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We’ve gathered our favorite computers custom content and other gadgets for The Sims 4 in this post. With this cool collection, you can enjoy a variety of custom laptops, computers, iPads, and gaming and office room setups!

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The Best Computers Custom Content for your Sims

All dedicated Simmers know the value of well-furnished office spaces or gaming rooms. And you know what ties these two spaces together? The presence of computers, of course! So, if you’re looking for some ways to equip The Sims 4 with new gaming setups and other computer custom content, you should check out everything we have compiled in this post. These include our favorite techy gadgets for the Sims 4 to inspire you to upgrade yours in-game.

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Study in Style Set

Computer CC 8

The Study Style Set by Aira includes a super cute tablet that can be utilized as a laptop! There are over 10 swatches that your Sims can choose from.

Click here to download!

Office Werk Set by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS Office Werk Set 01

Introducing “Office Werk” – a mini set for your office work station at home ! ♥

What’s included:
○ PC
○ Table
○ Chair
○ Lamp
○ 3 Office Desk essentials Decor

Click here to download!

Pink Hub Station by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS - Pink Hub Station

Introducing “Pink Hub Station” – another pink computer station for your Gamer Sims! ♥

What’s included:

~ PC
~ Table
~ Microphone
~ Headphone
~ 2 Shelves
~ Rug
~ Gaming Chai



Click here to download!

Bookworm’s Oasis Set by SNOOTYSIMS

Bookworm's Oasis Set by SNOOTYSIMS

Introducing “Bookworm’s Oasis” – a cozy and quiet corner with good books and plants designed to be a haven for your Sims. This set consists of 37 items.♡

What’s included:
~ Office Table
~ Mac Computer
~ Cozy Chair
~ Shelf
~ 3 Wall Decor
~ 14 Pile of books
~ Rug
~ 2 Pillow Decor
~ 2 Kinds of vases
~ Pen Holder
~ Notebook
~ Cup
~ 8 Decor Plants


Click here to download!

Stream Pink by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS - Stream Pink

Attention to all streamers who loves pink and bunnies! We’re giving you a cute pink touch of our Simstream Studio Essentials! Presenting “Stream Pink”, a streamer set with 12 pink items. ♡

What’s included:

  • Functional Computer
  • Monitor Déco
  • Bear Lights
  • Bunny Lights
  • 3 Bunny Decors
  • Camera
  • Functional Speaker
  • PC Case
  • Desk
  • Microphone

Here’s an in-game shot:

SNOOTYSIMS Stream Pink ingame shot

Click here to download!

Dreamer Girl Gaming Setup by Snootysims

Dreamer Girl Gaming Setup CC

Snootysims is back again to bring you “Dear Gamer Girl Set”! This set infuses elegance with a palette of soft pinks, dreamy purples, and pristine whites. No gaming desk is complete without adorable plushie toys, LED lights, game controllers, and more! All BGC for you, Simmers~ ♡

Click here to download!

Aesthetic Cute Gaming Setup

Computer CC 7

If you’re looking to infuse cuteness into your Sims’ rooms, this adorable gaining setup is just the perfect choice! With its pastel hues and delightful vibes, this CC pack is guaranteed to brighten up your Sims’ rooms.

Click here to download!

Fall In Love Alone Set

Computer CC 6

With the Fall In Love Alone Set, your Sims can delight themselves in  a computer package that includes a desk, a drawer, a mouse, a keyboard, monitors, a headset with mic, and more!

Click here to download!

Custom Laptops

Computer CC 5

Enjoy these colorful and juicy-looking custom laptops for your Sims! There are over 9 really cute swatches available for this CC. Our favorite is the strawberry-specked one!

Click here to download!

Struthio Computer

Computer CC 4

This wonderful Struthio Computer by CC creator Wondymoon is such a steal! It’s design is truly simple, yet still catches the eyes of Sims when they walk inside a room.

Click here to download!

Crystal Computer & Ouija Keyboard

Computer CC 3

Now, let us continue with an unconventional computer CC for your Sims! Check out this mystical Crystal Computer and Oujia Keyboard for your Sims. With the otherworldly design and enchanting powers of this set, these will become your Sims’ gateway to the unknown.

Click here to download!

Holographic Computer

Computer CC 3

Your Sims will be transported to the future with this advanced holographic computer for The Sims 4. They will be able to interact with a floating screen and use a state-of-the-art keyboard setup. How cool, right?

Click here to download!

