Chest Slider In Sims 4 – How To Use It?

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A sim’s torso is more than just their stomach and breasts. Let’s get customizing even further with a pair of CC chest sliders.

Chest Sliders

We’ve previously posted about breast sliders which are helpful for sims that actually have breasts, but they don’t offer a lot by way of adjustment for other parts of the chest. Regardless of whether your sim has breasts or not there should be more options for sizing their chest, as not everybody has the same torso size.

Chest Sliders For All Types

We’ve got chest slider options here for sims for all body types, so you can customize the look of your character no matter their gender expression!

Tip: Use the cheat cas.fulleditmode before entering CAS to re-enable sliders for sims who have already been created, allowing you to make new adjustments with these chest slider mods.

Female Chest Depth And Width Slider by Hellfrozeover

Female Chest Width and Depth Slider

The first chest slider we’re going to talk about is the Female Chest Depth and Width Slider by Hellfrozeover. It works independently of the Breast Slider (and can in fact be used in conjunction with it) and will control how wide the upper half of your femme framed sims’ torso protrudes.

MTS Hellfrozeover 1774199 WIDTH

This slider can be accessed from the rear or side profile by grabbing the upper back area and moving left to right. Width is affected from rear view, while the depth of the chest is accessed in side view.

Click here to download!



Hi-land brings us our other slider hilariously titled BIG BOOBS?? MALE CHEST SLIDER. While masc frames have an adjustable chest width by default in CAS, the size of a sim’s pecs is pretty static. It’s sort of the opposite problem to femme framed sims who don’t have chest width flexibility but their “pecs” are resizable.

image 71

The slider is adjusted by turning your sim to profile view and grabbing the pectoral area. Use it to give muscular or thicker sims a larger chest or as part of a nonbinary sim’s physical gender expression. Bear in mind that adjusting to the extreme may cause clothing, particularly CC tops, to look distorted.

Click here to download!

Getting The Most Out Of Chest Sliders

These chest sliders have given us more adjustability on our sims’ torsos, but that’s not the end of it! Combine the sliders with different body presets along with other sliders and you can really customize the appearance of your sims. By default, The Sims 4 does have a decent amount of customization for sims but with mods and CC there’s so much more out there to do! Change your sim’s height, weight, posture, walk style, and more and you can end up with a world of completely unique characters unlike sims found anywhere else. Be sure to stick around to the end of the article where we’ll share links to some of these customization tools!

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In Conclusion

Giving sims a range of shapes & sizes not only makes your characters more varied and interesting, but it’s an easy way to make everybody feel a little more represented in their favorite simulation game. Give your body builder that extra barrel chest or slenderize a petite ballerina sim, all with the aid of a chest slider mod. Do you use CC sliders in your game? What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments and happy simming!

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