44+ Ultimate List of Trait Mods For The Sims 4 This 2023!

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If you’re looking for the best custom traits mods for Sims 4 in 2023, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled 45+ fan-favorite trait mods that we’re absolutely sure you’ll like!

sims 4 trait mods

The Best Traits Mods For The Sims 4, All In One Place!

Traits directly influence your Sim’s character. But unfortunately, the base game doesn’t offer too many options in this aspect. The trait system is pretty limited, so we’re forced to only choose 3 character traits per Sim. And most of the time, your chosen traits aren’t really in sync with each other. So why not improve the gameplay with mods by adding new personality traits to the game?

In this list, you’ll find the best trait mods for The Sims 4 no matter if you’re looking simply for fun, for gameplay improvements, or for adding more realism to the game and we here at SnootySims recommend them! Don’t forget to check out our hottest trait mod at the bottom of the list!

Beach Lover Trait by KiaraSims4Mods

Screenshot 2023 09 04 181016 2

Sims with this trait love the beach and the sea and prefer to live in tropical regions. This mod by KiaraSims4mods called the Beach Trait, includes new beach-related social interactions, such as “talk about the beach” and “chat about beach views”. There are also new buffs connected with visiting the beach, sunbathing, diving in the ocean, and other similar activities. With tons of people in the real world sporting this character trait, it’s a good thing we now have it in the game too!

Download it here.

More Traits Mod by MapleBell

image 55

Make your Sims’ lives so much more authentic with these new traits available from creator Maplebell! Now, we can have Sims who are warm-hearted, sincere, sexist, cowardly, hedonistic, and whimsical, among many others, in the game! This will definitely make Sims parties so much more fun, what with all the mixture of personalities!

Download it here.

Pastry Lover Trait by Caradriel

image 27

In the real world, lots of people are pastry fanatics! They love to bake and they constantly learn new recipes from all over the world. But in Sims 4, we don’t have an equivalent character trait. And that’s why we recommend the Pastry Lover Trait by Caradriel! Pastry Lovers are Sims that love to cook and eat pastry. There are a bunch of things included with this trait, such as watching Cakeflix and participating in a TV Baking Show.

Download it here.

Sims 4 Hates Outdoors Trait by MarlynSims

sims 4 traits mods - hates outdoor trait

Introverts and city souls unite—here’s a character trait in Sims 4 that makes your Sim hate the outdoors. We don’t have any similar traits in the game, so owning the “Hates Outdoors” trait is a brilliant opportunity to add complexity to TS4. It’s simple, Sims with this trait hates going out on adventures in nature. They will never start one and will get +2 uncomfortable moodlet called ‘Plagued by Nature’ whenever they’re outside. Because of this, Sims with this trait will level up archeology and all other outdoor skills a bit slower.

Download it here.

Sims 4 Feminist Trait Mod by MarlynSims

sims 4 traits mods - feminist trait

When we say that the traits system in Sims 4 is pretty limiting, I’m also implying that you can never create your perfect Sim with the base game only. With the Feminist Trait, your Sims can become believers in equality and fighters for women’s rights. The trait comes with 7 custom interactions and 13 new buffs too. The trait is in the Lifestyle category. All in all, this is a great trait mod that adds a lot of flavor to your gameplay. Feminists will enjoy it, but we recommend it for everyone to try!

Download it here.

Farmer Trait by KiaraSims4Mods

Screenshot 2023 09 11 135431

We haven’t seen too many farm-related traits or activities in Sims 4. Yes, the Cottage Living DLC offers a similar lifestyle, but it doesn’t feature a farmer trait. And Kiara’s Farmer mod is the only way to add this trait to the game! What’s great about this trait is how well it fits in Sims 4. Farmer Sims like to live on a farm, take care of animals, grow plants, and harvest them for a living. You’ll also get new buffs, new whims, and many new social interactions. Sims with this trait will also learn gardening and fishing much faster.

Download it here.

Child Exclusive Traits by Triplis

image 48

If you’re looking for a way to improve the characters of your children in Sims 4, this trait pack is the first thing you need to install! It’s a great mod that frequently gets updated and works well in-game. Here you will find 8 unique character traits for children. Each trait is well-designed and has a lot of depth. For example, some traits get the random Confident moodlet while others the Inspired moodlet. However, all 8 traits feature new and unique interactions.

