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Detailed information on all base traits

Here you can find detailed information about all base traits. Bonus and Reward traits are not included because those are more like a perk, as it only gives a single advantage. Base traits are different as they influence Emotions, Skills, the Whims they get, Moodlets, social options etc. But before coming, to the overview, we would like to answer some questions frequently asked and would like to give you an overview of some quite useful mods related to traits in The Sims 4.

Useful mods related to traits in The Sims 4

The MC Command Center Mod

Is it possible to give more than three traits to my sim? This is a question receiving us very often. And this is actually a quite good question in our view. In fact, it is quite difficult to characterize a person by just three traits, in real life and also if you go into the Sims game. In addition, those of you who were playing the third edition of the sims may remember that the Sims 3 actually allowed to have more than three traits which was a quite nice feature of the game.

Lucky enough, there are mods available for The Sims 4 allowing us to improve the game play. The MC Command Center mod is one of those. After having installed the mod you just need to click on the computer of your sim and go to MCCC settings. And then, you go to Notification Settings and afterwards to Console Command Settings and then finally to Debug Commands in Cheats. What you need to do there then is to click on Enabled. After you have done that, you just need to hold shift and click on your sim: If you have followed all this steps,  the Cheat Sim Info function will appear, enabling you to add traits. In our view, this is a fantastic functionality, improving the game play and making the game play much more realistic. 🙂

More than 40 new traits

What about having more than the standards traits? Another stunning mod is the Trait Bundle created by Kawaiistaciemods. The mod will add fascinating traits like natural artist, naturally thin, piggy which makes your sim having huge appetite, scientists, sleeper and many many more. You should definitely have a look into this mod. Just follow this link. 🙂

The Snooty Sims traits overview


  • Autonomously uses exercise machines
  • Can do push-ups without being energized
  • Occasionally gets Energized +1
  • Tense +1 for not exercising for a while
  • Can ‘Push the limits’ on exercise machine longer than other sims
  • Can ‘Fire up’


  • Tense +1 for not recieving a promotion for some time
  • Happy +3 when promoted (instead of +1)

Art Lover

  • Can ‘Admire’ art
  • Inspired +2 from admiring art
  • Can ‘Discuss favorite artist’
  • Can ‘Talk about art’


  • Can ‘Analyze’ books
  • Inspired +2 from reading a book
  • Autonomously reads a book more often than other sims
  • Can ‘Discuss latest book’
  • Can ‘Discuss favorite authors’


  • Happy +1 when around another bro
  • Confident +1 when watching Sports channel
  • Can ‘Bro hug’ another bro
  • Can ‘Bro bump’ another bro


  • Occasionally gets Happy +1


  • Adults can and will autonomously play with toys
  • Happy +2 when watching the Kids channel
  • Sad +1 from broken dollhouse
  • Happy +1 from repairing dollhouse
  • Occasionally gets Playful +2
  • Playful +2 for playing with jungle gym


  • Occasionally gets Happy +1
  • More chance to die of electrocution


  • Occasionally gets Inspired +1
  • Tense +1 if they haven’t created anything in a while
  • Will autonomously start painting
  • Can ‘Share creative ideas’


  • Happy +1 when around Sims who are miserable
  • Occasionally laughs maniacally
  • Angry +1 when around Good sims
  • Can kick trashcan without being angry
  • Happy +2 from releasing spirit from urn (instead of Sad +2)
  • Can ‘Jeer’
  • Can ‘Dismiss goodness’ to Good sims


  • Happy +1 from being friends with a family member
  • Sad +1 from being away from family members for some time
  • Can ‘Boast about family’


  • Less likely to autonomously take tea or coffee
  • Inspired +2 from watching the Cooking channel
  • Can ‘Search for recipe ideas’ on the computer
  • Uncomfortable +1 for drinking simple drinks from the bar
  • Can ‘Discuss favorite recipes’
  • Can ‘Discuss fine quisine’


  • Tense +1 for not playing video games for some time
  • Confident +1 when finding a collectable
  • Can ‘Enthuse about new show’
  • Can ‘Debate best captains’ with another geek


  • Tense +1 for lack of mental stimulation
  • Occasionally gets +1 Focus
  • Can ‘Reveal brilliant invention’
  • Can ‘Share brilliant ideas’


  • Occasionally gets Sad +1
  • Can ‘Share melancholy thoughts’


