50+ Best Body Mods & CC You Never Knew Existed for the Sims 4

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When it comes to body mods and CC, there’s always more to discover. We’ve come across things like face shadow that we never knew existed. It’s exciting to think about all the possibilities out there. That said, we’ve got everything you need right here, so you can spend less time searching and more time creating the perfect look for your sims. From genetics and presets to sliders and rare CC finds, we’re more than confident you’ll love this collection. The last 10 items on this list are a must-have!

body mods cc02 1024x576 2
Unique Body Mods and CC for the Sims 4
body mods cc02 1024x576 2
Unique Body Mods and CC for the Sims 4

Body Mods & CC: Genetics, Presets, Sliders, Shaders & Sim Dumps

We all know body mods are designed to change the shape of your Sims body, like by giving them bulging muscles or a baby bump. But who knew there were so many great cc finds out there to personalize your Sims’ bodies and appearances altogether? I’m excited to finally share this list with you!

On a side note, I totally recommend reading till the end of the post because we saved the best collections for last! Plus, very soon we’ll be video showcasing each and every item on this list in action. So, make sure you save this list to you Pinterest account!

Just in case you were looking for something specific, we at SnootySims have always got you covered:

51. Pixel perfect by twisted cat

sims 4 body mods & cc

Yes, we’re well-aware this isn’t a body mod. But what’s the purpose of a body mod even if not to change the way our Sims appear? This brilliant CAS preset is brought forth by Twisted Cat to boost everything from visual quality to shadows and sharpness.

This is especially useful if you spend forever in CAS (isn’t that the case with most of us? heh). Plus, now you don’t really need to post-edit your screenshots because this mod does it all for you! Visit this link to learn about the installation process.

50. Spotlight face shadow by simandy

Very, very excited to share Simandy’s face shadow with you! Watch the clip below for a brief tutorial of what it offers!

Body Mods: Face Shadows!

The great thing is, it’s compatible with the base game. Don’t miss out! Head over to Simandy’s Patreon page to download it.

49. Toddlers growth stages by readHeadSims

sims 4 body mods & cc

Do you ever feel like your toddler is a little too tall? Or maybe they’re not tall enough for their age? Well, this mod is for you! It brings forth 8 different height levels for your toddlers, so you can make them just the right size. Plus, it’s more realistic and just plain fun.

image 174
Toddler Growth Stages: Tell me this isn’t the best thing ever…

Here’s your download link.

48. BLUSH Ultimate Collection by pralineSims

sims 4 body mods & cc
Body CC: Ultimate Blush Collection!

This is rightfully the ultimate blush collection! It includes 90 different blush styles that are available in numerous swatches. The cool thing is, each of these has a quality thumbnail which means you won’t get lost in a never-ending ocean of blushes, worry not!

They work on feminine and masculine frames. Go ahead and have fun with them. Here’s your download link.

47. Default and non-default alpha teeth by Magic Bot

body mods teeth

Incredibly grateful to Magic Bot for creating this set of teeth for the Sims 4! We’ve seen many, over the years and we tried many, but this one truly stands out. The options included are versatile and inclusive of different shapes and styles.

So, whether you’re creating an occult or non-occult Sim, these teeth will come in handy!

image 229
Body Mods: Alpha teeth by Magic Bot!

Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: Sims 4 teeth mods and lips custom content!

46. Basic Eye Bags Set for All by tamo

body mods eyebags
Sims 4 Body CC: Eyebags by Tamo!

There’s just something about eyebags that give off a certain charm, don’t you think? A melancholic look is a mystery never solved. If you’re anything like me, you’d want to try these eyebags on your Sims for a more dramatic vibe. Trust me, they’re worth it! Download.

45. a contour collection by peachyfaerie

image 243
Sims 4 Body Mods & CC: Contour Collection!

A contour collection like this one can never disappoint. I have it installed myself and it’s now a necessity whenever I create a new Sim. These 6 contour options will help shape and define your Sims’ faces and bone structures. Click here to download it.

44. a set of genetics Vitiligo skin by sims3melancholic

Sims3melancholic is a classic cc creator, always coming up with the best body mods and CC. This pitch-perfect vitiligo skin is available in 4 different versions, two of which are showcased above. The genetics set includes eyebrows, contacts, body highlight, and shine. Dabble with them by visiting this link.

43. The Big Witching Hour Body Hair Dump

body hair
Male & Female Body Hair Set!

