70+ Ultimate Male CC Packs for the Sims 4 in 2023

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But let’s be honest, we’re all here for the same reason: to create attractive male Sims. We’ve dug deep into every Tumblr, Patreon, and TSR page to find the best of the best for you (and your male Sims of course). And now we’re pretty excited to introduce you to the 10 best CC creators with a focus on male content along with 70+ incredible male CC packs that’ll lock you in CAS for many, many happy hours!

sims 4 male cc
The Ultimate Collection of Male CC Packs in 2022!

Sims 4 Male CC Packs: Clothes, Hair, Skin, Accessories, Makeup & More!

It’s been a little over a week since the Sims 4 was released for free and everyone is scrambling to create attractive male Sims. We’ve been poring over the Create a Sim screens for hours on end, trying to find that perfect mix of CC packs that will give us our own personal Henry Cavill. But we all know that male Sims are the hardest to find good cc for.

That said, there’s such a great variety of stuff out there and that’s what we’re here for today. The 10 CC creators we’ll showcase later in this article will hopefully leave you more than satisfied. But for now, let’s go ahead and dive into our list of the best 70 male custom content creations, shall we?

79. Basic Set 17 by KK’s Creation

Basic Set 17 by KK's Creation

This set blends modern trends with timeless elegance. KK really does wonder when creating ccs for male! Download it here.

78. Blue Collar Boys by Softerhaze

Blue Collar Boys by Softerhaze

Adding an additional fashionable workwear for your Male Sims? Here’s Blue Collar Boys by softehaze with 8 pieces to mix and match! Click here to download.

77. Nathan Top by Kumikya

image 462

This is a must-have top for your male Sims if you love yourself some maxis match content! It comes in a variety of 13 swatches. Click here to download.

76. Short puffer down jacket by BED_TS4

image 465

Here’s your download link.

75. Pollen Polo Shirt by Nolan Sims

image 463

Here’s your download link.

image 464
I’m in love with these swatches, especially the third one!

74. December Outer Set by rona Sims

image 444

Don’t you just love it when you have a ton of swatches to choose from? Each feels like a new CC on its own!

image 445

You get a cool winter puffer jacket and a fur jacket from this link!

73. Supercut collection by adrienPastel

image 458

The set also includes this old-fashioned tuxedo for your male Sims!

image 459

Visit this page to download!

72. KK Basic set 15 by KK’s Creation

Download this amazing clothing set by visiting this Patreon page.

71. Calisto Hair by Wistful Castle

You can’t go wrong with a voluminous hairstyle like this one! It’s compatible with the base game, so all of you newcomers don’t have to worry about it not working in your game! Here’s your download link.

70. Men cC by Belaloallure

image 710

This is only the hottest professional outfit for your male Sims, nothing too crazy! The set also comes with the coolest fur jacket. Here’s your download link.

image 711
It’s compatible with the HQ mod in case you’re wondering!

69. Essential Socks by CreamLatteDream

image 516

Next are these essential socks by CreamLatteDream, one of our top ten male cc creators! We really aren’t featuring any other socks pack on this list, but we had to with this one. You get 29 different swatches, all of which are compatible with the base game! Here’s your download link.

Have a look at our collection of CC socks!

68. Macro Hairstyle by Simstrouble

sims 4 male cc

Simstrouble keeps bringing forth more trouble with these hairs and we’re all here for it! Although they don’t particularly create male-focused CC, we totally recommend browsing their page every now and then for new free CC packs! This hairstyle is compatible with hats, if you were wondering! Here’s your download link.

67. Male Sim Dump by Wistful Castle

We haven’t showcased one, two or three of Wisftul Castle’s creations on this list… there are over 11 CC packs that are not only free to download but are incredibly necessary to, I tell you! It was a bit tough choosing a single Sim dumb pack for you all… so I chose 6 instead heh.

