University World of Britechester: This is What Makes it So Extraordinary

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Do you love exploring unique, scenic Sims 4 worlds? If so, then Britechester will be a delight! Hop on to learn more about this historic University town!

sims 4 Britechester
University World of Britechester: This is What Makes it So Extraordinary!

What Makes Britechester so Special?

Britechester is a fully livable, university world that came with Sims 4: Discover University in 2019. While it does have residential lots and community lots, like any other world, Britechester is a unique word that ahs something no other world has – it is a University center.

The world is characterized by scenic architecture and water canals. It’s residents and visitors can go for a swim in the river, enjoy long walks, ride bikes and hang out by the river banks. If you chose to live here, and have Seasons installed and turned on, expect typical British weather, as the weather here is often rainy and cloudy.

Although everyone can live in Britechester, there are some restrictions. For instance, pregnant Sims can’t live on campus, and you can add gender restrictions for every university housing and turn them into fraternities or sororities.

What is Life on Campus like?

Since the main theme behind the Britechester world is University life, life on campus plays a huge role. Each university center is equipped with housing, cafeterias, and common spaces where Sims can chit-chat, get together, and socialize. You will find booths where you can purchase university items and food booths in a few spots around campus. You can find some near dorms.

Each university center is equipped with housing, cafeteria stations, and a common space where Sims can chit-chat, get together, and socialize.

Editing your Sim’s living space is somewhat limited, too. Sims who chose to live in dorms, won’t have the freedom to personalize their space much. Instead, they can purchase uni gear and equipment (such as a pc, or a poster) from the booths and you can then drag the items and place them where you want them.

Although the architecture of this world looks very European, life in dorms is more like life in dorms in America. You won’t find a kitchen space in dorms, and your Sims will have to go to cafeterias or food booths to grab a meal.

Can Sims Live in and Visit Britechester if They are Not Students?

Absolutely! Unlike Universities in previous Sims versions, the Sims 4 university world is open to everyone. Since it’s not a vacation world, Sims can travel to Bricthester anytime they want, as they would to any other residential world. Traveling and living here isn’t restricted to students only, so any Sims, of any age, can visit it, even if they’re not enrolled in Uni. So, if you are drawn to live here, you can do so without restrictions.

If you have students in your active family, they can also live at a different campus, or one can live on campus, while the other is off-campus. The choice is all yours!

Be aware that if you choose to move into housing that’s already partially occupied by an active household, you will be merging your active Sims with that household. For instance, if you choose to move in with Best of Friends in Wyvern Hall, they will become playable characters unless you use cheats.

new sims and families in Britechester

The world of Britechester has four families, three of which are new, while one is the good old Pleasant Family (Lillith and Angela) from Sims 2, returning to Sims 4. new Families are the Fletcher Family (Cameron Fletcher), the Elderberry Family (Ekram, Eleanore and Rohan Elderberry), and Best of Friends Household ( Becca Clarke and Julia Wright).

While living here, you will also get a chance to encounter four homeless Sims, all of whom are suspected to be professors at the University: Jing Fen, Lana McKinnon, Serena Bhamra, and Thomas Jabari. 

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britechester neighborhoods

This lovely world has three neighborhoods, and each has a distinct architecture. These are:

  • Univeristy of Britechester
  • Foxburry Institute
  • Gibbs Hill

The first two are University centers with campuses and have university dorms, while Gibs Hills is a regular neighborhood with a community and residential lots.

Lots in Britechester aren’t the biggest, but they are perfectly tailored to match the surroundings.  The world has 13 lots in total, only 3 of which are classic residential lots. 6 lots are University housing lots, 2 are typical community lots, and 2 are common spaces for students. Unlike some other Sims 4 worlds, Britechester has no empty lots, so you’ll have to work your way around building (renovating) the perfect home.

