Insane Sims 4 House Ideas: Sims 4 Builds That You’ll Love!

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We all know that feeling when we start a new Sims save and spend hours upon hours trying to come up with the perfect house for our Sims. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try (sadly speaking), we just can’t seem to come up with anything new or interesting. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 30 of the best Sims 4 house ideas for you from around the internet. So if you’re feeling stuck, take a look at this list for some inspiration!

sims 4 house ideas
Coolest Sims 4 House Ideas!

Sims 4 houses: Modern, Minimalist, Cottagecore, vaporwave & more Interesting aesthetics!

We all love a new house for ourselves, and I bet we feel the same way for our Sims too. This listicle has a lot in store for you! With everything from cottagecore aesthetics to minimalist houses, there’s sure to be something here that catches your eye.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best house ideas that the Sims community has to offer!

Brutalist tiny house by XFreezerBunnyX

This isn’t your typical Sims 4 house now, is it? It’s got an out-of-the-box exterior that’s so unique. I know for a fact my quriky sims would love it. They’d be excited to try out all the new features and decorations. Plus, it’s just so fun to look at. Check it out here!

31. Underwater House by XFreezerBunnyX

Here’s yet another build by XFreezerBunnyX. This underwater house is incredible! It looks just like something out of a movie, and I bet your sims would love it. It’s CC-free, so downloading it is easy, and it’s a great way to add some excitement to your game. I can’t wait to try it out myself. Download the tray files and check it out here.

30. juan pablo modern by Moniamay72

sims 4 house ideas

This is a stunning two story home for any Sim family. It would be great for a family of six. And I have to say, the master bedroom with ocean views is astonishing. The roof comes with a unique design and the windows are set off to create a modern style home.

With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, this home will be perfect for your Sims. Moreover, this house is fully furnished with a lot of CC! Here’s your download link.

image 422
I mean, how could you not?

29. Wildcat cabin by lilly prada

sims 4 house ideas
Sims 4 House Ideas: A Cabin!

If you’ve always wanted to own a cabin in the woods, or just want to escape the hustle and bustle of city living, this cozy cabin is the perfect cottage for your Sims family. More than just a little place to call home, this three-bedroom cabin can be used as a vacation retreat for romantic getaways for your sim couples? I bet yes – it’s seriously cute!

It’s designed by the amazing builder Lilly Prada on a 40*40 lot. It is definitely not your average house. It’s unique, with a cozy feel and a well-thought out layout. Here’s your download link.

image 404
Tell me this isn’t super cute!

28. farmlane 12 by katesimblr

sims 4 house ideas
Sims 4 House Ideas: Farmhouse!

This is honestly my ultimate dream house. Thanks to the creator of this house, your Sims can now experience a charming, old-fashioned place perfect for a small family. It’s a quaint, country farmhouse that gives the good vibes we all need.

Furthermore, it’s the one to get if your Sim wants a little more space and privacy. Check it out here.

image 405

27. Nettle Lane

sims 4 house ideas

A pleasant home for a family of three kids and a dog, perhaps? Sounds perfect to me! There’s plenty of room for everyone, with two bathrooms, a writer’s office, and two bedrooms (one with an additional building). The kitchen is fully-equipped, and there’s even the perfect spot on the back of the lot for your family’s pet friend.

It doesn’t require any CC packs, so you only need to install the tray files! It does however require some game packs. It’s built on a 40*30 lot in Henford on Bagley. Check it out on this Tumblr page.

image 406

26. CC Spotlight: Home Office by Hyperion Sims Design

sims 4 house ideas
Home Office by Hyperion Sims Design!

This space has got all the space your Sim would need and plenty of room to do whatever they want with it!

The office is located on the second floor of the house and it has plenty of natural light and views. You’ll see that the office includes a desk with space for your computer, printer, bookcase, shelves, plants, and more. It uses a lot of CC packs, download them from here.

25. Little court by tinycowplant

sims 4 house ideas

This build is by Tiny COWPLANT. It is built on a 20*15 lot and costs about 54,985 Simoleans.

This house comes with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a backyard garden area. You’ll need to purchase some game expansion packs to make this house work, but it’s worth it! They include Get Together, City Living, Snowy Escape, and a few more. To install this one, click here.

24. Bali Palm House by RachelSim

Here’s a fairly big house for bright sunny days! You can make your dream home a reality with this house that includes everything from parenthood activities to toddler stuff. To see more about the details of this house, follow this Patreon page.

image 409

23. legacy old horror house by captain-silvera

sims4houseideas cc 6

The exterior of this house is loaded with a Victorian feel and charm. The home has large rumpus rooms, a master bedroom, and lots of windows for natural light. It’s not furnished but we bet it would be so satisfying to fill the interior of this house. I could only imagine how great it would look with Halloween decorations. I’ve honestly always dreamt about living in a beautifully decaying Victorian-era home.

