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Searching for spectacular CC for your spellcasters, a.k.a. your witches in The Sims 4? Delve in this list of witch CC! We’ve got everything you’re looking for in this carefully curated collection.

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The Sims 4 Witch CC for Your Witch Sims

When EA Games introduced The Sims 4: Realm of Magic game pack, it finally allowed us to create witches in The Sims 4. Now, our Sims can live a life full of magic, and a little bit of mischief. They can cast spells, mix potions, and acquire curses through their occult abilities. However, like most Sims 4 packs, we feel that a lot is lacking, especially when it comes to the outfits and objects that have been added through this pack. Lucky for us though, CC creators were able to fill these gaps through amazing witch CC sets!

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A Must-Have List of the Best Witch CC for The Sims 4

You may have already created the most powerful witch in the game, but now it’s time to let them have a strong sense of fashion and have a great place full of mystical objects, too. With these witch CCs we have gathered for you, you no longer need to spend hours scouring the web looking for amazing content to fulfill all your Sims witchery needs! In the next items below, you will find all the witch-related, magic-filled CC packs you need to make your witchy aesthetic more fun and bewitching. Enjoy!

Tiny Witch Set

Set 3

If you love all things related to the occult, you will want to download this Tiny Witch Set! This comes with the Realm of Magic table, books, potions, enchanted candles, and witchy paintings/movie posters. You can download the items individually or as a pack.

Click here to download!

Element Rug

Set 2

Your Sims can use this rug to perform their magic rituals. The rugs feature different patterns and magic circles and come with a floor light. You would need The Sims 4: Spa Day to use it in the game.

Click here to download!

The Witch Set

Set 1

This is a bewitching set created for October by Siomi’s Vault. The items included in the pack are wall decorations, jars with mysterious liquids, and other items. There are a total of 10 objects.

Click here to download!

Be Witchy Decors Set (Jewelry Box/ Hanging Plants/ Jewelry Dishes) [ALPHA]

Be Witchy Decors Set

The Be Witchy Set by Moon River is an adorable and spooky set that features 4 items: a Jewelry Box, a Moon Planter, a Moon Jewelry Dish, and a Star Jewelry Dish. The planters are ceiling decorations, while the rest belong to the sculpture category.

Click here to download!

Divinify Set ( Book/ Crystal Ball/ Mystic Box/ Candle/ Tarot Cards) [MM]

Divinify Set by Madlen

Some witches also love to gaze at what the future holds, using divination items. With this Divinify Set, you can let your Sims have these dark magic books, mystic boxes, ritual candles, and tarot cards as decor! But if you have The Sims 4: Paranormal stuff pack, you can also get the functional crystal ball. Super cool!

Click here to download!

Sexy Witch Halloween Dress for Female [ALPHA]

sexy witch outfit for female

Your Sims will feel sexy and empowered while wearing these Sexy Witch dresses from Guemara Sims. The dresses are made with a fine fabric mesh. From the 20 swatches available in the pack, and the purple and red colors really stand out!

Click here to download!

Drink Up, Witches Tattoo CC by SNOOTYSIMS

tattoo cc

We created this special Halloween themed tattoo CC for your female Sims, which comes in one full body swatch. Below are a few in-game shots of it, called the Drink, Up Witches tattoo CC. If you’d like to explore more Sims 4 tattoo CC, head over to this compilation that we’ve handpicked for you. Enjoy!

Screenshot 2023 10 14 160156 Screenshot 2023 10 14 160058

Click here to download!

Wicked Fingertips for Female [MM]

Wicked Fingertips for Female [MM]

If we want to create downright creepy hands for our witches, we have to get these Wicked Fingertips! These are available in the Glove and Tattoo categories in CAS, and there are many swatches to choose from, with different lengths for each.

Click here to download!

Halloween Witch Choker

tumblr 26e4a1cbaec0ac986ed43637f7f0ada3 d86c1e92 1280

Of course, witches are one of the staple costumes for our Sims during Spooky Season. But, don’t let Sims just wear some witchy hat and dress, add some witchy bling too, such as these Witch Chokers from GrafitySims! There are over 23 colors for this gem.