1. University of Britechester

If you love dreamy old Universities, Britechester is for you. Being inspired by the British Oxford University, all buildings on campus resemble English architecture. Here, the focus is on arts and history. Sims who chose to study here can opt for Drama, Fine Art, Art History, Communications, Culinary Arts, Language & Literature, and History. Britechester has a central park area with a huge book statue that you can interact with if you want to join the Secret Society.

university of britechester lots

University of Britechester features three housing lots and one common space:

  • Darby’s Den – This is a one-floor, UBrite common space built on a 30×20 lot. It has Convivial and Great Acoustics lot traits, which makes it ideal for reading poetry or practicing debate skills. This is where students can come to events (which take place both indoors and outdoors, behind the building), play chess, grab a snack, or socialize. It features a microphone, bookshelves, computers, and debating podiums.
  • Darkwing House – A two-floor cottage with two bedrooms built on a 30×20 lot. This is a University housing lot and it is believed that Felix Psyded, the founder of Britechester University himself, lived here!
  • Drake Hall – This is a dorm that occupies a 30×20 lot. It has five bedrooms and accommodates 10 students. 
  • Wyvern Hall – A dorm on a 30×20 lot, with 5 bedrooms, occupied by Best of Friends. Similarly to Drake Hall, it accommodates up to 10 students. It’s reserved for the University of Britechester students only, and it’s unoccupied by default.

2. Foxbury Institute

50 years ago, the Landgrab family decided to sponsor a new University Center – the Foxbury Institute. Compared to the previous University center, which has a more distinctive historical, classic look to it, Foxburry Institute features modern buildings. It’s younger than the University of Britechester and more suitable for students who desire to pursue science. Those who chose to study here can choose from Villainy, Physics, Psychology, Computer Science, Economics, or Biology. Similarly to Britechester, there is a modern statue in the central green area, where you can try to join the Secret Society.

Foxbury institute lots

Like Britechester, Foxbury Institute has one common space, and three housing lots:

  • Larry’s Lagoon – This is a Foxburry common space for students which is a mix between a canteen and a study space. This is where folks can meet up, play ping pong, and chess, watch TV, take a sip of coffee at the cafeteria, use a PC, experiment, and build skills at robotics workstations. This spacious build on two floors occupies a 40×30 lot, and has Fast Internet and Natural Light lot traits, which is ideal for studying and developing tech skills! It opens at 12 PM, so make sure you visit at the right time to get fresh meals. 
  • Maritime Manor – This two-floor University housing occupies a 30×20 lot and has three bedrooms. It’s situated at the end of the road in a residential area and reserved for Foxbury Institute students.
  • Tidal Tower – The first of the twin uni housing ‘’towers’’.This is a modern, contemporary dorm with four bedrooms, with shared and single-room options, ideal for students who do’’ like sharing their space with strangers. It occupies a 30×20 lot
  • Briny Tower – The second of the two ‘’towers’’, built on a 30×20 lot. It features shared rooms and has four bedrooms, each with two beds. This is where Fletcher Family Lives!

3. Gibbs hill

Gibbs Hill is the only non-Univerity neighborhood and a place where students can live off campus. Inspired by English architecture, Gibbs Hill is a lively neighborhood, organized just like most other residential neighborhoods in Sims 4. It is located right in between two campus neighborhoods, on the central island in the middle od the map. 

As the name implies, this part of the world is a bit uphill, with plenty of space for jogging, riding a bike, or walking. Beautiful scenery, canals, bridges, and English architecture make it stunning. 

Britechester is not only a University town. It is also the hometown of the oldest secret society in Sims 4, the Order of Enchantment, and a few other student societies. The society meets near Gibbs Hill, across the bridge from Pepper’s Pub, so if you stumble across a weird circular mushroom formation across the bridge, you have found the secret altar. You can learn more about the Order of Enchantment and how to join it here!

gibbs hill lots

  • Honeydew Fields – An uninhabited residential lot, built on a 20×15. This tiny home has two floors and is near community lots. If you choose to live in Gibs Hill, this is the only home that’s available for purchase by default. 
  • Laurel Library – One of the two community lots, located in the center of Gibbs Hill. This is where students and Britechester residents can come to use computers, research machines, and read. It’s built on a 50×40 lot, and lot traits are Study Spot and University Student Hang Out. If you are up for ice skating, you can do so next to the library. 
  • Mossy Lane – A three-floor residential space, built on a small 20×15 lot and occupied by the Pleasant Sisters.
  • Pepper’s Pub – Second of the two community lots in Gibbs Hill, located right on the river bank. This is where inhabitants can come to grab a drink, socialize, or play ping-pong. The build occupies a 20×20 lot and has a University Student Hang Out lot trait.  
  • Spring Steppes – A residential 20×15 lot, occupied by the Elderberry family


Britechester is a fun world to play in, especially if you appreciate fine architecture, are interested in university life, or simply love mingling with students. While lots aren’t the biggest, and there are no lots to build on from scratch, the world brings a unique experience of living in dorms, which is a different kind of fun. Explore it yourself, and have fun!

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