Keep in mind that you won’t be adding the tray files in your mods folder. If you do, they won’t appear in-game. We recommend checking out this guide on how to properly install Sims in the Sims 4!

Click on each image for direct download links to these Sims!

66. Wild Ride Hair Collection by JohnnySims

image 429

JohnnySims is another male-focused custom content creator for the Sims 4 who we dearly love! This CC pack has 6 different dreadlock hairstyles to offer us. With 24 swatches to choose from, and the fact that this is BGC, it’s a must-have! Here’s your download link.

65. Soft Cut Set: Lilac by daylifesims

best male cc packs for the sims 4 2

Sometimes I look at DaylifeSims’s creations and make up a whole new scenario for my Sims. Don’t we just love a great new variety of hairs? You’ve got to add this to your collection now. It works on teens as well as elders! Here’s your download link.

64. BLM Accessory by Wistful Castle

image 438
Male CC: BLM Accessory!

Black lives do matter and Wistful Castle’s here to help us represent it in the Sims 4! This face scarf is base-game and comes in 8 unique swatches, three of which are showcased in the thumbnail above! You can find it under Necklaces in CAS. Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: 60+ Pieces Of The Best CC for Black & POC Sims!

63. Men’s shoes collection Part 1 & 2 by Jius

image 506
Part 1

You’ve most likely heard of Jius at one point or another. Their footwear creations are personally my number one in the whole ocean of Sims 4 custom content! The variety, colors, designs, and the overall feel is very rare to resemble!

sims 4 male cc
Part 2

If you’ve already downloaded the Essential Socks pack we’ve showcased a few cc packs ago, you just have to get these, too!

You can download the first collection here, and the second here!

62. Edgard Punk Pants by Kleos Sims

image 466

Kleos Sims will only ever hit you with bizarre clothes and accessories for your male Sims, which makes their page stands out from the crowd! These punk pants come in 9 swatches! They’re pretty cool, especially if you’re looking to dress up your teen Sims! Here’s your download link.

61. Short Sleeve Tee by Darte77

image 472

Don’t underestimate this tee, simmers, I tell you! I’ve been using it pretty much all the time and it looks effortlessly stunning on all of my male characters! The cute little wrinkles make it even better (hotter, if I may say). You get it in 8 swatches. Here’s your download link.

60. The Beard Set by Greenllamas

image 502
Male CC: Beards!

Obviously, if you’re on the hunt for male CC packs, you’ve just got to download some custom beards – because the ones we get in the base game aren’t, let’s say, the best. However, these will do your Sims justice, 100% tested and guaranteed!

The cool thing is that they come in all of EA colors, so you can still end up matching your Sim’s hair to their beard. Here’s your download link.

59. Macchiato Sweatsuit Set by nucrests

sims 4 male cc

Just looking at this makes me want to jump straight into CAS for hours! These sweatsuits are simply beautiful. They look so comfortable you’d even want them in real life. The set includes 4 tops and bottoms! As you can see, there are two versions: a regular sweatsuit and a tucked one. Here’s your download link.

58. cute short hairs by Simandy

image 503

9 different hairstyles in one click, my dear simmers! You could still download each hair separately by the way, but why would you miss out on any of these? Long, short, with bangs, without bangs, we’re welcomed with a mixture of hairstyles hear – all of which are BGC, by the way!

You also get 2 hair accessories from this set: a hair band and bandana! They’re located in Hats. Here’s your download link.

All Lods
Hat Chops
18 EA Colors each
Hair band located on HATS
Bandana located on HATS
Ombre located on FACE MASKS

Here’s your download link.

57. Bomber jacket Lux by Sailor24Love Sims

image 475

Bomber jackets like no other here! Straight off the bat, we get 56 swatches to select from… that’s like a new jacket every day for 56 days 🙂

It works on teens, young adults, adults, and elders alike. I’m just sitting here imagining my young adult Sims sporting these jackets and loving it! Here’s your download link.

