100+ Free Cute Dresses for The Sims 4

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It’s time to try some of the coolest and cutest clothing trends for your sims. If you’re playing sims4, a simulation game based on a real-life situation, you would want to give your sims a realistic touch. These cute dressing mods cc would refresh your sims’ appearance, making them candid, attractive, and elegant.

100+ Cute Dresses Sims 4 CC Finds

Road Trip Retro Set ( Top/ Jeans/ Dress/ Boots) [MM]

Road Trip Retro by powluna

Paris Set (Dress/ Socks/ Gloves) [MM]


Camelia Set ( Dress/ Top/ Skirt/ Top/ Shorts/ Pants) [MM]

Camelia Set by Serenity

Giselle Set ( Dress/ Top/ Skirt) [MM]

Giselle Set by arethabee

Rosemary Set ( Hair/ Dress/ Hair Accessory) [MM]

Rosemary Set by cloudcat

Abstract Marble Print Satin Cowl Midi Dress [Alpha]

Abstract Marble Print Satin Cowl Midi Dress by Bill Sims

Lauren Mini Strapless Denim Dress [Alpha]

Lauren Dress by simpliciaty

Little Charlotte Dress [MM]

Little Charlotte Dress by Warwick

Fairycore Galore Clothes Set for Female (Dress/ Tank Top/ Long Skirt/ Mini Skirt) [ALPHA]

Fairycore Galore Clothes Set for Female

Rimings RetroVogue (Y2K Mood Collection – Tops, Dresses, Clothing Sets, Alpha Clothes for Females)

329365 rimings y2k mood by rimings sims4 featured image

Fairy Layered Dress Set [Alpha]

Fairy Layered Dress Set by Sunberry

Coquette Collection ( Backless Dress/ Top) [MM]

Coquette Collection by Luxysims

Euphoria Collection ( Dress / Gloves / Shoes/ Cardigan / Bodysuit / Tops / Pants / Skirts / Dress ) [MM]

euphoria collection 33 items serenity

Check this one out! If you’ve watched the teen drama series Euphoria, you will definitely like this collection, which was inspired by the said series. There are 24 items in this pack.

Odds & Ends Set (Dress/ Vest/ Tops/ Shorts/ Pumps) [MM]

Odds & Ends by Teekalu

Chic Clique 2000 Fashion Clothes Set for Female (Dress/ Skirt/ Crop Top/ Pants/ Tank Top) [ALPHA]

Chic Clique 2000 Fashion Clothes Set for Female (Dress/ Skirt/ Crop Top/ Pants/ Tank Top) [ALPHA]

The Rosé Collection ( Dress/ Tops/ Skirt/ Shorts/ Jeans) [MM]

The Rose Collection by Sentate

Justina Bandeau Maxi Dress [Alpha]

Justina Bandeau Maxi Dress by plumbobnfries

Pomelo Set (Dress/ Blouse/ Shorts/ Jeans) [MM]

Pomelo Set by HuiEn

Yes, And? Set (Hairstyle, Dress, Lip Gloss, Earrings, Tights ) [MM]

Yes, And Set by simcelebrity00

Cute Knitted Mini Skirt for Infant [ALPHA]


Beto_ae00’s Yes, and? Dress

339985 yes and dress sims4 featured image

Alpha Elegance: Chic BD1018 Print Dress (Trendy Female Clothing Sets)

329555 print dress bd1018 sims4 featured image

Blossom Elegance (BD1015): Chic Floral Dress for Trendsetting Women

329490 floral dress bd1015 sims4 featured image

AdrienPastel’s Buffy Ensemble: Chic Tops & Skirts Set (4-Piece AlphaCC Collection)

322380 128209 buffy set 40 4 items 41 by adrienpastel sims4 featured image

BelaloAllure’s Enchantment: Sizzling CC Collection (Tops, Dresses & Sets)

343215 128149 belaloallure burning desire cc collection 128149 by belaoallure sims4 featured image

