The 50+ Best Hair CC Packs for The Sims 4 Ranked (2022)


There’s nothing like a new hairstyle to change up your Sims’ look and give them a confidence boost with some of the greatest Sims 4 Hair CC! If you’re looking for some new CC packs to freshen up your Sims’ style, look no further! In this article, we’ll be showcasing some of the best Sims 4 hair packs. Whether you’re looking for something for your females, males, adults, or toddlers, we’ve got you covered. Sit back and enjoy!

The Best Hairstyles by Category

If all Simmers could agree on one thing – it would be that we don’t have enough hairs in The Sims 4! The search for the perfect Sims 4 hairstyles for your male or female Sim is a never-ending one, a journey that could always take another turn. We thought of taking on such an adventure and showing you all of our treasured hair mods for The Sims 4!

We’ve also created a few handy buttons with links to some of our most popular hair articles. Whether you’re looking for a new bob haircut or long hairstyles for your Sims, we’re certain these links will have something for everyone. Be sure to check them out!

50. Riana Hair

Number fifty on our list is Riana’s Hair by Reina Sims4. This is a beautiful bob haircut that has a silky texture and long bangs. The bangs cover the eyebrows, which is a nice touch. There are different swatches available, but my favorite is the purple one. Overall, this is a great choice for those who want a bob haircut with a bit of charm. I wouldn’t change a thing, but here’s a little SnootySim’s tip: find your Sim some dreamy eyes to top off the entire look. Here’s your download link.

49. Jazz Riff

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Simstrouble only ever knows how to wow us! You simply cannot not appreciate this. Especially when it comes to male hairstyles, you don’t always stumble upon good creations. This one is somewhat messy but it’s just in place. Not a thing to alter here. The pack is compatible with the base game. Visit this link to download.

48. braids collection

I’d like to personally thank Sheabuttyr for putting this wonderful collection of braids at our disposal for free. Be prepared to literally welcome 41 new hairs into your game. Those braids come in a variety of different haircuts including bobs, ponytails, space buns, normals, and abnormals. So much creativity that’ll either inspire you or lock you up in CAS for hours. Moreover, you get these hairstyles in 31 swatches. Visit this link to download.

47. Angele Hair

If you’ve been using custom content for some time, you’d probably be aware of all the little details that can make a huge difference while creating your next Sim. One of those details is using hair clips as an accessory. This can make the haircut pop, at least that’s what I’d like to think. We don’t have plenty of options though, so it was really cool finding this haircut. I also love the fact that this short hair has one side longer than the other; quite original. Here’s your download link.

46. PowerPunk Girls – Hair Set

Who doesn’t miss PowerPunk Girls? The little kid in us still knows who of the three girls we want to be. Luckily, we could always impersonate our favorite characters in the Sims 4, thanks to CC creators who recreate their outfits and hairs to look just like them! It’s a fun way to relive our childhood and feel like a superhero again. The CC pack also comes with hair accessories that you could find under Hats. What are you waiting for? Download!

45. Edgy and Stylish

Admit it… this mohawk in particular has no parallel. But I’m pleased there’s now a female hairstyle that flows just in harmony with the edginess and sophistication of it. You must have “Holiday Celebration Pack” and “Island Living” for both of these hairstyles to work properly in-game. Go ahead and grab this CC pack.

44. Mirror Angel

I remember when I first learned about NewseaSims and that hairstyles could actually come in different textures and versatile styles. I was and still am excited to try out any new packs. This one in particular caught my attention. It works on young adults, adults, and elders. The pack also includes the pearl hair accessory which we can all agree creates the cutest look. You can download the haircut with bangs or without. Here’s your download link.

43. Black Bullet

This one too is by NewseaSims. Not only does it look charming but it works on male and female Sims alike. I’d say, if you want to create a tom-boy of a Sim, you should consider using this haircut. Visit this link to download.

42. Fourteen ClumsyAlien Hairs in A Moot Point

This pack is a recolor of several awesome hairstyles by equally awesome CC creators. I don’t know if you’d agree but recolors generally add a unique twist to the original creation. Of course, you can’t just download the recolor pack, you need to have the base mesh in order to proceed. You’ll find links to all of them on Serindipitysims’s page. Expect 41 colors to choose from. We’re all in for a good treat, that I’ll say. Here’s your download link.

