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We know that kids’ rooms are the best places to find inspiration. This is why we’ve gathered up a collection of stunning cc for you to try out. Whether you’re looking for unique items like furniture or headboards or stuff like toys, we’ve got plenty of customization options that’ll put a smile on even the grumpiest kid’s face in the game. Here are our favorite Sims 4 kids room CC! Enjoy!

Sims 4 kids room cc

The Best Kids Room CC for Your Sims 4

Children’s rooms are the starting point of your Sims’ life. They also set the standard for the rest of their homes. That’s why it is important to have a beautifully decorated room as it will set up their personality and give them an emotional connection to where they will spend most of their living time.

The Sims 4 has tons of amazing features, but one thing that makes it so special is the beautiful content creators that make custom content for players. And although there are many content creators for the Sims 4, it can be really difficult to find specific content. Sometimes, you just have to know where to look. But we’ve made it easier for you as we have compiled a list of the coolest kids’ rooms CC for the Sims 4. This post includes all kinds of custom kids’ rooms for your Sims that will help you make the room your little one dreams of and never wants to leave.

Our list will help you find all sorts of things like wallpapers, carpeting, beds, and even lampshades that you can use in your room or any other room in your house. You’ll also find different themes like pandas, dinosaurs, pokemon and so much more. Enjoy!

twins safari room – the sims 4

Sims 4 kids room cc

Lovely room with soothing colors! Those grey and white colors imply serenity. The room is ideal for twins, with two sets of identical beds, two toy bins, and two koalas on the bed! In addition, the presence of toys around the room suggests that the room is not designed for studying, but rather for young children who have not yet started school, in contrast, need fun and play! You can get it for your sims right here.

kids room by nordica-sims – the sims 4

Sims 4 kids room cc

It’s a pretty simple room, and that’s what sets it apart! Colors that are simple and relaxing. A bed, a desk, and a toy box, as well as two round rugs, make up the room. This indicates that it is a modest room for sims who are dedicated to studying, this explains the presence of a world map hanging on the wall, which, if your sim looks closely, has the sorts of animals found on each continent. If your sim wants to study away from the noise, then this is the right room! You can find it for your sim here.

twins girls room

Sims 4 kids room cc

A room for two girls with a pair of everything. The colors in the room are harmonized and bright, and the cool pink tone conveys relaxation. A mirror is one of the most significant pieces of furniture for girls, whether they are young or adults.

Your sim can note that the room is extremely neatly organized and decorated, with a toy box for the girls to store their toys when they’re not playing with dolls. The room’s rug, toy boxes, curtains, and even the wall-mounted butterflies are all in pink. Get it from here.

aifirsa children’s room “anna”

kids room cc 2

A spacious room with a nice view. This room comes in pink and blue to appeal to both girls and boys. Because there is just one bed and a small wardrobe, as well as one circular seat, the room is only fitting for one sim. If your sim wants a spacious room, this is the one to have.

aura Sims 4 kids room CC

Sims 4 kids room cc

A colorful room! If your sim intends to study, they will be motivated to do so since the colors in the room are vibrant and cheerful! This room is available in two colorings, and the dolls come in five various colors, allowing your sim to select the one that best meets their tastes.

The room features a variety of toys such as giraffe dolls, bowling balls, basketball, football, and a car. A study space equipped with a desk, a computer, and a model globe, all located next to a window overlooking verdant trees, will calm your sim’s eyes and inspire your sim to study!

Besides that, there is a sweet bunny-shaped lamp. The room is generally comfy and well-designed. If your sim likes this style, you can download it here.

dinosaur toddler room CC – the sims 4

kids room cc 4

A little dinosaur lover’s room, the room is perfect for a youngster. The color of the room is uniform, but it is baffling, neither blue nor green, but somewhere in between the two colors and also quite near to the color of the dinosaur. Everything in the room is little and adorable! The little curtains, the small bed, and the two tiny dinosaur portraits on the wall are all adorable!

Along with all of this cuteness, there is a shelf on the side with numerous colorful stories that you could read to your sim child before bed. If your little sim watches a lot of dinosaur cartoons, get them this room from here.

butterfly mural + kids room bed recolor

kids room cc 6

A room that delights the heart! The golden tint makes the room appear as bright as the sun. It is a small boy’s room that is full of good vibes. The rug, drapes, wall, teddy bear, and bed cover are all the same color.

Your sim may note the presence of the items or furniture in the room, such as the guitar, teddy bear, football, and lantern, in addition to the image hanging on the wall depicting a bicycle, so that your sim child may pick and practice a passion that he enjoys from childhood.

The bed includes little drawers where your youngsters may keep toys, stories, or anything. It is available for download here.

sonic kids room – the sims 4

kids room cc 7

The room comes in two stunning colors and appears to be suitable for older toddlers. It’s also welcoming, spacious, and comfortable. The big panda against the wall, as well as a giraffe and turtle on top of the shelf, is a charming addition that brightens this area. The window is large and broad, allowing enough natural light into the room. Grab it here!

pokémon kids room CC

kids room cc 8

Despite the fact that Pokemon is from the 1990s, it is still popular these days and is frequently re-watched! This incredible Pokémon room comes in red and blue.

The room is large and wide, and it’s crammed with Pokemon dolls. Furthermore, the bed and its cover, bookshelf, wardrobe, bedside light, and circular rugs are all designed in the shape and color of Pokemon, and even the wall is painted with a Pokemon character. Take hold of it here.

kids room wall deco – the sims 4

kids room cc 9

A small bedroom for young children with many colors to select from, a small wooden bed in the room with toys on top, and a small sofa in the shape of a grey doll. This room can be your sim’s to keep.

roarsome kids bedroom recolor by berryconfetti

kids room cc 11

This is a recolor of a really cute dinosaur room for three little siblings! The bed, the drawer, and even the dinosaur-themed library of books. There are enough toys to keep the tiny sim entertained while the two older youngsters sims study at the tables in peace. And if you want to measure the height of a kid sim, there is a meter in the shape of a huge dinosaur on the wall. The environment conveys a sense of love and harmony. If you want it, you can get it here.

Sims 4 has had a lot of expansion packs and mods, some of which add new content to the game such as new clothing pieces, clutter, and furniture. There is a lot more to the game than what you can see on the surface. And this is where Sims 4 CC comes in. With CC collections, you can always find the perfect CC for your sim’s room. Whether you are a veteran of the game or a new player, these collections offer a variety of different looks and styles.

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