Sims 4 Hair & Hairstyles Mods & CC for Males


Express Who You Are

Your hairstyle is an expression of who you are. There is no better feeling of when you match what you feel inside to how you look on the outside. You want your hair to glow, to attract and to speak of your dreams. And to help you achieve that, here we compiled the best male hairs for The Sims 4!

The Best Male Hair Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Alexander Skarsgard – Eric Northman, True Blood – And Alex Hair

If you’ve ever seen True Blood and have fallen in love with Eric Northman – this is your lucky day! The handsome hair of Alexander Skarsgard is yours for the taking and all you have to do is follow this link for a super quick download.

hair mod for males

Johnny Depp Long Brunette Hair

But if you’re more into the delicious locks of Johnny Depp, then we have them too! In a cool, brunette tone, they’re the true mark of an artist. And if you have such a Sim, then you need to download them from here.

hair mod for males

Kurt Cobain Messy Blonde Hair

Spark some revolution with the looks of Kurt Cobain! He wasn’t known for his tidiness but his genius – so if you’re creating a similar type of male Sim, then you’re going to need the ultimate hairstyle! Blonde and messy, what’s not to like? If you visit you’re going to find more info and updates, but if you want to download the mod as fast as possible, follow this link.

hair mod for males

S-Club Modern Sleek MK TS4 Hair – N4

A modern and fashionable hairstyle to impress everyone! S-club has done a wonderful job with the sleek design and the gorgeous custom colors. It’s one of the best hair mods in the entire game and the proof for that is in the 640,000 downloads on The Sims Resource. If you want to own it as well, follow this link.

hair mod for males

S-Club Charmer Eric TS4 Hair – N22

A charmer’s haircut is what we’re always on the lookout for! And we were lucky when we stumbled upon this one at The Sims Resource because in a matter of seconds it became one of our favorite hair mods. It’s highly popular within The Sims 4 community and you’ll be wise to get it too. And to do just that, click here.

hair mod for males

Tiny Relaxed Ponytail for Males

Men have one more iconic haircut and that is their relaxed short ponytail! It’s somehow perfect for all those movie stars, musicians and models, but now you can have it for your male Sims too. We discovered it at, but to download it quickly, use this link.

hair mod for males

Unk Nowen Powerful Afro Hair

Not everyone appreciates a powerful afro, but those of us who do absolutely love this exotic one! You won’t find many guys running around in the game showing off their afros, so if you’re looking for uniqueness, then this haircut is for you! You can download it directly from here.

hair mod for males

Messy Windy Male Hair

As if taken out straight from Hollywood! This messy hair is an awesome addition to your CC collection, no matter which type of Sim you’re playing. The beautiful designs play very well and we just love how it looks inside the game! Visit to find out more and to download it, use this link.

hair mod for males

WINGS Cute Middle Length Hair – OE0818

If you’re looking for hairstyle neither too long nor too short, then here is something in the middle! This cute hair is short at the sides with longer locks at the top. But the beauty of it comes from the smooth design and 20 different custom colors which are included. To download it for yourself, click here.

hair mod for males

WINGS Classic Boy Hair – OS0214

And to end this amazing collection here we have a classic boy haircut! You can’t really go wrong when putting this hair on your men because it simply looks good on anyone! Like the previous mod, it is created by Wingssims, who you can follow at The Sims Resource. And if you want an instant download, click here.

hair mod for males

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