41. Hair 06 Flying Perm

I can’t bring myself to remember who this hairstyle reminds me of, but it just had to be on this list. With over 50 swatches to choose from, you can use it for a casual or a party look. Go ahead and grab this CC pack.

40. toddler hair conversions

Would you not say you’re in need of good toddler hair mods because we’re bound to very few options? I would! All of these hairstyles are conversions of meshes designed by prominent CC creators like Greenllamas, Busted Pixels, Jellymoo, Daylifesims, and many more. I couldn’t be more grateful for Casteru having put it together for us. Here’s your download link.

39. Leahlillith Frankie Hairstyle Retexture

Do you ever call someone a monster but mean it in the best way possible? No?… okay! LeahLillith is a monster in my eyes, she has always delivered innovative custom content. But this texture recolor of her hairstyle is honestly so attractive that I had to include it here. It equally deserves recognition. So, you shall expect 36 swatches. Go ahead and experiment with them. Visit this link to download.

38. Jessica Hairstyle

If curly and messy hairstyles had a baby, it would look like this. The pack is available for all Sims except for toddlers, most probably because it would consume their little faces given that it’s quite voluminous. Well designed, Sonyasims! Here’s your download link.

37. Poison Hair

This is another conversion pack on our list for today. If you’re a sucker for anime and those somewhat messy hairstyles, you’re going to want this hairstyle for your toddlers. I was a bit taken aback that it comes in 200 swatches… the number felt unfathomable for a second. But hey, the more the merrier, right? It’s only available for male Sims. Install this package from here.

36. LIS2 Sean Buzzed Hair

Have you ever played Life is Strange? What about Life is Strange 2? Well, this hairstyle is inspired by Sean Diaz from LIS 2. His story and personality were ones to remember. Now you can have a replica of it in the Sims 4. The haircut comes in 15 swatches. Check it out here.

35. Jessie Hair

Too long is never long enough! This Jessie Hair is maxis match and works on Sims from teen to elder. It’s also available in way too many colors to ensure you never leave CAS before the next sunrise. Just kidding! Here’s your download link.

34. Aylin Hair

This is a representation of the type of hairstyle every girl wanted at one point but couldn’t nail. And then we discovered hair mousse. Good thing we don’t have to go through that entire process in the Sims 4, we could simply download hair mods like this one. It’s compatible with the base game and comes in 45 swatches. Install this package from here.

33. BNHA – Shinso Hair Redoux

This essentially is a hairstyle inspired by BNHA with a bit of tweaks here and there. You get to have it in 40 swatches, thanks to Drosims. I bet you could already picture the type of Sim that would need this hair, no? Install this package from here.

32. Voidwalk er hair

This hairstyle is created by the amazing Raccoonium. Surprisingly, it works on males and females alike. Not certain you’ll want to use it on your male Sims but I would definitely consider it for my female characters. The sweet thing is, it’s compatible with split hair overlays. Meaning, your Sim could have this long hairstyle in two tones. Here’s your download link.

31. quinn hair

Alright, I’ll be honest… Not sure who Quinn is but I simply admire this haircut by Zombietrait. The pack is BGC and you wouldn’t have a problem accessorizing it with hats or any other hair accessories. Visit this link to download.

30. Nicholas Charmer Hairstyle

hair mod

Medium to longer crowns and shorter sides is one of the styles of the men full of charm! They know how to wear it proudly and win every situation with their charisma. The awesome mod you’re seeing here is a high-quality design by Cazy and it comes in 17 glowing shades! If you want to download it for yourself, click here.

sims 4 hair

The secret of why this mod by Nightcrawler is so popular on the internet lies purely in its beauty! The right length, the smooth flow of the hair, the gorgeous color options… everything is up to the point of perfection. You can find it for admiring at The Sims Resource and you collect it by following this link.

28. Nightcrawler Cranberry Gorgeous Retextured

sims 4 hair

One of the most gorgeous shapes of a woman’s hair is here! With extremely long sides, short bangs, and a sweet bun at the top – it’s bound to make you absolutely adorable! In 62 swatches, out of which 33 are ombre ones, this mod doesn’t lack customization either. If you want to download it and play with it as soon as possible, use this link.

27. Nightcrawler Impulse Killer Look Hair CC

To raise someone’s impulse only with your hair is an easy thing if you have this hairstyle on! The high bun is overpowering, the overall design is elegant and the 22 different color shades are more than enough to enrich the killer look. For more info and download, head over to this site.

