The Best Sims 4 Eyes CC Mods in 2022


Welcome to our post on the best free sims 4 eyes cc and mods in 2021! You really can’t create a singular Sim without a set of unique eyes! They are one of the things that are really hard to fit perfectly inside The Sims 4, so we decided to help you. We compiled our favorite eye mods into one menu, so you can check them and pick what you like.

sims 4 eyes cc
Sims 4 Eyes CC

30+ Eye Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Looking good is essential in life, and it’s no different for your Sims. Whether you’re dressing them up for a special occasion or just wanting to make them look their best all the time, you’ll want to have plenty of Sims 4 eyes CC on hand.

If you’re looking for Sims 4 eyes that will give your character a unique look, then you’ll love this collection of CC. You’ll find natural eyes, glossy eyes, and horror eyes in both male and female versions, so you can create different looks and try different colors. There are tons of options to choose from and the results can be really cool.

1. Eye contacts

sims 4 eyes cc

We just feel the need to kick off our list with this Sims 4 eye mod! Poyopoyo has never disappointed the Sims community. Their creations are so unique and life-like. This pack holds within itself 24 different eye contacts and 5 eyeliner swatches. I think we could all agree that those innocent eyes will suit a personality that is peaceful and charming inside and out. Head over to this page for easy download.

2. Eye Contacts n5

sims 4 eyes cc

Second off, we have these smokey eyes for your male and female sims. They’re truly enchanting, so be sure that your sims will be attracting a great deal of attention and interest from those around them. The pack has 15 swatches to choose from. There are bright colors as well as dim ones. So, it’s most likely that you’ll find something to suit your character’s looks. Check it out on this page.


sims 4 eyes cc

Would you look at these eyes? The small pupil makes the look of these eyes so fierce yet amiable. The mesh is completely new and is created by HAYANBON. These eyes will work perfectly on Sims of either gender. Try it out on your kids, teens, young adults, adults, and elders alike.

And if anything, it’s always a pleasure when custom content creators offer an array of different swatches for their creations. This one doesn’t fall short of 57 swatches. Furthermore, it’s HQ compatible, making it stand out in its merit. Click here to download.

4. shining nikki sims 4 eyes cC

sims 4 eyes cc

These eyes would look amazing on Sims who are a bit out of the box! They are not your typical cute eyes but they possess their own charm. With 31 swatches to pick from, you are going to enjoy the numerous looks you could create. To install this CC item, click here.

5. Valuka eyes N19 and N20

sims 4 eyes cc

Valuka is another CC creator that we absolutely adore! She’s bringing forth two amazing eye mods in this package. You could download each one separately. Both of them come in 15 colors and work for all ages and genders. You could locate it in CAS by going to the makeup section.

This collection also includes an awesome female overlay, a body preset, nose presets, and painted skin. Oh, and you’ll find a bunch of brows in this set too. What are you waiting for? Grab it!

6. Amber sims 4 eyes cC

The name ‘Amber’ is quite trendy these days, no? If you’re trying to picture what realistic eyes look like with a bit of melancholy in them, we’ve got you just the perfect example. With over 9 unique colors, you get to create an awesome-looking Sim. Not only that but it is compatible with sliders, so you’re not bound to any limitations. Head over to this page for easy download.

7. sims 4 eyes cC

sims 4 eyes cc

These heart-shaped pupils are super cute – especially for your male Sims! Even the sparks in it shape of tiny hearts. What more could we ask for? Created by Otaku, another amazing Sims 4 CC creator, the pack has 21 different swatches in store for us. What are you waiting for? Grab it!

8. Misery Eyes

sims 4 eyes cc

If your sim is the type of person to hate life and everything on and beneath its surface, you’ve got to give them these Misery Eyes by Marigolde. They will portray those inner thoughts perfectly, you just have to pair them with matching eyebrows, all while taking care of your Sim’s makeup. The pack has 22 swatches and can be found under FacePaint. Check it out on this page.


There’s a whole group of us simmers who enjoy creating anime-like characters in Sims 4. And it’s without a question that eyes are of a great deal when it comes to creating your anime characters. In this pack, there are over 8 colors that are all compatible with sliders. If you’d like to complete your character’s look, give this post a read. It covers a stunning collection of anime-related custom content for your Sims. Head over to this page for easy download.


sims 4 eyes cc

These Lean Eyes are so ruthlessly catchy! Created by LEANSIMS, the pack includes a collection of 15 swatches. Most of which are blues, browns, and greens in different opacities and gradient levels. If you’re looking for a partner in the Sims 4, be confident that these eyes will ease the process. And if you already have a family and want your naughty kids to be obedient, these sharp eyes will do the trick. The blue-green combo is our personal favorite in this set. To install this CC item, click here.