Download it here.

Schizoid Personality Disorder Trait Mod by Voidddd

image 57

This mod assigns your Sims a trait called “Schizoid Personality Disorder”. With this trait, they may experience self-isolating episodes and randomized buffs, allowing for a more unusual life compared with other regular Sims.

Download it here.

Studious Trait by BosseladyTV

image 28

If you play The Sims 4 with your little Sims who go to school, this trait will give them a boost of academic energy! Called the Studious trait, this mod will help your Sims learn their lessons faster, allowing them to progress in their classes and grades.

Download it here.

Zodiac Trait Pack by SkillfulSimmer340

Those of you who have heard or tried the Zodiac Trait pack already might be wondering why we haven’t ranked it a bit higher on this list. And all we can say is that this is one of the best traits mods for Sims 4 but there are just so many of them! This mod gives you 12 traits based on the 12 zodiac signs from the real world. Each sign has a corresponding trait that works in a unique way in-game. Also, each sign/trait has different whims, skill changes, and relationship changes.

Download link.

Teen Lifestyle Game Mod Pack by Snowiii95

image 59

The Teen Lifestyle mod is one of the greatest extensions ever developed for The Sims 4. And as its name suggests, it isn’t just a traits pack. Instead, it’s a whole package of teen-related improvements that fit extremely well in the game. This mod includes 4 new aspirations for your teens, 2 new careers, and 1 lot trait. But the most important of all—you’ll get 8 new character traits. And each trait has new and unique social interactions which are awesome! If you play with your teen Sims regularly, then definitely give these traits a try.

Download it here.

Sims 4 ‘Shutterbug’ Trait by MarlynSims

sims 4 traits mods - Shutterbug trait

We start this giant list with one of our all-time favorite traits for Sims 4—the Shutterbug character trait by MarlynSims. This is such a great mod that beats all similar traits we’ve ever tested. For starters, Sims with the Shutterbug trait are photography addicts. They love to take photos all the time and connect emotionally with their images. But that’s not all. Sims with this trait are also more likely to earn money with photography and increase their skill faster. They will also receive buffs when they’re engaged in photography. So, give it a try!

Download it here.

New Spa Day Traits by Kuttoe

sims 4 traits mods - new spa day traits

If you own the Spa Day game pack for Sims 4, you’ll enjoy these awesome new traits. It’s often updated and still works brilliantly. The 2 new traits in this pack are Health Nut and Lavish. Health Nut Sims are health fanatics and enjoy yoga, wellness, and fitness. And Lavish Sims enjoy being pampered all day long because they hate cooking and cleaning. Both traits are super fun in-game and introduce new interactions that are very funny. 10/10 recommended for all Spa Day fans.

Download it here.

Baby Maker Trait Mod for The Sims 4 by Kialauna

Sims 4 Trait mod - Baby Maker

To be the perfect love machine you also must be a baby machine! This trait mod will turn your Sims into genuine sweethearts when it comes to making children. Sims with this trait want more kids and they won’t stop until the whole house is filled with little crawling devils. In the real world, people want to have children, so why not our Sims as well? The Baby Machine trait will make your Sim charismatic and trustworthy!

Download it here.

More CAS Traits for Sims 4 Mod And Pets by Chingyu1023

sims 4 traits mods

If there is one thing we love about the Sims 4 is the originality and dedication of the mod creators! For example, this Sims 4 trait mod bundle will give you everything you need to enrich your gameplay. More realistic traits for your Sims as well as traits for pets. With this download, your Sims can be materialistic, greedy, obsessive, or simply perfectionists. And their actions will be according to these traits. As with the pets, you can put as many of the offered traits as you want and create the perfect dog or cat. Territorial, aloof, playful, prowler… everything you want!

Download it here.

Random Sims 4 Traits & Aspirations Mod by Graycurse

Sims 4 Trait mod - Random Sims Traits

If you like unpredictability in life, we have the perfect mod for you! No longer will your new Sims inherit all the traits from their parents, but only one or two. As far as the rest of the traits are concerned, your children will get them randomly as they age. It is a really neat addition to the game, made possible by Graycurse. The way thing mod works is by cutting the birthday dialogue completely. Instead, your children will receive random traits as they age to young adults. Additionally, aspirations will also be randomly selected for them, but they will match the traits, of course. A great mod that deserves your attention!