26. Nightcrawler Kimmie Delightful Retextured Hair

A lot of time you’ll find true beauty in the simplest of things! Such is the case with this delightful long hair and we can’t help but love it for it! It’s available in all the 64 swatches and it can be yours if you click here. The official publishing page is

25. Nightcrawler Turn It Up Retextured Hair

Nightcrawler has created one of the most stunning hair CC and he doesn’t disappoint with this one either! Whether it’s a regular color shade or an ombre one, the hairstyle is really flavorful and we recommend you to try it! You can find it for download here.

24. Stealthic Aquaria Rebellious Retextured Hair

hair cc

The mark of the true rebels is their hair! If you want to Rock And Roll successfully inside The Sims 4 you’re going to need its official hairstyle! Long, powerful, and demanding – you can download it from this link, and you can find more of the creator at

23. Stealthic Sleepwalking Wavy Retextured Hair

hair mod

A wavy style is always in! And you really can’t go wrong when you wear this dreamy and mesmerizing carpet of hair! No matter for which type of Sim you’re planning this mod, we promise you that it will achieve a handsome look. For a super quick download, click here.

22. Sims 4 Pigtails Hair CC for Toddlers

hair cc

Children are at their most adorable when they wear pigtails, isn’t that right? Because of that, we’ve brought you an exceptionally lovely hair addition for your toddlers, with big volume and a messy tone! Hurry up to to download it for yourself or use our direct link here.

21. T55 Newsea J088f Ribbon Bun Hair for Toddlers

We all know that toddlers don’t have to do anything special to be cute, but with the right hairstyle, they can excel in that too! Have a look at this sweet one with a side bun in a ribbon! You’re going to be the judge in which color it looks the best after you download it from here.

20. Toksik Queen Styled Jealousy

hair mod

If we only go by popularity, then this mod will win it all – over 1,100,000 downloads at The Sims Resource! But it’s not only its fame because of which it appears on our list, but its calmed lavishness, its gentle waves, and its queen style! To add it to your collection, you can download it from here.

19. Toksik Stunning Ominous Hair

hair mod

Toksik’s creations are known by many Simmers throughout the world. We’ve had this mod since it was first published at The Sims Resource and we’ve been using it ever since. On a quiet and nerdy Sim, or an ambitious and outgoing one – no matter, because it always manages to pretty them up! It’s available for download on this page.

18. TsminhSims Foxy Sweet Ari

hair mod

Being sweet and charming at once is a rare thing. But your Sims can achieve it with this wonderful hair mod which comes in a total of 105 recolors, both regular and ombre ones. Be foxy and download it from here.

17. TsminhSims Powerful Bob Roux Hair

hair mod

Bob hair is the mark of a powerful woman! To continue stomping everything before you, we’ve brought you this fantastic hair mod. Full of volume and full of strength – it’ll take your Sim to new heights! Hurry up and download it from this link.

16. WINGS Handsome Short Male Hair – OS0508

hair mod

We haven’t created a single male Sim that hasn’t looked absolutely handsome with this hair! There is something in the messy design, the freeing colors and the boundless confidence that it makes it a must for every Simmer. The creator here is Wingssims and you can download his CC from here.

15. Yodit Wild And Free Retextured

hair mod

And we conclude this list with another wonderful discovery from! This hairstyle is wild and it can serve to spark some adventures up! Between 31 regular color tones and 33 ombre ones, we’re more than sure that you’ll find the perfect one for your Sim. If you’re challenged, follow this link to download it now!

14. Recolors of Nightcrawler

Next on our list are these recolors of Nightcrawler Sims’ Venom, Bitten, and Ebony hairstyles which we’re absolutely in love with! I’ve always been a fan of bright and bold hair colors, so when I saw these pastel shades, I knew I had to share them with you. Even though they’re a bit brighter than your average shade, I bet you’d love to experiment with them! Make sure you grab the mesh first though. Here’s your download link.

13. Steven Sims 4 Hair CC

This hairstyle is one that both your male and female sims can try out. It’s cool and short, a bit messy, and I’m honestly loving the bangs to the side; very sassy! There are 24 swatches available, and the pack comes in two versions: with and without strands. This Sims 4 hair CC is compatible with the base game, which is always a plus! Try it out on your teens and adults alike. Here’s your download link.

