Best Baggy Shirts Custom Content for the Sims 4


We’re always on the look for new awesome custom content to add to our game. And we definitely strive to dress our sims in flawless, trendy outfits. Since winter is coming, simmers, we’re introducing a collection of the best baggy shirts custom content for the Sims 4. It’s time we brought out all the loose, baggy shirts. Just make sure they’re worn and styled perfectly to have your sims look their best!

Top Baggy Shirts for your Male and Female Sims


baggy shirts custom content

These rainbow baggy shirts are the perfect choice for a chill night with the girls. Your female sims will definitely enjoy a comfortable sit-down. It’s available in 10 swatches. Just make sure to get the mesh first so it works just fine in-game.

Head over to this page for easy download.

Baggy turtleneck sweater

baggy shirts custom content

Only downside is: it’s male-exclusive. However, you get to choose between a great many swatches, each available in a cool print. Here’s your download-link.

tees hoodie m – the sims 4

These hoodies will surely level up your male sims’ style. They are available both in plain and printed versions. To install, click here


Absolutely stunning! From outstanding color combinations to sick designs and prints. All can be found under dresses. Check out this collection by heading over to this post.

Loose Fit Long Top by Marigold

A beautiful collection of loose long tops, available to your sims in a variety of 8 designs. Click here to install this set.

Wolf Oversized T-shirt

baggy shirts custom content

Every now and then, your sims need a fine, relatable look. Something quite simple yet elegant, comfy but has its glow. Click here to check it out.

Soft Oversized Sweaters

Mesh required! These lovely sweaters won’t work without it, so make sure you download it first. You could fit a nice leggings to go with them, or you could simply wear them as a single piece outfit. To install, click here.


baggy shirts custom content

This chunky sweater is a charmer! It’s base-game compatible and comes in a set of 25 swatches. Yep, you heard us. Check them out by visiting this post.

Oversized Boyfriend Sweater Dress

baggy shirts cc

This baggy shirt is pretty pretty, we’d say! It is Patreon exclusive however. Have a look here.

Baggy shirts custom content

These real life hoodies are brought into the Sims 4 by the amazing creator BRE. They’re available in 12 swatches. You can grab this set by visiting this page.

This is not the end, you could head back to the main post for a collection of the coolest shirts for the Sims 4 and you could also check out more oversized shirts. Enjoy!

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