40+ of the Most Excellent Eyes CC and Mods for 2023!

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Welcome to our list of the best Sims 4 eyes CC and mods! Beautiful eyes are a must-have for your Sims, so we’ve curated a menu of top eye selections to make your Sims’ faces more captivating!

sims 4 eyes cc

The Ultimate List of Eyes CC and Mods for The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, it is essential to keep your Sims looking fabulous, and the best way to achieve that is to let them have a gorgeous set of peepers. Hence, in this list, we are providing you with the ultimate selection of Sims 4 eyes CC and mods to make your Sims look outstanding! Whether for special occasions or everyday charm, these eyes CC and mods offer natural, glossy, heterochromatic, and even horror-themed eyes for all genders of Sims. You’ll surely like the entire list, dear Simmers!

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Serawis HEROINE (Shining Nikki eyes)

sims 4 cc eyes 11

Nikki’s eyes are so beautiful, it’s hard not to stare at them. They are the only eyes that shine so bright, which is why she rarely leaves the house. Now you can recreate this look with these Shining Nikki eyes created by Serawis HEROINE. These big, round, circle-lens-like eyes are available in 8 unique swatches. Have a closer look at them!

Click here to download!

Waterdrop Eyes for Male and Female [MM]

Waterdrop Eyes for Male and Female
Click here to download!

Midsommar Eyes

tumblr f9c39de2a2adf52324d965a29f1f2aad fe4fd64f 1280

Midsommar is probably one of the most eerie films of all time! Creator Spiderwhims found a way to integrate the said film into The Sims 4 through this little treat, called the Flower Stuffed Eyes. It’s a totally creepy yet cute CC!

Click here to download!

BJD Eyes

tumblr dd8a7c6da2ebd7b20b6288c994176dbc afd5b781 500

Looks like the Barbie Mania isn’t over yet! With these eyes set by creator Jellypawss, you can get eyes that were inspired by doll eyes! All in all, the collection features 4 swatches for all genders of Sims.

Click here to download!

Eyelashes V1

in game

A perfect set of eyelashes will definitely complete any Sims’ eyes, such as the ones from this V1 pack from creator Learxfl! These eyelashes come in 8 swatches and are available as upper eyelashes or full ones.

Click here to download!

Specter Eyes

tumblr be4bf53453463d50852d6945d4abef55 9517b6fc 1280

Horror-themed eyes are a vital part of The Sims 4 as these characteristics let us complete the dark and ghoulish looks of our bizarre Sims. With this pack from Ortalessa Goldstein, you’ll have a handful of interesting-looking eye orbs in default and non-default options.

Click here to download!

Nunamoona and Starshipcap Eye Kit

tumblr 409bed62192fbef3143dae1215e78f5d 71774533 1280

Give your Sims’ faces an instant makeover with these Maxis Match eyes from creator Nunamoona and Starshipcap! Inside the set, you can find 20 swatches of eye lenses and 12 swatches of eye bags.

Click here to download!

Melancholic Reveries

tumblr b90c0c724e2074d548bc20e46a2398a6 f115ab15 1280

The Melancholic Reverie Eyes is a set of default replacement eyes that you could use for your Sims, which come in a whopping number of 90+ colors!

Click here to download!

Armonie Eyebrows


What’s a good set of peepers without the right eyebrows to accompany them? Well, with this Armonie Eyebrows, you can never go wrong! The collection, featuring eyebrows in 10 swatches, goes well with all eyes in the game!

Click here to download!

Rhapsody Eye Contacts

preview tsr

Get this ultra pretty set, called the Rhapsody Eye Contacts, for your Sims! The set comes in 7 swatches, and each swatch will surely glam up your Sims’ faces!

Click here to download!

Everest Eye Contacts

winner sys 1

Let your Sims’ eyes pop with bright hues through these Everest Eye Contacts from creator Learxfl! These eye contacts come in 24 colorful swatches and are available in the Facepaint Category of CAS.

Click here to download!

Ghost Eyes


These magnificent and translucent eyes called the Ghost Eyes, will give any Sim’s face a major boost. Available in 24 swatches, Not only do these eyes look distinct, but they also seem to convey secretive emotions from Sims who have them.

Click here to download!

Heterochromia Eyes

tumblr aeeccabb5fedb30edf2aff17f837d1a2 3655ea5f 1280

Heterochromic eyes look rare and special for Sims who have them, thus, creators love coming up with new collections, such as this Comet Eyes set! Take note that these Comet Eyes CC require the Comet Eyes Base to work properly in the game.

Click here to download!

Elena Eyes

elena eyes 01 copy

If you are opting for more realistic-looking eyes, then add this Elena eyes CC to your game! This set has eye contacts and eye defaults that are patterned to look more lifelike than creator Miikocc’s other works.

