The Most Awesome Dreads Hairstyles for The Sims 4

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Dreads For All Tastes

Dreads come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We’ve put together a list of the coolest dread styles we could find, including options for women and men of all ages. You’re guaranteed to find something here to elevate your Sims’ style. More hairstyles are available here!

Our Favorite Dreads

Electric Dreads for Men and Women (TS3 Conversion)


Everyone has dreamt of looking like a rockstar, making Esmeralda‘s Electric Dreads perfect for those who seek a modern take to the classic style. Available for all Sims, this The Sims 3 veteran has over 44000 downloads, making conversion a natural step. You can rock this classic via this download link on ModsTheSims.

Marta Li Ebonix Top Bun Dreads Pull Back Hair Retexture


There is nothing wrong with default colors, but sometimes you need to shake things up. Marta Li Sofia from Lisbon brings a great set of textures to complement the classic top bun dread, giving this familiar hairstyle a breath of fresh air. This texture pack can be found on The Sims Resource, join over 29000 users in enjoying it!

BlahberryPancake – LeahLillith Daylily Hair Dreads Retexture


If you’re a fan of Leahlillith Daylily dreads but can’t quite find the right color, Blahberry pancake has your solution! This retexturing pack with 27000 downloads brings no less than twelve colors, ranging from naturals to bright dyes. You can change it up via this link, on The Sims Resource!

S3 University dreads conversion. Unisex


New styles are great, but every now and then an old The Sims 3 player has a craving for hairstyles lost to the sands of time. If you’ve found yourself missing the University Dreads, fear not – with 16000 downloads on ModTheSims, this conversion brings back a must-have style for college-aged Sims. Click here to download Necrodog‘s work!

Blahberry Pancake – Cazy Hair c124 NS – Dreads Retexture


Another addition by Blahberry Pancake, the Cazy Hair C124 Northern Star dreads get a new lease of life with this texture pack. Black, blonde, white and even blue – the sky is the limit for this fashionable take on a blend of hairstyles enjoyed by 14000 users. Download it here on The Sims Resource!

BlahberryPancake – Nightcrawler Hair Tyra Dreads -NEEDS MESH


Just the name alone screams coolness – the Nightcrawler Hair Tyra Dreads, yet another Blahberry Pancake creation, is a creative take on blending dreads and short hair. You can find this style, with an incredible 36 colors and 14000 downloads, on The Sims Resource.

BlahberryPancake – LeahLillith Dreamcatcher Dreads Retexture


The Leahlillith Dreamcatcher dreads offer a fresh modern goth vibe, and thanks to Blahberry Pancake‘s texture pack they can get even better! The twelve colors included make this style truly to die for. Download it at The Sims Resource, and join 12000 other users in this great look.

Bob Marley dreads Unisex. Child to elder


There are dreads and dreads, but none will ever be as iconic as those sported by reggae legend Bob Marley. This unisex look by Necrodog is available from child up to elder Sims, so they can have a long life repping a musical hero. This classic with 11000 downloads is available at ModTheSims.

Jack Dreads Unisex


The Sims world is very unpredictable, but even if you may end up in Davy Jones’ locker, it’s better to do so while looking good. Necrodog‘s Jack dreads give your Sims the staple look from the world’s most famous pirate, or captain if you believe his word! With 10000 downloads, this style can be found at ModTheSims.

Pigtail Dreads with Bangs Child


Who said kids with pigtails have to look boring? Drteekaycee added a fashionable twist to a classic look, ensuring your Sims girls are always in style! You can find it at The Sims Resource, where it already has 5000 downloads!

Dreads pulled back into a bun


Dreads and buns are a tried and tested classic, with an elegant air that is fit for all occasions. This unisex style is available at the Sims4Krampus Tumblr blog.

Kids Dreads


The kids are alright, and with this hairstyle they’ll look even more adorable. Birksche’s Sims blog has made available this cute and stylish look, and you can download it here.

Women Dreads


Another gem from Birksche’s Sims blog, the women dreads rely on tasteful minimalism to achieve a great look. The style is available in multiple colors and can have a hat added for a little something extra. Find this elegant cut here!

Dixie Dreads


The Dixie Dreads offer a gorgeous flowing take on a classic style, adding a high fashion layer that is to die for. You can elevate your Sims’ style by downloading it at the Birksche’s Sims blog.

Dreads Ponytail


Ponytails are never a bad idea, and when combined with dreads the combination is always stunning. This men’s style comes in a range of natural colors and can be paired with a hat to change it up, and is available at the Birksche’s Sims blog.

Dreads Ponytail for Ladys


If you liked the previous look but are looking to outfit ladies, fear not! The Birksche’s Sims blog also made a women’s version of this stylish hair, complete with a hat too. Download it here!

Jason Dreads


Men’s styles sometimes get a little repetitive, and the Jason dreads are the perfect break from that! Blending cool long hair and dreads, this style will make the gents irresistible. You can find it at the Birksche’s Sims blog.

PopcornDreads mono and colored for Men


Looking for a superstar vibe? The popcorn dreads are exactly what you need! This trendy style is fit for all occasions, and can be sported in both natural and vibrant colors. Get the party started by downloading at the Birksche’s Sims blog!

Big Bun Dreads males


Men’s dreads are incraesingly more popular, and a bun is a great twist for those wanting to jump on the bandwagon. This simple yet elegant style is a great addition to your wardrobe, and you can find it at the Birksche’s Sims blog.

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