Best Hawaiian shirts Custom Content for the Sims 4


If you’re thinking the Hawaiian style is reserved for embarrassing dads, you’re totally wrong. It may have gone out of style at some point but it’s definitely back in game now. And speaking of in-game, we’ve compiled a list of the best Hawaiian shirts custom content for the Sims 4. Your male sims can now upgrade their warm-weather look with a perfect Hawaiian shirt.

Live the Hawaiian Life with These Hawaiian Shirts for Your Male and Female Sims

Hawaiian shirt

We’re starting off with a great set by Sudal Sims. It’s available in 20 swatches that you could toggle between from the glove category. Here’s your download-link.

Colorful Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirts Custom Content

Gorilla keeps us coming back for more awesome Sims 4 custom content. This set is available in 10 prints and your male sims from teen to elder can try them out. Download from this page.


A maxis match shirt by Simstrouble. The tiger print is definitely all you need for a chill summer. To install, click here. For more maxis match clothing, check out this post.

Male Summer Shirt

Another aloha shirt for your male sims. This Hawaiian Shirt comes in 14 color designs. You could also grab these shorts. Visit this page to install this package.

Marvin Sims: Aloha Shirts

Hawaiian Shirts Custom Content

Your male sims can pull off this style easily because it comes in a set of 16 different swatches. There’s surely a piece to match every taste. It can be found under button up.  

Here’s your download-link.

Summer couple set

Another great set by Sudal Sims. What do our couple sims strive for? Matching outfits! This set is available in a variety of 30 swatches for each gender. Follow this link to grab this set.

Hawaiian Style Shirt Custom Content

A base-game compatible aloha shirt! Your male sims from teen to elder can now enjoy a hot summer day in this shirt. Click here to install this set.

Open Aloha Shirts for Men

Hawaiian Shirts Custom Content

“Ohana means family, and family means nobody would be caught dead without one of these stylish tropical shirts,” says the creator – Agreed! This set brings forth a variety of vivid colors and iconic designs. You can check them out by visiting this page.

Open Hawaiian SHirts Custom Content

Hawaiian Shirts Custom Content

Your sims can almost feel the sand in their shorts with these aloha shirts. Here’s your download-link.


We’re wrapping up with this awesome set of Hawaiian shirts. Your sims daddies will definitely enjoy it. Download from this page.

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