The Best Functional CC to Elevate your TS4 Gameplay!


If you have been playing the Sims 4 for quite some time, perhaps you have tried using almost every functional object available in Build Mode! But our dear Simmers, the fun of playing the game should not end there, because, in this list, we have collected the best functional CC packs that could highly enliven your game! Read on to learn more about these awesome CC packs!

sims 4 functional cc

Functional CC for The Sims 4: What are they?

Ever since the launch of The Sims 4, custom content creators have consistently come up with incredible creations to revitalize the game. There is plenty of custom content that serves as decorations, exclusively dedicated to sprucing up the spaces of our Sims. Then, there are custom functional items by modders, which make our gameplay so much more exciting! Functional CC, in a straightforward sense, is an object in the game which could be utilized by Sims to add value to their lives. Gadgets, appliances, and tools are examples of this. Go and check our top 18 functional CC below!

18. Manga and Posters by channel4sims

If your Sims are living the Otaku life, surely their day would not be complete without reading into the latest chapters of their favorite manga. With this functional CC created by Channel4sims, they can now dive into a collection of 25 mangas, and plaster some posters on their walls! Much like books, the mangas can be purchased from the bookshelves and can be conveniently carried anywhere through the inventory.

Download the manga and posters here.

17. Flying Kites by Ozzy & Mariam

Relive the nostalgia of youth by having your Sims fly these awesome kites in the sky. It was custom content creators Ozzy & Mariam who crafted this kite mod, equipping it with smooth custom animations and lots of new cool buffs. With intricately designed kites such as the Fish, Bird, Butterfly, Pentagon, and Diamond Kites, this activity will surely provide endless fun and increase the fitness, motor, and locomotive skills of adults, children, and toddlers.

Here‘s your download link.

16. Functional Mailbox by Bluebell

Are you tired of getting mail and bills in the trusty old mailbox standing lifelessly on your Sim’s lawn? If you are, then you definitely need to upgrade to these colorful new mailboxes created by Bluebell. These functional mailboxes could be attached to the wall, next to the doorway of your Sims’ residence. The functional CC comes in 28 bright and beautiful swatches.

Download the all-new functional mailbox here.

15. Deep Fryer by Rex

Deep frying is now available in The Sims 4 through this CC! Creator Rex brought back the deep frying experience that was originally introduced in The Sims 3. With this CC pack, your Sims can fry 21 delectable recipes such as Squid Rings, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, and more. Another fascinating thing is that Sims can choose which oil to fry with! Peanut Oil, Soybean Oil, Palm Oil, and Olive Oil are all available, with varying health effects on your Sims, of course.

Download the Deep Fryer here.

14. Teapot by Plasticbox

Whatever the weather, every sim loves a good cup of tea! Having morning or afternoon tea time can be beneficial for filling their spirits and energizing them for a new activity. With this wonderful teapot CC created by Plasticbox, your Sims can simply brew their hot pot of green tea, earl grey tea, black tea, chamomile tea, or ginseng tea that they can instantly enjoy.

Download the functional teapot here.

13. Yoyo by Ozzy & Mariam

Did you love swinging a yoyo around when you were young? Let your sims experience the fun of it too by incorporating this yoyo CC in the game, launched by aforementioned creators Ozzy & Mariam! Simply purchase it from Build Mode, and put it anywhere on the ground. Let your sims pick it up, and play endlessly! The great thing is that Sims can even use the yoyo while accomplishing other activities. Also, everyone can be a kid at heart as this can be used by Sims of all ages.

Download the yoyo from this Patreon page.

12. Laundry Additives by diabolicalsims

This functional CC is a cute little addition to your Sim’s laundry activity! CC creator Littledica created tidy pods as decor items, then, Diabolicalsims made these tidy pods functional. Now, Sims can purchase these tiny tidy pods, and use them as additives to make their laundry not only clean but fresh-smelling. Simply put the tidy pods in a Sim’s inventory, and use them while running the washing machine.

Download the laundry additives CC from this Tumblr page.

11. Rice Cooker by Rex

Almost every Asian home has a rice cooker as rice is a staple ingredient for numerous Asian dishes. So far though, there is still no rice cooker in The Sims 4. But, with this functional CC created by Rex, everyone can now own a rice cooker and prepare fresh rice recipes in their Sims home! It is now possible to produce warm and yummy rice meals such as Congee, Black Rice, Corn Meal, Curry, and others through these adorable-looking rice cookers. Plus, low-end and high-end versions of this appliance are available.

Download the rice cooker here.

