The Sims 4 Career Guide: Style Influencer


Have you ever thought that you could be a style influencer in The Sims 4? By now we only know that only the sky is the limit in this game, and the creators prove that once again by giving our sims such a great career path!

In this career guide, you will learn everything you need to know about this particular job choice, needed skills, promotions, and much more. If you’ve wanted to be a style icon, then this is your chance!

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Should You Be a Style Influencer in The Sims 4?

If your Sim is a big fan of fashion and the latest trends, why not let them get paid for that? The Stylist/Style Influencer career is a great addition to the game, and you can dress Sims up for a living. You will also be able to later create trends and publish fashion articles.

Also, if you have The Sims 4: Get Famous, this career choice can also give you fame.

How To Get a Job

If you’re planning to become a Style Influencer in The Sims 4, you can just do that by using the phone or press ‘J’ and Join a Career. Keep in mind that is a Work from Home career, and will give you tasks when you choose to stay home.

Once you complete the tasks, you will be rewarded at the next shift. This way, you will definitely have something to look forward to when going to work! Isn’t that great?

The nice that is that Style Influencers will get a digital sketch pad, and they can use it for learning new skills and taking photos.

Skills Needed For This Career in The Sims 4

If you’d like to succeed in this career, you will need to work on your Writing and Photography skills! Gaining these skills will help you get promoted and get amazing things.

For example, once you reach level 7 for Trend Setter and 10 for Stylist, you can click on the Sim to create both masculine or feminine trends. If you’d like to do that, just click the little plus sign in the top right to add an additional trend. Now that’s one great way to enjoy this career.

Also, if you’re looking for some additional fashion inspiration, take a look at our favourite fashion mods!

Style Influence Career Cheats

If you don’t want to wait a long time before you get promoted, then you can use a career cheat to level up quickly!

Just press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. Once the cheats are activated, you can now get a promotion with careers.promote styleinfluencer.

If you’d like to learn more cheats, take a look at our full cheats collection!

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