10 Awesome Sims 4 Mods Like Free Expansion Packs

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Whether you refuse to buy DLC due to cost, principle, lack of interest, or something else, we want to help you out by sharing some great mod packs you can download and install today for free. These are mostly larger mods and can be considered as alternatives to the official Sims 4 Packs. They have tons of content, including new gameplay modes that are completely independent of the vanilla game and can be used without any DLC.

sims 4 free expansion packs
10 Awesome Sims 4 Mods Like Free Expansion Packs

Best Free CC Packs to Rival Official DLC Content

Simmers have mixed feelings about the general idea of paid expansion packs, especially when features such as seasons, pets, and university have been with the franchise for so long that they feel like they should be base game content at this point. And with an influx of new players with the base game going free-to-play, it can be overwhelming looking at all of the DLC available (and the associated costs). In fact, as of the time of this writing the total retail cost for all available Sims 4 DLC, not counting bundles or sales, is almost $1000 USD!

Check out our top 10 picks below!

1. Slice of Life Mod by KawaiiStacie

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Mods Like Expansion Packs: Slice of Life Mod

As its name suggests, Slice of Life is all about bringing “real life” into the Sims 4. With this mod collection your Sims will have memories, develop more robust personalities, feel self-consciousness, experience menstruation, suffer illness, and they can even get drunk! The mod has been split into sections so players can choose which gameplay aspects they want to play with, which can all be downloaded here.

2. Meaningful Stories by RoBurky

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This mod completely revamps the mood and emotions system in the game to be more, well, meaningful. Sims aren’t Happy by default, emotions no longer flip between extremes without working through the moods, and residual feelings will last more realistic amounts of time. When a sim experiences a truly happy event, the emotion will hold more meaning to them. It’s a very impactful mod and will completely change the way you look at your characters. Get it here.

3. Explore Mod by KawaiiStacie

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Another great mod by KawaiiStacie, the Explore mod adds new rabbithole adventures for your sims and their friends to go on, as well as adding a gambling mechanic to the game. Sims can go out to eat, go to events, visit the spa, shop, and more! Plus, they will return from their adventures with buffs and their skills, motives, and relationships will change to reflect their trips as well. My personal favorite feature is that it adds trick-or-treating to the game, finally! Learn more and download the mod here.

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4. Arcade Room Fanmade Pack by Cepzid & Hakrabr

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Fan-Made Free Expansion Packs!

For some reason to this day there is only a single videogame arcade cabinet in the game, and it’s unrealistically massive. This amazing modpack adds 11 new game attractions such as skee ball and claw machines, as well as furniture, displays, and some really cool neon lights! You can get the pack here!

5. Blockhouse Collection by Kiwisims

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Blockhouse is a 9-part furniture collection with content for every room of your sims’ houses! Everything is modern, incredibly stylish, but still maintains a Maxis-match aesthetic that will have it giving off Stuff Pack vibes. Go here for the Blockhouse Kitchen, which is the last room of the series and has links to the other 8 parts.

6. Spring-Six Kitchen by SixAmCC & Spring-Sims

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A colorful modern kitchen with working and deco appliances, clutter, furniture, counters, walls, and floors to update your eateries and give your homes some style! Highlights include a double sink and a functional wall microwave. You can see everything on offer and get this kitchen for yourself by going here.

Note: While the Spring-Six Kitchen includes only deco toaster appliances, you can find a functioning toaster by AroundTheSims here! It’s a perfect compliment for this modpack.

7. Talavera Pop Set by RusticSims

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Though they’ve started fixing this in recent years, the Sims 4 originally didn’t come with much base game content for varying ethnicities and global locations. The Talavera Pop Set is a beautiful collection of Mexican-inspired Buy/Build content and comes with 55 items including an incredible set of arched windows that are so nice, they make it worth downloading the entire pack! Download the pack here and elevate your outdoor spaces like never before.

8. Pufferhead Stuff Pack by MLys

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Even if you’re not into Henry Puffer (the boy wizard found on a poster in the base game) this is a pack worth downloading because of the fantastic quality of the content that rivals any EA Stuff Pack! CAS content for all ages, new furniture, toys, games & activities, and some beautiful wallpaper are just some of the things you can expect when you download this set. See the pack trailer and take the Harnocks House quiz by heading to the link!

9. Poolside Lounge Pack by Max20

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If you’re disappointed by the lack of modern luxury type-content for your sims’ outdoor spaces you will love this collection. Sims can relax on new beach and lounge chairs, whip up a drink at the new bar and drink it under a fancy umbrella or sun tent, or don their hat and sunnies to take photos with the new instant camera. There are even several objects with DLC concepts that have been made usable in base game! Live the luxe lounge life and get the pack here.

10. Rory Bedroom by leaf-motif

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This final set was chosen because it reminds us of the latest Pastel Pop Kit, and would make a perfect substitution or supplement to it. This set comes with a new bed with or without extra pillows, shelving, a night stand, several plants, an alarm clock, and a lamp. The 11-piece set is available for download here.

Closing Thoughts

Because of the robust modding community for the Sims 4, CC is of such high-quality now that you can find Expansion Packs’ worth of content available for free that rivals or even surpasses some of the content released by EA. Whether you’re looking for new CAS content, Buy/Build pieces, or completely new gameplay mechanics, you can find mods providing it at no cost to you besides the time spent downloading the files. Enjoy your new free Sims 4 packs!

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