Some Awesome Facial Hair and Beard Findings

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Lo Piloto Facial Hair

First on our facial hair mod list is this set inspired from the game Mass Effect 3. This mod comes in various attractive colors. The Beard CC for The Sims 4 was created by Xld_sims. Follow this link to get this beard.


The Major Facial Hair V4.0

Another fantastic CC worth noting is this beard, which you can download here. This one shows a light, dim shade of a beard and is suited to people who want their sims to have a decent look.


The Major Facial Hair Var.3

One prominent part of this mod is the moustache that sweeps all the attention. Moreover, the shade of the beard is dense, which adds to the overall look of the Sim. For more on the beard shown below, simply follow this link to directly access the download link.


Tough Stuff facial hair

The tough stuff facial hair is a must-have for all those simmers around the whole who want to have a bold, strong, and a powerful look for their male sim. This mod includes an all-too-dense beard that connects the mustache as well, giving out an aura of its own. Go to this page to get this beard.


Beard N41

The ‘Beard N41’ is a sophisticated beard but at the same time, it is so sleek. The varying shades of the beard and mustache says it all. It encompasses care and self-love. Given its huge popularity at The Sims Resource, this is one is another great idea for Sims fans! It is thanks to Pralinesims that we are having this great modification. To download this awesome extension, go to this post.


Beard N44

Okay, another edition of the N-series is the N44. This mod includes a darker and thicker shade of mustache and beard. It resembles a French-style beard but is a little different much more of a goatee. The source of this finding is The Sims Resource. It currently has over 191000 downloads, only proving its popularity in the community. Have a look into this link to download the modification.


Stefano Beard N53

Now, continue with another piece by Pralinesims. The N53 goes beyond a goatee and incorporates a thin gradient shade of a beard near the cheeks. It has a faded feel to it. Not easy to pull off. To download the beard, you just need to follow this link


Arno Beard N52

The Arno beard N52 gives off a softer look compared to our previous facial hair mods. However, this mod has a dense hair portion near the chin area only, while the rest being very thin. This is again a fantastic creation by Pralinesims. Check the Sims Resource to find this publication. Find more details about this custom content here.



The word ‘grow’ says it all. This is a denser and longer version of our facial hair mods up till now. It comes in a huge number of several different colors, around 45 colors. However, the mustache is very thin compared to the beard. Just go to this page to check out this beard. 


Beard Thin Goatee

Here comes our Goatee. This mod shows a thin version of a beard goatee. Again, there are several colors to choose from for this amazing beard option. For more on the beard shown below, simply follow this link to directly access the download link. The source of this finding is


Van Dyke Style Beard

Anthony Van Dyke! The famous Flemish painter from the 17th century. Not only his artwork inspired many, but so did his beard style. The Van Dyke Style Beard includes an overgrown mustache which curves at both its ends and a thick goatee with cheeks shaved. For more information and the download link, click here.


Van Dyke Style V2 Beard

Wait, there is another version of the Van Dyke Style beard. This one additionally includes a thick beard on the cheeks as well. This style resembles a regular thick style beard but with curving mustache. You can download this amazing beard style mod here. The source of this finding is


Van Dyke Style V3 beard

The third version of the Van Dyke beard has a beard extension towards the cheeks with a lesser width. And, the chin area density is also less, showing off more skin and allowing the mustache to overpower the look. This is a sassy look as well. To download the beard, you just need to follow this link


Sims 4 Clayified Hair

Sims 4 Toddler Hair


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