Modern & Natural Computer

Computer CC 2

You don’t always get a custom-made Maxis-Match computer, do you? This one is! The one you’re getting from this link is completely functional and available in 14 swatches, too. What’s stopping you? Go ahead and download!

Click here to download!

Compact Computer

Computer CC 1

A functional Sims 4 iMac CC with a minimalist mouse and keyboard. What else do you need? Plus, this device is available in 7 swatches!

Click here to download!

Functional Y2K iMac Computer CC

Y2k Computer Set

Remember the era of the iMac, a symbol of the tech revolution in the late 1990s? Well, with this old-fashioned Y2K iMac set for The Sims 4, you will feel nostalgic! This iconic computer, known for its vibrant colors and translucent design, will infuse some retro chic to your Sims’ home.

Click here to download!

My Smiley Corner Set by SNOOTYSIMS


If you’d like your Sims some smiley faces and a splash of positivity, you’ve got to download this Smiley Corner Set! The pack includes the desk and chair. The remaining items are linked to in the Patreon post. Have fun!

Click here to download!

Geek set (TSR)

download geek set tsr syboulette

For a Sim gamer’s dream setup, a sleek and powerful computer CC is essential, such as the one in this set! To add loads of fun, a dual-screen setup is also a must-have, for multitasking and an immersive gaming experience, as well as a comfortable gaming chair that will ensure hours of uninterrupted play!

Click here to download!

Streamer Gear Pack (Camera / Mic / Computer / Keylight) [MM]

streamer gear akalukery

For any aspiring streamer Sim, being in the presence of the right gear is essential! Thus, you might want to provide your Sims with this Streamer Set. These are just decorative items, but they might inspire your Sims’ content creation duties. The set includes a high-quality camera, a powerful PC, a sleek microphone, and a set of lights.

Click here to download!

Modern Office Objects ( Desk / Shelves / Chair / Computer / Clutter ) [MM]

modern office collection akalukery

With this Modern Office CC set, you’ll get more than a computer! You will have the perfect modern office for your Sims. The desk features a sleek wooden top. The shelves are made of lightweight material providing ample space to display books, trophies, and other office paraphernalia. And the computer is a powerful machine that can handle any task your Sims throw at it. But don’t forget the clutter! That’s what really makes a workspace feel lived-in!

Click here to download!

Gaming Room Deco ( Heart Lamp / Dildo / Candle / Pen / Shelf / Poster / Computer ) [MM]

bknysimz new deco furniture bknysimz

To complete the gamer’s room, you need some of these gamer room deco! There’s a heart lamp with a neon glow that would be a cool addition, some cute pens for that much-needed desk clutter, an adorable plushie to provide comfort, and of course, the badass gaming PC!

Click here to download!

Office Furniture Pack (Box / Desk / Chair / Cart / Board / Computer / Lamp / Coffe / Totes / Rug / Globe) [Alpha]

office set mechtasims

Do you want to create a computer room in your Sims home that is brimming with color? Get this CC now! This features a modern desk, fun-looking chairs, clutter, and more. All in all, this set will inspire your Sims to work productively!

Click here to download!

Mid Century Modern Inspired Office Items Collection (Chair / Computer / Desk / Shelf / Books) [MM]

zephyr office myshunosun

This one, which includes a powerful functional computer available in 5 swatches, is inspired by the Mid-Century Modern era! The iconic chair offers both comfort and style, with its curved base and leather upholstery. The mid-century modern-inspired desk features a sleek design with ample storage compartments. And the stylish mid-century modern shelves provide space for books, files, and other office supplies.

Click here to download!

Computer + Landline phone

Computer Set

Your Sims can now stay connected with the world around them with the help of this Old Friend Computer and Deafening Landline Phone CC in The Sims 4. Both the realistic computer  and landline phone look awesome even if they are only for decorative purposes.

Click here to download!

Kitty Headphones by DreamGirl

6e9e5527cb23d36102bc1e5da0c7ef43 gnd

What computer setup would be complete without those cute, little earphones that go with it? These Kitty Headphones by CC creator DreamGirl are definitely what your Sims should wear to achieve that awesome gamer look! The said ear gear features amusing cat ears which emit static and pulsing lights. Plus, these headphones totally match cute gaming chairs! What a combo.

Click here to download!

Closing Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed this list of fantastic computer CCs and mods. Go ahead and download these exciting finds, and don’t forget to share your gaming stories, computer-inspired builds, and epic moments with us! We are on GoogleFacebookTwitter, YouTube,  Instagram, TikTokPinterest, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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