This CC pack is everything you need to have when it comes to body hair for your Sims, male or female. It brings forth a total of 26 different styles for your Sim’s chest, arms, legs, and full body. Grab it right now!

Read on SnootySims: Five Awesome Body Hair Ideas!

42. Dimples 01 by KatVerseCC

body mods dimples

Dimples are downright the cutest body detail a person (or Sim) can have! These work on kid and elder Sims alike. Find it under Skin Detail. Go ahead and download it.

If you want more (bet you do), have a look at this collection!

41. Eye Presets by miiko

eye presets miiko
Body Mods & CC: Eye Presets!

Here are five cute eyes presets! These are brought to you by MiikoCC. Here’s your download link.

Find more presets for your Sims’ eyes by clicking on the pic below!

40. Eye Contacts N7 by Poyopoyo

body mods

Oh Poyopoyo! These enchancing eyes are perfect in every way. They work on males and females of all ages. Download from this page.

Find more eye colors for the Sims 4 here!

39. Bubs Overlay by KingBabe

image 141

This Bubs overlay is overly cute! The smoothness might just kill you, beware. It brings forth 3 different tones, as shown below!

image 142

Here’s your download link.

All Male Sims related: Best CC Packs for Your Male Sims!

38. coconut tree infant hair by readheadSims

image 203
Sims 4 Body Mods & CC: Infant Hair!

Better babies are coming very soon, but until they do we might as well grab this set of infant’s hairs to make our gameplay much more interesting. We’re in love with the tree hair in particular.

Here’s your download link.

37. Collaboration Between Helgatisha & Obscurus-Sims​

Listen up simmers, this list has it all, so don’t even think twice. You don’t even need to be reading this. But if you are then know you’re getting presets for eyes, lips and, nose. You’ll also get some lip swatches, and everything eyes related. Here’s your download link.

36. Full body Freckales by Lutessa Sims

freckles cc
Sims 4 Body Mods: Freckles!

We’ve come cross many freckles for the Sims and chose this for all the good reasons but mainly because it also comes with a full-body freckled overlay. They come as Skin Detail and Tattoos.

image 177
Full-body freckles!

Here’s your download link.

Read on SnootySims: Versatile collection of freckles for the Sims 4!

35. set with freckles by obscurus-sims

image 187
Body Mods: Genetics Set!

How cute is this Sim? It’s created using this genetics set by Obscurus-Sims (whom we love, btw). You get new skin overlays in addition to eyebags, freckles, and blush! Here’s your download link.

34. Cartoon Style Genetics Set by northern siberia winds

image 230

I live with a fact that I can never deny – there aren’t enough skin options in Sims 4! And because of this, I can’t help but recommend you this cartoonish set of genetics by the amazing Northern Siberia Winds.

In addition to two skin overlays, you get those eyebrows (Pretty, yes! Totally agreed!). And some eyes, too. Here’s your download link.

33. PIERCING Ultimate Collection by pralineSims

This one is for all of you who just can’t get enough pretty accessories for your urban Sims. For you, the Piercings Set designed by Pralinesims is undoubtedly one you should look into since it adds many cool piercings. These are male and female accessories and they look beautiful in-game. Definitely check them out!

image 225

Here’s your download link.

We also recommend that you check different sim piercings here.

32. Body preset 5 to 8 by Euno

image 168
Body Presets!

These are 5 different body presets that we totally recommend for your female Sims. Here’s your download link.

31. Baby’s Gums by katverse

image 206

We all know babies in the Sims 4 don’t have teeth, but now they can have this cute baby gum thanks to Katverse! It can be found under Teeth in CAS. Here’s your download link.

30. 5 Tattoos 1 Click – All of SnootySims’ Tattoos

Sims Body Mods & CC: Tattoos!

SnootySims is now creating CC for the Sims 4! We’re quite excited to share more with you. Download all five of our tattoos by visiting our Patreon page.

Check out the best 50 tattoo mods & cc!

tattoo cc sims 4 1

29. A mini CC pack for newborns by Maytaiii

This mini set isn’t mini at all heh. You get 3 hairstyles, a bunch of recolors for the hat, diaper, swaddle, bassinet, and birth announcement sign. You also get a hospital bracelet and anklet that are super cute. Here’s your download link.

28. Comet Eyes Heterochromia by twisted Cat

body mods eyes
Sims 4 Body CC: Comet Eyes by Twisted Cat!

