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San Myshuno is an urban city and a Sims 4 world that was first introduced in the City Living game pack. With plenty of skyscrapers, modern buildings, and city lights, it represents the ideal version of modern city life. Being a Sims version of Hong Kong, Vancouver, and San Francisco, this is a world that never sleeps. If the buzzing atmosphere and fast life appeal to you, you are in the right place. Continue reading to find out more about how it feels like to live in this urban gem of a world.

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fun facts about san myshuno in sims 4

Unlike any other Sims 4 world, San Myshuno is a busy, crowded world with rich nightlife. There are five neighborhoods and 9 residential buildings, most of which are apartments. There are 21 apartments in total, one house, and two penthouses. This Sims world has six community lots typical for modern living, such as lounge spots, bars, galleries, or a gym. Expect to see food stalls and some street art as you start exploring these streets. Three of four city districts host festivals, which are a real treat and unique addition to this world. These are:

  • Spice Festival and Flea Market in Spice Market district
  • Humor & Hijinks Festival in Arts Quarter district
  • Romance Festival and Geek Con in Fashion District

The world features some parks, squares, and outdoor spots. Being the Sims version of a metropolis city, it has many buildings and not so many green surfaces as other cities. It has an open-air stage and a podium for public speeches. There are also 8 new pre-made families and households: Rasoya, Bheeda, Benali, Jang, Karaoke Legends, Pizzazz, Lobo & Feng.

The five neighborhoods are called Myshuno Meadows, Spice Market, Arts Quarter, Fashion District, and the Uptown. Let’s dissect the San Myshuno Sims 4 lots map.

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Myshuno Meadows

san myshuno

Myshuno Meadows is the only non-residential neighborhood in the city and the largest green area. It features only one community 64×64 community lot, which is a Central Park, just a San Myshuno New York version. The park is situated next to the lake, giving urban living a dash of nature. Here, the people of San Myshuno can search for collectibles. Although they may not be able to find rare plants that are typical for other Sims 4 worlds, they will be able to find snow globes and vintage posters.

The park is a popular wedding venue among people who live here. You will find a wedding arch, seats, and a piano, which is all you need for memorable weddings. Citizens can jog and go for a walk on multiple paths, play basketball, try new food, or fish in the park pond. Besides the spacious green surface, Central Park has a building that includes a bar, bathrooms, and a kitchen. As you explore the park, you’ll notice a few plaques:

  • Monument to ‘Emperor’ Horton, dedicated to an eccentric emperor
  • Herring Monument, which was erected to honor the piscine origins of the city
  • Disaster Memorial, which is a commemorate the shirt factory meteor accident
  • Llama Freedom Movement, dedicated to the movement and activism
  • DynaSign Co. Plaque, dedicated to the legislation of the Open Street Act
  • Myshuno Meadows History, dedicated to scientist Barnabas Sky, who was the original owner of the lot which is now known as Myshyno Central Park

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Spice market

Spice Market is a busy area with six apartments, a house, and one community lot. It is this neighborhood where San Myshuno citizens go to visit Spice Festival and the Flea Market. Both take place in the square located in the center. The neighborhood has a karaoke bar, a few fishing spots, and a busy square. On the square, Sims can perform live on stage and show off their musical skills or practice making street art.

On Friday nights from 5 PM, during the Spice Festival, square Sims can also purchase food and other necessities. Here, they can also improve their cooking skills or compete in an eating contest. The Flea Market takes place on Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM. While it lasts, Sims can trade, sell or buy furniture or collectibles. The neighborhood has a playground spot for the kids, and a basketball court nearby.

Community lots:

  • Waterside Warble – This is a karaoke bar and the only community lot in the neighborhood. The lot size is 30×30 and the lot trait is ‘Party Place’, so your Sims will definitely enjoy going here!

Spice market apartments & lots in san myshuno

The Old Salt House – A modern two-floor spacious home built on a 30×30 lot. You can buy it for $113,443. The lot trait is ‘Convivial’, making it a great place for social butterflies, and practicing Charisma, Comedy, or Mischief skill. This modern home was once a warehouse and is the only house in the neighborhood.

