Sims 4 University Degrees: Pick the Perfect Field for Your Sims

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Are you ready to level up your Sims’ education in The Sims 4? Check out our ultimate manual on Sims 4 University Degrees! Discover the diverse fields available, the skills needed to excel, and the exciting careers that await your Sims!

sims 4 university degree
Pick the Perfect Field for Your Sims!

What are Sims 4 University Degrees?

To enroll in a university in The Sims 4, Sims need to choose a university degree that they like, either from the University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute. During their fun life at Uni, Sims can attend classes, complete assignments, participate in extracurricular activities, and join university organizations to enhance their university experience! 🎓🎉

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Upon the successful completion of all their courses and once they earned enough credits, Sims will graduate with their chosen degree, opening up specialized career paths and opportunities in their lives.

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Choosing Between the University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute

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Choosing the right degree in the game is a fun adventure, especially since it involves two ultra-cool schools. Which is the best? Well, you decide! The University of Britechester is like the cultural and creative hub, where your Sims can unleash their inner artists and dive into courses on humanities and the arts. It’s all about embracing human nature and getting those philosophical juices flowing!

University of Britechester Organizations

  • Art Society
  • Britechester Spirit Corps
  • The Debate Guild

On the flip side, Foxbury Institute is the go-to place for tech geeks and science lovers. They’ve got top-notch research facilities and cutting-edge tech for your Sims to tinker with. These two universities have their own vibes and unique offerings, giving your Sims the chance to pick their perfect academic adventure.

Foxbury Institute Organizations

  • The Brainiacs
  • Bot Savants
  • Foxbury Spirit Squad

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Knowing Which Sims 4 University Degree to Pick

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Now that you know the difference between the two academic giants in The Sims 4, it’s time to delve into the specifics of each available university degree, so you can decide which is the right pick for your would-be Sim enrollees!

1. Art History

University Degree Available at: University of Britechester
Skills Needed: Charisma, Painting, Writing
Careers in the Future: Critic (Arts Critic Branch), Painter (Patron of the Arts Branch), Style Influencer (Trend Setter Branch)
Examples of Classes: Art History Basics, The Cultural Impact of Art, The Privilege of Painting

2. Biology

University Degree Available at: Foxbury Institute
Skills Needed: Fitness, Gardening, Logic
Careers in the Future: Athlete (Bodybuilder Branch), Conservationist (Marine Biologist Branch), Doctor, Botanist (Gardener Branch)
Examples of Classes: Tiny Houses: Intermediate Molecular Biology, Epidemic: Modeling the Spread of Disease, Flora from Land and Sea

3. Communications

University Degree Available at: University of Britechester
Skills Needed: Charisma, Logic, Writing
Careers in the Future: Business Management, Civic Planner (Civil Designer Branch), Politician (Charity Organizer Branch), Salaryperson (Supervisor Branch), Social Media (Public Relations Branch), Writer (Journalist Branch)
Examples of Classes: Professional Writing and Functional Communication, Catered Communication: the Limits of Social Media, Bits and Bots: Machines Learning to Write

4. Computer Science

University Degree Available at: Foxbury Institute
Skills Needed: Mischief, Programming, Robotics
Careers in the Future: Criminal (Oracle Branch), Computer Engineer (Engineer Branch), Freelancer (Programmer Branch), Salaryperson (Expert Branch), Tech Guru (Start-up Entrepreneur Branch)
Examples of Classes: Social Hacking: Programming for People, Basic Algorithms of Computer Science, Quantum Computing Theory

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5. Culinary Arts

University Degree Available at: University of Britechester
Skills Needed: Cooking, Gourmet Cooking
Careers in the Future: Food Critic (Critic Branch), Culinary Chef (Chef Branch)
Examples of Classes: Basic Food Safety: Don’t Get Sick!, Roaming Recipes: Breaking Borders with Food, Wash It Down: Pairing the Right Drink

6. Drama

University Degree Available at: University of Britechester
Skills Needed: Charisma, Comedy, Fitness
Careers in the Future: Actor, Comedian (Entertainer Branch), Internet Personality (Social Media Branch)
Examples of Classes: Death of a Scenesman, Waiting for the Show: Tragedy & Comedy, The Importance of Seeing Earnings

7. Economics

University Degree Available at: Foxbury Institute
Skills Needed: Charisma, Logic, Research & Debate
Careers in the Future: Business Investor, Natural Speaker (Conservationist Branch), Education Administrator (Education Branch)
Examples of Classes: Microeconomic Principles, Modern Money Management, Judging Merit: Myth or Meaningful?

