100+ Mind Blowing Furniture CC Packs for the Sims 4!

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I’m beyond excited to finally share with you this comprehensive list of furniture CC packs that I have gathered from all over the internet. Every theme, style and type of room imaginable is covered in this list – offices, gyms, study rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms – you name it! With this selection of furniture custom content, you’ll surely create the home of your dreams in the Sims 4. Enjoy!

sims 4 furniture cc
The Best Sims 4 Furniture CC Packs in 2022!

Discover the latest and most facinating furniture custom content for the Sims 4!

Did you know that we have started creating our own custom content? As a special treat, we’re offering you a “One-Click Download” for all our build mode custom content. While this content remains freely available on our Patreon page, we wanted to give our supporters an easy way to download everything at once. Thank you for your ongoing support—it really means a lot to us. Enjoy building and personalizing with these new additions!

Here’s the download link: ALL IN ONE DOWNLOAD – SnootySims CC in One File | Patreon

Washing Machines
Living Room
Living Room CC
Work Station
Work Station CC

CC made by other Creators:

1. Sweet Kids Room by RusticSims

Sweet Kid Room by RusticSims

This gorgeous kids’ cc set from RusticSims is too good to resist!? This incredible selection is a symphony of charm and creativity, providing an exciting range of choices that will surely take your Sims’ into new heights! And hey, look at those cute bunnies! Here’s your download link.

2. Sunny Sundae Part I by TheClutterCat

Sunny Sundae 1 by TheClutterCat

You know what make this set perfect? It’s the warm tone, wooden textures and the cozy boho feels! Plus, you can get 21 items such as a boho box, boho cabinet, flower pot, rattan side table, a tufted wall piece, and more!

Check out the rest of the items and download the set by clicking here.

3. Japandi Tableware CC Pack by S-Imagination

Japandi Tableware CC by S Imagination

Explore the captivating design of this Japandi Tableware CC Pack by S-Imagination!
This set masterfully captures the essence of Japanese culture, distilling its beauty into a manifestation of simplicity. 10 additional items that will help you create a more minimalist kitchen are included in this bundle. Get it here!

More Japanese CC packs can be found by visiting this post!

4. Tiny Playrooms: Kitchen and Music by Sixamcc

Tiny Playrooms CC Set

Take a look of this amazing set from Sixam. This visionary creator has proven time and again that their prowess knows no bounds, consistently delivering quality CCs to all Simmers. Get this wonder pack here!

5. Simple Live Collection by JoyceisFox

Simple Live Collection Living Room Set (Chairs/ Sofas/ Tables/ Lights/ Decors/ Plants/ Clutters/ Magazine/ Pillows) [ALPHA]

Want some cozy vibes to your Sim’s living room? Joyceisfox created a set that contains 16 items that will give your living room the cozy vibes you’re looking for! Get it here.

6. Lilith Chillin’ Areas (Coffee Corner) by Taurus Design

Lilith Chillin' Area Coffee Corner by TaurusDesign

Dreaming of having a coffee corner for yourself? Why not fulfill your dream and place a coffee or tea corner at your Sim’s house! Isn’t great? Yes, Lilith Chillin’ Areas part 2 is all about it! Decorative bakeries, coffee decors, mugs, and even coffee filter papers were in the set. Get it now and get ready to make your cozy coffee/tea corner by clicking here!

6. Old-Fashioned Camping Bedroom by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS Furniture CC Pack Bedroom

This is SnootySims’ very first furniture CC pack. This took forever to learn and accomplish but it’s finally here and I’m over the moon. I hope you and your Sims all come to like it too.

You get everything you see in the picture above, from the hanging double bed to those deco slippers underneath it. Everything is low-poly except for the double bed and wardrobe. So, please only download if your device can handle it.

Head over to our Patreon page to download this set for free!

