25+ Sims 4 Sliders You Need to Try in 2023 (All Possible Slider Mods)

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If you are on the hunt for some good slider mods, you’re in for a good treat! From temple sliders all the way to belly sliders, we have gathered it all in one list for you! You don’t want to miss out on these 29 slider mods for the Sims 4!

sims 4 slider mods
The Best Sims 4 Sliders (All Possible Slider Mods)

More Slider Mods and Body Presets at snootySims

Before we get into the ranking of the best slider mods ever, we would like to point you to our topic-specific overviews. Whether you’re looking for body presets or specific sliders for individual body parts, we’ve selected the best mods for you! In our ranking we put great emphasis on realism, good usability, easy installation and of course the popularity in the community! Here you can find the links to the rankings:

Click & Drag Your Way to Perfectly Personalized Sims!

While the Sims 4 vanilla game offers a lot of variety for customizing your sim’s appearance, there isn’t enough to really fine-tune their build and facial features. 

We recently discussed height slider mods which unlock the ability to give your sims varied heights, but they’re by far not the only slider mods available to further sculpt your characters. Thanks to CC creators we can perfect our sim’s faces and bodies to exactly what we’re envisioning, making every sim truly one of a kind.

1. Sims 4 Unisex Temple Slider by Squeamishsims

sims 4 sliders - temple slider

If you go too far with adjustments, the vanilla forehead and temple slider area of CAS can make your sim’s head look like a balloon! Installing this temple slider mod will give you the freedom to tweak your sim’s noggin without it looking swollen and distorted, and both extremes still look realistic and natural. Check out the link so you can see how lovely this slider looks no matter how you adjust it.

2. Slider 04 by pirumxsim


This mod adds a duo of sliders that affect forehead depth and jaw angle. The forehead adjustment is most noticeable in profile view while the jaw slider can be seen more head-on, so you can edit your sim’s faces from all angles. This is another more subtle slider set that offers a lot of expanded range to your character’s appearance. To see how the sliders can affect your sim’s looks, go here

3. Eyelid Space Slider by Opaltear

image 77 edited

This little slider mod gives you the ability to change the size of your sims’ eyelids. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and with this mod you can really reframe those windows! On the most “down” setting you can make your sims’ eyes have hooded lids which are more common than you may think! You can get the slider here!

4. Sims 4 Face Sliders by Obscurus-Sims

Face Slider

This mod set will let players resize sims’ eyebrows, adjust the inner eye corner depth, and widen or narrow the eyes. It’s a great set of mods if you want innocent sims with large doe eyes or cranky characters with a narrowed gaze. You can see (and download) these facial mods here!

5. Eye Size Slider by Marosims


Maro is known for her CC preview sims all having larger, almost anime-esque eyes that she usually tweaks in Blender when working on her renders. After being asked by several people, she decided to try and figure out how to bring the effect into the actual game and this slider mod is the result. You could have a lot of fun with this mod by pushing it to the extreme, or just make your sims’ eyes just a touch larger so they look extra cute!

6. Glasses Control v2.0 (Slider) by ICONIC


As someone who used to work in the eye care field myself, I have always been a bit disappointed about the lack of adjustability eyeglasses have in-game. I was so excited to find this slider mod! It has a bit of a learning curve and you’ll have to manually update CC eyeglasses to work with the mod if they haven’t been built with it in mind, but for players (like me!) who hate floating and ill-fitting frames this mod will get a lot of use. Get more info, see a tutorial, and download the slider mod here!

7. Sims 4 Nose Slider by Hellfrozerover AKA icecreamforbreakfast

image 74
Sims 4 Sliders: Nose!

Just by looking at the preview image you can see how drastically this simple nose slider changes your sim’s face! Grab hold of the left nostril and completely transform how your character looks with a quick click-and-drag; the right nostril has been left alone so it can still be used for EA’s default nasal adjustments. It’s a great slider mod for making big changes to your sim’s looks while still being able to utilize the vanilla options. You can download the nose slider here.

8. Sims 4 Nose Tilt Slider Mod by Hellfrozerover AKA icecreamforbreakfast

sims 4 sliders - nose tilt

Another facial asymmetry mod but this one only affects the tip of the nose. If you’ve ever had a character who had their nose broken at some point in their life, you can use this slider to add proof of it to your sim’s face! And because this mod doesn’t affect the forehead you should be able to use it with ICONIC’s eyeglass slider unlike the other asymmetry mod we’ve listed. Swing on by to download it.

