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Shirts are one of practical outfits that exist without any doubt – in reality, and in The Sims 4! They look super adorable and they are very comfortable to wear. Shirts are versatile because it is popular in teens and young adults and good for the elderly too. The outfit is versatile and you can decide how you would style your favorite shirt. They are easy to wear, goes well in every season. Here is a list of the latest trendy shirts that is making the talk in the Sim Town.

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Sims 4 Shirts Male

Nike and Tommy Hilfiger Sims 4 Shirts


The look of it is simple yet trendy. The colors vary from light, pastel and dark colors. You can add your favorite logo like Nike, Supreme or Tommy Hilfiger if you wish or keep it simple and plain too.


Balae Shirt


The design by Toksik is very unique and created for men with bold fashion choices. The shirt is definitely trendy and unique but not everyone can carry it off well. There are three different designs available. Anyone who wants to stand out should be happy wearing these unique shirts.


Cuban Collar Shirt


If you are a fan of the movie La La Land or Ryan Gosling then you would love this shirt design. The Cuban collar is inspired from that movie. The shirt comes in seven different colors. It is perfect for a date night out or any formal gathering.


Long Oversized Flannel Shirt


This is the men’s version of a oversized flannel long shirt that comes with basic t-shirt inside. The color contrast of the flannel shirt and t-shirt is good and would suit everyone. Youth loves this layers look that this design provides.


Adidas Athletic sweatshirt


Athletic sweat shirts have always been in trend. No matter it is the fall, autumn, winter; these work for all seasons except summer! The look they give is very trendy and laid back! It is very comfortable and suitable to go to the gym, go for shopping or any hang out. More Adidas CC is listed here!


Tommy T-Shirts


These t-shirt created by Birba32 looks very stylish and manly. They come in four dark colors. A combination of dark green, grey, black and white! They are slim fit and look very trendy.


Sims 4 Male Sweater With Undershirt


This men’s sweater with undershirt is another classic look that is still in trend in 2020. People love it, both teens and adults rock this look during the autumn and winter. The design comes in 20 different color combinations.


HipHop T-Shirt


This hiphop style male t-shirt is for those who are hip and like to project their hiphop style out loud. The t-shirts come in ten different variations. The dark theme is active in all the designs. The graffiti and writing on them are vivid.


Slim Sims 4 Male Shirt


These are men’s slim t-shirt that look very sleek. They come in 16 swatches so anyone would find their pick. They will look good on teens, adults and young adults. The colors are very trendy too.


Male Polo Shirt


Men’s polo shirt is not new but it has always been in fashion. It never goes out of fashion. These designs are mostly white, black, red and blue colored. You will get 14 swatches and find your favorite pick.


Sims 4 Shirts Female

Nike and Supreme Shirt


This is another popular sweatshirt edition by Kk’s and it is for women. The design is fairly simple and perhaps the simplicity is what attracts everyone. It comes in 14 colors and all the colors are very well thought out. You can logos on the front to make it more personal.


Off The Shoulder Shirt


Off the shoulder shirt has always been in trend and the trend of it does not seem to go away anytime soon! They are perfect for cozy outings when the weather is slightly cold but not too freezing. They bring out the fun side of you! You can choose between 13 different swatches.


Goldie Shirt


This Goldie shirt is a mix between casual and formal. While you can use this shirt as an interview outfit, you can also wear it with casual bottoms or skirts in a friendly outing too. There are six swatches available. All the colors are light and proper for formal gathering.


Plaid Shirt


This is a classic design by Sims2fanbg that works for both teens, and adults. The button up look gives very stylish look. The crop top inside looks casual. This fabulous stylish design comes in ten colors. You like this item? Then check our list on the best crop top mods for The Sims 4!


Long Sleeve Shirt


This design comes in two variety. A set of flannel long shirt and a tight t-shirts inside! There are 14 t-shirts and 12 long fennel shirts. The look is classic and perfect for autumn. You can keep the t-shirt inside basic or add logo too.


Cropped Shirt


Trillyke created an amazing cropped t-shirt that is very simple but is perfect for daily use. It comes in 20 different colors. 12 colors of basic design and eight come in striped design. They are created for women. They are a hit in teens and young adults.


Printed Crop T-shirts


These crops tops are perfect for a laid back hanging for teens and young adults. They come in various colors and prints. You can choose from a variety of printed designs and see which one suits best. They look good with high waited pants.


Trillyke – Accessory Mesh Shirts


Trillykecame up with a genius design with see thought fabric that can instantly lift up your outfit. It comes in two colors only, black and white. It comes in eight designs. You can wear them on top of crop tops, tight t-shirts, dresses etc and see how fancy the final look becomes.


Rolled Sleeves Open Shirt


This tidy looking long rolled sleeved shirt is for those women who enjoy bold fashion with a slightly formal look for their outfit. The front of it is open so your Sim needs to be bold to carry off this look. It comes in ten different colors.


Sims 4 Silk Shirt


These silk shirts are a masterpiece created by Trillyke. It comes in two different versions. They come in 18 swatches so the variety is ample. You can wear is hanging or you can wear it with high waist bottoms.


Cropped Sims 4 Female Shirt


These female shirts are very sleek and adorable with crop style. You can wear them in any fun gathering. They look good with skirts, leggings and pants.


Loose Sims 4 Female T-Shirt


These female loose t-shirts are great to wear outside at any gathering. It has an off the shoulder design which is very trendy and fashion forward .


White Sims 4 T-Shirt


These female t-shirts are very simple to look at but it is very trendy with the luxury fashion logos up front. The base color is white and logos like DIOR, Tommy Hilfiger, NOX, GUCCI etc are added as a design. So if you want to project your Sim as a topnotch fashion lover then these female t-shirts are for you.


Female Long Sleeve Shirt


These female shirts are amazing. They look super trendy yet very classic. The pattern and design is great too. There are30 swatches available. You can wear them tucked in or style them as you please.


Oversized Shirts


Awesome oversized shirts are collected in this post!

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