. If you’re on the hunt for some outfits for your fairy Sims, you’re going to find them here. Whether you’re seeking male or female items, these alpha CC packs will work like magic. *Get the pun?*

So, yes, expect some satin dresses, corsets, hats, rings, and muchn more! Here’s your download link.

Here’s your guide to the Sims 4 fairy mod!

33. Cable knit & flower Cardigans by dreamgirl

image 432

I feel like we’ve only see these type of outfits in malls (yes, little Lina talking here). They look so refined, flowery, perfect in every way, and now we have the luxury to dress up our Sims in. Way to go, Dreamgirl, for these awesome CC creations. You, simmers, get a flower cardigan and a cable knit cardigan in a variety of swatches. Here’s your download link.

32. Ivy Icy Park Snowy Outfit Set

sims 4 cc packs

More often than not, we get stuck in a rut of basic and safe outfits that are not new or exciting. That leaves little room for experimentation and creativity in our styling.

Ivy Icy Park Snowy Outfit Set for the Sims 4, is a complete outfit that is fresh and new, unlike most other outfits. It comes with three pieces that are all eye-catching and looks great with each other. It gives you an opportunity to experiment with different color combinations as well as textures to create something completely original. It’s stylish and comfortable, just like the winter season. Here’s your download link.

You could always get more custom scarves for the Sims 4

31. 3D lashes by DreamGirl

These 3D lashes are a must-have! We tried all kinds of lashes on our Sims and nothing ever looked as good as these! They are available in 10 swatches and can be found under Glasses or Skin Detail, just in case you wanted to accessorize your Sim’s face with other items. If there’s anything we blindly recommend on this list, it has to be this one.

Here’s your download link.

30. Bridal Pack

sims4 cc packs 22

For one in a lifetime night, your character needs to be wearing one of these exceptional dreamy silk gowns. They are designed initially as wedding dresses in white silk, but the variety of colors and the two different designs you have will allow you to dress your sims in the gown on various occasions.

One of the designs comes in long sleeves, and the other comes in a very chic bow stripe. The five swatches available will give you the freedom to style and dress your sims into the gown that fits best! The gowns could be styled with a silver color design high heels. Check it out from this page.

Final Words

This was our list of the best Sims 4 CC packs in 2022. We hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the CC packs by visiting the google sheet. Happy simming, simmers!

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