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Looking for a perfect place to move your family to? Willow Creek Sims 4 is one of the dreamiest worlds in the game. Being a part of the base game, Willow Creek is one of the original worlds that was first introduced, next to Oasis Springs. If you are just getting started with the Sims 4, or would simply love to learn more about your favorite game, welcome aboard. Read on if you want to learn about what makes Willow Creek so magnificent!

willowcreek sims4

What makes willow creek sims 4 so distinct?

Inspired by New Orleans, the world features Creole-style public spots and homes you’ll love residing in. Residential and community lots are located alongside the shore, and surrounded by plantages of former aristocrats. Although there are 19 worlds in total, the fine architecture, bayous, and plenty of greenery still make Willow Creek one of the favorite places to live in. There is plenty of water surfaces to go fishing, but also a lot of different species of plants decorating the world.

There are 6 neighborhoods in total, with one secret lot. Out of those six, two are community spaces, and the rest are residential areas. Most of the houses are unoccupied. There are not many empty lots to build on, with only 3 lots to choose from, but there are plenty of houses to buy. By default Willow Creek has only four families residing there – The Goth, The Pancake Family, BFF Household, and Spencer-Kim-Lewis Family.

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willow creek sims 4

Courtyard Lane

Courtyard Lane has something for everyone’s budget, from pricey homes to affordable lots and houses. It includes 5 lots, only one of which is empty. The neighborhood has a small park where you can enjoy fresh air, tasty grills, and picnics. Next to Foundry Cove, it has some of the most affordable Willow Creek Sims 4 houses available. Or, if you love fishing, you’ll also have plenty of spots to do that, and even catch some rare fish!

The lots:

Pique Hearth – This most expensive home in the neighborhood, is occupied by the Pancakes family. It is worth $129,940, has two floors, and occupies a 30×20 residential lot.

Brook Bungalow – The two-floor home is unoccupied and ready for new beginnings. It costs $95,721, while the lot size is great for outdoor activities in the backyard – 40×30.

Riverside Roost – A cute home available for purchase, with two floors and some space for gardening. The lot size is 30×20 and the price is $41,329.

Rindle Rose – This is a small, one-floor unoccupied house. With a 20×15 lot size, your Sims will also be able to enjoy some backyard activities. You can buy it for $36,149.

Potters Splay – Located right next to the canal and a park, this is a great empty lot to build on. The size of the lot is decent, giving you 30×20 meters to work with. The best part is, that it costs only $2,500.

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Foundry cove in Willow Creek Sims 4

Foundry Cove includes 5 lots you can play on. One is owned by a family, while the other four are ready for purchase. All unoccupied lots in Foundry Cove are affordable to new families. So, if you have just finished creating a household in CAS and would like to buy a house, this will likely be your first neighborhood.

There is a canal nearby, and three spots where you can learn Fishing skills. Here, the inhabitants can also enjoy some gardening in the Foundry Cove Community Garden. Although not the richest neighborhood, Foundry Cove has something no other neighborhoods have – the magical Sylvan Tree. The tree opens a portal to a secret place, a hidden lot called the Sylvan Glade, the Willow Creek Sims 4 secret lot. You can find this mystical tree near the Creek Cabana lot.

The lots:

Garden Essence – The priciest home in the neighborhood, and occupied by BFF Household. It has one floor, is built on 40×30 land, and is worth $63,609.

Daisy Hovel – A pretty little unoccupied house you’ll be able to acquire for only $16,311. It has one floor and measures 30×20.

Streamlet Single – An unoccupied home built on a 20×15 lot, located next to a fishing canal. It costs $15,875 and has one floor.

Crick Cabana – A tiny, 1-floor unoccupied house, available for $13,418, ideal for small households. The lot size is 20×15.

Bargain Bend – The only empty lot in Foundry Cove, taking up a decent space of 30×20. It is available for only $2000, making it ideal for building your first home.

If you are curious about the mysterious Sylvan Glade, you can learn more about it here!

Pendula views

Pendula Views features 4 lots in total, three of which are uninhibited. The neighborhood is considered to be historical, which is why the prices of homes here are not naïve. It includes two green surfaces, Pendula View’s garden, and Pendula Views’s playground. The garden includes a fishing pond, spots for growing plants, and a picnic section with grills. The playground is a piece of Heaven for children to play with a playset, and for adults to do recreative chess.

The lots:

Ophelia Villa – A home of the Sims’s oldest family – The Goths (Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra, and Alexander). The villa is built on a 30×20 lot, has three floors, and is worth $250,076, making it the third most expensive home in WC.

Umbrage Manor – An uninhibited home pre-built on a 40×30 lot. It has two floors and is available for purchase for $157,882.

Park Shore – The second empty home in Pendula Views, built on a 40×30 lot. You can buy it for $105,336.

Hallow Slough – The only empty lot in the neighborhood, measuring 30×20. It is available for only $5,500, and you can buy it right after making a family in CAS.

Sage Estates in Willow Creek Sims 4

Sage Estates Features 2 houses, one occupied, and the other ready for you to move in! Both lots are located near the riverbank, and both homes are luxurious – and pricey. Although a bit isolated, the Sage Estate neighborhood is a quiet place to chill by the beach. It has a pretty shoreline, which is the main public surface here. Here, your Sims’ will be able to collect rocks, harvestables and go fishing. These are expensive Willow Creek Sims 4 lot names in this neighborhood:

The lots:

Cypress Terrace – This is the home of the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household. The mansion is built on a 40×30 lot, has 3 floors, and is the most expensive property in Willow Creek Sims 4, with a value of $254,137.

Oakenstead – The only available home for purchase in Sage Estates and the second most expensive in the area. The lot size is 50×50, which makes it the biggest one in this Sims 4 world. If you want it, you will be able to buy it for $253,863, which is quite a sum.

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Magnolia Blossom park

Although it is just one of the community lots in Willow Creek, Magnolia Blossom Park is also a neighborhood. This is a park that covers a large space of 50×50 and is the biggest space for everyone to enjoy. Here, your Sims can learn a wide array of skills, interact with others, collect collectibles and play games. This is a great space for outdoor activities, dates, and fun times with friends and loved ones.

The lots:

Willow Creek Archive Library – This is the space for the bookworms and those who love to learn. The space occupies a 30×20 lot, and it is here where your Sims can browse and get books.

Movers and Shakers Gym – The gym is located on a 30×20 lot, and has all the exercise equipment you need to tone those muscles. It also includes showers to prevent that horrible after-gym stink.

Municipal Muses Museum – This is both a gallery and a learning spot. Perfect for those wanting to improve their painting skill, take someone out or simply admire art. The interesting part is, you can even get married here! This is the biggest lot in this district,

Blue Velvet Night Club – If you want to go for a drink, this is the place to be. The nightclub occupies a 30×20 lot in Willow Creek Sims 4. Here you can also level up your Mixology skill and listen to performers play live. If you love music, you can even practice playing the piano if you don’t have one at home.

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