Occult Foods: Dine on the Wild Side!

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Are your non-human sims on the hunt for more interesting fare than what they can find at Chez Llama? Get their mouths watering for these occult foods by icemunmun!

Occult Foods Mod

While many occult Sims in The Sims 4 have consumables specific to their species, such as plasma for vampires and mermadic kelp for mermaids, those consumables often fill a specific purpose outside of just raising a sim’s hunger/thirst level and they can offer unwanted effects to human sims who consume them.

Whether you have an occult sim who just wants to enjoy a simple snack, a human sim obsessed with the occult but not ready to commit themselves, or a combination of occult and human sims who want to enjoy a spot of tea together, these occult foods should satisfy their cravings! A word of caution though, some of these foods will make non-occult humans sick so proceed at your own risk.

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Bring Your Appetites for these Occult Foods!

Before you can sink your teeth (or fangs) into these treats, be sure to add icemunmun’s Custom Food Interactions and Custom Drink Interactions to your mods folder. Without those mods, none of these occult foods will work!

Red Count’s Risotto

Red Count's Risotto icemunmun

Rice is nice but Risotto is better. Vampires who agree will enjoy the Red Count’s Risotto, though regular sims may get sick from eating it. But with such an appetizing plate can you blame them for trying?

Optional ingredients include Plasma Fruit, Heart, & Rice. This dish only requires the standard Cooking skill to prepare.

Click here to download!

Transylvanian Soup

Transylvanian Soup icemunmun

Even the cold undead can appreciate a nice warm bowl of good soup now and then. This spooky soup is dangerous for sims, but Vampires who have a bowl will be quite satiated.

Optional ingredients include Plasma Fruit & Heart. This comfy recipe needs no special skills so Vampires who never learned Gourmet Cooking (despite having centuries to learn) can still whip up this satisfying stew.

Click here to download!

Lunar Hunter’s Steak

Lunar Hunter's Steak icemunmun

Just because you eat Raw Meat doesn’t mean you can’t be classy about it. This beautiful tartare is meant for Werewolves, and may cause human sims some unpleasant side effects if consumed. If your Lycanthrope sim has an appetite as insatiable as Greg’s Fury, they’re going to tear into this one.

Optional ingredients include Berries, Herbs, Veggies, and Red Meat. Despite its basic ingredients, sims will need a Gourmet Cooking skill of 8 serve this canine concoction.

Click here to download!

Inky Ocean Kelp

Inky Ocean Kelp icemunmun

This Mermaid meal might get you more than you bargained for. Ocean-dwelling sims will see their Hydration filled after slurping down this inky dish and depending on which version you download, you may find your human sims suddenly feeling fishy after a bite! They say that food can be transformative, after all.

Optional ingredients include Mermadic Kelp, Vampire Squid, and any herb. Sims will need a Gourmet Cooking skill of at least 4 to prepare this aquatic appetizer.

Click here to download!

Charred Pumpkin Custard

Charred Pumpkin Custard by icemunmun

A veggie-based dessert that gives Spellcasters a nice boost of Charge and XP, but is also a delicious bite for any sim. Made with charcoal powder, this blackened treat looks almost like a crème brûlée with its darkened top and will likely be a favorite of Gloomy sims. Serve it up at your next spooky or autumn party!

Optional ingredients include Flour, Mandrake, & Pumpkin. This isn’t a recipe for amateurs and sims will need a Gourmet Cooking skill of 9 to create this gourd-geous dish.

Click here to download!

Pumpkin Punch

Pumpkin Spice Punch icemunmun

Chill out with this tasty pumpkin punch, which will cool off sims who are Overheating. It’s non-alcoholic so sims of all ages can get in on the festive fall flavors!

Unlike your local pumpkin spice latte this drink actually contains everyone’s favorite gourd, with Pumpkin as an optional ingredient. It can be prepared via the fridge with a Cooking skill of 7.

Click here to download!

Magic Mandrake Tea

Magic Mandrake Tea icemunmun

Chock-full of benefits, this mystical tea will make any sim feel the beneficial power of the Mandrake from consuming it! Sims who drink this tea will get maxed Energy, warmth if they’re Freezing, boosts to the Fitness, Wellness, & Herbalism skills, and a +4 Energized buff. Spellcasters receive bonus Charge & XP gains on top of everything else, so it really is a great drink to have on hand.

Use the Tea Magic Personal Brewer to brew a cup for yourself or enough for the entire coven, with Mandrake as an optional ingredient. You’ll feel like magic after a few sips!



Click here to download!

Moonlit Moonpetal Tea

Moonlit Moonpetal Tea icemunmun

Tea so good it can calm the savage beast! Consumable by all, this beverage maxes out the Energy need and can warm up a Freezing sim. The drink will sometimes grant your sim a Calming buff, and it can siphon away a modest amount of Fury from Werewolves. It also grants +3 Happiness.

This taming tea can be made in a single or multiple servings in the Tea Magic Personal Brewer with Moonpetal as an optional ingredient. With a drink this tasty, you’ll want to howl!

Click here to download!

Sea Kelp Tea

Sea Kelp Tea icemunmun

A beneficial beverage for multiple species this Sea Kelp tea can be consumed by human and occult sims alike, but it benefits Spellcasters and Mermaids the most. In addition to maxing the Energy need and warming Freezing sims, it offers a large dose of Hydration for Mermaids and gives Spellcasters XP and Charge gains. All sims will gain +4 Inspired by drinking it.

This aquatic concoction can be made in a single or multiple servings in the Tea Magic Personal Brewer with Kelp as an optional ingredient. Do dolphins drink tea?

Click here to download!

Crimson Tea

Crimson Tea icemunmun

This is a lovely tea for those cold winter nights! Consumable by everyone (though it may occasionally leave a non-Vampire sim feeling Dazed), this beverage fills Vampire thirst, maxes out the Energy need, and can warm up a Freezing sim. The tea offers +4 Focused (with +4 Dazed if you’re unlucky) to all sims along with +1 Happiness for Vampires.

It can be made in a single or multiple servings in the Tea Magic Personal Brewer with Plasma as an optional ingredient. Whip up a pot the next time Vlad stops in for a visit!

Click here to download!

The Final Course

Now that your nonhuman sims have dined on delicacies especially for them and shared a nice cup of tea with friends, it’s time to decide which occult food was your favorite. My choice would have to be the Charred Pumpkin Custard, yum! We hope that your occult sims with an interest in finer dining will enjoy these new dishes, and definitely check out more of icemunmun’s custom foods (including non-occult equivalents to these special dishes) to add even more options to the menu. Bon appétit!

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