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All dedicated Sims fans know how important gamer rooms are. So, if you’re looking for some ways to make your game more enjoyable with new gaming setups and computers cc, you should continue reading this post. We’ve compiled 40 of our favorite computer custom content for the Sims 4 to inspire you to upgrade yours in-game. Take a look through the following custom laptops, computers, iPads and gaming room setups -and enjoy!

Biggest collection of pC, laptop, iPad & computer CC

Build-it-Yourself Gaming Set

Sims 4 computers

Sometimes a cool décor is all you need in the Sims 4 but when it’s also fully functional, that’s a match made in heaven. This build-it-yourself gaming set includes a monitor, a set of speakers and headphones.

Gaming PC Set Up Collection

Sims 4 computers

This set is fascinating in so many ways; it’s pretty mentalistic but well styled out. You get an Asus monitor, Razer keyboards, mouse, mouse mat and a headset with stand. Enjoy!

SIMS 4 | Video Station | Barbara Sims

Sims 4 computers

Another fully functional Sims 4 computer cc. You do need Get Famous for it to work properly in game, though. It’s creative and eye-catching.

Gamer Girl Bedroom

A gamer girl bedroom doesn’t always have to come in pink but when it does, it must look perfect. And this one doesn’t disappoint. The link below contains a collection of computer custom content used in the designing of this room. Check out more custom clutter to decorate your gamer bedrooms by visiting this post.

eMook and MookBook

You don’t always get a maxis-match computer, do you? This one is! The one you’re getting from this link is completely functional too. What’s stopping you? Go ahead!

Bunny Gaming Chair

A bunny gaming chair because why not! It’s actually inspired by an actual gaming chair by Autofall that the creator Desimny has herself. It’s available in a variety of 11 swatches.

City Laptop

Yes, this is exactly what you’re expecting: a set of gaming laptops for the Sims 4. It’s categorized as clutter though, but it’s definitely worth checking.

Gaming PC & Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor Set

If you’re an OMEN fan, you’ll love this set. A gaming computer that does light up, a gaming monitor, mouse, keyboard and a functional computer are what you’re getting from this set.

Young Male Tiny House Computer CC

Sims 4 computers

This is one of those custom houses built with utmost care. This multi monitor setup, kissed by the sun, looks pretty cozy, doesn’t it?

Choose your device

Sims 4 computers

Madlen is one of Sims 4 creators that are straight up perfect at what they make. This is a collection of 4 devices that you could choose between or even have them all, if you’d like.

Microsoft Surface Studio with Surface Accessories

Sims 4 computers

A modern, Microsoft device created for your sims to enjoy a lavish life for sure. It cost about 8,400.00 Simoleans. It comes in a number of color swatches: platinum, black, cobalt blue, pink and many more.

Sims 4 computers CC

Sims 4 computers

Hello, full-package! A set containing a gaming PC, desk, headset and speakers. Now you won’t have to spend time working your way around designing that corner in your sim’s bedroom.

Witchy and Vaporwave Desk Mats

We had to include this set because these desk mats are painfully gorgeous. They’re base game compatible. And yes, they don’t cost much, worry not. Choose between 20 swatches and have your sim enjoy a witchy feel to their gaming setup.

Home office Kit

Sims 4 computers

It is exactly what it reads: a home office kit. Your sims could now build a business from home and they’d love it.

Razer Set Sims 4 computers

This set includes a functional razer laptop that is available in 3 swatches. That is in addition to a mic and hydrate bottles in 3 swatches each.

ipad pro set

Your sims can now own iPad pro, pencil and keyboard.

Magic RGB Set

Sims 4 computers

This one has to be the coolest RGB gaming setup ever. Your sims will love that PC case!

Ipad – Sims 4 computers CC

You’re getting two versions from this set (up and down iPads) in five colors.


Sims 4 computers

Another Sims 4 computer cc that contains functional objects.

Neon Keyboard Cute Pastel Keycaps

Sims 4 computers

Okay, we can explain! These are just the most KAWAII mouse pads, ever. No?

(TS4) bknysimz random deco collection

This set brings life to 33 custom objects. From neon signs to coffin shelves, you’ll find something to your liking in it.

Madlen Paw Devices

Sims 4 computers

Another Sims computer cc by Madlen. This one is featherweight and can be moved around easily. We could only praise how elegant these look.

Pink Gaming Computer (Functional)

Sims 4 computers

A functional, pink Asus Sims 4 computer cc with mouse and keyboard. What else do you need? A mic? A typewriter keyboard? You also got this.

Light Up Gaming PC With clutter (Functional)

We simmers will never grow too old for a gaming PC with light up keyboard and mouse pad.

Laptop Recolor Sims 4 Computers CC

Sims 4 computers

A laptop with tickers on the back to add an extra touch of realism and creativity to your game.

Gamer Build

You’re getting four objects from this set and they’re all showcased in the thumbnail.

PC Setup CC Deskblock

Sims 4 computers

A cute little computers that is suitable for kids’ rooms. It comes in 3 swatches. Enjoy!

functional Desktop Recolor

Sims 4 computers

This set is a must-have! A number of the cutest functional desktops for the Sims 4.

Paw Notebook + and Tab

Sims 4 computers

Those little paws are gorgeous! “Self-chargeable and eco-friendly” as described by the creator.

Mac Sims 4 computers cC

If you’d like to delve into times past, this old fashioned Mac computer is your answer.

Conspiracy Theorist’s Laptop (StrangerVille)

This little creation is available in the two showcased versions. Download by visiting the link.

BG Sims 4 computers

Sims 4 computers

For a sense of the old times, this pc comes with stickers, though a bit pixelated, looks great!

Apple MacBook Pro Useless Update

A glowing Apple logo so your sims could showoff their wealth and brag as much as they’d like. It’s available in a set of 12 swatches. Oh and it’s functional.

1967 computer

This goes way, way back! A retro futuristic Sims 4 computer that you should definitely have.

GP07 Portable Sims 4 computer

This laptop requires Strangville to work properly in game. Check out custom plants for the Sims 4 here.

Schmapple SmacBook Pro – 38 Colors!

As for this custom laptop, it comes in 35 colors. Check them out by clicking below.

PC Setup CC Sims 4

Travel back in time with this Sims 4 computer cc, it does give off that old-fashioned vibe.

Sims 4 Computers Battle-station

This is one of those gaming setup cc that you must have because it has all. From lights to all necessary pc rig, you will find it all in a number of swatches.

Actually Portable Computer

A modernized laptop that is indeed portable. It comes in two versions: basic and pro.

TRS – 80 Sims 4 Computers

A computer cc from 1977 brought to us by Vroshii. Check it out by clicking the below link.

iMac M1 2021 Sims 4 computers

We’re finishing off this list by a functional iMac that is available in 7 unique swatches.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of the best Sims 4 computers. If it was up to us, we would install them all! Make sure you check related content by following the posts below. Enjoy!

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