This set features unbelievably sweet eyes for every type of Sim, including toddlers. It doesn’t require anything but the base game, so you won’t need any DLCs to use it. They come as non default and contacts. You also get a heterochromia add-on which can be found under Skin Details. Download these eyes now!

27. Lalisa Hair by SIMTZEN

image 224

Well.. we just had to include this one here. Now your Sims can understand what the “The wind in my hair” feels like. Not only is it incredibly attractive but it’s a new trend in the Sims 4 modding world. What are you waiting for? Download it!

Find more unique hairstyles for the Sims 4 here!

26. Eyelashes N1-3 & Eye Contacts N11 by poyopoyo

image 160
Body Mods: Eyelashes & Eye Contacts

You can’t go wrong with these eyelashes and eye contacts. They come in many swatches, so there’s a lot to unpack here. Go ahead, here’s your download link.

25. Eyebrow Set No.3 by twisted cat

eyebrows sims 4 twisted cat
Eyebrows by Twisted Cat!

Here’s yet another masterpiece by Twisted Cat. A set of 3 different eyebrows for both genders. Here’s your download link.

24. eyelids and nosemask set by poyopoyo

image 162
Body Mods: Eyelids & Nosemask Set!

It’s time for some eyelids and nosemasks! We can always rely on Poyopoyo for these creations. Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: The Best Sims 4 Nose Presets to Download!

23. Nose Preset 6 to 10 by euno

image 169

Speaking of nose presets, here’s a set you should not miss out on! Here’s your download link.

image 170

22. Eye Contacts N12 by Poyopoyo

image 159

Aside from the obvious quality upgrade of the eyes, you’ll also get to have heterochromia eyes with this mod. This means that you can set different colors for each of your Sims’ eyes. Fantastic! And yes, you get those lip swatches too. Download from this page!

21. 3D eyelashes as Skin details by miiko

image 166
3D Eyelashes for the Sims 4!

There are tons of eyelashes CC and mods for Sims 4 already on the internet. However, what makes this CC pack so great is that the eyelashes are actually in 3D!

The 3D eyelashes look much more realistic. They have increased the beauty of every Sim I’ve ever created while using them, so I totally recommend them! Download them here!

20. Sweet Bod Preset

sims 4 body mods - sweet bod preset

If you’re anti-body-shaming, I’d definitely suggest you download this realistic body mod preset. It’s a realistic body look for your female Sims and can really elevate their form.

So, instead of creating either skinny or fat Sims in CAS, this preset will give you something in between that simply looks beautiful. The installation process is pretty simple, here’s your download link.

Spread Body Positivity in the Sims 4!

image 289
Read more on SnootySims and spread body positivity!

19. Height Sliders

height slider sims 4 snootysims guide
Height Slider Mods for the Sims 4!

We’re always on the lookout for body sliders and we finally have the height slider. This is an option that hasn’t been available for Sims 4 since the start of the game. But thanks to a bunch of CC creators, we can now play around creatively with it!

Find the best height sliders here! 

18. Face Slider

image 219
image 220

Here’s another essential body mod slider, the best face slider for Sims 4! This is an awesome extension that allows you to create realistic faces in CAS.

It’s essentially a way for you to customize your Sim’s face by dragging your mouse left and right. I’m sure you’ll find it super useful. Download here!

17. Breast Slider

The breast slider is another must-have body mod for Sims 4. It allows you to move your sim character’s up or down and set them in the right place of their bodies. It also lets you increase or decrease the size of your sims’ breasts.

In other words, this mod allows you to change the shape and volume of your Sims’ chests in Sims 4! Add it to your mods folder from this download link.

16. Shoulder Slider

This is a similar tool to the other sliders for Sims 4 and it focuses on the shoulders only. With it, you can grab and drag your Sims’ shoulders left, right, up, or down to either increase them, decrease them, or set them up in the ideal place. You should definitely have this mod if you’re a fan of sliders! Here’s your download link.

15. Butt Slider

The butt slider is another must-have tool for Sims 4. It offers a convenient way for us to increase or decrease the size of our Sims’ butts. It also allows us to change its shape, so it’s the ideal tool for the game!

I recommend this mod if you want to highlight your sim’s waist and add a touch of realism to your game. Download it now!

14. All possible sliders for the sims 4

slider mods sim
Sims 4 Sliders – SnootySims!

