Fresh Forward Delivery – A World Of Cuisine Right At Your Doorstep!

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Check out Fresh Forward Delivery Service—the latest delivery mod created by ultimate CC chef of The Sims 4, icemunmun!

Fresh Forward Delivery
Fresh Forward Delivery Service

If you prefer an expanded dining menu compared to the offerings of the vanilla sims game, you are likely familiar with CC maestro icemunmun. They have created an absolute smorgasbord of custom foods for The Sims 4 from pretty much any culture you can imagine, ranging from cozy breakfasts to traditional feasts to Chibi-looking desserts and everything in between.

Recently icemunmun added a new concept to the roster of food mods they’ve created, the Fresh Forward Delivery Service Mod. Think of it as a cross between a meal prep service, food delivery, and online shopping warehouse all combined into a single convenient app. Let’s go over how it works!

Fresh Forward Delivery Service – Everything You Need For A Full & Happy Family

The mod comes with 2 separate ordering features depending on what your household needs and when they need it. You can plan ahead to receive curated boxes of products to fill a specific craving, or order what’s on special for the day and get greeted with a quick and easy surprise!

In order to use the features of the mod, you will first need to have icemunmun’s updated Custom Food Object – Cooking Tablet. It’s included as a separate download on the Fresh Forward Delivery Service Mod page so you can get it there if you don’t already have it.

Fresh Forward Service

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Fresh Forward Delivery Service has so much to choose from!

The Fresh Forward Service portion of this food delivery mod is perfect for foodie and plan-ahead sims that know what they need and are always prepared. There are 74 different boxes available to order for next-day delivery and range from regular groceries to ready-made pizzas to curated meals to desserts and more! Once you choose a category the picker will open up and if you hover your mouse over an item you’ll get a description of the included components.

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Take the guesswork out of grocery shopping

The following day your order will be delivered with your regular mail (make sure your sim can reach their mailbox) where you can fetch the delivery boxes and open them, the contents of which will go directly into your sim’s inventory. Be sure to check for perishables and serve them up or put them in the fridge quickly to avoid spoilage!

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Ready Forward Service

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Time for a tasty surprise!

If your sim is a bit more spontaneous, forgetful, or just likes to go with the flow, the Ready Forward Service will be more to their pace. Simply choose what category of delivery you’re after and a random box will appear within the hour, ready to surprise your sim with its contents. They may find a new favorite dish or get the ingredients for a recipe they’ve never tried before. Perhaps they’ll bake the prize-winning pie or poison their guests with bad pufferfish nigiri? There are 74 possible boxes to end up with so the possibilities are practically endless!


In order to enjoy the full scope of possibilities with the Fresh Forward Delivery Service mod you’ll want to have icemunmun’s other custom foods so they’re available to order. Though a few are linked on the mod’s download page, consider adding other options based on what piques your interest, or go wild and download them all. Because this food delivery mod is made to work with most of icemunmun’s other offerings it’s hard to link to anything specific that you should get, but there is no shortage of options to pick from!

If there’s a recipe or ingredient your sim is trying to order with the Fresh Forward Delivery Service mod that doesn’t arrive, it may be because you haven’t downloaded the needed custom food object. Luckily Patreon now allows you to search posts, so just type in the name of the ingredient in the search box on icemunmun’s page and you should find it in a jiffy.

There are no known conflicts or issues with the mod currently. Due to the complex nature of this creation, make sure to check for updates to the mod every time The Sims 4 has its own update (especially if the update includes new foods). This mod will likely break after each big update much like other script mods so diligence is required for continuous enjoyment!

The Final Course

With the current roadmap from EA’s Sims team we’ve already seen DLC related to food, and upcoming content seems to have a somewhat food-centric theme as well. That being said, now is a better time than ever to consider adding custom foods to your game. A simple way to enjoy CC food without the hassle of sending your sims to dine out is to have it delivered in the comfort of your sim’s home, and the Fresh Forward Delivery Service mod makes that possible! Do you have a favorite custom food from icemunmun? Let us know in the comments. Have fun with this new mod and happy simming!

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