9. Pointed Ears as CAS Sliders by CmarNYC

Sims 4 Sliders: Pointed Ears!

If you’re the type of simmer that likes playing with fantasy Sims, then this mod is definitely for you! Whether you play with elves, fae, something similar, or something completely different, pointed ears are an easy way to show that your characters aren’t of this plane at a mere glance. Put your mouse pointer here to find these sliders for pointy ears!

10. Dimples Slider by Vibrantpixels

image 76

Oh my goodness, how cute are these dimples?! I never knew I needed them but now that I see how adorable this little detail makes sims’ faces, I’m going to have to try not to put them on every single character I make moving forward. If you think they’re just as sweet as I do, head on over to the download page and get them for your own game!

11. Lip Slider Mod by Teanmoon

Lips Slider

A small mod for adjusting your sim’s mouths for all the memeable and Simstabaddie faces you could ever dream of making. There’s really not a lot to say about this one as it’s a very straightforward slider mod, other than the fact that the sim’s mouth on the left makes me chuckle and you should go download the slider now!

12. Sims 4 Lip Fullness Slider by Vibrantpixels

sims 4 sliders - lip fulness slider
Sims 4 Slider Mods: Lip Fullness!

Use this slider to give your sims plump, kissable lips that look like they belong on the cover of a magazine! If your character has a profile that looks like their lips are squished against a piece of glass, this mod will give them a nice dose of filler. In the sims do they still do duck face, or are they called llama lips instead? Whatever you call them, achieve the perfect pout with this slider mod!

13. Chin Slider By Miiko

image 75 edited

It’s common knowledge among legacy players that sims’ chins like to disappear over the course of a few generations. For some reason sims evolve to have massive overbites and they eventually look ridiculous. This chin slider by Miiko lets you adjust chin width to be pointy or square, and has an option to add a prominent cleft as well. Chins are supposed to be strong and with this slider mod, they will be!

14. Thicc King & Queen Jaw Sliders by Hi-Land

image 79

You don’t have to be a plus-size person to have a double-chin and neither do your sims! This slider makes the chin area look so much more natural than the vanilla game, and I love what it adds to a character’s face. If you’d like this mod for your own game you can download it here.

15. Adams Apple Slider by Hi-Land

image 78

One of those sliders that you see and then you think, “why isn’t this part of the vanilla game?” A great slider for male sims and any other characters on the gender spectrum, it’s another easy way to let your sims represent who they are with just a glance. Everybody needs this slider mod in their sims game!

16. Facial Asymmetry Slider by Luumia


The biggest little difference between sims and simmers is that IRL only a small number of people have faces that are even close to being symmetrical. Sims on the other hand are pretty much identical on both sides when split down the middle, so they always look a touch uncanny. Using this mod will allow you to manipulate your sim’s face to add droop to the eye and a twist to the nose. The mod uses the same slider slot as ICONIC’s Glasses Control mod so you won’t be able to use them both that once, unfortunately. If this nontraditional slider catches your attention you can download it here.

17. Shoulder Height Slider (All Genders) by Hellfrozerover AKA icecreamforbreakfast

Sims Sliders: Shoulder Height!

This trio of sliders affects the neck and shoulder area of your sims. You can adjust the length of your sim’s neck, their shoulder height, and the thickness/roundedness of the shoulders. Shoulders are a pretty expressive part of the body, with posture telling us how a person may be feeling nonverbally. Using a slider mod like this will open up a lot more expression in the way your sims carry themselves.

18. arm Thickness & Pronounced Hip Sliders by Vibrantpixels


This slider will give sim arms more classic proportions regardless of how thick they are. It keeps elbows and joints thinner which realistically mimics the way fat settles on the human frame, because every part of the body distributes it differently.

Since first released, a hip slider mod has been added to the page as well. Go here to see more previews and get both mods.

19. Breast Separation Sims 4 Slider by CmarNYC


Like every other part of the body, breasts come in a lot of different types. In the vanilla sims game all we can really do is change their size and how low they hang but with this slider mod you’ll also be able to adjust how far apart they are from one another. You can even use it to create the illusion that a sim is wearing a push-up bra! Download the slider mod here.

20. Female Chest Depth and Width Slider by Hellfrozerover AKA icecreamforbreakfast


This mod allows you to modify the width and depth of breasted sims’ chests independently of one another for a much larger range of breast shapes & styles. Not every person with a wide chest has large breasts and not every person with a narrow chest has small ones, so this mod is very useful for more varied and realistic femme bodies. If you’re trying to sculpt below the decolletage area and want more control, this mod is what you need.

