Best Hawaiian shirts Custom Content for the Sims 4

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If you’re thinking the Hawaiian style is reserved for embarrassing dads, you’re totally wrong. It may have gone out of style at some point but it’s definitely back in game now. And speaking of in-game, we’ve compiled a list of the best Hawaiian shirts custom content for the Sims 4. Your male sims can now upgrade their warm-weather look with a perfect Hawaiian shirt.

Sims 4 Hawaiian CC finds

AlphaTrend: SP10 Summer Shirt (M) – Essential Male Fashion

241987 sp10 summer shirt m sims4 featured image

AlphaTrend: Unleash Style with Men’s Unbuttoned Print Shirts

330043 men s unbuttoned print shirt sims4 featured image

AlphaCC Elegance: Men’s Button-Down Tee (Trendy Tops & Clothing Sets)

220694 men s button down tee sims4 featured image

AlphaCool: KK Summer Set ’02 (Stylish Male Tops & Shorts Collection)

289932 kk summer set 02 for male sims4 featured image

Blooming Attire: Alpha’s Floral Button-Up Shirt (Tops & Shirts Collection)

200074 floral button up shirt sims4 featured image

Sudal’s Summer Breeze: M2 Shirt Collection (Tops & Tees)

206238 sudal summer shirt m2 sims4 featured image

Tropical Tease: Embrace the Aloha Spirit with Vibrant Hawaiian Shirts [Alpha Male Collection]

109159 intro colorful hawaiian shirts sims4 featured image

Joliebean’s HilliHilli Tucked-In Floral Shirt: BGC, 25 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail


Summer Florals Collection: Exclusive Early Access on Patreon 7/23!


Recolored Tourist Summer Outfit: 6 Colors, Faded Effect, No Undershirt


Revere Short Shirts: Summer Collection – 8 Prints, 8 Colors, New Mesh


Summer Open Shirt: New Mesh, 10 Colors, 2 Prints – Game-Ready Textures


Floral Buttoned Polo Shirt for Male [MM]

Floral Buttoned Polo Shirt for Male

Aloha Floral Polo Shirt for Male [MM]

Aloha Floral Polo Shirt for Male

[sudal] Summer shirt M3

sudal summer shirt m3 sudal sims

Summer Florals Collection [MM]

summer florals collection inspired by h m quirky introvert cc scaled

Sudal’s Aloha Spirit: Hawaiian Shirt M (Tops, Shirts, Clothing Sets)

218987 sudal hawaiian shirt m sims4 featured image

Summer Elegance: The Summer Set (4 Recolors – Tops, Dresses & Skirts)

281128 the summer set 4 recolors sims4 featured image

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