56. V-neck knit set M by Sudal

If you’re on the hunt for some new, stylish and v-neck knits for your males, this pack has got you covered! You’ll love the textures of the shirts and accessory shirts. With a versatile color palette, they’ll match any outfit! Special thanks to Sudal Sims! Here’s your download link.

55. questionable tees By okruee

These questionable tees have questionable prints that we love, by the way! They’re definitely not for everyone but if you want to introduce some razzle dazzle into your game, here’s your download link.

54. Short sleeved T-shirt & Pants by RIMINGS

On the other hand, these short-sleeved t-shirts and pants are literally for everyone and every taste. You get them in both solid colors and prints! It goes without saying, RIMINGS is widely known and loved among the Sims community and this is one of many, many awesome creations of theirs! Here’s your download link.

53. Patterned Beanies by CreameLatteDream

sims 4 male cc

Here’s yet another CC pack for your male Sims by CreamLatteDream! Cute, patterned beanies that come in 23 color swatches! Here’s your download link.

52. Viking Facepaints by SyninPlays

image 477
Male CC: Tattoos!

This isn’t any tattoo CC pack, this one is for the VIKINGS! It was literally inspired by Harald’s face tattoo. Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: Sims 4 Tattoos – The Best 50 Tattoo Mods & CC (October 2022)!

51. Nails For Men N06 by pralinesims

image 518

I’ve seen tons of custom nails for my female Sims but not lots for males! Fortunately for us, Pralinesims exist and they always come to the rescue! These nails are available in 49 variations of colors and 5 variations of styles!

I personally love the one showcased in the thumbnail – a bit scratched, catchy, male-like! Here’s your download link.

50. Spontaneous Spectacles by cmescapade

image 519

Next up we have some oval-shaped glasses for your Sims to try out! The regular glasses are available in 15 swatches while the sunglasses come in 40 different colors! Here’s your download link.

49. Male CC Set by obscurus-sims

When it comes to creating a realistic Sim, it’s all in the details. And one of the most important details is the eyes. Whether it’s giving your Sim those perfect contour lines or adding a bit of realism with some eyebags, there are a few things you can do to really make your Sim’s eyes pop. This CC pack has those to offer as well as some lip presets! Here’s your download link.

We love Obscurus a bunch! Check out their best creations here!

48. Pillow Talk Pjs Set by CreamLatteDream

image 515

Who wouldn’t want their Sims to be the cutest they can be? With the PJs, they can be both stylish and comfortable! It’s a full-body outfit, by the way! Here’s your download link.

47. Male Hair Pack (1) by Wistful Castle

image 425

I honestly more than appreciate it when CC creators compile their creations in a single zip file! I mean, we already want and love all of those hairstyles – and now we can download them from a single page in a single click! It doesn’t get better than this! Here’s your download link.

46. Male Hair Pack (2) by Wistful Castle

image 426

Okay, maybe it gets better than that haha. Here we have yet another male hair collection in a single file! If you’re into curly hair, you must grab this one. Here’s your download link.

45. Male CC Collection by sevensims

Everything in this set screams stylish! The TY Tracks do require Luxury Party to work in-game, and the BBYDNSTP requires Jungle Adventure. So unless you have them, they’d appear broken with all sorts of question marks!

The rest of the items are compatible with the base game, rest assured! Here’s your download link.

44. Tomie t-shirt by Guemara

image 478

If you’re into anime and you want something representative in the Sims 4, you’ve got to check out these shirts! They’re BGC (thankfully) and come in 43 swatches! Here’s your download link.

43. Beards N1, N2 & N3 by ThisIsThem

image 487

This is the second beards pack we have on this list. It’s a bit subtler but you’ve got to keep a backup, in case the previous collection didn’t come in line with how you wanted your Sim to look like! Here’s your download link.

