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Brindleton Bay is one of the most scenic Sims worlds and was first introduced in a Cats & Dogs game pack. From dog parks to incredible nature, and peaceful neighborhoods, life here is blissful for all kinds of inhabitants. Can you imagine what would it be like to live surrounded by pets all the time? Continue reading to find out!

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What is so unique about brindleton bay?

Besides the beautiful scenery and stunning shoreline, this Sims world gives cats and dogs the main stage. Everything here is adapted to make furry friends feel at home and enjoy a fun time with their Sims friends. If you choose to live here, expect to see stray cats and dogs, find dog walking paths, or befriend cats at cat hangout spots. While the whole world is very animal-friendly, you will find that some areas, like Whiskerman’s Warf and Sable Square, are slightly more adapted to cats or dogs. A dog-friendly park and Pawspital are some of the new essentials for keeping pets happy and healthy. Some Sims speculate that the major of the world is a stray cat called Major Whiskers.

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Sable Square

Full of greenery and spots for cats and dogs, Sable Square is an incredible place for animal lovers, especially dog owners. Featuring a Vet Clinic, a Park, and a monument dedicated to feline and dog friends, it is a peaceful and joyous neighborhood to reside in. There are five lots in total, three of which are residential. The neighborhood has a pretty lake with fishing spots, picnic tables, and a few grills and relaxation spots. These are Brindleton Bay lots Sims 4 has for you in Sable Square:

Sporting Space – An empty 30×20 lot you can buy for $2,410.

Domus Familiaris – A pretty residential house, ready for you to move in. The price for this dreamy two-floor place is $43,735, and the lot size is 30×30.

It’s a Good House – This is a cozy home with two floors and the residence of the Hecking family. The lot size is 40×40, and the total value of the place is $87,180,

Pupperstone Park – A beautiful 40×30 community lot, adapted for dearest animal friends. This is a dog-friendly public space, with an agility course for dogs. In addition, it features a playset for kids, and your Sims can also picnic, grill, or play chess here.

Brindleton Pawspital – What is a pet-friendly neighborhood without a vet office. The clinic has a reception, two examination rooms, and a green area for pets to play. Here, your animal friends can get checked by vets, or even have surgeries. Pets’ health always comes first!

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Whiskerman’s Wharf

The Whiskerman’s Wharf is an urban area next to the city harbor. This is a perfect Brindleton Bay Sims 4 spot for feline fans with plenty of objects cats love, such as boxes. It features three residential and two community lots, ideal for socializing and meeting new people. There is a beautiful dock from where you can enjoy sunsets or chat in a beautiful atmosphere under the decorative lights. Whiskerman’s Wharf pier has a few tables and benches for relaxation. This is also a great place for children, so feel free to take your youngsters to a pirate ship playground. You can fish in the sea, or take a boat to a Deadgrass Isle.

Tail’s End – The only empty residential lot in the area you can buy for $3,000. Here, you’ll be able to build your dream home on a 40×30 lot, plus enjoy a spectacular view.

Catscratch Cottage – A home of cat-loving Lynx family. Although the two-floor house is built on a small 20×15 lot, this is a cat hangout and has all cats need to live their best lives. The value of the property is $43,975.

Ragdoll Refurb – A nice, unoccupied house you can buy for $70,601. The building has two floors, and the lot size is 20×20.

Salty Paws Saloon – One of the two community lots in the neighborhood. This is a Bar with two stores and is a cat hangout. While the lot is 20×15 in size, the fishing pier nearby makes it look even more magnificent.

Club Calico – A 40×30 community lot. This is a Lounge, with a great view of the ocean, and also a romantic wedding venue.

Cavalier Cove

Cavalier Cove is a fully residential area situated along the shoreline. Spacious and quiet, it has five lots, only one of which is occupied by a pre-made family. This leaves you with two homes you can buy, and two empty lots to build on. Although there are no community lots, the neighborhood has a magnificent beach, plenty of green areas, jogging, and picnic spots. Here you can also use a small pier on the beach to get to the Deadgrass Isle. This is the Brindleton Bay map for Cavalier Cove:

Hindquarter Hideaway – An empty residential 30×20 lot near a small lake. You can purchase this secluded piece of land for $2,000.

Dachshund’s Creek – An empty lot near a path that leads to the beach. The size of the lot is 30×20, and the price is $2,000.

Bedlington Boathouse – A small, unoccupied home on the beachfront. The house is built on a 20×20 lot, has two floors, and is available for purchase for $19,331.

Chateau Frise – A spacious home of the Delgato family. The lot size is 40×40 and the house has three floors. With an estimated value of $179,033, this is one of the most expensive properties in the city.

Hound’s Head – An empty mansion on a huge 64×64 lot. It has two floors and you can buy it for $192,767. This makes it the most expensive unoccupied home in this Sims world.

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Deadgrass Isle

Deadgrass Isle is an isolated island and a neighborhood in Brindleton Bay. Unlike the other neighborhoods, this one is a public space for everyone to enjoy with no residential lots on it. It has one community lot, which is a museum, and also features a lighthouse, and a pet cemetery. While the shoreline is mostly rocky and has steep cliffs, there is a beach Sims can enjoy outdoor activities or go fishing. It has a small pier which serves as the only connection with other neighborhoods. There is plenty of space for jogging and walking in nature, and a lot of Brindleton Bay historical facts and secrets to learn about.

Deadgrass Discoveries – The only lot found on the island and a museum dedicated to marine history, and a shipwreck that took place near the island. The museum, which has three floors, was originally a lighthouse keeper’s home. According to the popular legend, the only survivors of the wreck were cats and dogs. The lot size is 30×30.

Brindleton Light – A lighthouse near the museum with a beautiful view. Although not categorized as a lot you can still visit the place and even WooHooo here.

Pet Cemetery – The only cemetery of its kind in the game. At night, you can see ghosts of deceased pets roaming around. Just like the lighthouse, this is not a community lot, but you can still visit it.

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