The Best Sims 4 Jeans CC for Males and Females


There is no doubt that everybody in the world loves jeans! They are a category in a fashion that has never died out, instead, they just change in style, shade, length, and thickness. And another thing is also sure – in The Sims 4, there is rarely a better bottom piece than a nice pair of jeans. Because of that, we’ve gathered our best Sims 4 jeans CC for the game. Enjoy!

Sims 4 Jeans CC

30 Sims 4 Jeans Custom Content and Mods (M/F)

Custom content and mods allow players to customize their characters in a variety of ways, from changing their clothes to making their Sims more lifelike. With custom content and mods, players can create the perfect Sims for themselves, whether they want a masculine or feminine Sim. There are also mods that allow players to change the appearance of other Sims, such as altering their skin color or adding tattoos.

In this post, we’re looking at the best 30 Sims 4 jeans CC packs for your male and female Sims because they are the perfect example of a perfect garment. So, if you’d like your Sims to be comfortable and look good at the same time, you should check out the following custom content packs!

Sims 4 Jeans for Female Sims

1. High Tight Modern Jeans

jeans mod

We start it off with these high and tight jeans that need no particular introduction! They’re well popular within The Sims 4 community and their appearance is easily recognized everywhere. They’re gorgeous and modern, and the genius behind them is Sims2fanbg. If you’ve never put them on, hurry up to The Sims Resource to make a download.

2. Urban Ripped Skinny Sims 4 Jeans CC

jeans mod

The ripped jeans are the official urban wear! And there is something about the skinny design that makes them tempting and overpowering. These are available in 15 different shades which have been shared between Simmers for years. They have touched nearly 725,000 downloads at The Sims Resource and if you want to own them too, follow this link.

3. Ripped Skinny High Jeans

jeans mod

Girls are somehow extra sexy when they wear a waist-high pair of jeans! Combined with some ripped design – the rest of the Sims won’t stand a chance against you! Plus, these are available in 8 diverse tones, from black to white and light to dark blue. Throw them in your closet with a download from here!

4. Ripped Skinny Jeans With Tights

jeans mod

For a mixture of classy and urban – we present these jeans! They’re an awesome way to finish every outfit and you will be surprised with just how much you can combine them in the game! The 8 standard color variants of Sims2fanbg are also here, so there is no reason for you not to download them! You can do so here.

5. Black Skinny Jeans

jeans mod

Jeans are seductive enough in their default blue light, but in black – they’re true killers! Here, you will find 6 designs, all from simple black to ripped and sticker-ed with contemporary logos. Pinkzombiecupcakes is the creator and his CC enjoys a lot of attention on The Sims Resource – almost 250,000 downloads. To add one more, click here.

6. Denim Skinny Sims 4 Jeans CC

jeans mod

Since they first came out, the fashion world has been swimming in a sea of denim jeans! And you don’t have to wonder why! They outline the legs and body perfectly, pulsing out sexy energy! In 21 color tones, we promise you that your Sims won’t get tired of them! You can find them at The Sims Resource ready for downloading!

7. Jeans Blouse Patchwork

jeans mod

Annett on the other hand is responsible for creating this unique jeans and blouse combo which I adore! While the jeans here remain in the pale color, the blouse has many different variants and patterns that you can enjoy! They’re available for download here.

8. Jazz Jeans Collection

jeans mod

If you’re looking for a bottom piece that absolutely no one else has, then check out this pack! Yes, all of these are available and can be used to add some flavor to your gameplay! So, if you intend to jazz it up, then we recommend the dot-splattered pair of jeans. But hey, the choice is totally up to you so see what you like the best after you download the CC from here.

9. Colorful Jeans Leggings

jeans mod

We can agree that no amount of jeans will ever be enough, right? That is why Annett has created 15 more of them, all in unique colors and vibes. With this pack, you won’t have that problem of mismatching the top and bottom piece – instead, you will just pick the next shade of these jeans! Easy! Click this link to be taken to the direct downloading page.

10. Sims 4 Jeans CC Leggings Bowling

jeans mod

The bowling jeans, although a comfortable bottom piece, can be used to create the most refreshing outfits! The various colors allow for an amazing amount of customization, so coming up with ideas on how you’re going to add them to your style is entirely up to you. They’re available for download at Annett’s blog.

11. Jeans Skirt & Black-White Shirts

jeans mod

But the jeans skirt is best combined with this assortment of shirts! The base colors are black and white, but some patterns break that monotony and add some spice. If you’re interested, then definitely check this page to make a download!

12. Reckless And Proud Jeans

jeans mod

The reckless jeans are exactly that – reckless to everyone who isn’t allowed to touch them! The proud owners of these trousers know just how good they look inside them, so they don’t waste their time explaining themselves to the others! If you want to become an owner too, click here.

13. Perfect Clasic And Ripped Jeans

jeans mod

When the classic and the ripped design meet, this is what we get – a perfect pair of jeans! There is no Sim that wouldn’t look bombastic in them, so that is why’re featuring them here. Available in 7 colors, they can be downloaded from here.

14. Summer Black Skinny Sims 4 Jeans CC

jeans mod

Pinkzombiecupcakes has created our ultimate everyday jeans! In this pack you’ll find everything: jeans ripped at the knee, at the thighs, not ripped at all… But what is really valuable here is their realistic look! That’s why they’re downloaded nearly 300,000 and you can do the same through this link.

