Stunning Hair CC for Male Sims (Maxis Match Hair)


The internet is flooded with Maxis Match hair mods and CC and our job is bringing the best of it to you in one list. So, welcome back if you’re a SNOOTYSIMS fan and hello to you if it’s your first time visiting. Every maxis match hair included in this post and the related posts is base-game compatible, thus sit back and enjoy!

Don’t miss out on these Male Maxis Match Hair CC Packs for TS4!

Maxis Match ANTO ECHO Hair

Male Hairstyles Maxismatch
Male Hairstyles Maxis Match

You’ll absolutely fall in love with this hair as did we! It’s slightly messy but perfect regardless. It comes in all 18 EA colors, plus an extra blonde special. And I don’t know about you but I’m getting mysterious, hot vibes —especially with that pose heh. To download this mod, follow this link here.


maxismatch male hairs

Hi doc! This is a free mod done by Simstrouble – they sure are troubling us with these mods they’re making (in a good way though). Available to you in 24 swatches plus 6 special ones, only added a month ago. Download from this page.

Flashback Hair

male hairstyles maxismatch

Of all mm male hairs in this post, this one appears the most put-together. It’s a bit messy but elegant nonetheless You can download this mod from here.

Alassё Maxis Match Hair

Braids for male sims? Talk of style and quality! You can actually have it for both your male and female sims. It’s long and tied with different swatches to pick from. Grab this one from here.

Elias Hair

male hairstyle cc

Definitely feels like a prince hairstyle, no? The name Elias is inspired from Noli Me Tangere, a 19th century novel. So, in short, if you’re to have a prince-like life for your sim, this is the hairstyle to get. Oh and it’s both game and hat compatible and comes in 18 different swatches. Download here.

Oras Hair

Male Hairstyles Maxis match

This one is nerd-like. I’m also seeing it with a hat, so try that out yourself and experiment a little. It comes in all EA swatches. Download from this page.

Stealthic Psycho Hair Clayified

Yes, this hair requires mesh by Stealthic, so make sure you download it. A little side note: you can change the color of the beanie separately under the hat category and you can remove it completely by equipping another hat. To get this hairstyle, follow this link.

You Could View More Male Hairs Here

We hope you enjoyed these mods as much as we did! But hey, there’s always more to catch up on — find more hairstyles here! Even more Maxis Match CC can be found here.

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