Jasmine Suites Appartments – The lot includes two apartments. 2A Jasmine Suites is the home of the Bheeda family. The family that lives here pays a $400 weekly rent. The unit traits are ‘Good Schools’ and ‘Romantic aura’. 2B Jasmine Suites is unoccupied, and smaller than the 2A apartment, with a deposit of $1000 and $500 weekly rent. Lot traits are ‘Good Schools’ and ‘On a Lay Line’.

Culpepper House – The largest residential building in the neighborhood. It is built in a townhouse style, like those you would see in New York. It has 4 separate residential units, one of which is occupied. Apartments 17,18, and 19 are available for rent, with weekly rents ranging from $400 to $1200, with deposits ranging from $550 to$1000. 17 Culpepper House has the ‘Gremlins’ lot trait and is the smallest space of the four, so expect unexpectedly broken objects. 18 Culpepper House has ‘Historical’ and ‘Haunted’ and you might see a ghost here. 19 Culpepper House has a ‘Needs TLC’ lot trait and is the largest of the three unoccupied apartments. 20 Culpepper House apartment is a home of the Rasoya family and has a ‘Chef’s Kitchen’ lot trait.

If you’d like to learn more about the lot traits and challenges, go here!

Arts quarter

Just like the name implies, the Arts Quarter is the avant-garde, modern and artsy district. It features a plaza, an art center, and three residential buildings. This is a very urban area, with 5 apartments and one penthouse. The art center is called Casbah Gallery and it hosts the Humor and Hijinks Festival on Mondays. Your Sims will get a chance to participate in a festival of humor, pranksters, and mischief. Fireworks, standup performances, drinking light and dark tea, or doing Voodoo are just some of the fun activities you can try out.

Community lots:

  • Casbah Gallery – A modern, minimalist building and the only community lot in the district. Being an art center, this is the perfect place for like-minded art lovers. Here Sims can improve their art skills and admire art. The lot size is 40×30. The lot traits are ‘Great Acoustic and ‘Natural Light’, which makes it a great place for learning guitar, piano skills, or painting.

arts quarter apartments in san myshuno

Fountain View Penthouse – One of the two penthouses in San Myshuno. Lot traits are ‘Great Soil’ and ‘Natural Light’, which makes it an ideal residence for aspiring artists. Since it’s unoccupied, you can buy it for $83,188. Thanks to great lighting, living here will help speed up learning painting, photography, and handiness skill.

Medina Studios – The building features three studios or three separate units with rent prices ranging from $400 to $1200, and deposits from $500 to $1000. 910 Medina Studios is the smallest apartment and is the home of the Benali Family. The lot trait is ‘ Needs TLC’. 920 Medina Studios is unoccupied, and once was a home of a medium. It has ‘Quiet’ and ‘Haunted’ lot traits, with suspected paranormal activities. 930 Medina Studios is the largest of three and ready for your Sims to move in. The lot traits are ‘Gnomes’ and ‘Penny Pixies’so be ready for some peculiar happenings.

Hakim House Appartments – This tall building has two units, only one of which is unoccupied. 121 Hakim House is a residence of the Jang family, with one lot trait, which is ‘Home Studio’. The family residing here pays a $1,200 weekly rent, while the expected deposit is $4,800. 122 Hakim House is a spacious, modern apartment available for rent. The lot trait is ‘Historical’, the deposit needed $5,600 and the weekly rent is $1,400.

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Fashion District

Crowded and lively, Fashion District is a busy area, featuring three residential and one community lot, which is a karaoke bar called Planet Honey Pop! The bar hosts two events – Romance Festival and Geek Con. Romance Festival is a perfect place for Sims to mingle, meet some new people, meet a dating guru, or even propose to their SO. It takes place on Saturday from 5 PM to 1 AM. Geek Con takes place on Tuesday, from 10 AM to 4 PM. If gaming, hacking, space geek talks, and learning new skills is your Sims’ thing, this is the place to be! There are also food carts in the area, which makes Fashion District an ideal place for trying new street fast food.

