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Are you looking for some fancy designer clothes? If so, you are in the right place. Designer CC are made to enrich our Sims 4 wardrobe with authentic branded pieces. So, if you are up for it, join us to discover the hottest designer looks for your gameplay.

sims 4 designer cc

designer cC For Sims 4: dresses, jackets, bags & more!

Branded clothes are always in. And while there is so much Sims 4 can offer in terms of stylish looks, shoes, and makeup, game fans are always excited to see a new piece they haven’t tried before. Luckily, when we feel our creativity is running dry and have tried all outfits possible, we can always rely on custom content creators to bring our spark back. Be it Prada, Fendi of Gucci, your favorite brands need to find their way into your Sims’s closet.

To help your Sims show up in a fancy, stylish way, we have picked a bunch of interesting designer CC for you to try. Expect to see pieces for males, females, and Sims of all ages. Let’s hop right into it!

1. chanel set by baddiesims

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Sims ladies can now dress in the latest fashion, thanks to this Chanel set. It includes a crop top jacket and a matching mini skirt. Both look like realistic lather and are faithful replicas of what we see in Magazines. Wear them together or separately, match them with a pair of sneakers or heels, some nice jewelry, and you are good to go. If you want to look this stylish, check out the designer CC download here.

2. louis Vuitton speedy bag by saksSims

LV Speedy Render2

Let’s be real, Luis Vuitton bags are never out of fashion. Every girl dreams of having an original one, and many carry false ones, but your Sims won’t be one of them. She can now proudly show off the designer CC and switch from different authentic LV patterns every time she feels like it. Surprise your ladies with these timeless bags now, and get them here!

3. burbery Jacket for males

tumblr 665fad5f38465b73e0df7bf96cc56684 efe0001e 1280

Burberry patterns are pure gold. This season, your gents can wear the most fashionable puffer jackets with recognizable designs. It is a match for wintertime, so check it out in the winter wardrobe section. If he wants to be extra choosey, he can switch between six colors. You can get this designer cc male look here.

If you’d like to equip your Sims with a fresh winter wardrobe, check out these knit dresses CC!

4. Shirring BL Gucci Belt Two Piece by soboro

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Oh, those beautiful Gucci details. This designer CC is proof that a small accessory can elevate the whole outfit. This is a two-piece look with a silky satin top and tight high-waist shorts. There are 28 patterns to select and switch, so you will never grow tired of rocking this look. If this vibes with your style, check it out on this page.

5. gorgeous channel collection

tumblr 57d27b769b7459bacc925555bcae1926 734824a2 1280

If you want your girls to look expensive, this set of Chanell pieces is an absolute must. It includes three stylish long sleeve dresses – a little black tight dress, a midi dress, and a ruffled one. On top of that, with this designer CC download set, you will also get a few pairs of luxurious earrings and a rich necklace with a Chanel symbol. Become a synonym for elegance and get this set for your Sims on this page.

6. balenciagas bag by gabbypoo

tumblr pio52lyHon1veexw2o1 1280

Make your ladies feel special and give them this hyper-realistic Balenciaga piece. Made with incredible attention to detail and a fine texture, this minimal handbag will make her stand out from the crowd. It will go well with both jeans and a tee, and a fine cocktail dress. Whatever you chose, you won’t miss! To get this designer piece, check it out here.

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7. designer slides by hardswae

slides thumb 1

Did you know that socks and slides are now in? This set of designer CC will help your Sims gentlemen follow the latest trends in style. Expect seven fine designs, including Fendi, which is one of the favorites worldwide this season. They are comfy and made for the bold ones who love comfortable shoes and can take fashion risks. Get these for your Sims here!

8. tommy hilfiger kids collection

img tommyhilfigercollection001

Make way for red, white, and blue! Kids can be fashionable, too. Thanks to this set of Tommy Hilfiger outfits, they will always be the best-dressed kids in the neighborhood. The set includes both tops and bottoms, so expect to see some fancy shirts, shorts, and skirts in recognizable TH style in your kid’s closet. Dress your kids in Tommy Fashion and get this CC here.

9. Burberry Vintage Shirt & Sweat Pants by rimings

제목 없음 파노라마 4

Brace yourselves, it’s Burberry time. Being a blend of recognizable checkered patterns, comfy bags, and Burberry socks, these looks are both causal and trendy. The set includes tops and bottoms and has 30 variations. So, get ready to have fun dressing your Sims men. You’ll get a chance to try out all colors of the rainbow with this one. Style your Sims 4 gents like this, and get the designer CC here!

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10. Chanel unisex glasses by ruchellsims


A big air of branded glasses like this one will protect your Sims from sunrays and envy eyes. This is a designer CC made for female and male Sims and has a Chanel mark on the side. They are available in four colors: light brown, dark brown, black, and burgundy. They are big, they are bold, and they will give your Sims a real diva look. To replicate Holiwood stars, get these fancy glasses, go here.

11. moschino top for boys

tumblr 2ee846d83cb91a70193162eadebed621 55f0e2a7 1280

Mochino is well known for its bear design. The great news is, your boys Sims 4 boys can rock it now, too. There are seven styles to try out, and if you like you can even get your girls to try it out, as it is suitable for both sexes. Besides the bear detail, you can rock a few other recognizable patterns for this long sleeve sweatshirt. Get it here!

