Chest Slider In Sims 4 – How To Use It?

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About The Chest Slider

Every time you sit down to create a female Sim, chances are that you’re going to get bothered by the chest part. Of course, you can make your Sim’s breast larger or smaller, but you can’t always make them look realistic. In fact, that seems like one of the hardest things to do in Sims 4! Luckily, there is a chest slider that works perfectly in Sims 4 and you need to know about it!

What will the chest slider do to my game?

It will give you the option to deeply customize the way your Sim’s chest looks in the game. Although simple, it lets you create the breast of the perfect size and height, which is not the case with the base game. And as a result, you can create a really distinguishable Sim, especially if you use other body sliders too.

So, without further ado, let’s check the chest slider and explain you can make it work in your own game!

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Chest Slider: an Overview

The chest slider that we’re using here at SnootySims is called Female Chest Depth and Width Slider. It’s created by Hellfrozeover, who first published the mod back in 2018 on ModTheSims. Since then the chest slider has had a couple of versions and updates, and it has been downloaded over 100,000 times!

Nowadays, you can download the Female Chest Depth and Width Slider tool for The Sims 4 through this link!

If you are new to the game or the Mods and CC scene in general, here’s how to make to install this tool.

The first step is to download the contents, of course. The second is to extract those contents and copy them. And the third step is to paste those contents into your Mods folder which can be found in the installation destination of your Sims 4.

And if you need further help with this, make sure to check this guide! It will explain everything you need to do when it comes to downloading and installing mods!

How Does It Work?

Alright, the first thing to do after you’ve installed the chest slider is to find it in the game. You can easily access it by clicking on your Sim’s back while they’re facing away from you.

Now, once you select the slider, you can drag your mouse left and right to either increase or decrease the width of your Sim’s chest. This will allow you to set how wide or how narrow your Sim upper body will look.

Keep in mind that the chest slider only works on female Sims. We have no news whether the creator has any plans to update this tool for male Sims. And for the time being, we have to be content with it!

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The chest slider is compatible with all other body sliders for The Sims 4. In fact, we even recommend you to use it with them, just so you get a complete set of tools for creating unique Sims.

One of the body sliders we absolutely want you to try in combination with the chest slider is the breast slider! They may sound similar, but the breast slider focuses on the front part of your Sim. It allows you to set the height, the volume, and the shape of their breasts, so make sure you give it a try!


And that’s all you need to know about the chest slider! It’s really a neat feature for creating realistic Sims. We heavily recommend you to give it a shot, especially if you have never used it before. We promise you’ll end up having tons of fun! 

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