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Just Sims It: Nike in The Sims 4

From the iconic swoosh to its legendary ‘Just Do It’ slogan, Nike have grown from a brand into a culture of its own. Its towering presence on both sports and casual wear has dictated the flow of street fashion across for decades, and it would be a sin to leave The Sims out of it.

Swooshing Fashion

Nike Roshes

Nike Roshes

Going for a jog? Make sure to wear comfortable shoes then! Tigerlillyyyy has ported the iconic Nike Roshes into The Sims in various styles. Whether you like plain black or funky prints, get them here!

Nike Air Force 1 07 Edition – NEEDS MESH

Nike Air Force 1 07 Edition - NEEDS MESH

The Nike Air Force 1 has entered the sneakers hall of fame with its iconic shapes and stitching. Much like the real deal, Saliwa‘s excellent The Sims recreation is available in a whole host of colours, most of which keep the traditional white sole while changing up the leather. Shake up your Sims style by downloading it here!

Nike Air Athletic Outfit

Nike Air Athletic Outfit

For the ladies looking to stay fit, Saliwa‘s Nike Air athletic outfit is a prefect way to look cool while exercising. Show off your Sims’ hard work at the gym with this great attire. Download it here!

Nike Air Max by LollaLeeloo

Nike Air Max  by LollaLeeloo

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