Download it here.

Traits by Scarlet by Kuttoe

image 42

This mod is an override of some of the mods by Scarlet, a previous modder for The Sims 4. Creator Kuttoe took it upon himself to update the old mods, which include the Photographer’s Eye Trait and the Socially Anxious Trait.

Download it here.

Problematic Toddler Trait Mod by Honestlytoopetty

image 45

They say that toddlers are hard to handle especially when they enter their terrible twos. This trait called the Problematic Toddler, lets your tiny Sims wreak havoc and throw tantrums here and there. Be ready to clean up after all the mess that they will do!

Download it here.

Mute Trait Mod by Chingyu1023

image 49

This mod takes away the ability of your Sims to speak. If you have The Sims 4: Seasons installed, it will also enable the mute Sims to have a “silent voice” effect. You can access this trait by going to the Rewards store.

Download it here.

Occult Fanatic Trait Mod by Chingyu1023

Screenshot 2023 09 11 163303

With this trait mod, only Sims who are occult fanatics will be able to perform occult-related interactions such as “Enthuse about Vampires”, “Ask if Mermaid”, etc. It also adds three new occult-related social interactions to the game.

Download it here.

Supernatural Traits Mod by Chingyu1023

image 51

This is a pack that includes 16 supernatural or paranormal traits for your Sims. You can use them with or without the visual and gameplay effects. These are perfect if you are using the game to create paranormal stories or scenarios.

Download it here.

Misophonia Trait Mod by Voiddd

image 58

This unique trait mod adds another disorder in The Sims 4, called “Misophonia”. Sims with Misophonia will be sensitive to sounds, and when exposed to such triggers, they would resort to feeling highly uncomfortable and panicked.

Download it here.

Gold Digger Trait Mod by M0therx0fxcha0s

Screenshot 2023 09 11 172708

Sims who have the Gold Digger Trait will have Simoleons on their minds all day long. With this interesting trait, they will become happy when purchasing things, shopping, doing self-care tasks, and other very personal matters. They are also materialistic and easily jealous of Sims.

Download it here.

Housewife Trait Mod by Kiarasims4mods

Screenshot 2023 09 11 173210

It’s all about the family and the home for Sims who have the Housewife Trait! With this mod, they will be happy giving encouragement, chatting about family values, and expressing love to their family. Take note that this mod requires The Sims 4: Get to Work and Parenthood.

Download it here.

Handy Helper Trait Mod by honestlytoopetty

image 46

Sims with the Handy Helper Trait will get happy buffs when they do stuff around the house such as cooking, cleaning, repairing broken items, and other handy tasks. Whoa, right? Looks like this mod will be really helpful for households!

Download it here.

Agoraphobia Trait Mod by honestlytoopetty

image 47

Do you want to have Sims who are afraid of open spaces or any public places? Then, get them this Agoraphobia trait mod, which will let them have a weird fear while they are in such open situations. They’ll get the uncomfortable moodlet!

Download it here.

Hide Or Reveal Pet Quirks by Spazmunki13

Sims 4 Trait mod - Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks

Among the many Sims 4 trait mods, we have found something for your pets too! The Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks is an amazing tool that significantly improves pet traits. As you may know, pets have “hidden” traits that offer no information. And you can’t know anything more about them! Well, this quality of life mod changes these pet quirks. It provides appropriate images and names, with descriptions and explanations as well.  On the other hand, you will get the ability to completely hide these pet quirks. This awesome CC is done by Spazmunki13.

Download it here.

Vegan Trait Mod by Kiarasims4mods

image 60

Vegan Sims will be able to promote and chat about their vegan lifestyles, joke about meateaters, and eat everything that doesn’t involve animals. They will also get whims like adopting pets, cooking vegeatrian meals, grilling veggie burgers, and the like.

Download it here.

Animal Charmer Trait Mod by Digitprojectart

image 56

Become an Animal Charmer in the game with this mod, which will allow your Sims to become really close and affectionate with animals. Plus, alongside this trait, pets can also have the Charmer’s Cat or Charmer’s Dog traits, which can be used alongside the Animal Charmer trait!

Download it here.