11. Beetle Eyes For Werewolves

sims 4 eyes cc

Of all werewolves’ eyes on the internet, this pack stands out! The hues are great and somewhat realistic, but most of all, they are fitting! It is a pack of default eyes for your werewolves in the Sims 4. You get to choose from 17 EA-inspired swatches. Click here to install.


sims 4 eyes cc

Every once in a while a new CC creator joins the game and suddenly, we’re greeted by a new level of creativity. TERFEARRENCE has surely redefined what it’s like to experience life-like aspects in the Sims 4. These custom contacts for your male and female characters are available in 30 colors. You could find them in CAS under FacePaint. Head over to this page for easy download.

13. Lenses N4

I’m personally in love with these cat eyes! Melancholy always wins, especially when it comes to eyes. These eyes are categorized as Face-paint in CAS. You get them in 40 versatile swatches. You’ll probably want to dress your sims up in a headband like the one in the thumbnail, find a big collection of them here. Click here to download these eyes.

14. Mesmerizing BabyDoll Eyes – N153

eyes mod

Okay, stop! Forget everything about any Sims 4 mod and take a moment to look at these mesmerizing eyes by Pralinesims! They gleam with life and reality and they are our absolute favorite eye mod for the game. We urge you to download them from this link and enjoy them at home as well.

15. TLOU 2 Ellie Eyes

sims 4 eyes cc

The Last of Us is such a heartwarming story, one that’s close to our hearts. And these eyes do tell stories. If you’d like to create your own version of Ellie, you must grab these eyes. They come in versatile colors, the orangey red one is worth checking out. To install this package file, click here.

16. Heterochromia contacts N77-N86

sims 4 eyes cc
Sims 4 Eyes CC

Who of us doesn’t know of Sims4melancholic? I bet we all have come across at least a single item of their creation and went “YES! I want more!” They are simply one of a kind. You can find these eyes in 125 heterochromia options. So, prepare yourself to mix and match as you wish because we’re in for a good treat with this pack. Here’s a direct link to their page.

17. Hypnotizing Cosmic Eyes – N158

eyes mod

And why not be the center of all the attractiveness with these cosmic eyes? All of the 30 different shades hold some distant truth and one can get hypnotized simply by looking at them. Head over to The Sims Resource to find out more or download the CC quickly from here.


Okay, the previous eye mods are for your human Sims, but we haven’t forgotten about your vampires and aliens. These innovative eyes look super intriguing. You could try them on toddlers and elders alike. Choose from 10 colors in Facepaint and create new looks with these occult eyes. Check it out on this page and download it into your mods folder.

Check out those ear piercings custom content for awesome savage looks!

19. BRINA Sims 4 Eyes CC

Brina eyes will light your world, for sure! They come in 12 swatches, most of which are bright. Your male and female sims can try them out, so don’t hold back. Check them out on your kids and elders too. To install this CC item, click here.

20. Horror Eyes and NR1 Eyes

Those are two different eye sets by Gensys. The first one is great if you want to create an occult sim. Your male and female Sims will now have eyes that look like they’ve seen a horror movie. Or, maybe it’s vise versa. With eyes that could haunt your dreams, your Sims will have a look of horror that will send shivers down your spine. But you’d live for it! What are you waiting for? Grab it!

21. Steampunked Eyes N23

With Steampunked eyes, your Sims will look more creative and intriguing. They will be able to look deep into the future and see all of the possibilities that lay ahead. Or, not, but we know you’d still want to try them out. The pack has 30 colors and works for both genders. Head over to this page for easy download.

22. cloudy eyes

Your male and female Sims will ogle in delight at the sight of those big, beautiful, and innocent eyes. Just imagine your Sims appearing with the eyes of an angel, pure and innocent with a hint of mischief. This package file works well for all ages. And with so many options to choose from, this package will be worthwhile. Go ahead and download it!

We recommend getting nose presets for your Sims characters.

23. Valuka Eyes N28 – Sims 4 Eyes CC

Here’s yet another creation by Valuka. These eyes are found under the makeup category. You’ll find 40 colors that you can use on males and females alike. The package also includes eyebrows and eyelashes that we appreciate. Check it out on this page.


Sometimes, you want to create a realistic Sim, sometimes you want to create the exact opposite of that. This is where those eyes come in handy. They particularly remind us of our Detriot Became Human Mods, that you should definitely check out.

You can find these eyes under masks, and they are only available in a single color. Sweet thing is, you’ll have no problem adjusting them with makeup sliders. And you can use them on teens, adults, and elders alike. Click here to download.