21. Female Waist and Hip Height Slider by Hellfrozerover AKA icecreamforbreakfast

Sims Slider Mod: Waist & Hip Height

While this mod only offers a very subtle effect, it’s a nice little enhancement to body variety between sims. It allows you to slightly raise or lower the location of your sim’s waist to give more or less of an hourglass figure. If you’re interested in giving this slider mod a try, download it here.

22. Belly Slider by Hi-Land

sims 4 sliders - belly slider

Why does every fat sim have a swollen, round belly like they’re pregnant or full of Baked Alaska? A common nickname for a thicker belly is a spare tire because it almost looks like a tire sitting around your waist; this slider mod changes the way tummy fat is distributed so it looks more like a “spare tire” would. Help your chubby sims have more realistic bodies with the aid of this mod!

23. Violin Hips Dips Slider for sims 4 by Hellfrozerover AKA icecreamforbreakfast

sims 4 sliders - hips dips slider

Something else that makes sim’s bodies look uncanny is that everything is so smooth, like everyone has shapewear on under their clothing all the time. Add some subtle, sexy curves to your sim’s thighs with these voluptuous violin dips. It gives your character’s legs a bit of a tuck where they attach to the body which will really change the way PJs and swimsuits fit in particular. See a before and after and download the slider mod here.

24. Bulge Slider Mod by Hi-Land

Bulge Slider

There’s no graceful way around it…some folks are more well-endowed than the rest and it’s just one of many ways we all vary from one another. This slider mod is available for masc frames and femme frames which is really great for creating nonbinary and genderfluid characters; a mod like this can bring very meaningful adjustability to simmers of all types. You can add it to your mods collection by grabbing it (no pun intended) here.

25. Enhanced Butt Slider by CmarNYC


You may think a butt slider is unnecessary, but I bet you can think of at least 1 celebrity famous for their butt. If you’re a cheeky player with cheeky sims, this slider mod will let you tweak and twerk your character’s derriere until you get the perfect 🍑. You can download it here!

26. Enhanced Leg Sims 4 Sliders by CmarNYC


This collection of slider mods adds a surprising level of adjustability to your sim’s legs. Thigh and calf thicknesses can be adjusted independently of one another and you can even make your sims bow-legged or knock-kneed to really enhance the variety of body types roaming your neighborhoods. You can learn more and download them here.

27. Leg Length Slider by Dumbaby


Basically, the Leg Length slider allows you to change the position of your Sim’s butt relative to the other parts of their body. By dragging the butt up or down, you essentially change the length of your Sim’s legs. It looks really goofy when sped up in the preview .gif but if you were to combine this slider mod with one of the various height sliders out there, you can really manipulate the proportions of your sim. It’s a perfect slider mod for tall & leggy sims!

28. Height Slider by GODJUL1

image 59

With a quick click & drag on your teen or adult sim’s feet, you can make them tower above their peers or shrink them down to petite proportions. Bearing in mind that animations may appear glitched if you push the height to the extreme, overall gameplay is unaffected and your sims get to have as large of a variety in stature as players do! The mod has been confirmed to work as of the November 2022 patch so download it today.

29. CAS Up Boots/High Heels by RedHeadSims

sims 4 sliders - boots and heels

Custom shoes are an incredibly popular type of CC in the modding community with many creators specializing in beautifully detailed, sky-high platform shoes. Depending on the size of the sole, the sim may not actually be able to go as high as the shoe and so sliders like this are designed to help. They work by lifting the sim into the air so you’re able to raise them as high as needed to wear whatever custom shoes you desire! If you love kitting your sims out in haute footwear, you’ll definitely get use out of this slider.

The only catch is that the sim will remain that high off the ground for every outfit, so you either need to have a collection of different shoes all at the same height, have your sim stay within a limited range of footwear, or pretend your sim is possessed and floating above the ground! It would be perfect for a Max Mayfield sim =P


Slider control in CAS has allowed simmers to make their characters much more unique than the sims of the past. Like most things in the Sims 4 though, modders have taken the concept and pushed it even further to open a myriad of new ways to modify your characters’ appearance. As outlined in this article even a single well-designed slider can drastically affect the way your sims look, so if you’ve been searching for a specific look for your simmies, you’re bound to find it here! We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of slider mod CC, and happy simming!

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