42. man bods body presets by vibrantpixels

image 520

Inclusivity is part of the Sims 4, and with these body presets, we can choose and create exactly what we want, however we want it. Whether we’re looking for a more realistic experience, or just want to have some fun with our Sims’ appearances, these body presets provide new possibilities! Here’s your download link.

41. Levi Hair by JohnnySims

image 430

Here’s one of the newest JohnnySims hairstyles! It’s compatible with the base game and works on both males and females (the merrier, the better, right?). Here’s your download link.

40. BTS Set by Kunstwollen & BTSIMS

image 479

If you’re a BTS fan, this pack is for you! You’ll be able to create a character resembling your favorite BTS celebrity. The pack includes the hair, necklace, and top in many different swatches. This is your chance to have a character that looks just like your favorite BTS star. Here’s your download link.

39. Phaethon Hairstyle by Wistful Castle

image 427

There’s something about long hair for male Sims that is extremely appealing! This, too, is base game compatible and works on teens and elders alike! Here’s your download link.

If you’re into long hairstyles, check out this collection!

38. “Boring autumn” mini set by CliffJen

This set is perfect for your male sims who want to lounge around and enjoy the autumn weather. It includes 2 tops, a pair of pants and shorts, all in sweet, muted colors. The set definitely gives off a lazy autumn vibe, but in the best possible way. Your sims will be comfortable and stylish all season long. Here’s your download link.

37. Vatore Hair by Wistful Castle

This hair is perfect for your male Sims who want to have that EMO look. It’s stylish and cool, and it will definitely make your Sims stand out from the crowd. Here’s your download link.

For more emo haircuts, visit this page!

36. Sunkissed Skin by Golyhawhaw

image 522

A skin blend by Golyhawhaw, one of our favorite male CC creators! It was described as “Very sun heavy and quite saturated”. You’ll have 8 colors to choose from with three ab variations: shredded, lean, and flat! Here’s your download link.

35. Starry Night by Barbieaiden

image 483

For all of your dreamy simmies, these dreamy shirts are a must-have! Here’s your download link.

34. Solstice Jacket by nucrests

image 497
Male CC: Puffers!

We haven’t included that many custom jackets in this list, but these puffers are super cool! They come in knee-long, and waist-long versions. Here’s your download link.

33. Taurus Jeans by nucrests

image 498
Sims 4 Male Custom Content – Jeans Collection

The ultimate collection of jeans for your male Sims – long, short, skinny and baggy! It’s BGC and brings forth 21 swatches! Here’s your download link.

32. Morgyn Hairstyle by Wistful Castle

image 428

This Morgyn hair has rightfully gained popularity. It’s messy in all the right ways. Download this male cc haircut now!

31. Secret Society Collection by Quirky Introvert CC

image 451

This is a collab between two awesome Sims 4 CC creators and the one we’re shwocasing here is created by Quirky Introvert CC. It includes 9 items, as shown above. Personally in love with the Alastair necklace! Here’s your download link.

30. KK Pajama set by KK’s Creation

image 492

This cute pajama set is one of KK’s Creations’. We’ve included it and the one underneath it for both summer and winter days! Here’s your download link.

29. KK Basic set 05 by KK’s Creation

I mean, they can’t be wearing shorts all the time, right? This too has a variety of swatches: 30 for tops and 25 for bottoms. Here’s your download link.

28. The 90s Male Hair Set by JohnnySims

sims 4 male cc

As for this collection by JohnnySims, it brings forth 6 differen packs of hair for your male Sims. They’re so maxis-matchy which is perferrable by some people. Here’s your download link.

27. Eyes N22 by Valuka

sims 4 male cc
Male CC: Eyes!

Enchanting eyes by Valuka here! You simply cannot create an attractive male Sim without a nice pair of eyes! This pack has 45 colors in store for us! It actually works on both genders which is even a plus! Here’s your download link.

If you want a bigger variety of eyes for your simmies, click here!