25. STP collection – Control

These eyes are magical! You’d rejoice, looking at them. Categorized as makeup, you can find up to 22 swatches. We recommend using these eyes when you’re on a mission to create a Sim that is out of this world, literally. The reason why is, these are not your typical pair of eyes. Imagine gazing into your dark future and getting hypnotized by it… that’s the power these eyes possess. To install this CC item, click here.

26. selena eyes – eye mask

Eyes with unnatural colors stand out among others and we could definitely guess why! We totally love and we bet you do too, especially when you want to go out of your way to create an unusual sim. Parise’s Selena Eyes are one of those with unnatural colors that we know you’d appreciate.

The package is BGC and can be found under Face Paint. It works for your male and female sims alike. So, go ahead and create a sim with these eyes and tag the CC creator! Choose from 24 swatches. Click here to download.

27. TS4 – Asterin Creepy Eyes

If you thought we were done with unnatural swatches, you thought wrong. This set of eyes is available in 25 shades and works just fine with the base game. Whether you’re opting to use it on a human, alien, vampire, or any other occult, you’d love it.

With its eerie, otherworldly eyes and galaxy-inspired swatches, this new makeup look from Kareem Zi Sims is sure to send shivers. Head over to this page for easy download.

28. reflective lenses – eyemask 

Look at these eyes! Quite bright, shining eyes that come with reflective, glossy patches for your Sims. Compatible with the base game, these soft eyes have a beautiful, soft look to them that is enhanced by their reflective and shiny surface. Try all 42 different colors on your toddlers, teens, adults, and elders. And yes, worry not, it’s compatible with males and females alike. Here’s your download link.

29. Kingdom Hearts Eyes – Aurora eyes CC

These are heart shaped eyes for your Sim characters. They are inspired by Kingdom Hearts characters. You can create different looks with these as the pack has 35 colors. As you can see, the eyes have circular dark auras around the pupil which makes them even superior.

The eyes from the side look like they are just floating there. They are great for a more fantasy style of Sims gameplay. Click here to download.

30. lens53

Watch out, males of all ages! These eyes are so realistic and cute, you’ll want to give your male Sims a pair! The package introduces 50 natural swatches, each with its own unique personality. Whether your character is a teen, young adult, or elder, they’d want to try out these whisper eyes. To install this CC item, click here.

If you’d like some amazing male hair custom content for your game, give this post a read.


There are a ton of non-default eyes for Sims, but these eyes are a must-have! Choose from 22 swatches that include some authentic blue eyes, red ones, yellows, and more. But here’s a small tip: if you’d like your Sims eyes to genuinely pop and stand out, you’ll have to compliment the entire face with other makeup elements (eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeshadow, freckles if you’re into these, some blush too for sure). Here’s your download link.


OH MY EYES is another new mesh by the one and only HAYANBOM. Wouldn’t you love to have your Sims looking this adorable? These eyes are the key to making them look their best! And you’re getting 60 new swatches, all of which are HQ comaptible.

These captivating and beautiful eyes would look amazing on your kids, but they also look stunning on adult Sims. Visit this page to install.

33. mmsims eyes hunter set by mmsims 

Maxis match is one of those textures that we can never give our back to. It’s forever cherished in our hearts because it displays the best looks in-game. So, if you’d like yourself a patch of MM eyes, you don’t have to have any more patience, this is the mod to get.

We’re greeted by 40 different swatches in this set that blend with feminine and masculine frames. The pack also offers a heterochromia option that can be found under Nose Rings. Check it out here.


Last but not least on this list is this mesh by HAYANBOM. Most of their creations are worth checking out, so you’d better hit their profile and scan it, top to bottom. The package works on Sims that are kids, teens, young adults, and elders.

With those soulful eyes and tear-stained cheeks, any sim will capture your heart with 44 beautiful swatches to choose from. Click here to download.

Our posts on eyes cC and mods for The Sims 4

Custom content enjoys great popularity. Fortunately, the modding community is active and the selection of eye mods is almost endless. We’ve scoured the major modding portals, the most popular Tumblr and Pinterest accounts, and the most important Sims 4 discussion boards for you and gathered the best Eyes mods for The Sims 4. We have summarized the best mods for you in the following posts!

In conclusion, these are some of the best sims 4 eye mods available. They can help you change your Sims’ appearance. Whether you are looking for something natural and realistic, or want to add a bit of fun and excitement to your game, there is sure to be a mod that fits your needs. So why not give them a try? If you want to try out any of these mods, be sure to download them from the websites we listed.

Visit our main post for a bigger collection of Sims 4 body mods and custom content and don’t forget to check out related content by visiting the pages below. Happy simming!

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