7. My MushRoom Set by SNOOTYSIMS


This was a fun little project for an infant/kids room! You get a functional crib, high chair and sofa in this set. You also get a bunch of decor items like the tent, hanging plant, logs, and a rug in 9 swatches. Have fun to you and your infant and kid Sims.

To download this entire set, follow our Patreon page.

8. Cyber Girl Set by mechtasims

sims 4 furniture cc
Furniture Custom Content: Cyber Bedroom!

We couldn’t sacrifice a single CC pack on here, so we’re starting at zero with a fully furnished cyber bedroom that will certainly have your sims living in style. There are interesting objects to discover, the alien house being on top of them. Here’s your download link.

For more exciting bedroom ideas, visit this post!

9. colonial mexic Set by rusticSims

sims 4 furniture cc

Next up is a rich-in-color set containing 22 items. These include windows, doors, chairs, and more! Here’s your download link.

More door CC packs can be found by visiting this post!

10. Artz Living Room by sixam

This living room has a lot more than meets the eye! Allow me to draw your attention to the bar cart which actually works as a functional bar cart – very cool, right? Here’s your download link.

We have just the right collection of living room ideas for you! Have a look!

11. freja nursery by myshunosun

sims 4 furniture cc

You can’t look at this and not want it in-game! This nursery includes functional and decorative items. The hanging chair is such a cool addition. It comes in 30 swatches, by the way. Check out the rest of the items and download the set by clicking here.

More on SnootySims: Foxie Livin’ Set! The set has 9 objects in store for you. Check it out by going to our Patreon page.

Foxie Livin Update 1

12. Eliza Bedroom by Taurus Design

sims 4 furniture cc

Man, oh man! The Sims community never fails to amaze us. This creative bedroom design is brought to us by Taurus Design. Believe it or not, this set contains 57 items! The thumbnail above doesn’t tell much, we highly recommended viewing the other screenshots here.

13. Vime Closet by Tuds

sims 4 furniture cc

I’ve always wanted a neat closet room for my Sims and this one does the job well. In case you were wondering, that chandelier is included in this set. Here’s your download link.

For more closet cc packs, click here!

14. Curved stairs by syboulette

sims 4 furniture cc spiral stairs

If these stairs aren’t a dream come true to you, you really aren’t a simmer at heart. Not only are they functional, but they also look perfect in every way. You get to choose from three different styles of railings. Here’s your download link.

Learn all about spiral staircases by reading our detailed guide!

15. STR Rug Collection by barbara sims

sims 4 furniture cc rugs

Hola bonita! These rugs are a must-have, especially if you’re on a quest for building a kawaii room for your female simmies. Here’s your download link.

Want more rugs? We’ve got your back!

16. Flowerie Shelving Units CC by SNOOTYSIMS

Screenshot 2023 07 04 175732

There’s something about flowers that always excite me! And therefore, we wanted to translate that love into these beautiful flowerie shelving units. You get one with decorations and another empty so you could add in whatever you and your Sim wish!

Go ahead and grab them by visiting our Patreon link.

17. Virginia hallway by Severinka

image 1

This set isn’t new by any means but it sure deserves a spot on this list. You get a wardrobe with mirror doors, hangers, a dresser, clothes, and more! Here’s your download link.

Check out these cool mirrors for the Sims 4!

18. My Art Collection CC by SNOOTYSIMS

Paintings Collection

We just love the asthetic of these paintings! The set is an art collection of 7 swatches! Bring it home to your Sims from this link.

Paintings Collection04

And you know what would go best with these paintings? Some rocking chairs in the best floral swatches. Have a look at these!


19. Siena Collection by Maxis Match CC world

image 13

Everything in this pack is gorgeous! The simplicity of the designs and the calmness of the swatches makes it just the perfect dining environment. It includes 16 items in total and they’re all compatible with the base game. Here’s your download link.

20. midsummer eve by myshunosun

furniture cc backyard

One of our all-time favorite backyard furniture CC for the Sims 4! It even won itself a block on our list of top CC packs in 2022. Outdoorsy or not, your Sims will enjoy summer evenings in a backyard full of furniture like this. Here’s your download link.