Click here to download!

Halloween Cat & Pumpkin Pot

tumblr 400f1bd95b1b26f230e604b6be2de1d7 5569f354 2048

What a pretty, witchy find we have here! To make your Sims’ Halloweens extra special, incorporate these adorable items into the game. These Halloween Cats and Pumpkin Pots will surely spice up the eerie vibes in any house.

Click here to download!

Spellbinding Set

tumblr 6da88c319626494ed0798925c11c0d66 4a0f4475 1280

Ah, what a cute Halloween CC pack~ Known as the Spellbinding Set, this is a collab between creators Leosims and Sims41ife. They’ve created a bunch of cool stuff such as cauldrons, witch cats, crystal shelves, bull skulls, geodes, and plenty of other thrilling items.

Click here to download!

Black Magick Halloween Tattoo

tumblr phhef1WYsd1v17h9oo1 1280

Not only can we decorate our Sims’ houses for Halloween, but we can also decorate their bodies, with these Black Magick Halloween Tattoos! These come in 2 full body swatches and can be used for all genders.

Click here to download!

Umbar Witchcraft Set

tumblr 63a323de119eb7cd74e8428f8c5e40cc 8571d504 500

A collaboration between creators Simspirational Builds and Hel Studio, this pack focuses on Halloween-themed witchcraft objects. There are over 29 items in the pack, and the deer skull simply stands out!

Click here to download!

Hallowitch Set

tumblr 2bf3879693b99293505f94d180fd5a58 8fd3b71e 1280

Look fine and dandy during the bewitching season with the Hallowitch Set! This is a mega set of ghoulish hair items for The Sims 4, which covers two hairstyles in various meshes and clips in 5 swatches!

Click here to download!

Witch Flying Posepack + 3 Broom Accessories

witch flying posepack 3 broom accs natalia auditore scaled

These are 11 poses for your witchy Sims with brooms! You can use these brooms by employing them through the ring category in CAS. Just don’t use them with bracelets because the texture will become weird.

Click here to download!

Pretty Witch Costume

pretty witch costume badddiesims

If you’re searching for a classic black costume that you want your Sims to wear, opt for this set! It features the Pretty Witch Hat and the Pretty Witch Dress. The latter comes with gloves!

Click here to download!

Witching Hour Set 🎃

witching hour set evellsims

This is a mega set for your beautiful witches! You can find dresses, hats, necklaces, and shoes in this Witching Hour Set. There are over 15 to 25 swatches for each CAS item, and everything is available for Teen to Elder Sims.

Click here to download!

Old Witch House

6711 old witch house katesimblr

Witches must find a lovely place where they can spend their time doing their mystical hobbies, and a small peaceful one, like this Old Witch House, will do! This house has a bedroom and plenty of potions and books for your Sims. Just take note of the required CC that you should download.

Click here to download!

Butterfly and Witch

7586 kikiw butterfly and witch kikiw

As for your little spellcasting Sims’ shoes, you should find one that is both cute and stylish for them, such as the Butterfly and Witch shoes by creator KIKIW. These are high-platform shoes with adorable butterflies and charms.

Click here to download!

Little Witch Carrie

7587 kikiw little witch carrie kikiw

This is a cute pair of shoes to have for witchy Sims who prefer the dainty, dolled-up look, instead of the dark, gothic aesthetic. There are three versions available, one without bowknots, one with a bow tie, and one with two bows.

Click here to download!

Let’s Do Witchcraft Poses + Magic Wand Accessory

3442 ts4 let s do witchcraft poses magicwandacc sonechko

Get these beautiful magic wands for the game, and have Sims pose like legit witchcraft goddesses. The poses are a remake from the creator’s The Sims 2 pose pack. For the Magic Wand, it is an accessory available in 10 swatches.

Click here to download!

Wrapping It Up

Did you enjoy this marvelous (and maleficent) list of witch CCs for your Sims? Download everything from the list and let us know how your game goes! Please follow us on Patreon and our social media sites. We are on Google, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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