Click here to download!

Eye Glare P01 + Eyes P04

eye glare p01 1

Come and give your Sims’ eyes an authentic-looking glare with these 24 eye glare options from creator Angissi. You can choose from the 32 eye colors that are available in this set as well!

Click here to download!

Kyouko Eye Contacts

picsart 23 08 01 02 43 17 344

These Kyouko Eye Contacts may look a bit outlandish, but they look quite special! Available in 20 swatches, they are perfect for occult Sims, fantasy-themed Sims, or Sims who want to delve into some cosplay!

Click here to download!

Maxis Match Eyelash V5


A delightful set of eyes would look even better paired with gorgeous eyelashes, such as these Maxis match Eyelashes from MMSIMS! There are so many shapes and colors to choose from, which will effortlessly match all kinds of eyes.

Click here to download!

Jade Eyes

title img for cas cc 3

Come and download the Jade Eyes Set by MMSims. In this set, there are over 10 colors of soft and gentle eyes available. Plus, the eyes have two shadowed versions that you can choose from.

Click here to download!

Eyeliner N8

1 1

The Eyeliner N8 by PoyoPoyo is available for all genders of Sims and is HQ-compatible! The cute little set contains 7 swatches of eyeliners, plus a selection of swatches for lips, blushes, and freckles, too!

Click here to download!

Glitter Collection Remake

POSTER 47 shp S

Meet the Glitter Remake Set, a collection of eye lenses in 50 richly-colored swatches. These eyes CC will make your Sims look out of this world, so it’s perfect for fantastical looking Sims!

Click here to download!

Maldive Eyes


These gorgeous Maldive Eyes will take Sims’ breaths away, as the set features ultra-dreamy eyes in 50 high-quality swatches. Try it now on your Sims!

Click here to download!

Heterochromic Eyes

image 79 819x1024 1

Give your Sims a unique and alluring look with these Heterochromia eyes for your Sims! The set contains Eyes N1 A-R and Eyes N1 A-L. Take note that these eyes should be used as pairs with each other because they have a different size compared with other versions. The said eyes are for Teen to Elder Sims of all genders.

Click here to download!

Eyes N11

image 101 789x1024 1

For this set, Obscurus-Sims and Northern Siberia Winds collaborated to give Simmers the alluring Eyes N11, which contains 33 colors and 66 swatches of eyes for all ages and genders of Sims. The eyes work well with makeup sliders and are also compatible with fantasy eyes for Sims. Apart from the eyes, the pack also contains skin, lips, and body presets.

Click here to download!

Eyes Collection

image 74 819x1024 1

This charming eyes CC set contains all the current eye colors of MiikoCC, available in the game as standalone eyes or override eyes. As standalone, the eyes will be added as extra eye-color swatches. But as override eyes, the eyes will get to replace Maxis’ colors.

Click here to download!

Fox Soul Eyes Set


Bring back that glow to the dull and tired faces of your Sims by giving them a full eye overhaul with this Fox Soul Eyes! This major pack by creator Northern Siberia Winds boasts eye presets, eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyeshadows that will highly prettify your Sims. There are so many swatches to enjoy!

Click here to download!

Non-Default Eye Colors N1 and Eyes N27

image 80 819x1024 1

Transform your Sims’ look with this set of peepers, designed to make Sims’ eyes truly stand out! These bold and expressive eyes are available for all genders and ages of Sims. The former is found in additional eye colors, and the latter is found in the Face Paint category of CAS.

Click here to download!

Crybaby Eyes

image 100

Give your Sims a captivating makeover with the Crybaby Eyes! This exceptional set offers new contact lenses to transform their eyes, allowing Sims to truly be cute and make a statement with their faces! The lenses are available both as non-default and as standalone. There is also no Maxis shine in the said contacts.

Click here to download!

Eye Kit

image 66 819x1024 1

The eyes of your Sims are significant, for these are the windows to their souls. Thus, make sure to choose eyes that naturally capture the beauty of your Sims, such as the ones in this Eye Kit from MiikoCC. The included eye presets in this pack are available for female-framed child Sims to elder Sims.

Click here to download!

Moon Ending Eyes

hyb eyes moon ending2

With these soulful eyes and tear-stained cheeks from the Moon Ending Eyes Set, any Sim’s heart will be captivated! All in all, there are  44 beautiful swatches to choose from.

Click here to download!

Oh My Eyes

hyb eyes oh my4

Oh My Eyes is another new mesh by the one and only Waterblue. Wouldn’t you love to have your Sims looking this adorable? These eyes are the key to making them look their best! And you’re getting 60 new swatches, all of which are HQ-compatible. These captivating and beautiful eyes CC would look amazing on your kids and on adult Sims.

Click here to download!