You need to see our backyard furniture ideas for the Sims 4!

21. Vanity Set by mechtasims

furniture cc vanity

How cute is this vanity? We’ve featured a big number of Mechtasims’ cc creations in this post and we’re in love with each and every one of them. For the record, you get clutter items including perfume, a beauty blender, eyeshadow, tissues, and many more cool things! Here’s your download link.

Here’s a vanity of ours in case you were looking to expand your collection. Download!

Screenshot 2023 07 13 123348

22. Irregular Living by Hydrangea

furniture cc living room

I haven’t seen anything like this pack! It’s all over the place but in the coolest ways, right? The couch and mirror are both out of this world!

image 519

Here’s your download link.

23. Two different art collections by SimPlistic

furniture cc art
Set 1

These are 2 art collections that contain the most dreamy, earthy art pieces. They are inspired by nature and the simple things in life.

To download the first set, visit this page.

image 52
Set 2

To download the second set, click here.

24. Simple curtains by by kouzeesim

image 57

I’m super excited about these curtains because the patterns/swatches are so colorful and inviting! I usually always end up choosing a B&W color scheme for my furniture but maybe it’s about time I tried something new. The same goes for you?

image 56

Here’s your download link.

25. LUX Lights by Arnie

Incredibly excited about this one in particular! Led stripes, wall lights, floor lights, vintage lights, they all can add a touch of style and luxury to your builds in the Sims 4. You’ve got to watch the video to get a grasp of what this set offers!

furniture cc leds

You could check out more custom neons for the Sims 4 by reading this post.

26. Italia exposed brick wall by simspirationbuilds

image 41

Can we regard wallpapers as furniture? No? Maybe? Yes? I’m obsessed with these brock walls, they look super realistic and rusty! My brain is begging me to start a new build just so I could use them lol.

Here’s your download link.

27. Bathroom Set by mechtasims

furniture cc bathroom

It’s all functional and base-game compatible, my simmers! You should enable the MOO cheat though. Here’s your download link.

For Sims 4 bathroom ideas, head over to this post!

28. Laundry set by Syboulette

image 510
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Laundry Room!

Who has the time or energy to do laundry in real life? It’s a bit contradictory but I bet all of us would be happy to do that exact thing in the Sims 4, especially when there’s a set like this at our disposal. It includes 29 items. Here’s your download link.

29. Vanilla Kitchen by Aira

image 58

Ever wanted to have your Sims use an appliance that looks like your own? Well, now you can! Ther best part is that they’re functional. Here’s your download link.

image 103
Isn’t it so homey and cute?

30. Rusti.co Office by Kaiso

Furniture CC: Office!

Has anyone asked for the best office set for the Sims 4? This one checks all the boxes. It includes 12 items. Feel free to install it from this page.

31. KOPO Apato by slox

image 72

I’ll say one thing and one thing only: Slox’s cc creations cannot be topped. They’re very inventive and original. Just have a look at this collection below!

image 73

Here’s your download link.

32. Gale Dining by myshunosun

image 467
Furniture CC: Dining Table!

Here’s your download link.

33. Barbie After Party CC by SNOOTYSIMS


This is one of 3 Barbie Sets SNOOTYSIMS has in store for you. All three sets can be found on our Patroen. Download them by visiting our page here.

Below are the other two sets. Find more Babrie themed CC here.

34. Back To School set by echtasims

image 480

Here’s your download link.

35. Meow and woof set by syboulette

image 514
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Pet Stuff!

Here’s your download link.

36. Inspiro Collection by kiwiSims

image 78

Here’s your download link.

37. Bella Living Room by Taurus Design

image 518

Here’s your download link.

38. Morgane set by syboulette

image 77

Your toddlers deserve a little bit of spoiling every now and then. A functional bed like this with the coolest stairs and side furniture – is just what any toddler would love!


