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Who wouldn’t want an awesome pair of socks for their Sims? There are obviously numerous reasons as to why you would make your simmies wear this piece of garment. But we’re not here to discuss all the practical reasons. I bet you want some funky, fun ones, some really good looking socks, whether long or short, chunky or fitting. In this list, we have twenty different Sims 4 socks CC packages for you. I hope you enjoy them!

sims 4 socks

Socks CC Packs For your Male and Female Sims

You might be wondering: What else is there to do in the Sims 4? Objectively speaking, I say we cannot reach a dead-end when it comes to custom content. Not only does it already feel endless, but more is coming to life every single second. Very dramatic, isn’t it? It’s what it is and if you’re not a fan, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

So, what’s fun and not yet trendy in the world of custom content? You guessed it… it’s socks. Don’t get me wrong, the Sims community has a ton of fun, colorful socks to offer, but it’s not as prevalent as other pieces of accessories, if you know what I mean. In other words, if you go hunting for some custom jewelry for your Sims, we’d probably only meet again in another life because that’s one endless pit. When it comes to socks however, it’s most likely that you won’t get lost whilst in your search.

All in all, we have dug deep to compile this list that we reckon includes the best custom socks for your male and female Sims. And now without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Frill socks

sims 4 socks

I have so much to say about these socks. I mean, they’re not on top of the list for an arbitrary reason. Wearing them would be an excellent way to heighten your Sim’s feminity. Wearing them would even add a touch of sexy sophistication to any outfit. Would you simply look at that ruffled trim? It gives them a special something that other socks on this list don’t have. Trust me when I say, you want to have them for your females.

The pack is available in two versions: black and white. But they also come in other swatches. Your Sim could wear them with a skirt and blouse for work, or with jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual look. To install, follow this page.


sims 4 socks

Loose socks have always been a staple in Japanese culture and style, and ever since I started seeing photos of really cute females sporting them, I’ve been interested in using them myself. They seriously add a certain level of cuteness to an outfit that I can’t resist. And fortunately for me and all of you who agree, there are now some amazing custom ones, just like this pack.

I’m already using it on my female Sims. It comes in 4 different swatches, the white one being my favorite. Oh and for the record, the pack also offers a t-shirt in 11 colors. To install this pack, click here.

3. soft patterned socks

sims 4 socks

In case you thought this list wouldn’t include toddler socks, I’m very thrilled to say you were wrong. Well, partially, at least. I couldn’t find plenty to offer, but this one easily won itself a chair. Now, would you agree that socks are a key part of toddler outfits? They somehow make an outfit look complete. In addition, they are very cute and toddlers are always known to be wearing a pair, right? So why not our sim toddlers?

There are eight different swatches of toddler socks to choose from in this pack. To install these socks cc, click on this download link.

4. platforms with socks

sims 4 socks

I’ve been obsessed with platforms for my female Sims lately, and I’ve been downloading them in every color and style I can find. But I have to say, there’s something about platforms with socks that just makes them so much prettier than other shoes. I don’t know what it is, but they just seem to have a neater look about them, and they can really dress up an outfit.

Even aside from the cute platforms, these socks themselves are super neat looking. I love the bright colors and the tiny bow band. The pack has 20 colors to offer and it’s compatible with the base game. Thank you, Sadlydulcet! Here’s your download link.

5. Adidas Socks

sims 4 socks

Do you or do you not like Adidas? You simply feel good and sporty wearing them. And now so will your Sims, thanks to Littledica. This pack of socks for your male and female Sims comes in a variety of colors, all with the iconic three stripes. It’s worth noting that the texture is on point too. They’re allowed for townies and are perfect for giving your Sims that real-life look.

Try them on your teens, adults, and elders… because why not? They’re allowed for random townies too. Here’s your download link.

6. Basic Socks Set

sims 4 socks

This Sims 4 socks CC pack is one of the most essential packs on this list. It includes basic socks in different colors and brands. This can be really helpful if you want your characters to have a specific look or just need some plain socks for everyday wear. Some of the brands included are Vans and Champion, so you can get that classic look for your Sims. So, expect 35 random colors and 15 brand swatches for both genders. To install, click here

7. Bow silk stockings

sims 4 socks

San33sims is one of the most cherished Sims 4 cc creators. Her work is always top notch and her latest creation, a set of bow silk stockings, is no exception. Your Sims can now look like anime characters, dress up for cosplay, and feel like they’re a part of an exciting new world, with her creations! The textures are stunning and the fit is perfect.

I highly recommend this stocking to anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury to their Sims 4 game. It’s categorized as a Wrist accessory and 5 colors can be found for it. Click here to download.

8. Monster Truck Shoes + Socks

sims 4 socks

When you create a bizarre sim, sometimes you want to find matching outfits and accessories. These monstrous truck shoes with socks are fire, and belts complete the look. If you’re looking for a rebellious look that screams female power, then these shoes are perfect. With so many fun colors to choose from, your Sim will love stomping around in these shoes.

The shoes themselves come in a total of 25 swatches for only teen females. The socks, however, are available in 30 different colors. Head over to this page to check them out.

9. knee-High Fox Socks

sims 4 socks

While there are many different types of socks to choose from, knee-high socks have their own special charm. And there’s no questioning that they’re all awesome, but this CC pack offers so much more. These have a fox print at the top, adding an extra bit of autumn vibes. There are 13 different swatches to choose from, so you can find the perfect pair for your mood and outfit.

Best of all, these socks are super duper nice and will keep your sims’ feet warm all season long. Plus, your kids, toddlers, adults, and elders can try them out. So, go ahead and grab these Sims 4 socks from this link.

