Sims 4 Clayified Hair

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//Ade-Marina//Clayified//You need the mesh//

Let’s get your Sim on a modeling runway with these new and amazing hair mods! You don’t need to search further to get the most fabulous look out there – we did that for you! All you have to do is choose a color that you like most on this awesome hairstyle! The CC is done by Awesomesimmeryt and you can download it from here!

clayified hair set

//NightCrawler Crow Hair//Clayified//You need the mesh!//

Another creation by Awesomesimmeryt is this wonderful hairstyle. The design and the texture are truly special and the mod looks exceptional in every color! Yes, you need the mesh but the link is provided here! The official source of the CC is The Sims Resource.

clayified hair set

//Nightcrawler Runaway//CLayified//You need the mesh//

Long, sleek and gorgeous – this hair could be the real winner of this list! It makes up for a bombastic appearance on every young Sim, but it’s great on older Sims as well. All the base game colors work and they suit it beautifully. Why wait? Hurry up and download this clayified mod from this link.

clayified hair set

Jungkook Hair Clayified – Mesh needed

A short and cute haircut is what always makes men attractive! This clayified version is no different and it is a sure way to make your male Sims outstanding! You can download the mesh along with the mod so there are no difficulties there. Thousand thanks to Yorã» for creating the mod which you can download directly from here.

clayified hair set

Leah Lillith Selene Clayified – Mesh needed

Locks, on top of locks, on top of locks! Say hello to one of the most beautiful hair mods on the entire internet! The way the texture and the form of the hairstyle are combined is really something special. It also works for males besides females, and can it can be used in combination with hats. All the credits go to Furansims and you can download her CC from this link.

clayified hair set

Anto-Puma Retexture Clayified – Mesh Needed

And if you were looking for a haircut to make your male Sims dreamy and wanted – here it is! Not only the design is original and deserves all the praises, but the way the base colors play with this mod is fantastical! The creator is Veulir and you can download his CC from our direct link here.

clayified hair set

Cazy Haley Hair Clayified

This princess hairstyle is something that every female Sim needs! No matter if you are going for a famous career or not, this mod will truly enrich your appearance a thousand fold! Plus it works in almost all of the base EA colors, so you can enjoy a fresh look every day! You can download this clayified CC directly from this link.

clayified hair set

Grafity Delight Hair Clayified

This hairstyle has it all – glorious braids, cute bits of bangs and a wonderful crown behind! This mod is certain to achieve excellence in the appearance of your Sims, no matter who or what they are. The clayified design only enhances the hair and you’ve got to try it for yourself! Head over to for a download.

clayified hair set

Leahlillith Bling Hair Clayified

For all of you who are more independent and out-of-the-norm – here we have for you an incredible addition to your hair collection! These twin tails are polished in such a manner to shine in every color they come. And they do! Don’t wait for too long and download this awesome CC from here.

clayified hair set

Leahlillith Horizonte Hair Clayified

You play an ambitious Sim? Then you definitely need this clayified hair mod to achieve that highest level of gorgeous! The overall work done on the mod is really for applauding and it also works in the 16 of the base EA colors. The official source is but you can download directly from here.

clayified hair set

Leahlillith Layla Hair Clayified

This time we are full of new and interesting hair mods! Take a look at this super cool clayified hairstyle that will completely transform your Sims from typical and ordinary to entirely fresh and delightful! You can also find it at or you can download it directly from this link.

clayified hair set

Leahlillith Naira Hair Clayified

And if you were waiting for something wild and lavish – here it is! This beautiful hairstyle has been clayified and given a modern tone. Now it can gleam properly on every Sim you create and give you that exclusive look you want! Here is the direct download link.

clayified hair set

LeahLillith Palace Hair Clayified

Getting ready for a festival or a celebration? But no matter where you go, this mod has been made for a powerful Sim and some powerful reactions! With the clayifying this hairstyle has gotten even more elegance and even more luxurious! You shouldn’t wait to try this one, so visit or download it directly from here.

clayified hair set

LeahLillith Polly Hair Clayified

And while you’re hanging around at, check out this fabulous hairstyle as well! It has a perfect shape and the clayified touch just makes it radiate and glow in every direction! It also works in 16 of the 18 base EA colors, so you won’t get bored of it! Download it now from this link!

clayified hair set

Clayified Skysims Aliza Cosmic Retexture

The bangs and braid style is back again here and in a more glorious light! This retextured hair mod looks simply amazing inside the game and we recommend it to everyone who wants to try something different! You can download this clayified hair from here.

clayified hair set

Jakea Eternity Clayified

Long wavy locks, great volume and overall relaxed vibe – this hairstyle doesn’t miss anything! The clayifying has only polished the true beauty of this design and with the new retexture – this mod has become a truly perfect hair addition! Hurry up and download it from this link!

clayified hair set

Nevaeh Clayified + Accessory Recolor

We’re concluding this compilation with an awesome clayified mod Weepingsimmer. The unique looks of this hairstyle alone has charmed us, but we also love the fact that you can use it on male or female, young or old Sims! The mesh is needed of course, but you can find it at the download link as well. Don’t wait too long to try this one! Have a blast!

clayified hair set


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