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The teens are often called the best years of our lives. They’re certainly one of the most crucial periods for our internal and external development. And that’s why we always try to give our teen Sims the rooms, clothes all else that they like, so they grow up into awesome people. Take a look at some of our teen extensions for The Sims 4! We hope you like them!

Sims 4 Teen CC finds

Teens EA ( Backpack/ Armchair/ Mirror/ Light/ Shelf/ Headphone/ Table/ Rug/ Décor/ Clutter) [Alpha]

Teens EA Set by Helenmay

Teenage School Uniform (Dress) [Alpha]

Teenage School Uniform by rimings

SweetDevil-Sims Swirl: Chic Urban Skirts for Teens (Modern AlphaCC Sets)

137404 store modern skirt with swirls urban skirt for teens by sweetdevil sims sims3 featured image

Teen Girl Outfit Set ( Denim Skirt / Knit Top / Shirt ) [Alpha]

rimings teen girl outfit set rimings

EagleStride: Semller High Converse Recolor by TeenageEagleRunner2 (#AlphaCC, Female Footwear Fashion)

150757 semller high converse recolor by teenageeaglerunner2 sims4 featured image

Alphacc Blossom Haven: Trendy Floral Wallpapers for Teens (Simplistic Builds)

309840 floral wallpaper for teens by simplistic sims4 featured image

SimStyle Surge: Teen Spirit Zits & Blush (Accessories, Tails, Alpha CC Skins)

151464 down in simsland smells like teen spirit zits as face detail and blush sims4 featured image

Shay Hair and Hat Accessory Bundle: 18+1 EA Shades, Teen-Elder Compatible


Advent Calendar Day 13: Peppermint Lip Preset – BGC, Teen-Elder, Custom Thumbnail 🎁


Zoé-Inspired Hair: 18 EA Colors, Hat-Compatible, Teen to Elder, Two Versions


Rosey Nosey: Sims Blush & Highlight, 9 Swatches, Teen to Adult, No Reupload


Fluffy Eyebrows 2.0: BGC, Unisex, Teen-Elder, EA Colors, Custom Thumbnail


Cupid’s Blush Facepaint: Teen to Elder, 2 Pink & Red Swatches, Base Game


Teenage Bedroom Set Furniture (Desk / Pencil Holder / Laptop / Bookcase / Chairs / Radio) [MM]

teenage dream part 01 download my cup of cc

Trendy and Teenage Style Outfit Pack (Jacket / Sweater / Coat / Shirt / Skirt / Pants / Shorts) [MM]

teenage dreams a 17 itens collection caio

teenage dream by Boonstow

image 421

Your teenage dream is about to come real with these outfits! You get 4 different items in this set, all of which are compatible with the base game. Especially if you’re into the 70s colorful vibes and retro styles, this set will satisfy your needs. Here’s your download link.

Nocturne’s Teen Dream: Ultimate CC Pack for Stylish Rooms & Accessories (AlphaCC)

313334 teen stuff cc pack download by nocturne sims4 featured image

AlphaCC Creations: Teen’s Dream Wall Mural by Simplistic Builds

309838 teen wall mural by simplistic sims4 featured image

“ChewyButterfly’s Teen Dream: Ultimate First Makeup Set (Eyeshadows & Eyeliners)” #AlphaCC

309651 teen s first makeup set by chewybutterfly sims4 featured image

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