12. prada handbag

miniature tsr v2 1

Make space in your closet for this edgy and sophisticated piece. If you love Prada, you’ll be thrilled to add this handbag to your clothes & accessories collection. An elegant designer CC like this one is a quality addition to ladies, thanks to eye-catching details like studs and a lion’s head. To get this small, yet effective accessory, check it out here!

When occasion calls for elegance, choose the best formal dresses for your Sims. To find the most fashionable pieces, check out formal dress CC!

13. designer sweatshirts by KKSims

If your Sims men love simplicity, yet won’t back away from designer clothes, this sweatshirt will soon become your favorite top. In fact, the set includes 38 brand logos, including big names like Tommy Hilfiger, Addidas, Nike, and Supreme. You’ll achieve a sporty, effortless look, and even spoil your guys with 14 sweatshirt colors. To get this designer CC male set, go here.

14. louis vuitton dressgner

1 1

Who is the richest femme in the neighborhood? Well, with a dress this breathtaking, it can easily be your Sims. It is a midi, relaxed model that will make her look put together, yet keep a dose of modesty. Besides the Louis Vuitton pattern, you can experiment with 14 other patterned pieces, and 15 plain ones for a more chill style. You can get this elegant item here.

Do you love creating drama for your Sims? If yes, you must check out this teen pregnancy mod!

15. channel set for toddlers

Screenshot 3041

Details are everything. This Channel set will help your youngest ones develop a taste for fine clothes from an early age. Little ladies will get to wear Chanel glasses, gloves, and socks, combined with an adorable collar top and a flowing skirt. Dress your girls in the fanciest Chanel accessories, and this designer CC here.

16. fendi hoop earings by guilettasims


Jennifer Lopez is not the only one who sees the beauty in hoop earrings. These Fendi designer CC pieces are made for ladies who love being the center of attention. You will get gold, bronze, black, white, and blue ones, to name some. So, go ahead and find your perfect match! To download these stunning earings, go to this page.

17. fendi top for males

tumblr 25855c95a38ea7b305b7c62ad2c4c1e6 9eede7a6 1280

Speaking of Fendi, let’s not forget the men of Sims. A designer CC male shirt can easily make their outfit look twice as expensive. This is a great match for those who love casual and sporty styles. Besides the well-known Fendi pattern, you can also choose models with minimal logos and select one of three basic colors – white, black and brown. If this is your style, browse these at this page!

18. ashley tee with gucci bag

miniature tsr v2

A little Gucci bag with a gold chain is a surprise many Sims girls will be happy to get. Put your favorite jeans or a skirt on, get comfy, and get your hair done, and to finish it off, choose one of the 42 t-shirts with this effective Gucci detail. If this one has caught your eye, go check it out on this Patreon page!

19. burberry toddler look

tumblr pfcyqrpUD61w3oszho1 500

If only toddlers couldn’t look any cuter! This incredible Burberry dress with puffer sleeves and a checkered pattern is perfect for special occasions. When matches with knee socks and some toddler jewelry, the outfit looks even more expensive. Here you will find some extra details, such as a necklace, a bracelet, and shoes in case you’d like to recreate the whole style. Get this cute designer CC look here.

20. givenchy male t-shirts

tumblr pn2w60KEdc1xsmpm0o3 1280

If you were hoping to stumble upon some Givenchy designer CC male tops, you are in the right place. These branded t-shirts come in a few styles, including basic colors, which are never out of fashion. The model is tucked in, so it will be an awesome fit for joggers, trainers, and jeans. If you want to take a closer peek, get this look for free here.

21. vintage pearl designer earings for kids


Coco Chanel will be proud to see these girls wear her iconic earrings. In fact, your little girls can borrow these from their moms or aunts, as these are available for toddlers and adults. Now your cutie-pies can finally match the look with their mamas in style. You can get these gorgeous designer CC details here.

22. prada nylon pocket t-shirt set

tumblr 9f3195a64b6141044f8fed3f30179f89 7f843a78 1280

Here come outfits for bold gentlemen who love taking fashion risks. The Prada nylon pocket comes as a simple t-shirt, and with a white shirt underneath so that you can achieve a more runway type of look. There are five swatches for each: black, white, gray, green, and blue. The texturing is realistic, especially the leather patch/pocket. To get this top combo, check it out here!

23. burberry bikini set with bucket hat

tumblr 14f18b8fcddfe814b7afb1c1f0989a78 15e6c1b6 1280

Prepare your characters for Fiji, Bali, and the Maldives, and get them this branded summer set. The Burberry look includes a tight crop top, panties, and a matching bucket hat to prevent wrinkles. Even if they decide to have a day off by the pool in local Sims town, they will still look like they are at the top of the world. To make your Sims ladies look their best, get the swim set here!


Every stylish Sims knows the value of good branded pieces. This was our selection of the finest designer CC found online. We included key big brands, such s Prada, Chanell Gucci, Burberry, Moschino, and Tom Hilfiger. There is something for everyone’s taste, no matter if you are the elegant or the sporty type (or both). Try them out and have fun Simming!

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