The Best Vitiligo Skin Mods For Your Sims

Sometimes you just want your sim to look a bit more unique. That’s when you delve into the world of custom skin mods. Here we have compiled a list of custom skin mods including vitiligo details.

This overlay mod by Benevolence-c can be placed over your sims already existing skin. It comes in 2 different varieties as you can see in the picture.

SimplyPixelated – Vitiligo Overlay

It has amassed over 105.000 downloads on The Sims Resource and it’s a wonderful addition since most skin mods out there don’t include children and teens.

SimplyPixelated – Vitiligo Overlay – Child/Toddler

This skin mod by peachtreees is also an overlay, so it fits over any kind of skin or skin mod. This creation is available for sims whose ages range from teen to elder.

Vitiligo Beauty Skin Overlay N2

It comes in 4 different variations choose, giving you loads of flexibility when creating your sims.

LMCS Vitiligo Palette

This very random and natural-looking vitiligo overlay created by MsBeary is one of our favorites. It has over 43.000 downloads and comes in 4 different versions. Ideal to make your sim look naturally unique.

Vitiligo Skin

Another creation by Lisaminicatsims, this one corrects the bug where sims would pop up in your town all having the vitiligo overlay. Essentially, it is the same mod, just with the bug fixed.

LMCS Vitiligo Palette V2

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