Isn’t it time to revive this home with your Sims and make it new again? Download from this page.

image 411

If you’re looking for some house blueprints to work on in the Sims 4, check this list out!

22. Aspen house by lilly prada

sims4houseideas cc 10

If you want to give a good gift to your Sims this Christmas then this house is the way to go. It’s not by any means small, it’s cozy enough for a family of 4 or 5 Sims! It has all the necessities that make up an eco-friendly living space and includes just the right amount of style as well. Check it out here.

image 412
House Ideas: Christmas House!

21. Villa Ava by honeybella

This is a beautiful villa for all your Sims. There are several CC packs with new furniture and appliances that include humongous windows and glass doors for an outdoor living experience.

You have to have the MOO cheat enabled before placing this into a lot! Learn about it here.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get this house already!

image 414

20. The Summer House by CatSaar

sims4houseideas cc 13
Sims 4 Houses: Summer House!

Imagine this for a second: your Sim family is looking for a summer house with two bedrooms, a den, and a garden. The children want to have their own room as well. It needs to be big enough for the parents to use while they take care of the babies!

This Summer House scenario with a cozy living room and dining room, an office, toddler bedroom, and boathouse along with a shed and garden patch so that you can get creative in your Sims world. Your family will love this elegant white house with red shutters right on the lake. Here’s your download link.

sims 4 house

19. Small minimalism by kateSimblr

sims4houseideas cc 16

This tiny little house is for all you minimalist simmers out there. And it is for those people who want small, but still have space for a lot of functions and large furniture. What you’re to expect is an awesome tiny home that has everything you need – from bed to bathroom, to kitchen.

This one-bedroom, two-balcony house is honestly perfect. All thanks go to KateSimblr for it. Install here.

image 416
Sims 4 House Ideas: Minimalist House!

18. my dream house by Sims4Mansions

sims4houseideas cc 17
House Ideas: Moroccan Style!

This is such a beautiful mega mansion. I don’t know what it is about the Moroccan style of this house that I love so much. Maybe the colors and how they all work together to create a sense of calm, or maybe the way that everything seems to be put together in such an organized and intentional way. I can’t really put my finger on what it is about this house that makes me want to live there (in real life, yes, heh), but I know that if I had the chance to live in one of these houses I would never want to leave.

The first thing you’ll notice about it is how open it feels. The ceilings are high and there are windows everywhere! Moreover, the kitchen is one of my favorite parts of this house. The white cabinets, with their clean lines and beautiful wood tones, contrast perfectly with the gray and black marble countertops. To download, click here.

image 417
Even more pics from this beautiful Sims home!

17. Ashley Tisdale’s Home by Sims4Mansions

sims4houseideas cc 20

This house is “fabulous” if you know what I mean! It is inspired by Ashley Tisdale’s house. It includes all the essentials you need for your sim life on a regular basis. It is built in San Myshuno on a 50×40 lot. If you want to download it, click here.

sims house
Sims 4 House Ideas: Ashley Tisdale’s Home Recreated in the Sims 4!

16. Zen View 701 by lilly prada

sims4houseideas cc 12

The interior of this apartment is something that is worth seeing. The layout is also very appealing to me. It is a modern apartment with a nice kitchen and a living room that has a very modern design! Although it doesn’t have that many colors, it is still coherent and attractive. Download from this page.

15. Samphire Hill by xogerardine

sims4houseideas cc 14 1

This house has a lot of space and is furnished with everything that your Sims need – kitchen, living room, master bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor spaces such as a beautiful deck and even a skylight above the kitchen! Moreover, the kitchen comes with an oven to cook up some food or just make some delicious snacks.

Feel free to check it out on this page.

image 419
Sims Home Ideas!

14. apartment by bubble

sims4houseideas cc 15

There are some interesting apartment plans for your sims and a lot of them are free to download. However, this one resonates with a realistic family house. It can fit up to 3 people. The building is 2 stories tall, but it does not have any other rooms or balconies.

If you want to use this apartment as is, all you need to do is download the file, place it in your neighborhood and activate it by double-clicking on it with the MOO cheat enabled. Download!

image 420
I tell you, it’s definitely worth it!

13. spire Apartment by katesimblr

sims 4 house ideas
Sims House Ideas: 3-Story Apartment!