26. Roland Facial hair by Wistful Castle

sims 4 male cc

Ever watched Teen Wolf? This is Derek! Well, the pack is actually based on a Roland, but we aren’t exactly sure who that is haha. You get the facial hair in 27 swatches. Here’s your download link.

25. acc set by Ashwwa

In the world of CC for The Sims 4, there’s always going to be a part that we’re ignorant of. Whether it’s a new accessory, clothing item, or hairstyle, there’s always something new to discover. I remember seeing these accessories by Ashwwa and instantly wanting to experiment with them in-game. If you’re anything like me, here’s your download link.

24. Red Velvet Collection by Nucrests

sims 4 male custom content

Red velvet is definitely a hot color! The collection we have here consists of 10 items: a blazer, bomber, shirt, pants, shorts, and more! Here’s your download link.

23. Miguel Hair by Simstrouble

image 452

This haircut is done by Simstrouble and inspired by Antonio Banderas in Desperado! The CC package is compatible with the base game, so you should expect it to come in 24 swatches! Here’s your download link.

22. strawberry jacket by Barbieaiden

sims 4 male custom content

“Tastes like strawberrie on a summer evening!”

These cute strawberry jackets are super cute! They come in two versions: zipped and unzipped! Here’s your download link.

21. Looks like Mitchell Pack by Wistful Castle

Here’s yet another male CC pack by Wistful Castle -yes we’re technically obssesed at this point. The collection has 3 things to offer us: tees with long sleeves, pants and gloves. All of which come in a variety of colors! Here’s your download link.

20. Layered Necklace by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

This necklace is created by the one and only Gorilla X3. It only works on males, understandably so. You get 10 different swatches for this necklace. Here’s your download link.


sims 4 male custom content

This is such an original CC haircut that I know I’ll be using a ton! It works on males and females alike! Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: 60+ Pieces Of The Best CC for Black & POC Sims!

18. cicero hair by okruee

image 486

If you’re looking to create a truly authentic Greek sim, you need to check out this hair. It surely isn’t for everyone but it’s a masterpiece that will take your sims’ looks to the next level. Here’s your download link.

If you’re creating a Greek character in the Sims 4, you must check this post!

17. Leather Shirt & Turtleneck by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

image 527

We all know that feeling when we see our male sims in their leather shirts and turtlenecks – they just look so darn hot. Well, now there’s a new set of these stylish items that are even better than the last. The black swatch in this set looks surreal and is very attractive. Here’s your download link.

16. Butter Cropped Suit Set by nucrests

image 493

A new collection has arrived just in time for the chilly weather! This set includes a range of cropped blazers and pants in different colors and styles. With 10 tops, 8 bottoms, and 3 overlay accessories, it’s a must-have! So, for a more dressed-up look for a night out, this set has you covered. Here’s your download link.

If you’ve liked this set, you’re going to want to check out this longer listicle!

15. RANDOM Set 4 by MIRO

image 537

With so many different combinations, your sims are sure to find a new look they love with this random set! With 13 swatches for the top and 15 for the bottom, take a look and see what new looks you can create for your sims! Here’s your download link.

14. andre x wilfred hairstyles by clumsyalien

Two more won’t hurt! Whether you want your characters to go for a more classic look with the short haircut, or experiment with something new and different with the long haircut, there are now even more options available. Here’s your download link.

13. halloween earrings by Barbieaiden

image 484
Male CC: Earrings!

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with some fun earrings like those! They’re both spooky and cute at once. On the plus side, the set is BGC! Here’s your download link.

12. Male Asian Collection by northern siberia winds

image 456

If you’re looking to create an Asian character in Sims 4, but don’t know where to start, this collection will help you get on the right track. Featuring a variety of skins, lip presets, and eyes, you’ll be able to create a unique and realistic Asian Sim in no time.

Whether you want your Sim to resemble your favorite K-Pop star or be a more traditional representation of Asian culture, this collection has will surely come in handy! Here’s your download link.