10. Nike Socks – Base Game

sims 4 socks

It can be tough finding socks that are both stylish and practical for your Sims. The Adidas ones on this list are great, but we just had to include these for all Nike lovers! These socks have the iconic brand logo and they feature a simple, minimalist design. All that is left to do is find a good pair of boots to go along with them! Here’s your download link.

11. Chunky Socks

sims 4 socks

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, I bet you start thinking of new ways to decorate your Sim houses. One thing I crave in particular is the cozy by the fire moments. And what better way to complete the picture than with some cute sims sporting chunky socks?

These festive socks will be perfect on my female and male sims, especially during the Christmas season. They come in many different colors and styles, 23 to be exact. So you can find the perfect pair for your Sims. Whether they’re hanging out at home or going out on a date, these knitted socks are a must-have! Here’s your download link.

12. Thigh high rainbow sims 4 socks

sims4 socks custom content 9

There’s no need to be shy when sporting these thigh-high socks. They’re rainbow inspired and sure to add a pop of color to any outfit. To really show them off, dress up your sim in a mini skirt or mini shorts. These socks are chic and simple, perfect for any occasion. Plus, who doesn’t love a good rainbow? The pack is BGC and it comes in 4 swatches. And for the record, your male and female Sim can wear them. Here’s your download link.

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13. Sims 4 Socks by serenity-cC

sims4 socks custom content 12

There’s a consensus that everyone likes these socks. The pack has been downloaded over 155,218 times and counting! It’s simple, a bit chunky, and over the ankle in length. Plus, it comes in a new color palette with awesome prints – perfect for your male and female Sims. There isn’t much to say other than you should check it out yourself. This is your download link.


sims4 socks custom content 13

There’s a goth style in all of us, and to satisfy that, we’ve included these socks on this list. The socks differ in length. But here’s a little tip: in order to have a truly goth look, add some tattoos and scars for an even more dramatic look, then look for a good eyeliner and lipstick. Stripes are always popular with this style, as they add to the dark and spooky feel. Anyways, you find 15 pairs in this pack. Click on this button to download.

15. glitter socks – the sims 4

sims4 socks custom content 14

There’s something about a classic look that just can’t be beat. These socks are simple, yet they add a bit of sparkle and fun to any outfit. I can imagine my sims wearing these socks to weddings and other special events. They come in many colors, so you can find the perfect pair to match your outfit. I particularly love this skin-tone color; I feel like that I’ve needed it for so long for my Sims without even knowing I did. What are you waiting for? Download!

16. Hyein Seo Long Pile sims 4 socks

sims4 socks custom content 17

Have I already chosen a top favorite? Not completely sure, if I’m being honest. But now that we’re discussing these Hyein Seo socks, I just have to come forth and say: I love them and they’re very easily one of my all-time go-to’s. I love the chunky style so much and if you do too, this pack offers not only awesome texture but also awesome colors. You will find two versions, as showcased in the picture above. Thank you, Charonlee SIMS for this awesome CC creation! Download this into your mods folder!

17. Essential Socks

sims4 socks custom content 19

When I mentioned “funky, fun ones” in the article’s intro, I meant exactly those. There are so many prints to choose from when it comes to these ankle socks! From a leopard print to a cactus one, stripes to moons, mandarins to mushrooms – the options are endless! This makes them a versatile and fun addition to your sim’s wardrobe.

Just take a moment to imagine your sims running around the house in these fun socks! They’ll add a pop of personality and style to any outfit. It works on feminine and masculine frames and it’s compatible with the base game. There really isn’t anything more that we could ask for. To install these Sims 4 socks cc, click here.

18. Long socks & bows set

sims4 socks custom content 11

These medium-length socks have bows on both sides and can be customized with any color you like, which to be honest is the coolest thing about them. Whether you’re dressing up your Sim for a special event or simply lounging around the house, these socks will come in handy. Perfect for both adults and toddlers, these customizable socks are a great way to keep your sims looking stylish with any outfit. Just keep it short, so those bows can be shown! Visit this page to download.

19. SKC loosy sims 4 socks pack

sims4 socks custom content 18

I just had to add these Sims 4 socks to my list. The loose and chunky style on its own is great, but there’s something about having one sock longer than the other that makes me very intrigued. Studio-K Creation knows the feelings apparently and they’ve put together 21 colors for us to choose from. Click here to check them out!

20. Ribbon Garter Tights

sims4 socks custom content 6

Last but not least on this list are those Ribbon Garter Tights by Bellassims. I know what you’re thinking… Lina, these aren’t socks! I know, simmers, I know. But let’s just all pretend for a second that they are. They’re genuinely bizarre, similar to no other custom content pack I’ve ever seen before.

And for the record, they can be found under the “Socks” category. Of course, they don’t work with every piece of garment, and you won’t be dressing up your Sim in them as a casual outfit. Those special occasions need special accessories, and that’s where these tights will come in handy. Have a look at them here.

Special CC:

sims4 socks custom content 10

As for our special CC for this list, it had to be one by GoodChillsStudio! The pack will be released to the public not so long from now. So, keep it in your bookmarks, set a reminder for next week, and download it into your game. You’ll find 50 swatches that are all compatible with the base game. Enjoy! Here’s your download page.

Well, there you go simmers! This was a list of my favorite Sims 4 socks custom content. I enjoyed putting this together and I hope you got to find a pair for your Sims! Feel free to share your Sim creations with us, wearing any of these socks. We’d love to see them! Have a lovely day!

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