You should move straight into this most stylish, chic, and modern apartment I’ve ever seen. With a lot of bright colors, a lot of natural light, and a large balcony, this apartment is perfect for those who want to live in the moment. This apartment has everything your Sims need to have the ultimate lifestyle experience with these levels of intricate design.

You’ll be living large in a 3-story flat but still, have plenty of space to create an amazing home. Here’s your download link.

2c26be 7232324e8d234458972a142d89e45f89~mv2

12. Family Home by ButterDropsims

This house includes many details that create a warm and inviting environment. It has a fireplace, living room, bedroom, and backyard. You can tell that the home is full of warmth and happiness. I just love the awesome color swatches that this house revolves around. Anyway, let your Sim sip some hot cocoa by the fireplace and read their favorite novel already. Download.

sims4houseideas cc 19

11. A-frame Cabin tiny treehouse

treehousesims4 cc 199 1

With the addition of CC, you can make houses as creative as ever! This greenery is designed to be the perfect place for families. It’s functional, and has everything your Sims need to be happy, safe, and cozy while being environmentally conscious and low impact on the environment. Here’s your download link.

10. Urban Falls by RUSTICSIMS

From the outside, this apartment looks like any other. But inside there are so many places to explore, from the top-floor balcony, down to the kitchen and living room on the ground floor. The kitchen is furnished with modern appliances! And on the ground floor, you’ll find two dining areas –one for friends and family. Click here to install this house.

sims 4 house ideas

9. Family Home by ButterDropsims

Located in Willow Creek, this is another awesome house that really proves the creator’s building skills. I love that this house has a spiral staircase, but not just any staircase. It is a great focal point with windows on either side. The house doesn’t require any game packs but you need to download some new packs of custom content. Here’s your download page.

spiral house

If you’re looking for some functional spiral stairs for the Sims 4, visit this page!

8. vista quarray by tinycowplant

image 423

As for this house, it carries the feel of 1950s architecture and culture in a lighthearted way. I’m genuinely in love with its yellow-white-blue modern design that includes all the elements you need to make your sims feel like stars. You’ll find solar panels and skylights as well as plenty of plants on the floor. Here’s your download link.

sims4houseideas cc 30 2
These yellow couches are blindingly beautiful!

7. Cyberpunk House 03 by bluetrait

sims4houseideas cc 31 1

The way the colors in this build contrast each other is amazing. This house is a great example of a cyberpunk-inspired design. It has the purple and blue accents throughout the house, with white neons being seen on the front of the house! This home would be perfect for any professional who likes to get their hands dirty from time to time.

If you want to make your own cyberpunk house for your sims, I recommend using this design! Install!

image 424
Lots of clutter, too!

Sims 4 Vaporwave Apartment by Stanislav

A futuristic house for your characters in the Sims 4. Thematic items are important to make your game feel alive. What are you waiting for? Click here to check it out.

5. Modern Japanese-Inspired Home by mrdesims

Our sims will be delighted when they can find themselves in a dream room like this one. This is inspired by Japanese aesthetics with a dark gray and gold color scheme that accompanies the patterns of the walls, the curtains, and everything else really. The sitting area with its colors is welcoming and relaxing. Here’s your download link.

4. Cooperdale House by

Here’s your next big build, released last November, featuring one-bed and one-bath. It’s perfect for your retired sims. This house is a good choice for single dads, couples with a toddler and people who are married with active children. It’s mostly black but it is compliment by other colors too. To install, click here.

image 425

3. Seleneos Modern Yachts Villa by selenebaby

sims 4 house ideas
Sims 4 House Ideas: Yacht!

The way that they decorated the yacht house with all of these small details is amazing. With tropical plants, waterfalls, and outdoor living areas all connected by indoor roof decks, this modern build is perfect for Sims who want to escape from the stresses of the everyday world.

You’ll love the bathroom tiles in this beach house and the open kitchen. To install, follow this page.

image 426
Modern beach house for your Sims’ family vacation, perhpas?

2. circular house by The Sim Stream

Now that we can build circular walls in The Sims 4, the creativity has been taken to a whole new level. This circular house is like nothing we’ve seen before. It’s unique design is sure to make it a stand-out! We can’t wait to see what other creative ideas players come up with. Check it out here.

1. ECO-BAMBOO by RusticSims

This cozy cottage’s interior design features contemporary features with a few traditional elements like wood floors, window shutters, and slatted wood ceilings. The alleys in this house are breathtaking. The only thing it’s missing is a basketball hoop. Check it out on this page.

sims 4 house ideas
House Build Ideas: Bamboo House!

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this list of different Sims 4 house ideas. It’s essential to find the perfect house to enjoy a great gameplay. Feel free to check out related content below. See you soon!

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