Sims 4 Long Male Hair CC


Short Intro

Not everybody loves a long gorgeous mane on males, but if you are one – then this compilation is just for you!

Long Male Hair for Your Sims

Long Rocker Hair for Men

Rebel rebel – enjoy your long rocker hair! And it isn’t a mess, but an elegant addition to your male Sims’ looks. It comes in 20 different color variations, including a True White one! The creator of this wonderful mod is Sydria. and it is published on ModTheSims. To download this mod directly, follow our link here.

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Longside Bangs for Boys and Males

Here we have something for all of you who are into the 70s and 80s. This hair mod represents freedom and independence. It is a perfect match for all of your male or boy Sims who are artistic and creative, but it can be used for everyone else! This mod is published on, and you can download it from our direct link here.

hair mod

Shaggy Hair Long Version Edited for Male

And if you are an anime fan, believe us – you need this one! The long shaggy hair is cool and mysterious and you can change it in 20+ different colors to suit your mood. We found this mod on, but you can download it directly from here.

hair mod

Gender Conversion of Two PrimadonnaSims Hair

Long, gentle and stylish – this hairstyle is a classic. Rocker or not, you’ll want to have this mod for all your male Sims, simply because it looks gorgeous – from all sides and on every head. We have to thank the creator who published the mod at ModTheSims, which you can download it directly from here.

hair mod

Long Soft Hair Male

For the gentler hearts, we have this beautiful soft hair. Who says that males can’t have glorious and lavish locks? This hair mod is a perfect addition to your collection of long male hairs and it will shine on every sophisticated Sim. We found this gem on and you download by following our direct link here.

hair mod

Long Ponytail for Men

This mod is another absolute must-have for all you long hair lovers. Collected in a relaxed ponytail, your Sim’s hair will look amazing in all the different color variations. It is perfect for a calm and easy-going Sim who will immensely enjoy his new style. Once again we give our thanks to the wonderful Sydria for creating the mod which you can download directly from here.

hair mod

Long Straight Hair for Males

If you are more into modern looks, then don’t hesitate to try this one! This mod will give your male Sims an intellectual appearance and an expression of a thinker. Why wait? Follow our direct link here to download it or visit

hair mod

PixiLong Hair for Males

And the modern looks don’t have to stop there! Here is another awesome and urban hair mod for your male Sims. It’s simplistic, cool and full of style! And your Sims will look exquisite in it. We found this mod at too, but you can download directly from our link here.

hair mod

Long Hair for Males

Woop woop! Here is the official hairstyle of the charmers! This lush hair will give your Sim extra attractiveness and charisma when seducing the ladies, but it’ll look amazing for every other occasion too! You can find this mod at or you can download it from our direct link here.

hair mod

Male Long Hair Pack

Didn’t find anything interesting yet? Stop here! Take a look at this awesome pack of long hairstyles for your male Sims. Curly, straight or parted, dreadlocks or not – this pack has them all! It’s a gorgeous collection that will make your Sims stylish and sophisticated. Also, it has something for every taste and variety is always welcomed. The source of this mod is, but you can download it from our link here.

hair mod

Bruxel – Long Powder Wig

Are you fascinated by the historical wigs? Don’t worry – here is the mod that’ll give your Sim that 17th century look which we all like. Long, curly and beautiful – it is an important hairstyle for an important Sim. Plus, you can change the colors and break the monotony of the grey wig once you’ve worn it long enough. That’s why this unique hairstyle should not be missed out on! All credits go to Bruxelfor creating this mod, and you can download it from here.

hair set

Slick Long Hairstyle for Males

We finish off the list with an awesome mod we found at The slick and shiny long hair is a brilliant addition for the male Sims and it works wonderfully with all the great color variations. For beauty and glamour – make sure to download this mod from our direct link here.

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