Anna & Bibi’s Festive Fashions: Dress Your Christmas Tree in Style! #ToddlerChic

316237 127876 dress christmas tree anna bibi by anna bibi sims4 featured image

🍂 Cottage Dreaming 🍂: Chic Ensembles for Toddlers to Women (Tops, Dresses, Sets & More)

289666 cottage dreaming sims4 featured image

Lynxsimz’s Blossom Bambino: Ditsy Floral Dress for Toddlers (Chic ToddlerCC & Accessories)

316173 ditsy floral dress toddler by lynxsimz family sims4 featured image

Zara Enchantment: Today’s Fairytale Finds in Dresses & Suits (AlphaCC Collection)

273279 zara dress by today was a fairytale sims4 featured image

Yves Enchantment: Unveiling the Alpha Collection (Trendy Dresses & Sets)

100512 yves dress sims4 featured image

Yunseol Elegance: Chic Ribbon Belly Dress (Trendy Alpha Female Attire)

237382 yunseol ribbon belly dress sims4 featured image

Yunseol Elegance: Chic 39-Check One-Piece & Frilled Blouse Ensemble

173710 yunseol cloth 39 check onepiece frilled blouse set sims4 featured image

Sunny Elegance: Radiant Yellow Summer Dress (Trendy Female Attire)

281377 yellow summer dress sims4 featured image

CharonLee Elegance: Show-Back Flounces Slip Dress (AlphaCC Female Fashion)

285646 wouldyou show back flounces slip dress by charonlee sims sims4 featured image

Blossom Muse: Embrace Nature with Wildflower Gal Dresses (Trendy Female Attire)

327578 wildflower gal dress sims4 featured image

Blaze Enchantress: The Wildfire Dress Collection (Trendy Female Attire)

213259 wildfire dress sims4 featured image

Petite Petals: Chic Toddler’s White Collar Blouse & Floral Sundress (6 Shades)

334282 white blouse with collar and flower sundress in 6 colors for toddlers sims4 featured image

WhimsyWear Wednesday: Chic Dress Recolors for Toddlers (Alpha CC & Accessories)

204582 wednesday dress recolors sims4 featured image

“Seraphina’s Elegance (Watercolour Print Halterneck Ruched Midi Dress – TS4)” #FashionForward

340637 watercolour print halterneck ruched midi dress ts4 sims4 featured image

Vita Elegance: BrianiteSims’ Chic Alpha Dress Collection (#FemaleFashion)

178684 vita dress by brianitesims sims4 featured image

Viola’s Vogue: Chic Dresses & Alpha Clothing Sets (Fashion Essentials)

325712 viola dress sims4 featured image

Rusty’s Blossom Array: Vintage Flower Dress (5 Colors) – Chic Alpha Wardrobe Essentials

287357 vintage flower dress 40 5 color 41 by rusty 39 s sims4 featured image

Retro Raiment Revival (Part 3) – MiroSims2020’s Vintage Dress Ensemble

306939 vintage dress set part 3 by mirosims2020 sims4 featured image

Retro Raiment Revival (Part 2) – Mirosims2020’s Vintage Dress Ensemble #AlphaCC

306940 vintage dress set part 2 by mirosims2020 sims4 featured image

Retro Raiment Revival (Vintage Dress Set Part 1) by MiroSims2020 – AlphaCC Elegance

306941 vintage dress set part 1 by mirosims2020 sims4 featured image

Viiavi’s Agape Elegance: Chic Recolors for Alpha Dresses (Clothing Sets & Female Fashion)

197897 viiavi s agape dress recolor sims4 featured image

Blooming Elegance: Wildflower Off-Shoulder Dress with Overlay (AlphaCC Collection)

147125 viiavi wildflower off shoulder dress overlay sims4 featured image

Viiavi Wilder Flora: Enchanting Wildflower-Inspired Dress Collection

147202 viiavi wilder flora separated wildflower dress sims4 featured image

Vivi the Vvitchy: Enchanting Dress Recolour Collection (AlphaCC & Female Fashion)