Here’s your download link.

39. In the clouds by pufferSuffer

image 464
Sims 4 Furniture CC!

Here’s your download link.

40. y2k set by mechtasims

image 472
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Y2k Set!

Here’s your download link.

41. Curtains Collection by sims4luxury

image 67

Here’s your download link.

42. Dawn living by myshunosun

image 466

This contemporary living room set is at our disposal for free! Here’s your download link.

43. Record player set by sims4life

image 483
  • Your mods folder: “Do you really need a record player set in your game?”
  • You: “No.”
  • Your mods folder: “Pheww!!”
  • You: *installs the cc set regardless*

Here’s your download link.

44. French Country Dining Set by cowbuild

image 486

French taste! Here’s your download link.

45. lottie bedroom by myshunosun

image 468

Boho vibes in town! If you have an appreciation for the beauty found in minimalism, you’ll definitely like this room. It’s a fully designed working/living room where your Sims can both relax and get the job done. I love the models, the colors, and everything else here. It’s calm and cozy. Here’s your download link.

46. CAMERON Bedroom by slox

image 68

Another set by Slox that we’re in love with! Do you or do you not see the black bed panels? How cool are they?!

image 69

Here’s your download link.

47. groovy baby by mechtasims

image 478

Here’s your download link.

48. simmify music nook by myshunosun

sims 4 furniture cc

Here’s your download link.

49. Pickup pack by pufferSuffer

sims 4 furniture cc
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Pickup Pack

Don’t miss out on this one. You don’t always find exotic furniture items like this one. Thank you PufferSuffer! Here’s your download link.

50. Colorful Glass Windows and Doors by barbara sims

image 476

Here’s your download link.

51. Lux Bathroom by sixam

image 484
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Bathroom!

Here’s your download link.

52. Highschool collection: Corridor set by Syboulette

image 511

Here’s your download link.

53. Autumn garden by PufferSuffer

image 475

Here’s your download link.

54. My home by cowbuild

image 585

Here’s your download link.

55. Luna bedroom by myshunosun

image 469

Here’s your download link.

56. Italia Restaurant Set by simspirationbuilds

Look at that pizza! How?! This set is pure perfection.

image 48

Here’s your download link.

57. Advent Calendar by cowbuild

image 485
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Not a Christmas bedroom but really everything else!

I totally recommend viewing more pictures for this set. You can find them here. These are well done and Christmas is around the corner, so get downloading already!

Here’s your download link.

image 104
Loving this cabin bed!

58. A Very Industrial Lookin’ Christmas by littledica

image 25
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Christmas Neon Lights!

Here’s your download link.

59. Rose wall decor by Natalia-Auditore

Go ahead and beautify you houses in the Sims 4 with these roses! Here’s your download link.

60. Blockhouse outdoor by kiwiSim4

image 508

Here’s your download link.

image 509
in-game capture of the set!

61. Spiral stairs minimalism by Syboulette

image 3

Head over to this page for easy download.

62. Vaporwave set 2 by give me a nickname


Seeing the bubble wall? It cannot get any better than this! Here’s your download link.

63. Kitchen Set by mechtasims

image 482

Here’s your download link.

64. Morning Kitchen by cowbuild

image 101

Here’s your download link.


image 97

RusticSims excelled at bringing something completely out of this world. This set is completely free to download and includes 55 items.

image 98

Here’s your download link.

66. hortensia garden by Syboulette

image 2

To install this one, follow this page.

67. Cute Gaming Bedroom by barbara Sims

sims 4 furniture cc

This room includes all the furniture you need for an awesome gaming setup, including a PC setup with plenty of accessories. So go ahead and create the ultimate gaming zone for your Sims. To install this one, follow this page.

image 19
Cool, pastel colors!

68. Riikka bedroom by myshunosun

image 87

To install this one click here.

69. Office Set by mechtaSims

sims 4 furniture cc

Here’s your download link.