Butterfly Eyes Set 02

sims4 eyes cc 29 1024x840 1

There are a ton of non-default eyes for Sims, but these eyes are a must-have! Choose from 22 swatches that include some authentic blue eyes, red ones, yellows, and more. But here’s a small tip: if you’d like your Sims eyes to genuinely pop and stand out, make sure to compliment the entire face with other makeup elements!

Click here to download!

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Seductress Shades: Alphacc’s Devilish Makeup Collection (Lipsticks & Eye Essentials)

Autumn Allure by Lady Simmer (Natural Eyeshadow Palette for Striking Eyes)

Radiant Rainbow: Pride Palette by XUrbanSimsX (Vibrant Eye Shadows for All Eyes)

Zora’s GTW Spot: Unveiling AlphaCC’s Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection for Mesmerizing Eyes

Zhuri’s N74 Eyeshadow: Unveil Your Eyes with AlphaCC Magic (#Makeup #EyesFemale)

ZenX Collection: Ultimate Male Grooming Set (Alpha Hair & Skin Essentials)

ZenX Beauty Bundle: Ultimate Female Makeup, Hair & Accessory Set

ZenX Z248: Unveil Your Eyes with AlphaCC’s Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

ZenX Z245: Unveil Your Gaze with AlphaCC’s Premier Eyeshadow Palette

ZenX Z243: Unveil Your Eyes with AlphaCC’s Lustrous Eyeshadow Palette

ZenX Z242: Unveil Your Eyes with AlphaCC’s Luxe Eyeshadow Palette

ZenX Beauty Bonanza: Lipsticks, Highlighters, Blushes & Eyeshadows Unveiled

ZenX Beauty Bonanza: Lipstick Z459, Eyeshadow Z251 & Blush Z119 Unveiled

ZenX Beauty Bliss: Ultimate Guide to Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, and Blushes for Her

Captivating Glances by Pasos Grandes: Dynamic Couple Poses (AlphaCC Inspired)

AlphaStride: Unveiling the Yeezy 700 V3 (#AlphaCC, Men’s Footwear Focus)

AlphaCC’s Pictorial Elegance: Captivating Yearbook Poses (2023 Edition)

Charming Charlee’s ‘Yeah, I’m Cute’ Posepack (Alpha CC, Female Poses & Eyes)

Icy Elegance by Isjao: Winter-Inspired Fashion and Beauty Ensemble (Clothing, Jewelry, Makeup)

Voltz Shadow: MangoSoup by Juice’s CC – The Alpha of Eye Makeup

Ziearel’s Color Splash: Vivid Eyeshadow for Mesmerizing Eyes (#AlphaCC Collection)

Magnolia Muse: Chic Eyelet-Sleeved Top for Trendsetting Eyes (Female Fashion)

Magnolia Muse VII: Chic Cropped Eyelet Top for Trendsetting Style (AlphaCC Collection)

Alphacc Allure: Very Berry Eyeshadow Palette for Mesmerizing Eyes (#MakeupTrend)

Valentina’s Vision: Dazzle with DangerouslyFreeJellyfish Eyeshadows (AlphaCC Collection)

Valak’s Vision: Enchanting Blush & Eye Contact Essentials (#Makeup #AlphaCC)

Glam Gaze Ustilago: Lush Eyeshadow Collection for TS4 (Alpha CC)

Visionary Visage: Unique Eyes & Lips Presets (Early Access) by Nonvme Studios #AlphaCC

GlitterGaze Chronicles: Electric Sky Eyeshadows (Part Two) by TheBlondeSimmer #EyeArtistry

Uglysim’s Sancho Palette: Mesmerizing Eyeshadows for Captivating Eyes (#AlphaCC)

Starlet Shimmer: TS4 Eyeshadow 16 HQ by Alf-Si (Alpha CC for Mesmerizing Eyes)

Alf-Si’s Nickel Gleam: TS4 HQ Eyeshadow (13 Shades for Striking Eyes)

Alf-Si’s Enchanted Gaze: TS4 Cursed HQ Eye Makeup Set (Eyeshadows & More)

MilkyTofu Gaze: Luscious Tofu-Inspired Eyeshadows by MilkTeaTrait (#AlphaCC Collection)

AlphaSight Tots: Complimentary Toddler Eyewear (Stylish & Durable)

Visionary Sovereign: Throne Mask & Divinity Eyes (AlphaCC’s Male Gaze)

AlphaCC Visionary: Third Eye Sunglasses (Trendy Accessories for the Fashion-Forward Female)

Mystic Visionary: Unveiling the Third Eye (AlphaCC’s Female Gaze)

AlphaCC’s Crimson Canvas: Ultimate Blood-Themed Makeup Set (Lipsticks & Eyeshadows)

AlphaCC’s Crimson Canvas: Ultimate Blood-Themed Makeup Set (Lipsticks & Eyeshadows)