10. Upgraded Toasters by AroundTheSims

The upgraded toaster CC pack allows your Sims to have a wealthy selection of breakfast choices in the morning! With this functional CC, your Sims can enjoy french baguettes, croissants, pop tarts, tortilla wraps, waffles, and English muffins at their breakfast table. What is more, these toasters come in 5 different variants.

Download the upgraded toaster CC pack here.

9. Paper Sketchpad by Ravasheen

Another remarkable functional CC to add to your game! With this CC created by Ravasheen, your Sims can now use a traditional paper sketchpad to do all the interactions available with the digital tablet in The Sims 4. Portable and convenient, your Sims can bring this paper sketchpad anywhere to create their awesome artwork. The sketchpad comes in 4 swatches and imitates the look of a real paper pad.

Download the paper sketchpad here.

8. Mochi Maker by icemunmun

Ah, who doesn’t love mochi—the sweet and fluffy glutinous balls which hailed from Japan? With this cute Mochi Maker created by icemunmun, your Sims can easily prepare 13 different types of mochi at home! All they have to do to utilize this cute appliance is to buy a mochi recipe book called “How to Mochi: Volume 1” from the bookshelf and learn the recipes! Then, they will be able to freshly make sweet mochis such as Sakura Mochi, Hanabiri, Dango, Isobe Yaki, and others!

Download the Mochi Maker here.

7. Skateboard and Scooter by Waronkcc and Cepzid

The scooter and skateboard CC pack is a great addition to the game, especially if your Sims love to have afternoon strolls around the neighborhood! With this functional CC, Sims of all ages could now own and ride scooters and skateboards. Aside from these new transportation tools, the CC pack also includes top and bottom clothing, as well as a protective helmet! Just make sure that you have the Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack installed, as this CC pack requires it.

Download the scooter and skateboard CC pack here.

6. Patty Maker by icemunmun

Fancy making some flavorful patties for your meals? Now you can, because Icemunmun made it to our list again with this functional CC—the Patty Maker! This little appliance allows your Sims to mash all sorts of meat such as Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Beef, and Salmon, or vegetarian-safe choices such as tofu, mushroom, eggplant, black bean, and halloumi cheese. In order to craft these patties though, Sims would need to combine their main ingredient with other stuff such as herbs.

Download the Patty Maker here.

5. Sleeping Bag by Pickypikachu

If your sims love to do outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, or gallivanting in the woods, this is the perfect thing to bring with them. Designed as a cozy sleeping bag, this CC will help reinvigorate their energy as they enjoy their outside activities. It comes in 5 plain-colored swatches and can be purchased from the Comfort section of Build Mode. Simply place the sleeping bag in the inventory of your Sims and they’re good to explore the great outdoors!

Download the sleeping bag here.

4. Vending Machines by Ravasheen

Are you growing bored of acquiring meals and drinks from the typical vending machines available in the Sims 4? With this CC, you can now have two new vending machines in the game—one for guilt chips and one for light sodas. Like the regular vending machines available in The Sims 4, food and drink items can become stuck with these new machines once in a while. But fret not, this CC comes with upgrade options to prevent those mishaps from ever occurring!

Download the vending machine here.

3. Fast food Counter by Littlbowbub

For our number 3 spot, we have the fast food counter functional CC from Littlbowbub. Your Sims can now bust their hunger and order delicious selections of burgers, pizzas, chicken nuggets, and other meals from this nifty little counter, which has been designed to look like your regular fast food chain. Take note that for this CC to work, you need to have the Sims 4: Get Together Expansion Pack installed.

Download the fast food counter here, then download the fast food selections here.

2. Drinks Machine by Littlbowbub

For our number 2 spot, we have another custom content entry from creator Littlebowbub! The drinks machine is an excellent appliance that could craft cold and hot drinks from fresh ingredients. With this functional CC, your Sims can enjoy sipping a selection of sodas, slushies, milkshakes, chocolate drinks, and coffee concoctions. The CC comes in 17 various swatches, both plain and patterned.

Download the drinks machine here.

1. Ice Cream Market Stall by Ravasheen

Ice cream is such a sweet treat during any season! For our number 1 spot in this list, we have this ice cream market stall CC created, once again, by Ravasheen. Let your sims indulge in cold scoops of ice cream, warm snacks like pizza, pretzels, and hot dogs, and other delightful desserts such as cookies, crepes, and cupcakes. This CC is designed to be slottable, so it can easily fit counters, tables, or basic surfaces. The CC also comes with shop signs so you can complete your ice cream market stall aesthetic!

Download the ice cream market stall here.

In Conclusion

It’s always an amazing thing to have new Sims CC added to our game to make our gameplay more exciting. With this list of 18 Functional CC packs for the Sims 4, we hope that you could create more fun experiences in the lives of your Sims. Happy playing simmers!

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