  • Can ‘Rummage for food’ in trashcan
  • Does not get uncomfortable from eating spoiled food
  • No negative moodlets from eating low quality food
  • Uncomfortable +2 when low Hunger need (instead of +1)


  • Happy +1 when around people who are happy
  • Occasionally gets Happy +1
  • Can donate to online charity without needing Charisma 3
  • Sad +1 when around Evil Sims
  • Can ‘Discuss world peace’
  • Can ‘Dismiss evil ways’ to Evil sims


  • Occasionally gets Playful +1
  • Can ‘Goof around’

Hates Children

  • Angry +1 when around children
  • Happy +1 when being mean to children
  • More mean social options to children
  • Bored +1 from watching Children’s channel
  • Bored +1 from reading children’s book
  • Tense +1 for ‘Trying for baby’
  • Tense +1 from toys laying around
  • Declines the ‘Invite to feel baby’ social from pregnant Sims
  • Can Smash the dollhouse (gives Happy +1)
  • Can Hit the bear toys
  • Autonomously does mean/mischievous socials towards children


  • Occasionally gets Angry +1
  • Angry +2 when recieving a Mischief social
  • Can ‘Rile up!’


  • Occasionally talks to objects
  • Can ‘Talk to self’
  • Occasionally gets Flirty +1, Angry +1, Sad +1, Happy +1
  • Can ‘Flirt with self’ in mirror
  • Can ‘Share conspiracy theory’


  • Happy +1 when watching tv
  • Can ‘Nap lazily’
  • Does not get Energized from napping
  • Happy +2 from napping
  • May take a nap when not tired
  • Uncomfortable +2 from working out
  • Tense +2 when doing a lot of chores in a row
  • Gets fatigued twice as fast from exercising
  • Uses a tired walk style when ordered to work out and doing chores


  • Gets embarrassed from conversations more often
  • Tense +1 when around non-friends
  • Happy +1 when alone
  • Is less likely to start a conversation
  • Will not get Sad on low Social need

Loves outdoors

  • Happy +2 when outdoors
  • Tense +1 for not being outdoors for some time
  • Can ‘Enthuse about outdoors’


  • Can ‘Admire new possesion’ on most objects
  • Tense +1 when not admired something for awhile
  • Can ‘Brag about possesions’
  • Can ‘Complain about tv size’


  • Can do more mean interactions without being angry
  • Happy +1 from doing mean socials
  • Does many mean interactions when talking to other sims
  • Has a lot less friendly conversation options
  • Confident +3 for winning a fight (instead of +2)

Music Lover

  • Can ‘Listen deeply’ to the radio
  • Happy +1 when music is being played
  • Happy +1 when practicing on a musical instrument
  • Happy +2 when playing well on a musical instrument
  • Will autonomously play a musical instrument
  • Can ‘Discuss favorite band’
  • Can ‘Enthuse about new albums’
  • Can ‘Mock music taste’


  • Gets Uncomfortable +2 by unclean surroundings (instead of +1)
  • More chance to autonomously clean up
  • Happy +2 from cleaning
  • Less chance of leaving a puddle after taking a shower


  • Tense +1 for keeping the same job for several days
  • Happy +2 from quiting job
  • Happy +2 from divorce
  • Needs more flirty socials to become romantically involved
  • Needs a higher romantic friendship to propose
  • Can ‘Discuss fear of commitment’


  • Wants to start conversations more than other Sims
  • Sad +2 when low Social need (instead of +1)
  • Happy +1 from socialization
  • Social need goes down faster


  • Takes longer to make something
  • More chance to make something of excellent quality
  • Embarrassed +2 for making a not-excellent quality item


  • Occasionally gets Flirty +1
  • Tense +1 from not doing any romantic socials for a while
  • Can do more romantic socials when not flirty


  • Occasionally gets +1 Confident


  • Doesn’t wash hands after using toilet
  • Occasionally farts
  • May autonomously rummage trashcans
  • Can play in trash without needing to be Playful
  • Hygiene can be extremely low before becoming Uncomfortable
  • Does not get Uncomfortable by unclean surroundings
  • Does not flush the toilet
  • Often leaves a puddle after taking a shower
  • Objects get dirtier faster


  • Bored +1 from watching tv other than news
  • Happy +1 from watching news
  • Confident +1 when around another snob
  • Can ‘Critique work’ on arts

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