198767 viiavi vvitchy dress recolour sims4 featured image

Vogue Vallerie: Chic Dress & Nina Earrings Ensemble (Fashion & Accessories)

320134 vallerie dress nina earrings sims4 featured image

Valerie’s Vogue: Chic Dress Essentials (AlphaCC Female Clothing Sets)

256651 valerie dress sims4 featured image

Valentina’s Vogue: Radiant Valentine’s Dress Essentials (Alpha Female Fashion)

310215 valentine s dress sims4 featured image

Sunny Sprout’s Delight (Chic Toddler Summer Dress & Accessories)

107429 toddler summer dress sims4 featured image

LittleTodds Enchantment: Chic Toddler Dresses & Accessories (AlphaCC)

313288 toddler dress by littletodds sims4 featured image

Twinkle Tots: Festive Christmas Dresses for Toddlers (Holiday Apparel & Accessories)

181366 toddler christmas dresses sims4 featured image

Alpha Vogue: Embrace Elegance with the Thousand Miles Dress Collection

323510 thousand miles dress sims4 featured image

DeVilliers Elegance: Enchanting Arwen Dress Collection (#AlphaCC)

304557 thedevilliers arwen dress by the devilliers sims4 featured image

Jazzy Jenna Dress: Chic Toddler Clothing and Accessories Ensemble

320451 the jenna dress sims4 featured image

Izzy’s Enchantment: Catastrophe Sims’ Ultimate Dress & Accessory Collection (Toddler & Pet Friendly)

274764 the izzy dress by catastrophe sims sims4 featured image

Ginevra Elegance: Chic Sims Dress & Toddler Accessories (#CatastropheSims Collection)

271635 the ginevra dress by catastrophe sims sims4 featured image

Bee Chic: Dee’s Bees’ Stunning Array of Dresses & Female Attire (AlphaCC Collection)

79798 the dee s bees sims4 featured image

Fruit Fête Fashion: Orchard-Inspired Dresses & Straw Hats Collection

235927 that strawberry dress but with other fruits a recolour sims4 featured image

Sforzinda’s Tessa Dress: Alpha Elegance in Female Fashion (#AlphaCC)

343216 tessa dress by sforzinda sims4 featured image

BellaSims’ Enchanted Elegance (Sweetheart Dress Collection for Alpha CC)

270323 sweetheart dress by bellassims sims4 featured image

Sunbeam Ensemble: Radiant Tops, Dresses & Sets (AlphaCC Sunshine Collection)

268186 sunshine collection sims4 featured image

Enchanted Elegance: Summer Spell Dress (Trendy Alpha Female Attire)

204361 summer spell dress sims4 featured image

Blossom Breeze: Summer Garden Dress Collection (Trendy Female Attire)

285484 summer garden dress sims4 featured image

Kiara Zurk’s Sunny Playdate (Chic Summer Dresses for Infants)

325049 summer days dress for infants by kiara zurk sims4 featured image

Sulsulhun’s Serenity: Elegance Unveiled in Alpha Female Dresses (AlphaCC Collection)

224423 sulsulhun s serenity dress sims4 featured image

Sulsulhun’s Daria Smock Dress: AlphaCC’s Trendsetting Female Fashion

200619 sulsulhun s daria smock dress sims4 featured image

Sulsulhun’s Chic Duo: AlphaCC Female Short Dress Minipack

199233 sulsulhun s 2 dress minipack sims4 featured image

Lani Short Dress with Ribbons [ALPHA]

Lani Short Dress with Ribbons

Casteru Charm: Enchanting Sleeveless Ruffle Dress (Trendy Alpha Female Attire)

188322 sleeveless ruffle dress by casteru sims4 featured image

Moontrait Magic: Simtone Honey Dress Recolour (Stylish Alpha CC for Sims)

198344 simtone honey dress recolour by moontrait sims4 featured image

Cozy Yeons’ Aran Knit Charm: Sims 4 Toddler CC Dress Delight

272946 sims4 toddler cc cozy yeons aran dress EC8BACECA6884 EC9CA0EC9584 EC9D98EC8381 cc EABD88EBB0B0EAB8B0 EB8B88ED8AB8 EC9B90ED94BCEC8AA4 by cozy yeons sims sims4 featured image

