The Best Japanese Mods and CCs for The Sims 4

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Konnichiwa! If you can’t get enough of the Japan-inspired aesthetics from the world of Mt. Komorebi, you might want to infuse cute and creative Japanese mods and CCs into your game. Browse this list for the best Japanese downloads!

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A List of The Top Japanese Mods and CCs FOr The Sims 4!

Are you into Japanese vibes? Well then, you’re in luck, because we have curated our favorite Japanese CC packs in this post. These Japan-tastic items will add loads of cool details to your game, and make your Sims feel right at home in the heart of Japanese culture. Yep! Download these CCs to deck out your Sims with stylish gear, create awesome Japanese-inspired homes, and basically turn your game into a Japan-inspired paradise.

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Akaiwa Japanese House

Japanese Mods and CC 2

This is a 30×20 lot with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, inspired by old Japanese house aesthetics. It can become an ideal addition to the row of charming Japanese houses in Mt. Komorebi.

Click here to download!

Misato Japanese House

Japanese Mods and CC 1

The Misato house, according to its creator Xoregardine, is a modern, Japanese-style suburban house that gives off Scandinavian vibes for its interior design. There are 2 bedrooms included in the 20×15 Misato lot.

Click here to download!

Kawaii School Bags

Japanese Mods and CC 3

The pastel colors, fluffy accessories, and sweet designs of these kawaii school bags will undoubtedly make your Sim stand out in the sea of students at school. The school bags have two versions, one with keychains (4 swatches) and one with pompoms (3 swatches).

Click here to download!

Soba Noodles

Japanese Mods and CC 4

Soba is a popular noodle dish in  Japan that can be served hot or cold. It is prepared with ingredients such as buckwheat noodles, soy sauce, and veggies. With this Soba recipe, your Sims can now taste a bowl or two of this hearty dish.

Click here to download!

Nerikiri Wagashi

Japanese Mods and CC 5

The Japanese are popular for creating divine desserts that are perfect for tea time, such as wagashi. Wagashi is a sweet treat made from red beans and glutinous rice and each piece is shaped in cute forms such as flowers and leaves. Your Sims can enjoy a bite of Nerikiri Wagashi with this recipe from Oni!

Click here to download!

Cute School Bag Accessory [ALPHA]

Cute School Bag Accessory [ALPHA]

Available in 5 colorful designs, this cute Japanese school bag is the perfect blend of traditional Japanese charm and modern aesthetics! We totally love the adorable little details and prints on the front.

Click here to download!

Japanese School

japanese school sims41ife

This cool lot will bring a touch of Japanese school aesthetics to your game. The said lot includes cherry blossom trees, a cute pink bus, Japanese-inspired chairs and desks, and other kawaii features.

Click here to download!

Japanese Masks with a Dark Halloween Vibe [MM]

akane halloween masks madlen

Your Sims might want to sport this mysterious mask for their Halloween festivities! Wearing this will let them turn heads and spark curiosity at the spooky events they attend during the season.


Click here to download!

Japanese Food Collection Recipe (Drinks / Snacks)

oni s recipe pack custom food mod 22 04 06 oni

More mouthwatering Japanese dishes coming your way! With this recipe pack from creator ONI, your Sims’ tastebuds will be delighted as they enjoy dishes such as Pickled Sakura, Sakura Onigiri, Sakura Mochi, and other delicious food.

Click here to download!

Japanese Anime Artwork Collection [MM]

stephanie priscilla artwork

Your Sim’s room will be begging for this Japanese-inspired artwork collection, seriously! Called the “Stephanie Priscilla Artwork”, these posters feature iconic anime characters that seem to scream so much coolness.

Click here to download!

School Bag with Pompom and School Bag with Keychain Pack [MM]

school bags ts4 hydrangea

You can upgrade your Sim’s school style with this stylish school bag with pompoms and keychains! This has a perfect high school vibe, and would definitely go well with any Teen Sim.

Click here to download!

Japanese Donburi Set (Kastu Don / Sake Don / Ten Don / Gyu Don)

japanese donburi 4 sets oni

Your Sims can taste authentic Japanese cuisine right in their homes if they have this Donburi Recipe Set, which features 4 traditional donburis, including Katsudon, Gyudon, Tendon, and Sakedon. All are lactose-free.

Click here to download!

Japanese Meal Recipe

japanese recipe oni

This Japanese recipe pack introduces 4 yummy meal sets in the kitchen of your Sims. They can enjoy the Grilled Salmon Set, the Chicken Nanban Set, the Donkatsu Curry Set, and the Udon Set. You can also download optional ingredients such as rice and chicken meat, as stated in the details.

Click here to download!

Japanese Style Teapot Set 🌺

Japanese Mods and CC 8

Check out this authentic-looking Japanese tea set. Each item is crafted from different materials and features a realistic texture. There are 10 swatches to choose from, all in all.

Click here to download!

Natsukashii Bedroom Set

Japanese Mods and CC 7

Natsukashii is the Japanese word for nostalgic, which is the feeling that this bedroom set from creator Syboulette aimed to capture. The said set incorporates 16 items into your game, letting you design the perfect natsukashii bedroom!

Click here to download!

Natsukashii Dining Set

Japanese Mods and CC 6

As your Sims walk into a dining area filled with the items from this natsukashii set, they will surely feel nostalgic (natsukashii in Japan means nostalgic). All 17 items of the said set exude a calming vibe that mimics old and traditional Japanese houses.

Click here to download!

Japanese Bedroom


Launched on Patreon by CC creator Sims41ife, the set includes two versions—a plain, rustic design, and a colorful, kawaii one. Go and let your sims sleep on a Japanese bed like this tonight!

Click here to download!

Closing Thoughts

We’re crossing our fingers that this list has sparked some curiosity in you to dive more into Japanese culture. With these downloadables, you can whip up some seriously sugoi (awesome) homes and even Japanese-inspired Sims. Let us know in the comments what you think of this post! We are also on Google, Patreon, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Happy simming, Simmers!

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