Stunning Mint CC For TS4 Wardrobe and Interior


Do you love playing with colors in Sims 4? If the answer is yes, then mint CC is just what you need to spice up your colorful collection of furniture, looks and details. Keep reading to discover the best minty details for your wardrobe and your interior!

sims 4 mint cc

mint CC for sims 4: Stuff for home & closet

Sims 4 expansions and stuff pack always have a specific theme. While it’s always exciting to explore fresh ideas from game creators, it’s fun to add some extra looks, decor and furniture into the mix. Color-themed CC are a perfect way to do that, and luckily, we have a lot to explore thanks to amazing custom content creators who have made their content free and available for everyone.

To narrow the selection a bit, we have prepared the best mint CC for your Sims experience. We divided them into two groups: home & decor, and wardrobe and look. Welcome aboard, and have fun browsing!

home & decor

1. classic mint kitchen set by max20

Bring some brightness into your Sims lives, and surprise them with this stunning mint CC kitchen set! This one has all you need to fully equip an interior. You will get all the furniture pieces, from stove and fridge to counters, barstools, and skink. All details from the set are matching, so you can fully enjoy a unified interior. Get this interior for free here!

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2. mint home office by sIMcredible

Pastel mint color can turn any random room into a pleasant workspace. This office set has all a creative workaholic needs – a spacious desk, files for the important documents, paper bags for crafty stuff, and stylish vintage chairs. On top of that, you’ll also get some magazine cutouts and wall art, as well as fine table decor, to elevate the space. If you’d like to work in such a gorgeous space in the Sims 4, get this mint furniture cc here!

3. ”Tanit” mint bedroom by pqsim4

Shades of green have a soothing effect on the psyche, and our Sims can benefit from it too. This mint green bedroom will bring peace and serenity, helping your Sims relax after a long, stressful day. The set includes mint sheets, night tables, carpet, a computer desk, and a closet. To check out this mint CC, go to this page.

4. doors collection #3 in mint shade by sims4luxury

What is a unique home without some minty green vintage doors? These two entrances are classic pieces that can elevate even the simplest exterior. You can match them with any facade design, and choose gold or silver details. Realistic wooden patterns on doors are just a cherry on top. Get these vintage mint doors here!

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5. mint bedroom collection

Transform your Sims 4 bedroom into a pastel paradise, and get yourself some cute mint sheets like these. No matter if it’s a double or a single bed, these mint CC covers come in 12 different patterns that suit both. The package also comes with some extra cushions for the sofa, if you’d like to add more mint details. You can get these soft sheets and pillows here.

6. ”mist” living room set with mint sofa

This elegant sofa exudes elegance and style. Simple and minimalistic, this Ikea-style piece is part of a living room set and includes decorative cushions and a throw blanket. It has finely textured fabrics, and besides mint, you can opt for different colors, if you change your mind later. Top get this gorgeous sofa and living room details, go here.

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7. greenish blue curtains pack

Curtains are so underrated, yet they can be so effective in transforming an interior. If you want to add a touch of mint to your interior, these can be powerful assets. To find the best match, you can browse from 45 shades of mint greens and bluish shades. To decorate your interior with these fine mint CC curtains, get them here.

wardrobe & looks

1. mint lookbook for male & female sims

Now you can dress everyone in minty green outfits, thanks to this incredible color palette and looks for male and female outfits! This mint CC set includes a dress, pants with daisies, and a sweater with a shirt for guys. You are welcome to experiment with outfit combos! To get these fashionable pieces, go here.

2. hint biker jacket

Biker jackets are now available in mint color, too. This Chic piece is both edgy and feminine. It’s tight, it hugs the figure, and goes so well with high-rise pants or skirts. The CC includes a short crop top and a jacket to make styling easier. Besides mint, you can also opt from 15 other swatches, so you can get creative with outfit combinations. To get this edgy look, go here.

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3. mint hair dump by bethSims4love

May way for stylish mint green colors for ladies who love experimenting with unnatural hair colors! These re-colors include the pixie cut with short bangs, which is adorable and carefree, and the braided style with a headband, which gives off a more romantic vibe. The texturing, the quality, and layering of these two are pure perfection. If these looks click with you, get these mint CC hair here.

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4. ombre mint dress

Mint green has never looked more sophisticated. No matter if it’s her next movie premiere or a simple wedding party, your Sims will look like the main start of the night. This maxi dress with a decolletage will draw admirers her way in an instant. An ombre dress like this is a fit for a diva. It also comes in ten different swatches, so she can always show up as her best self. You can get this gorgeous gown here.

5. MMCC mint Lookbooks

If you are looking for a set that covers all outfits, from winter to nightwear, we got you! This lookbook includes a few key minty details that will spice up your wardrobe. Expect a soft mini dress, a feminine romper PJ for sweet dreams, a swimsuit, a cool puffer jacket and five more cool outfits. You can also find matching coral hairstyles to get a complete minty look from head to toe. To get these mint CC pieces, go here.

6. ”huda beauty” mint makeup palette

Makeup is the final touch to any outfit and can make or break your look. If your Sims is into makeup artistry, then this mint eyeshadow will blow her away. You can play with different pastel colors, and transform your Sims into a Maddie or a Cassie from Euphoria in an instant. If this makeup is your thing, you can get the look for your Sims ladies here.

7. Mint Temperley London Dress

If you like to be noticed and love intense colors, then this mint CC dress is tailor-made for you. The dress features exquisite, detailed lace blended with delicate fabrics and a cut that accentuates the waist and shoulder. Dressed like this, your Sims will look polished, proper, and fit for royalty. You can also experiment with 19 other colors. To get this sophisticated look for your gameplay, go here.

8. ”mint dreams” pajamas set for toddlers

Our youngest Sims can now enjoy their bedtime in soft and comfy mint pajamas. The set includes ten cute patterns and two unicolor pajamas. You can create your own set by mixing up the upper long-sleeve PJ and the bottom part. Your toddlers will look adorable. Get these soft mint CC PJ’s here.

9. basic mint sweater

Travel back in time fashion-wise and get your Sims a sweater they will love wearing. If you love mint color and retro style, a basic turtleneck sweater like this one is a winter essential. This finely textured piece is a unisex model, so you can even create matching outfits for couples. Every thread on it looks so realistic. To get the CC, check out this page.

10. ”not so berry” mint lookbook by KaySims

Looking for fresh, fun, unnatural hair colors? Look no further, as this mint CC set includes luscious hairstyles that will knock you off your feet. This mint CC is a set of quality lookbook for female Sims who enjoy standing out and playing with colors. Besides voluptuous hair, you can experiment with mint dresses, shirts and other stylish details. To get your not so berry mint cc of hairdos and outfits, go here.


These were our favorite mint CC finds. We have cherry-picked practical interior details, as well as effective looks to help you add a dose of minty green into your Sims lives. Feel free to explore these ideas, download, try out and give each your personal touch.

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