70. Rooting For You Plant Set by RVSN

furniture cc

Here’s your download link.

71. Coastal Extras – Flowers and Vases by simcredible

furniture cc

Here’s your download link.

72. Rainbowic bunk bed cc by snootysims


This one took forever to put together, but the process has been worthwhile!

Below are the items included in this set.

  • 3 Functional pouf chairs (plus a decorative one)
  • 2 Functional Mattress
  • 2 Bedframes (they make up the one in the image)
  • 2 Plants
  • A functional octopus toy
  • Octopus decor
  • Cat pillow decor
  • 3 wall decor letters

Download this set from here.

73. Wall stickers by Hydrangea

image 86

Follow this page for easy download.

74. Rafa Kids Bedroom Set by Kliekie


Here’s your download link.

75. Gamer Boy Room by SimmerKate

furniture cc
Furniture CC: Gamer Boy Room

Here’s your download link.

76. stairs neon by give me a nickname

image 487

Don’t miss out, simmers! Neon stairs, that’s definitely a first! Here’s your download link.

77. Urban Bedroom Kit by qICC

image 28
Furniture CC: Urban Bedroom!

Check them out here.

78. Cute Stationery Set by simbishy

image 63

Set the perfect study room for your sims by installing this set.

79. cool pools CC Kit by Mr. Olkan

Pools never looked so interesting! Watch the video as it shows you the different designs and swatches for these pools.

80. GALILEO kids’ room by syboulette

sims 4 furniture cc
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Space-themed!

This room features a huge spaceship bed, dressing, chair, shelves, and more. Its theme is the galaxy. It’s a great way to decorate your kids’ room into something they’ll love. Check it out here.

81. Two different rug collections by SimPlistic

image 49
Set 1

To grab the first set, click here.

image 50
Set 2

If you like this one better, visit this page.

82. Happy Rugs by CreamLatteDream


Here’s your download link.

83. Y2K Gaming Stuff by SimmerKate

image 7
Furniture CC: Y2K Set!

Check out this set from this page.

More by SNOOTYSIMS: My Smiley Corner Set! Now available for free on our Patreon.

image 52

84. Bedrooms by Max 20

Download the master bedroom from this page, and the child dream pack from here.

85. MinimalSIM – Arc Studio Set by simbishy

image 60

There is nothing better than coming home from a long day spent at work to this living room. The neutral colors make for a very modern and minimal look, which can be perfectly complemented by one or two yellow accessories. Here’s your download link.

86. Sassy Door Mats by simmin’ my best life


Here’s your download link.

87. Indigo Dining room by winner9

image 74
Furniture CC!

Here’s your download link.

88. Desert Collection 2.0 by Eipi

Create a romantic and elegant ambiance in your next build with the desert collection by Eipi!


Here’s your download link.

89. Pillow Galore Collection by simsi45

image 20
Furniture CC: Pillows, pillows and more pillows!

If you’ve downloaded sofas and beds CC already, I dearly recommend you to get these pillows as well. They look really stunning in-game with their gorgeous design and fitting colors. Here’s your download link.

90. Chic lounge chair by momo-CC

image 14

This particular sofa comes in 6 color variations. Which one do you like the most? Download from here.

image 15

91. MARKETB VELLO Loft bed by kKB

sims 4 furniture cc

Here’s your download link.

image 85
Love this swatch!

92. Cat Window Hanging Bed by KM

furniture cc
Furniture CC: Cat Bed!

If you feel like something is missing from your living room/bedroom in the Sims 4, it’s this hanging cat pet! Here’s your download link.

More pets stuff by SNOOTYSIMS: Cat’s Stop, Power Cats and Lemme Sleep😉

93. Valentine’s Day Heart Pillows Part 1 & 2 by ChronicallyKiki

image 80
Part 1
image 70
Part 2

Good things come in small packages, right? Or in this case, they come in twos. These are honestly some of the best decor items that I’ve ever used in Sims 4. And I totally recommend them.