Trait Set: Book Smart Street Smart by Jane Simsten

image 54

This one’s another simple mod that adds new traits to the game: Book Smart and Street Smart. Sims with the former trait learns mental skills much faster, such as Writing, Research and Debate, Programming, and Logic, while Sims with the latter allows them to learn physical skills much faster.

Download it here.

Mystical Horse Trait Mod by Simularity

image 53

Giddy up! With this Mystical Horse Trait by creator Simularity, you can hold on to and ride your horses forever. They will never die! Plus, apart from the immortal status, this new trait will also allow your horse to become better in competitions! Really mystical, right?!

Download it here.

Seasons Traits Mod by Chingyu1023

Screenshot 2023 09 11 164725

This will give your Sims a handful of new reward traits that have something to do with the seasons in the game! Child of Summer, Child of Spring, Child of the Moon, and Child of The Sun, are just a few of the traits included in this cool pack!

Download it here.

Woohoo Lover by Kiarasims4mods

MTS Sims Lover 1746473 4
Sims 4 Traits Mods

By now you’ve seen all types of traits, but the Woohoo lover is a special one. Its name can tell you everything—this is a trait for a Sim that likes to Woohoo with everyone! But the trait is also great for spouses and Sims in relationships. The Woohoo lover trait simply boosts your Sims’ want to have woohoo time. As a result, these Sims are more flirty and they will spend more time trying to look “presentable”. Additionally, they will engage in Woohoo or at least romantic kissing way more often than before. And give our thanks to the amazing creator KiaraSims4Mods.

Download it here.

Arsonist Trait by Chingyu1023

Screenshot 2023 09 11 145920

There used to be a pyromaniac trait for The Sims 4. However, it has long since been outdated. But creator Vicky Sims created a trait called Arsonist, which pretty much functions like the said previous mod. We admit this isn’t among the most popular nor the most impactful trait mods for The Sims 4. However, playing the game with an arsonist Sim is one hell of a blast (pun intended)! With this trait, Sims can create fires easily. They have a natural affinity for combustions, so they can set things ablaze all the time!

Download it here.

Insomniac Trait Mod by SkillfulSimmer

image 33

Contrary to popular belief, insomnia is a serious medical condition that many people suffer from. But, we haven’t seen or heard anything similar to it in The Sims 4. Until the Insomnia trait mod, of course! This Sims 4 trait mod is an excellent way to introduce a highly realistic condition to the game. Prepare to accompany your Sim through the night as they struggle to keep their needs up and not be miserable.

Download it here.

Alcoholic Sims 4 Trait Mod by Honestlytoopetty

image 36

From Tumbler, we have this awesome Alcoholic trait mod. What’s great about this trait is that it converts our Sims into regular old alcohol maniacs. It makes them want to drink during the day and the night, drowning their problems in sweet liquor. In all seriousness, “Alcoholic” is one of the best Sims 4 traits mods on the internet. It’s simply realistic that we can see alcoholism in the game. It makes the game more fun to play, so we highly recommend you try it out.

Download it here.

New Hobby Traits by Kuttoe

image 40

Hobbies take a lot of our time. They also shape the way we view the world or think of things, so we consider them very important in The Sims 4 too. That’s why I’m wholeheartedly recommending the New Hobby Traits mod from Kuttoe. In short, here you will find 8 hobbies completely new to The Sims 4. They are Artisans, Competitive, Horticulturists, Movie Buffs, Scribes, Technophobes, Worldy, and Thinkers. All these hobbies are highly realistic and they play out nicely in-game. That’s why “New Hobby Traits” is one of our favorite Sims 4 trait mods!

Download it here.

Feminine and Manly Traits by Daleko

Screenshot 2023 09 11 153941

On the topic of gender, we have to admit that Sims isn’t always traditional. In other words, a female Sim will often act like a male, regardless of which traits, aspirations, or goals you have chosen for her. And the same goes for the males. Well, the best way to solve that problem is by adding the Feminine and Manly Traits mod. This extension will bring your Sims to life and give them more character depth. You can choose a feminine or masculine trait for your Sims, which will affect their daily actions.

Download it here.

