21 Spiky Male Hairstyles for Sims with an EDGE

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If your male sims are on the hunt for some sharp new looks, they’ll love these 20 spiky hairstyles!

Spiky Male Hair
Spiky Male Hair CC for the Sims 4!

Depending on your age, interests, and lifestyle, the idea of “spiky hair” could mean several different ‘dos. You might think of a 90’s gelled up flip, an extra-tall mohawk, a dangerous punk look, or even a wild anime hairstyle. No matter your idea of what a spiky hairstyle looks like, you’re bound to find something you love on this list!

Spiky Hairstyles to make Getting Dressed Worthwhile

Check out our range of pointy hairdos from subtle everyday looks to flamboyant coiffures.

1. Almond Hair by S4Simomo

image 79

Starting simple, we have an EA mesh tweak in a massive 108 different swatches for sims seeking a more subtle spike. You can download it here.

2. Raven Hair by JohnnySims

image 88 edited

JohnnySims makes incredible hairstyles for male sims, who really don’t get enough love from CC creators. This style is part of the Camaraderie Set and includes 2 versions of the Raven hairstyle, with and without a drooping bang/fringe detail.

3. Male Hairstyle #63 by Cazy

image 76

This hairstyle gets a bit more voluminous and has 20 different colors to choose from. Grab this spiky hairstyle on TSR.

4. Adonis hair by Okruee

image 87

Sims with extremely curly or coiled hair won’t be able to achieve many spiky hairstyles, but they can style what they have to create their own version. This style even comes with a flower accessory to soften the sharpness of the look!

5. Solomon Hair by JohnnySims

image 85

Here’s Johnny again with the Wild Ride Hair Collection, and this time we’re showing off the Solomon hair. It’s what you get when spiky hair and locs have a super stylish baby.

6. Dreamer Hair by S4Simomo

image 93

Getting a bit sharper now, we’ve got another style by s4simomo. The Dreamer hairstyle also comes in 108 swatches so you can find the perfect pointy pigment!

7. Vatore Hair by Wistful Castle

image 83 edited

An edit to the hairstyle of the beloved Caleb Vatore, but with a more edgy vibe and less of a I-just-rolled-out-of-my-coffin look. In addition to the standard 24 hair colors, there are bonus swatches with bright colored accents. Check them out!

Caleb and his family are just one of many melodramatic households in the Sims 4. Read about them all!

8. Kentaro hair by S4Simomo

image 77

If S4Simomo’s other hairstyles just aren’t spiky enough for you, this Kentaro hair surely is! There are 200 swatches with a color overlay included for near-endless combinations to land just the look you’re after.

9. Diontae hair by JohnnySims

image 86

Okay, one last JohnnySims hairstyle. Though the Diontae style isn’t your typical spiky hair look, it’s a good option for thicker, afro textured hair. The locs terminate into a lovely little point, and as far as we’re concerned that makes them spiky!

10. Michael Hair by Josh JO_SE_OH

image 80

Though similar to the previous style, this look is a bit bolder with longer, thicker dreadlocks. Michael hair is perfect if you want spiky afro hair in a more casual style.

11. Spiky Layered hair by Kijiko

image 72

You probably know Kijiko more for their dramatic eyelashes, but that’s not all they make. We had to share this style as it’s literally got “spiky” in the name, so how could we not!? Grab it here.

Did you even know CC eyelashes were a thing? Learn all about them here.

12. Ororo Hair by SimDuction

image 82

Part of the Riot Mini Pack, this spiky mohawk comes in 18 EA swatches and has versions with and without buzzed hair on the sides. Also included is a color overlay so you can really have some fun with this look!

13. Cherrybomb & Vicious Hair by Sims4Satan

image 96 edited

Okay, now things are getting serious! The Cherrybomb (left) and Vicious (right) hairstyles are what you need if you’re seeking trule spiky hair. These are the kind of styles that will hurt if you get headbutted by them! Both styles are available for all genders and you can get them here (music warning).

14. Mullet Dreads Pt. 2 by Khadijah551

image 89

Honestly I didn’t know it was possible to make a mullet look so good! This is another great style for sims who need to switch out their spikes with dreadlocks or locs, as hair texture shouldn’t stop you from having the style you want! Get it on Patreon.

Check out our list of Custom Content specifically geared towards black and PoC Sims.

15. Sebastian Hair by Wistful Castle

image 84 edited

We’re going to round out the list with some more fantastical looks, and first up is Sebastian. This hairstyle kind of looks like what Caleb Vatore would wear if he were in an anime. It’s spiky and stylish but also totally wearable for lots of different sims.

16. Animate Hair 47 – JOJO by Studio-K-Creation

image 95

An anime style with long bangs and spiky male hair that comes in 21 colors. It’s kind of a bizarre hairstyle (ha), but it might be right up your alley.

17. Mikael hair by SimMandy

image 92

As SimMandy put it, this is “the craziest hair [she’s] ever made.” This wild style comes in 38 colors with a mix of original EA shades as well as her own Puppycrow palette.

18. Male Hair G34 by Daisy-Sims

image 75

This wispy, spiky hairstyle features 21 different colors for all your male protagonist needs! You can find it on TSR.

19. S4 Wild Bed conversion by BLACK

image 90

Another wild hairstyle for fans of the look, this ‘do comes in 14 bold colors that would look great in a manga or anime. Grab this spiky style here.

20. Arataki Itto’s Hair by GenshinSims

image 73

If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact, you’ll be a fan of this hairstyle. It should come as no surprise that GenshinSims is a fan of the show, and if you love this hairstyle be sure to check out the rest of their Patreon content!

21. Ortheka’s Spikes Hair by Voidfeather

image 74 edited

Last but not least we have this super sharp and spiky hairstyle converted directly from World of Warcraft. It comes in 18 EA original colors as well as 18 bonus swatches, perfect for your boldest of Blood Elves.

Tying it Up

Spiky hair is a fun way to give your hairstyle some personality. From subtle spiked strands to all out obelisks, turning your sim’s head into a statement or a hair-based weapon is as easy as downloading your favorite styles and selecting them in CAS. Whether you want a soft or bold look, have pin-straight or super-coiled hair, and vibe with senpais or punk rockers, there’s a spiky style for your sim. Try a few different looks, and have fun with it. Happy simming!

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