The Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge


Welcome to The Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge!

There is no doubt that The Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge is the hardest and most complex challenge around. But, fear not, we are here to break it down as much as we can. Your sim has a task. They have to create a legacy that will complete every career tree there is. That’s because every career tree will lift a restriction. But, one sim can only “complete” one career tree, any extras don’t count for the challenge. The score is the number of days it took you to lift all of the restrictions. So, the lower your score’s number, the better.

So let’s check out the rules.

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The Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge Rules:

sims 4 apocalypse challenge screenshot

How to start:

This challenge has tons of restrictions in place at the start. But don’t let that put you off! We promise you that it gets easier. Here’s how you can set up your apocalypse game:

  1. First, choose your starting sim. They can be of any age. Keep in mind that you are allowed to import a sim as a first one.
  2. Then, move your Sim into an empty lot and make them quit their job. If they have one, that is.
  3. Choose which restriction you want to lift first.

The way that your sim is going to live is entirely up to you. All you have to do is make sure that they pass on their legacy once they die.

The basic rules:

The basic rules are very simple. They are always in effect and can never be lifted. That means that you will have to follow them throughout the challenge.

  1. No cheats, custom content, or mods.
  2. You can’t age up your sims early.
  3. You can’t adopt sims. If you did so, it would give you an unfair advantage.
  4. Play on normal lifespans.
  5. You have to keep your Apocalypse family in the world. You also can’t move them to a new lot or house.

Careers and restrictions:

As we said before, there are restrictions in place that are only unlocked by completing career trees. Teen careers are included as well! Let’s see what completing a career can offer you.

Astronaut – Space Ranger

Objects must be covered by four walls and your sims can’t sleep outside. You also can’t travel to Granite Falls. Your sims also can’t interact with the sky (telescope, stargaze, etc.). Plus, you can’t enable the mood aura on any kind of object.

Astronaut – Interstellar Smuggler

You can’t sell, place, or use any career reward objects. You also can’t upgrade any items except the rocket ship.

Athlete – Professional Athlete

Your sims can’t have any reward traits.

Athlete – Bodybuilder

You can’t move or sell any objects that are larger than 1×1 once you place them. Your sims can’t carry more than one stack of each item in their inventory. Plus, you can’t remove any items from your family inventory.

Where can I find the rest of the rules?

You can find the rest of the career restrictions here. We hope that you enjoyed this challenge! It is definitely very complex, but you can’t deny that it will make you spend hours having fun with it. Plus, we are sure that you are going to get a great feeling of satisfaction once you complete it.

Good luck on this challenge and happy simming!

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