New Emotional Traits by Kuttoe

image 41

When it comes to emotions, The Sims 4 can also sometimes seem too immature. Sure, we have our Sims have the most basic emotional responses, but that’s all of it. However, in the case of the “New Emotional Traits” mod, you’re looking at a completely different thing! What do you get with this bundle pack? Well, you get 9 new traits, each of which represents an emotional aspect such as Calm, Insecure, Oblivious, Restless, Stoic, Arrogant, Daydreamer, Perky, and Egghead traits.

Download it here.

Sklyinn’s Anxiety Trait by Brandi_Marie93

Trait mod - Anxiety

In our modern world, anxiety is very prevalent. Teens, adults, and elders struggle with it, so it makes a big part of our modern-day society. So, if you want to have realistic gameplay in The Sims 4, we highly advise you to get Sklyinn’s Anxiety Trait mod. With it, you will be able to choose the GAD trait in-game, or “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”. Sims with this condition will worry about little things, and grow anxious whenever something is about to happen.

Download it here.

Clinical Depression Trait by Simularity

Screenshot 2023 09 11 180242

Sadly, depression is another widespread condition in our modern world. And while we think of ways to solve this issue in our society, we can try it out in The Sims 4 too. There are a couple of different moodlets that Sims will experience through this mod. There are also positive moodlets that occur when your Sim is feeling happy, like “Feeling Energized” and “Feeling Inspired”. A very neat mod for realistic gameplay!

Download it here.

Sims 4 Autistic Trait Mod by Digitprojectart

Trait mod - Autism

Next on the list is the autistic trait mod from Digitprojectart. It is in your liberty to try and install this mod in the game, as a few comments from the Sims community have stated that this is a great mod, but it is not too representative of the real-life condition.

Download it here.

Shyness Trait Mod by MissBee

Trait mod - Shyness

Unlike the more serious conditions, shyness affects everybody to some degree. And while that’s true for the real world, it is less so in The Sims 4. We have found that Sims don’t get shy too often and aren’t really embarrassed by their actions and this is ridiculous because it is not realistic at all. It adds a proper trait that makes our Sims generally shy. With it, they will have a hard time expressing themselves, being comfortable, or under pressure.

Download it here.

Gamer Trait Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

10 19 22 7 31 29 PM

With every year, the gamer profession rises in popularity. For many, video games are the future of our world. We play The Sims 4, so that makes us gamers as well. And what do gamers do? Well, they play video games, of course! The gamer trait in The Sims 4 gives a natural video game affinity to our Sims. They will often want to pursue careers as gamers and compete with other gamers as well. Sims with this trait are also excellent hackers and programmers.

Download it here.

Author Trait Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

online school 3

Now, we have the “Author Trait” mod. This is just a simple trait that enhances the Sims that want to pursue a writing career. It will add a natural tendency to create worlds, seek answers, and imagine things! Sims with this trait are often daydreamers, prone to getting a surge of inspiration at the moment! Truthfully, this trait does not impact the gameplay in any major way. Instead, it is just an additional flavor that enriches the writer’s career path before it is even chosen.

Download it here.

Hottest Trait Mod: Neurodiverse Mod By Unicornkitty

image 31

Neurodiverse conditions should also be familiar to everyone. These are character traits that can be very prevalent in the real world, yet it is still missing in The Sims 4. So, we have found this brilliant mod, done by Unicornkitty, and published originally at NexusMods. ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and others are included in this collection. Remember that these traits will manifest in the different aspects of your Sims’ lives if you choose to play with these traits.

Download it here.

How Do You Install Sims 4 Trait Mods?

If you have never tried to play the game with mods, we highly suggest you check our Mods and CC guide. If you’re using Windows 10, you can simply right-click the downloaded trait mod file and extract it wherever you like. The second step is to copy those extracted files and paste them into your Mods folder inside your Sims 4 game inventory. The usual destination is Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. The last thing that you need to take care of is to head into the game and enable Mods and Custom Content. You will find this option in your game settings. Simply select the feature and you will be able to enjoy your trait mods.


As noted earlier, Sims 4 trait mods hold a deeply personal touch for all of us as it lets us tweak the personalities of our Sims! This post showcases various high-quality trait mods, leaving the choice of downloads to you, our dear Simmers. Each individual’s unique playstyle determines their selection. We recommend you to explore these featured mods extensively, as these trait mods offer fresh perspectives and revitalize our gameplay! Happy playing, dear Simmers!

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