Chic SimStyles (Sims 4 CC 2023 Vol. 5): Dresses & Sets for Alpha Females

339276 sims4 cc 2023 vol 5 sims4 featured image

Simsonico’s Enchanted Ensemble: Shining Nikki Meets Cardcaptor (Fashion & Accessories)

314381 shining nikki x cardcaptor sakura by simsonico sims4 featured image

Neon Bubble Bliss: Shining Nikki’s Ultimate Fashion Ensemble (#AlphaCC & Accessories)

306330 shining nikki neon bubble by simsonico sims4 featured image

✿ SadlyDulcet’s Couture Collection (#24): Enchanting Dresses & Costume Sets

306011 set 24 by sadlydulcet sims4 featured image

Rebecca’s Raiment: Chic Dress & Set Ensembles by Satterlly (AlphaCC Collection)

325331 set rebecca by satterlly sims4 featured image

Marichka’s Ensemble: Chic Outfits, Dresses & Sets (AlphaCC Collection)

309337 set marichka by satterlly sims4 featured image

Serena Elegance: Chic Ikari-Sims Dress (AlphaCC Female Fashion)

109324 serena dress by ikari sims sims4 featured image

Chic Charm: Sentate’s Super Cute Dress Recolor (Trendy Alpha Clothing Sets)

207190 sentate super cute dress recolor sims4 featured image

AdrienPastel’s Elegance: Saviour Dress (Trendy Female Alpha Clothing Sets)

307236 saviour dress by adrienpastel sims4 featured image

Lola’s Sartorial Elegance: Trendsetting Dresses & Alpha Clothing Sets

243100 satterlly dress lola sims4 featured image

Sally’s Elegance by Nicole: Chic Dresses & Alpha Clothing Sets

241983 sally dress by nicole sims4 featured image

Blossom Elegance: Sakura Dress by Unknown66irl (AlphaCC Chic Female Attire)

306051 sakura dress by unknown66irl sims4 featured image

StoryLegacySims’ Enchanted Ruffles (Toddler & Female Alpha Dresses & Accessories)

142039 ruffled dress by storylegacysims sims4 featured image

Anna by Satterlly: Vintage Charm (Retro Dress Elegance)

264954 retro dress anna by satterlly sims4 featured image

KorkaSims Enchantment: Regal Princess Dress Collection (AlphaCC Female Attire)

325937 princess dress by korkassims sims4 featured image

Plunni Viavi Camelia: Recolour Your World with Trendy Female Clothing Sets (#AlphaCC)

199904 plunni viiavi camelia recolour sims4 featured image

RuffleBelle’s P12 Dress: Chic Bows & Ruffles for Girls (Clothing & Accessories)

311105 p12dressrufflebow sims2 featured image

Raspbxxry Elegance: Olivia Dress (Trendy Alpha Female Attire)

204328 olivia dress by raspbxxry sims4 featured image

MyOwnSupremacy’s Enchanted Ensemble (Cute Top & Skirt Sets)

304461 cute top skirt by myownsupremacy sims4 featured image

Airy Cute Short Dress [ALPHA]

Airy Cute Short Dress

E-Girl Chic Ensemble (Cute Top & Bottom Set, AlphaCC, Female Clothing Collection)

322364 cute e girl top bottom set sims4 featured image

PolkaPretties – Toddler Collared Dress (Cute Polka Dot, 12 Colors, #ToddlerCC, #FemaleClothes, #AlphaCC)

331044 cute polka dot dress with a collar for toddlers in 12 colors sims4 featured image

Five Cute Fall Dresses with Accessories and Pattern Swatches by @powluna


Cute Oldies Long Dress with Earrings Accessory [ALPHA]

Cute Oldies Long Dress with Earrings Accessory

Cute Floral Mini Dress and Hat [ALPHA]

Cute Floral Mini Dress and Hat

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