15. Summer Jeans Skirts & Tops

jeans mod

The summer can officially start when you put this combo on! This CC pack is a wonderful way to add some magic to your appearance. All the different colors play neatly together, so if you’re in a hot mood, then you should give them a try. To download them, click here.

16. Summer Love Jeans

jeans mod

But the summer isn’t only popular for beaches and sunbathing – it’s the ideal time for parties too! And what better way to dress than in these thin and beautiful jeans! 27 unique colors are at your disposal to help you find your style, so hurry up to The Sims Resource to download this extension.

17. Topshop Denim Skinny Ripped Jeans

jeans mod

And while the old styles are coming back, you need to follow them in The Sims 4 as well! These thick and baggy jeans are perfect for a casual day, but with the right top piece, they can be festive too! Thanks to Pinkzombiecupcakes who created these for us. You can find them at The Sims Resource.

18. Trillyke – Love Shot Jeans

jeans mod

We have already proved that jeans can come in any form and with any intention in mind! If you take a look at this CC by Trillyke you’ll find the jeans totally relaxing and out of their original element. But that doesn’t stop them from being absolutely adorable and much sought after! At The Sims Resource, they’re downloaded nearly 300,000 times! To add one more, click here.

19. White Ripped Summer Sims 4 Jeans CC

jeans mod

Everybody knows that the white ripped jeans are reserved for human-sized Barbie dolls! Well, if you have such a Sim, then you surely need to check this page to test them out! We promise fantastic results!.

20. Winter Black Ripped Jeans Collection

jeans mod

If you want your Sim to remain cool in the winter season too, then you need to get them these jeans! The 8 different designs can be used to create all types of outfits, from everyday to formal, so whether you should download them or not shouldn’t even be a question! For more info and updates, visit The Sims Resource.

Sims 4 Jeans for Male Sims

1. Classic Male Jeans

jeans mod

Men have a code: Everything with jeans! This means jeans are always a go-to. Whatever else that comes afterward is just a secondary piece of clothing that is there just to finish off the outfit. That is why we provide here this awesome pair of classic jeans with 9 blue and black versions that you’ll love! For a quick download, click this link.

2. Male Ripped Jeans

jeans mod

But ripped pants aren’t fashionable only for women! The guys have been wearing them for the same amount of time and we have the same level of style! In these CC, they’re an ideal addition for every strong male Sim who isn’t afraid to get some attention. To give them a try, visit this page.

3. Nicolas Jeans

These high-waisted, baggy jeans are the new fashion trend! The pack is compatible with the base game and it comes in the coolest color palettes. You get to choose from 13 denim colors and 14 different swatches with some prints and a heart belt buckle. Moreover, these pants will be released to the public in two weeks, so you’d better keep a look at them! Visit this Patreon page to check them out.

4. Sag Fit Sims 4 Jeans CC

Who doesn’t want their male characters looking like they’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine? These wrinkled jeans with the Louis Vuitton logo all over are your way to creating a stunning look for your Sims! They come in a total of 18 swatches. So, there’s plenty to check out. And you can definitely take this to the next level by mixing and matching them with these iconic Y2K custom content. Here’s your download link.

5. TS4 GP12 JeansTorn Retexture

Okay, let’s be real for a second… life is not always rainbows and butterflies. If you’re playing rags to riches or starting from scratch and want to add a bit of realism to your gameplay, you might want to try these out. They work on male Sims from teen to elder. However, you need to have the Werewolves Pack for them to appear in-game. Here’s your download link.

6. Savages jeans Bowling Night needed

As for these savage skinny jeans, they give off post-apocalyptic vibes and we’re here for it! You get to choose from 14 swatches that include all recolors of Electronic Arts’ palette. Your teen, adult and elder sims can rock them out. Here’s your download link.

7. Spring Couple Set – Sims 4 Jeans CC

There’s nothing better than a matching outfit for a power couple in the Sims 4! This package offers denim jeans for your male characters and a denim skirt for your females. The pack also includes a sweater and the prettiest cardigan. The top comes in 17 swatches and both bottoms come in 5 colors. Here’s your download link.

8. Patchwork Jeans (Overalls + Regular)

Overall jeans will always have their spark! This pack offers both versions, regulars, and overalls. Both are compatible with the base game and are available in 21 various swatches. We’d recommend wearing these as part of a casual outfit, but it’s also good to wear when you want to hit the city or sit in a park with your friends. Here’s your download link.

9. Venom Sims 4 Jeans CC

Whimp 1337 is one of those CC creators that you could never go wrong with their creations! This venom jeans cc is super catchy! Your male sims could wear it on Halloween or to any outings with friends. It comes in 9 awesome swatches, some of which have the Venom print on them! Here’s your download link.

10. Seeker Jeans Dyoreos

We saved the best for last! These super chill Sims 4 jeans CC is available for male Sims from teens to elders. They are also compatible with the base game, so no packs are needed! You get swatches with superb representations. Furthermore, there are different versions of these jeans, some come with belts, and others are basic and simple for an everyday look. Here’s your download link.

In conclusion, jeans are a staple in many people’s wardrobes. With the right custom content, they can be made to look just like the real thing for male and female sims. So why not download some jeans content today and see for yourself how great they can look? Thanks for reading!

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