8. Fine Arts

University Degree Available at: University of Britechester
Skills Needed: Painting, Photography, Violin
Careers in the Future: Musician (Entertainer Branch), Freelancer (Crafter Branch), Freelancer (Digital Artist Branch), Freelancer (Fashion Photographer Branch), Floral Designer (Gardener Branch), Painter (Master of the Real Branch), Style Influencer (Stylist Branch)
Examples of Classes: Digital Painting with Virtual Brushes, The Physics of Musical Sound, Black & White Photography

9. History

University Degree Available at: University of Britechester
Skills Needed: Charisma, Logic, Research & Debate
Careers in the Future: Judge (Law Branch), Military Officer (Military Branch), Politician (Politician Branch)
Examples of Classes: Counting to Infinity: Mathematical History, Wisdom of Watchers: Historical Belief, Finding Correlations in Historical Data

10. Language and Literature

University Degree Available at: University of Britechester
Skills Needed: Charisma, Research & Debate, Writing
Careers in the Future: Freelancer (Writer Branch), Private Attorney (Law Branch), Writer (Author Branch)
Examples of Classes: Inventing a Fictional Future, OMG: the Evolution of Linguistic Style, Interpreting the Word

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11. Physics

University Degree Available at: Foxbury Institute
Skills Needed: Handiness, Robotics, Rocket Science
Careers in the Future: Space Ranger (Astronaut Branch), Civil Designer (Green Technician Branch), Mechanical Engineer (Engineer Branch), Scientist
Examples of Classes: The Mechanics of Movement, Robotics in Adverse Conditions, Series of Tubes: Advanced Fluid Dynamics

12. Psychology

University Degree Available at: Foxbury Institute
Skills Needed: Charisma, Logic, Research & Debate
Careers in the Future: Detective, Professor (Education Branch), Military Covert Operator (Military Branch), Secret Agent (Diamond Agent Branch)
Examples of Classes: Therefore I Am: Intro to Psychology, Don’t Push the Button: Risk Assessment, Debate Me: The Psychology of Attitude Change

13. Villainy

University Degree Available at: Foxbury Institute
Skills Needed: Fitness, Logic, Mischief
Careers in the Future: Criminal Boss, Interstellar Smuggler (Astronaut Branch), Secret Agent (Villain Branch)
Examples of Classes: Minor Pranks and Misdemeanors, Advanced World Domination, Domino Theory and Evil Planning

Getting Scholarships For Your Sims


Scholarships are total game-changers when it comes to helping your Sims pursue their university dreams without breaking the bank. The best part? There are tons of scholarships to choose from, each with unique criteria. Some scholarships are all about your Sim’s skills, interests, or traits, while others look into their aspirations and backgrounds. So, how can your Sims apply for these sweet scholarships? Easy! Just hit up the “Apply for Scholarships” option on their phone or computer. But remember, it’s not a guarantee!

University Degree Scholarships

  1. Workplace Scholar Scholarship: Get §300 If your Sim reaches rank 3 in a career (including part-time jobs as a teen), they become eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  2. Helping Hand Scholarship: For Sims with cash between §10k to §15k and a property value between §80k to §100k, this §250 scholarship is here to lend a hand.
  3. Location-Based Scholarship: Live in any of the worlds from Willow Creek to Forgotten Hollow to get this scholarship
  4. Education for All Scholarship: If your Sim has less than §25k in property value and less than §2500 cash, they can apply for this scholarship to get the financial help they need, which amounts to 400 simoleons.
  5. Super Scout Scholarship: The more your Sim advances in the scouts (rank 2 and beyond), the better their chances of grabbing this §175 scholarship.
  6. Merit-Based Scholarship: If your Sim gets accepted for a Distinguished Degree, they can apply for this §500 scholarship.

Skill-based Scholarships

  1. Athletics Scholarship (§450): Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, this scholarship rewards Sims with mad athletic skills.
  2. E-Sports Scholarship (§450): Gamers, rejoice! Show off your video gaming skills and snag this cool scholarship.
  3. Friend of the Animals Scholarship (§400): If your Sim is an animal lover and excels in pet training and Veterinarian skills, this scholarship is purr-fect!
  4. Building the Future Scholarship (§400): Handy with tools and fascinated by rockets? This scholarship is for Sims skilled in Handiness and Rocket Science.
  5. Alley Cat Scholarship (§400): Bowling champs, unite! This scholarship is tailor-made for Sims with top-notch bowling skills.
  6. Future Star Scholarship (§200): From Guitar and Piano to Violin, DJ Mixing, Singing, Pipe Organ, and Acting, this scholarship celebrates Sims with star potential!
  7. Food and Drink Scholarship (§200): Master the culinary arts with cooking, gourmet cooking, baking, and mixology skills to win this tasty scholarship.
  8. The Great Outdoors Scholarship (§200): Green thumbs and nature lovers, this one’s for you! Show off your fishing, gardening, herbalism, and flower-arranging skills to earn this scholarship.

Conclusion: Make the Right Sims 4 University Degree Choice

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And there you have it, fellow Simmers! We hope you’ve gained useful insights into each of the university degrees your Sims can explore in the game. Now, it’s time to choose the perfect field for them and watch them have fun pursuing their academic adventures. Whether the choice is in Britechester or Foxbury, the only essential thing is that they pick up great lessons from their university schooling. Have fun simming, Simmers!

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