Community lots:

  • Planet Honey Pop! – A 30×20 community lot and a lively karaoke bar situated in the very center of the neighborhood. Thanks to the ‘Great Accoustics’ lot trait, this is a perfect place to enjoy music, dance, sing and have fun!

fashion district apartments in san myshuno

Torendi Tower Penthouse – The second of the only two penthouses in the San Myshuno. Placed on the top of the luxurious building, this large residence features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Lot traits are ‘Party Place’ and ‘Sunny Aspect’ which help create a positive atmosphere where all guests are welcome. You’ll love the view here. You’ll have permission to remodel the place as you please and buy this gem for $244,264.

ZenView Appartments – The building features two units, one of which is occupied by default. 701 ZenView is a residence of Karaoke Legends household with a stunning balcony. Karaoke legends pay a $700 weekly rent, and if you move them out, expect to pay a $2,100 deposit. The lot traits are ‘Quake Zone’ and ‘Party Place’. The second apartment, 702 ZenView is available and you can rent it for $1,200. The apartment has one lot of traits, which is ‘Quake Zone’. This means that anyone living in or visiting the ZenView apartments building might occasionally experience mild effects of earthquakes. Sims suspect it’s due to the underground metro that passes under the Fashion District.

Chic Street Appartments – These are the smallest and one of the cheapest apartments to rent in San Myshuno. There are three units in total, one of which is occupied. 1310 21 Chic Street is the smallest apartment in the city. The lot trait is ‘Lively Neighbours’, with weekly rent being $500. 1312 21 Chic Street is the home of the Pizzazz family, and it also has the ‘Lively Neighbours’ lot trait. 1313 21 Chic Street is an unoccupied apartment with the lot trait ‘Needs TLC’. You can rent it for $300 per week. Deposits here range from $600 to $1000.

  • To find out how you can redecorate and rearrange stuff in apartments, visit this page!


The most luxurious on the San Myshuno map, The Uptown is where the rich, high-status folks live. Expensive apartments and maid service are just some of the perks you’ll get to experience if you chose to move your Sims here. There are thee apartment lots, with five apartments in total, and two community lots. Besides the exclusive Stargazer Lounge and Sky Fitness, the neighborhood has a few more perks. There is a podium where Sims can give speeches and bring greater awareness to their fellow citizens about important matters. Like other neighborhoods, Uptown also has great places to get food.

Community lots:

  • Skye Fitness – A community 30×20 lot and a San Myshuno gym. The lot trait is ‘Bracing Breezes’. Exercising here, instead of at home will boost your Sims wellness and fitness skills by 50%.
  • Stargazer Lounge – A luxurious lounge built on a 40×30 lot. With a rooftop pool and a spectacular view, this is a perfect place for exclusive parties and socializing. The lot trait is ‘Romantic Aura’, so if your Sims is looking for a date, you know where to go (wink).

uptown apartments in san myshuno

Spire Apartments – 888 Spire Apartment is the only apartment in the building on this address and it’s unoccupied. Being one of the most luxurious apartments in San Myshuno, and with lot trait ‘Great View’ this one is a real catch.

Landgraab Apartments – There are two units in the building, one of which is occupied by a pre-made family. VIII Landgraab is available for rent, has two beds and two baths. The lot traits are ‘Great View’ and ‘Serviced Apartment’, so expect to have the luxury of having a maid! Weekly rent is $5,000, plus a deposit of $25,000 before moving in. IX Landgraab is occupied by the Feng family and has no maid service included. This is a San Myshuno apartment with a balcony, and has the lot trait ‘Great View’. When unoccupied, the rent here is $3,500, plus a deposit of $16,500.

Alto Apartments – The building has two apartments. 1010 Alto Apartments has four beds, three baths and is free for you to move in! The lot trait is ‘Chief’s Kitchen’, which is great for Sims who love to cook. The deposit before moving in is $15,500 and the weekly rent is $3,500. 1020 Alto Apartments is a residence of the Lobo family. The lot trait is ‘Romantic Fireplace’, and the family pays a $2,500 weekly rent. If you want to move the Lobo family out, and move someone else in, expect the deposit of $12,500.

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