There are still many more sliders to download for the Sims 4. From temple sliders all the way to belly sliders, we have gathered it all in one list for you! Check them out here!

13. galactic ear presets by evoxyr

body mods ears

Evoxyr knows what a simmer wants! These ear presets are versatile and they serve well. Totally recommended!

image 242
Click here to grab this collection instead (or too? haha <3)

Go ahead and grab these from here.

There’s also the pointed ears slider, one of the most fun tools I’ve ever used for the game.

12. 3D Eyelashes No.1

image 167

This is another set of 3D lashes that we just had to include here. Here’s your download link.

11. male cC list by obsucrus-sims

What do you get from this genetics set? Eyebags, lips, and contour! They will add a cool new spark to your Sims. It’s a much more realistic option for your Sims and I definitely recommend it. Here’s your download link.

10. Defined Body Muscle Skin Overlays by verbatimsims

defined muscles
Defined Muscles: Detailed Body Overlay

Do you want a sporty Sim? Then definitely have a look at this mod and make some adjustments to your character’s body parts. Here’s your download link.

9. BEARD Ultimate Collection by pralinesims

image 278
Body Mods: Beards!

You didn’t think we’d have gone above and beyond without a beard collection for your male Sims, did you? Here’s the ultimate selection by PralineSims. Here’s your download link.

8. The ultimate Lip-kit: presets, shape-overlays & mouth-corners by miiko

sims 4 body mods & cc
Body Mods: Lip Corners, Presets & Overlays!

This lip kit has it all, from lip presets to overlays and mouth corners. We’re honestly in love with everything this kit has to offer and we know you’d be too. So go ahead and try it out on your Sims -toddler or older! Here’s your download link.

7. K-Beauty Cream Blush | N30 by cosimetic

image 281
Sims 4 Body Mods & CC: Blush!

Next up is this beautiful cream blush by Cosimetic! It looks very realistic so if you’re into that, you’re going to want to install it. It’s available in 10 swatches. Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: Your Ultimate Makeup CC Packs for the Sims 4 (Hot Stuff!)

6. Crystal jaw contour by lady simmer

jaw cc

I personally didn’t know this was a thing that can be added to the Sims 4… but who am I to limit the powers of the modding community. Insanely essential, I’d say!

“This beautiful shadow will define and chisel your sims jaw to perfection” is what the CC creator themselves have said. It’s BGC, too!

image 248
Just look at the with and without! BEAUTIFUL!

Here’s your download link.

5. EYES Ultimate Collection by pralinesims

eyes cc

OMG, right? Many, many beautiful (and scary) eyes for all Sims! All thanks go to Pralinesims for compiling them in a single file.

image 283
Body CC: Eye Colors!

Here’s your download link.

4. EYEBROW Ultimate Collection by pralinesims

image 279

Pralinesims always knows what we need and this time is no different. With an eyebrow collection this big, of course we’re getting it! What did you expect? Pralinesims is always for the rescue and we are so grateful. Thank you, Pralinesims! Here’s your download link.

3. Skin detail & tattoo ultimate collection by prainlinesims

image 280

This set is amazing! It includes all types of skin detail options and a lot of tattoo designs. Just imagine how many sims you’ll be creating with this collection. The possibilities are endless! This is a must-have for any CAS fan! Here’s your download link.

2. Vanya skin, body blush & body preset by miiko

image 276

Stop! You’ve got to trust me on this one blindly. You want to try the body blush this set offers. You get a body preset and a skin overlay as well, by the way. But the focus here is the body blush. It paints pink on the knees, fingertips, elbows, lips, nipples, chest, and stomach. Do we need it? YES! Seriously. You’ve got to try it out. Okay, I’ll stop heh.

image 277
Body Mods: 5 Body Presets!

Here’s your download link.

1. Base Sim dumb (CC Included)

These are some amazing Sims created by different players and CC creators. We recommend checking them out! Click on the images for direct download links.

They use different body mods, most of which we have covered today! Enjoy.

Final words

One of the new features that were introduced in this game is how you can customize your character as they are being created. Players can choose from several different body types which can be tweaked to make them more accurate to their physical type with sliders. You can also choose what color skin tone you want your character to have, what hairstyle, hair color, eye color, nose shape, lip size etcetera. This was our list of the best body mods for Sims 4! We hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you check out related content more amazing mods for the Sims 4.

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