11. Genetics & Presets by northern siberia winds

Northern Siberia Winds is another Sims 4 cc creator that knows how to blow our mind with their out of the box creations! You get tons of face masks, a skin overlay, eyebags and lip presets from this set! They’ll help you transform your Sim into a total different character. Here’s your download link.

10. Relax Comfy Pants by Sailor24Love Sims

image 476

Stylish hippie look? Your male sims will look great! If you’re looking for something different in pants for your male Sims, you’ve got to have dress them up in these. They’ll be sure to get noticed wherever they go. Choose from 30 awesome swatches! Here’s your download link.

9. Reakwon Hairstyle by Simstrouble

sims 4 male cc

This style is a bit longer than the previous dreadlock styles and is split to the sides. It also covers the neck from behind, giving the Sim a more stylish look. All credits go to Simstrouble! Here’s your download link.

8. Fabio Hair by Aladdin-The-Simmer

image 448

Super cute little curls are back and better than ever! This is another haircut that we had to add to this list. Here’s your download link.

7. Dominique Male Ankle Boots by Kleos Sims

image 465
Male CC: Boots!

These ankle boots are the real deal with 6 swatches to choose from! It even comes with a little accessory that you have the option to use or remove! Here’s your download link.

6. April 2022 Collection by quirky introvert CC

image 485

This April collection of male-focused content has 15 new items ranging from a choker all the way to socks! This is the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe with some new, stylish pieces. Without a doubt, you’ll find something that catches your eye. Here’s your download link.

5. SEVENTEEN Anyone Set by MIRO

Let’s get down to business with these suits now, shall we? These are the real deal, my dear simmers. With 30 swatches at our disposal and a firey feel and look to them, there shall be nothing to stop you from getting these. They’re tested and 100% recommended! Here’s your download link.

4. euphoria cC pack by clumsyalien

image 449

Clumsyalien is one of my all-time favorite CC creators for the Sims 4. Although they don’t create male-focused custom content, this pack, including these items, is a must-have for everyone! They have tons of other male packs, for the record! And yes, you guessed it: we absolutely recommend following their page for new free CC packs!

sims 4 male custom content

Here’s your download link.

This is actually one of our top Sims 4 CC packs in 2022! Check the entire listicle here!

3. KK Basic set 10 by KK’s Creation

The Sims 4 is much more interesting with this mini set. It includes these awesome shirts, shorts, and bags! That’s like a whole casual look for your male Sims! It can be their everyday go-to! Here’s your download link.

2. Insomnia Jacket by Nucrests

sims 4 male cc
Male CC: Hoodies!

This hooded jacket is a must-have! This set brings forth 2 jackets in two different styles; with and without a shirt. You’re to expect 33 swatches in this mini set. Best of all, it’s BGC!

You should install the invisible hat mod to avoid the annoying hair clipping!

image 496

Here’s your download link.

1. Cosmic Hoodies by creamlattedream

image 509

Last but not least on this list are these cosmic hoodies by CreamlatteDream! It’s easily the most kawaii item on this list. You get 6 swatches in beautiful patterns! Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: CC Hoodies for the Sims 4!

Our favorite 10 Male CC Creators in the sims community (Free Patreon Pages)

  1. Wistful Castle – Link
  2. JohnnySims – Link
  3. Barbieaiden – Link
  4. KK’s creation – Link
  5. Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla – Link
  6. Sailor24Love Sims – Link
  7. Nucrests – Link
  8. ASHwwa – Link
  9. CreamLatteDream – Link
  10. Golyhawhaw – Link

Final words

This was one long list for sure but we’ve enjoyed putting it together! At the end of the day, our male Sims don’t get as much love as our females, and perhaps it’s about time we changed that a little! Be sure to share it with fellow simmers and keep coming back as we’ll regularly update this list! Have an awesome day and happy simming from all of us in SnootySims!

Find even more custom content for your male Sims!

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