ScrumboSim’s Plumbob Palette: Dazzling Eyes Part 1 (Alpha CC Eyeshadows)

Alphacc Glamour: The Pip & Elaine Ultimate Makeup Set (Lipsticks & Eyeshadows)

CrypticSim’s Peppermint Palette: Chic Clothing Sets & Dazzling Eye Shadows

Glamour Paws: Unleash Your Inner Feline with Kyshadow’s Take Me On Vacation Palette

Alphacc Oasis: Dazzling Terrarium Eyeshadows & Blushes for Mesmerizing Eyes

AlphaCC’s Teatime Palette: Mesmerizing Eyeshadows for Enchanting Eyes (#MakeupMagic)

Glamour Glance: Talia’s N54 Eyeshadow for Mesmerizing Eyes (AlphaCC Collection)

Stylish Siren’s Ensemble: Taeyeon’s Weekend Set (Top, Skirt & Belt) #FashionForward

Curly Cutie’s Ensemble (Toddler Clothing & Accessory Set with Alpha Hair & Skin Details)

JenniSims’ Sunburst Palette: Radiant Sunflower-Inspired Eyeshadows for Dazzling Eyes

Summer Fleur by Terrahji: A Blooming Makeup Set (Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, Blush)

Cute Pastel Hearty Eyes [ALPHA]

Thick Neat Eyebrows [ALPHA]

Smokey Siren’s Palette: 30 Swatches for Mesmerizing Eyes (Eyeshadow & Accessories)

Lady Simmer’s Enigma: Smoked Out Glamour Eye Shadow Palette (#EyesFemale)

Urban Allure: Smoked Eyeshadow Collection by XUrbanSimsX (Eyes & Makeup)

Simbat’s Smoky Vision: Chic Eyeshadow Sets for Trendy Outfits (#AlphaCC)

Skybath Redux: The Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette for Mesmerizing Eyes (AlphaCC Collection)

Skybath Splendor: Revolutionize Your Gaze with AlphaCC Eyeshadows (#EyesFemale)

Radiant Rhapsody: Chic Skins & Eye Details (Accessories, Tails, Bags)

“Obscurus’ Elysium: Ultimate Skin & Eye Suite (N10, N11, N12)” #Sims4Mods

Elysian Gaze: Stunning Sims 4 Default Eye Replacements (#AlphaCC, #EyesDefaultReplacement)

Simblreen Spectacular: Ultimate Fashion & Decor Guide (Tops, Sets, Makeup & More)

Glitz & Glamour: Simblreen Gift Extravaganza (Dresses & Eye Sets for Her)

Vampirepill’s Enchanted Adornments (Simblreen 2022: Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces & More)

EvilQuinzel’s Enchanted Ensemble: Simblreen 2021 (Free) – Fashion & Makeup Magic

Eileen’s Enigma: Silent Hill 4-Inspired Casual Chic (Outfits, Dresses & Accessories)

Shimmering Shea: N57 Eyeshadow for Mesmerizing Eyes (AlphaCC Collection)

Ebony Queen’s Palette: Alphacc’s Ultimate Eye Makeup Set (#ReineDEbène)

Salem’s Style Soiree: Secret Santa 2022 Fashion & Beauty Picks!

Stellar Beauty: Satellite TS4 Makeup Set (Eyeshadows, Blush & More)

Sassy Shades: Unleash Your Eyes with AlphaCC Eyeshadows (#MakeupMagic)

Sarahi’s Secret N70: The Ultimate Eyeshadow for Mesmerizing Eyes (#AlphaCC)

Samira’s Glamour Suite: Ultimate Female Beauty Collection (Makeup, Skins, Hair & More)

Luna’s Glamour: Sailor Moon x ColourPop Fantasy Makeup Collection

Luna’s Enchantment: Sailor Moon-Inspired Fantasy Makeup Collection

Sagittariahx’s Splendor: Unveiling Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette

Ahrisimss’ Ruby Gaze: Stunning Eyeshadow for Mesmerizing Eyes (#AlphaCC)

Glamour Glance: Unveiling the Ruana Eyeshadow N69 (Trendy Makeup for Mesmerizing Eyes)

Roumnay Radiance: Unveil Your Eyes with AlphaCC Eyeshadows (#MakeupMagic)

Chic Mystique: Rotten-Eyed Tofu Beret & Alpha Hair (Trendy Female Accessories & Skins)

Velvet Blossom: Roses & Wine Eyeshadow Palette (#AlphaCC Beauty)

Chic Blossom’s Ensemble: Rosemary & Thyme Gift Set with Trendy Apparel & Eye Makeup

Rose Radiance: Mastering AlphaCC’s Eyeshadow for Mesmerizing Eyes (#MakeupMagic)

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