12. blossoming

Life in the Sims 4 isn’t always serious but when it is, one demands matching hairstyles for their Sims. Would you not agree? When I first found this pack, I instantly pictured where and when my Sims would be having these hairstyles. I’d also say, if your characters are somewhat shy and well-behaved, you may want to consider one of these hairs, if not both. To install this Sims 4 hair CC, click here.

11. beth hair

Totally in love with this hair cc! The braid goes all the way from the front of your Sims hair to the inside. It looks super creative and cute. It’s also voluminous, so it would make any small face look super cute, you should try it yourself. Visit this Patreon page to install.

10. anna hair

Why so serious, simmie? I’ve been using this hairstyle for the longest time now and I can’t say I’ve had enough of it yet. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of messy and chic all put into one CC pack. You don’t have to own any special Sims 4 packs to have this hairstyle; it’s base game compatible. So, allow me to compel you with my supernatural simming abilities to download this pack because I know you need it. You’re welcome!

9. EDGY SIDE SET – Trudy Hairstyle

Okay, we all know that when it comes to fashion, there’s nothing more daring than sporting an edgy hairstyle. I’m looking at this hairstyle and thinking to myself: a power couple in my game, that’s what this hairstyle needs. Killer look, for sure, your couple would sure turn heads and look hot while doing it! Visit this page to grab this CC.

8. Paris Hairstyle

Paris Geller, played by Liza Weil on Gilmore Girls, is known for her iconic hairstyle. While the original is great, this CC gives it an even better look. Plus, it’s compatible with the base game and with hats. Your teen, elders, and adults can all try it out. Head over to this page to install.

7. Jackie Hair

I’ve stumbled upon this custom content pack only recently, and I’ve never clicked anything so fast in my life. Unlucky for me, it wasn’t free then but it sure is now. Thank you AladdinSimmer for this awesome hairstyle! You also get ombre options as Facepaint. Here’s your download link.

6. romantique

I know what you’re thinking, these aren’t your typical hairstyles, especially the one to the left! It may not even look good as casual wear for your female simmies. That said, your proms and parties would fit the upbeat style of these haircuts, without ifs, ands, or buts! You can find the highlight overlay of this hairstyle under Rings. Click here to grab this set.


You can’t go wrong with a bun like this one. The bangs are atypical yet very catchy in their own regard. The pack is BGC, thanks to the cc creator. Overall, I’d say this short hair is one to look out for! Complete the look with a nice pair of custom earrings and your Sim would be good to go! Click here to add the hair cc to your Sims 4 installation.


Spiky bun with baby bangs? Yes, please! I wouldn’t say I anticipated seeing anything similar to this whilst searching for Sims 4 hair CC but I can only say I’m intrigued. You also get a version without bangs, if you prefer it that way. May we all take a second to appreciate the stunning swatches of the claw clip accessory that comes with this hair, though? Here’s your download link.


Imagine if braids in the Sims 4 could swing back and forth as your Sim walks… how cool would that be? Either way, there’s something about those braids that just make me feel like a badass queen. And let’s be honest: we could all use a little more badassery in the Sims 4. That’s why I’ve been loving hair CC that gives me those old ancient vibes.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I’ve got your back. Go ahead and create a character and have her live the Witcher’s life, or just some old ancient queen who rules her kingdom with wisdom and grace. The pack is available in 3 versions. Here’s your download link.

2. Toddler Hair Pack No.2

This is an awesome pack of hairstyles for your toddler Sims. Trust me when I recommend hair CCs for your toddlers because I have honestly tried way too many, and only a small sum of those actually looked good on my Sims. You get two hairstyles for your little females and one for your small baby boys. Well then, go ahead and try them out yourself! Click here to install.

1. EUPHORIA SET – Cassie Party

Last but not least is this hair CC by Cassie Party. Would you look at those hair clips though? Hair accessories never fail to win us over. The slightly wavy ends are the cutest thing ever. The hair clips are found under Hats, by the way. We’d love to see what you could come up with! Create a Sim and share it with us. Click here to download this cc pack.

Final Words

There you go, simmers! These are 50 of the best hairstyles for the Sims 4. If you’re looking for a change, these should be at the top of your list. Be sure to check back often, as we update our lists regularly! Happy simming!

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