Grab the first set by visiting this link, and the second one by this page.

94. Summer Party – Mini Set by littledica

image 24
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Summer Party Set!

Here’s your download link.

95. Functional Roller shutter door by Sims4life

image 99

Functional roller shutter doors in beautiful colors, what else would you ask for? Here’s your download link.

96. Extraaa Bedroom Decor by SimmerKate

image 11
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Bedroom Decor!

Download this set by visiting this link.

97. PV Workspace by pixelVibes

image 94

Download by vsiting this link.

98. NEON Capsulehotel by slox

image 71
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Hotel Furniture!

Ever wanted to create your own hotel in the Sims 4? You’re going to love everything this set offers but precisely the cute sleeping capsules!

image 105

Download from this link.

99. Famous Bears Chair by krystal91

image 12

There’s no getting around to it – I’m a big armchair fan. And if you’re anything like me, these beautiful chair models by krystal91 should take your breath away too. Download them by visiting this link.

100. The A shelf with light string Recolor by aroundtheSims

image 38

Here’s your download link

101. Yokeda lighting set by winner9

image 95

Download from here.

102. Boujie BBQ Set by simmin’ my best life


Download this set of BBQ foods by visiting this link.

103. Cyberpunk Sequin Doorway Curtain by Hydrangea

furniture cc

This is the type of decor we can’t turn a blind eye to. It just has to be in our build library, even if we don’t end up using it.

image 64

Here’s your download link.

104. Dark Academia – Full collection by Sims4luxury

sims 4 furniture cc
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Vintage Items!

14 new items are awaiting you! Grab them.

105. Fitness CC Collection by Syboulette

image 96
Sims 4 Furniture CC: Gym Furniture!

It kind of sucks to discover really great custom content only to find out it isn’t functional. Worry not though, this is not the case with this gym cc pack! For more info, visit this link.

Check out these gym CC packs and mods!

106. Cozy Set by Hydrangea

image 521

These bed coverings look super cozy and I just love the fact that they’re completely functional!


Here’s your download link.

For cute blanket CC packs, click here!

107. Idealista Dining Room by winner9

image 17

This aesthetic dining room includes a bunch of stuff in store for us!

image 18
Another swatch we love!

Apart from the table and chairs, you get plates, spoons, lamps and more! Download.

108. stackable glass blocks by littledica

image 26

I mean, do you really need this? YES! You do. Just take a moment to think of all the creative builds you’ll do using these stackable glass blocks!

image 27

Here’s your download link.

109. Bathroom CC Stuff Pack by SimVault

image 102
37 individual items!

You can’t go wrong with a clean bathroom like this one. We love every piece of furniture in this stuff pack. Check them out yourself here.

sims 4 furniture cc
I mean, how neat is that?

110. Hinterlands Dining by peacemaker

furniture cc

Here’s an extra piece of custom content. We just had to include it. Check it out on this page.

111. Happy Childhood by soloriya

image 89

A playground like this is just what your toddlers need! Here’s your download link.

112. Craft room by mini Simmer

image 91

I mean, why wouldn’t you want a craft room in your next build? Here’s your download link.

113. Your Everyday Dining Room Set by SNOOTYSIMS


You get a single table and chair in this set. They both come in a single swatch as well. Well, it’s just your everyday dining room set, what do you think? Download it now from our Patreon.

114. Mirror Collection CC by SNOOTYSIMS

You get three different mirrors from this set! All of which are featured in the image above. The first on the right is available in 4 swatches. The rest come in a single swatch. Please keep in mind that the plant pots are seperate CCs by other fabulous CC creators.


You can find a download link to all three mirrors and the plant pots by visiting this link.

Final words

if you’ve made it to the end of the list, we at SnootySims thank you! This list has taken forever to put together but it was definitely worth it. We hope you enjoyed it yourself. Happy simming, fellow simmer!

Below is a series of listicles featuring various furniture pieces, feel free to have a look!

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