The Best 15 Split Hair Dye CC for TS4!

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Are you a fan of split hair dye? If this sounds like you then check out this list featuring our top 15 split hair dye CC for the Sims 4. Enjoy!

Split Hair Dye CC

Split Hair Dye CC for Your Simmies (Keep the Colors Flowing!)

One of the best things about Sims is the different hairstyles and colors you can give them. If the base game doesn’t have any options, you like this is where custom content comes in. A popular kind of hairstyle that has gained a lot of attention in recent months is split hair dye or two-toned hair where one half of your hair is dyed one color and the other another.

In this article, we’ll break down our top 15 custom content mods that feature split hair dye/two-toned hair!

1. Split Dye Hair Recolor

split hair dye CC 15

This split dye recolor by Bellasims features what can be described as an endless palette of split hair dye to choose from for your sim. Recently this type of hair dye has gotten a surge in popularity and your sim can be as stylish as you. To download this custom content, click here!

2. Enoby Hair

split hair dye CC 14

Remember when the emo style was all the rage? Well, even if you don’t this hairstyle will still appeal to you! It’s a take on emo hair, giving you that edgy haircut complete with a split hair dye style. To download this custom content and make your sim instantly emo, click here!

3. Two-Tone Split Short Hair

split hair dye CC 13

Two-tone or split dye hairstyles are not just for girls! This custom content LightningBolt is inspired by an Oliver Sykes hairstyle from a few years ago. One half is black while the other is green, giving it a very. It’s very Harley Quinn when you think about it. To download this custom content, click here!

4. Half Half Hair Recolor

split hair dye CC 12

The Half, Half Hair Recolor shows that short hair looks good with a two-tone style as much as long hair does. It comes with a palette so if one color doesn’t fit your fancy, then you are more than able to find another one to give your sim. If you want to download this one then click here!

5. Marjorie Hair

split hair dye CC 11

The Marjorie Split Hair Dye CC by Evoxyr features two-tone medium-length hair. Like with most of these on the list, it comes with a full palette and gives you plenty of options. This particular CC is for teen-elder females only sims. Click here today to download this colorful custom content pack!

67. Half Half Recolor 2

split hair dye CC 10

The Half, Half Hair Recolor 2 custom content by cosmic cc features two-tone curly, medium-length hair. Once again it comes with a palette that may not be as full as others, but still gives you a decent number of options. Click here to download this quirky piece of custom content.

7. Oh My Goth Estella Hair Set

split hair dye CC 9

One of the most infamous fictional characters with two-toned hair has to be Cruella De Ville from the Dalmatians Franchise. Love or hate her, you have to admit her hair is pretty awesome. Based on the recent live-action movie about Cruella, the Estella Hair Set lets your sim wear this character’s iconic black and white bob. Click here to download this split hair dye CC today!

8. Lavender Two Tone Hair

split hair dye CC 8

This Lavender Hair split hair dye CC for The Sims 4 was created by Tsminhsims. While all of the hair colors are gorgeous, the 4+ two-toned hair options are the ones that really stand out amongst the rest. The image above featuring the half aqua, and half rose gold hairstyle is just one option to choose from. Click here to download it!

9. Aura Style 3

split hair dye CC 7

The Aura Style 3 Split hair dye CC is a subtle version of two-toned/split dye hair, but don’t go thinking that it is any less impressive than the rest on our list! Rather than the whole hair is dyed, the front bangs are dyed one color while the rest of the hair is left its natural color. It is subtle but effective! Click here to download it!

10. Salem Two-tone Hair

split hair dye CC 6

The Salem Hair Two-tone hair is an interesting take on the two-tone/split hairstyle. In under-layer hairstyles, the top part of the hair is one color while the under part is another. You also have the option of getting strands or streaks in your sim’s hair. Really, the possibilities are endless! Click here to download it!

11. Halle Hair

14 9

The Halle Hair Custom Content pack by Simpliciaty is another great example of a subtle two-tone hairstyle. Like another choice on this list, this hairstyle features a bob-style haircut with dyed bangs, and the rest of the hair is another color. To download this split hair dye CC, click here!

12. sintiklia still into You hair

14 10

While this custom content pack has an odd name, the hairstyle is anything but. This pack features a medium, shoulder-length hair cut with choppy bangs. You have a decent-sized palette to choose from so there are plenty of options for all you split hair dye fans out there. Click here to download it today!

13. Jenna Hair

14 11

The Jenna Custom Content pack by Feralpoodles uses an adorable long haircut style complete with two mini pigtails on top. You are given a complete palette to choose from so feel free to mix and match the two-tone hairstyle until you find one that fits your fancy. Click here to download it today!

14. Emma Hair

14 12

The Emma hair is a cute, shoulder-length bob that you can give your sims. While you only get a small palette to choose from, you can mix and match to still get the perfect two-toned hair colors for your sim. It just might take a little trial and error on your part. Click here to download it today!

15. Cats and Dogs Two Toned Bangs Recolors

14 13

And here is our number one choice! The reason the Cats and Dogs Two Toned Bangs Recolors made it to the top spot is partly because of all of the bright, lovely options that are available on the palette. Its featured medium hair with full forehead bangs haircut is the reason. Click here to download it today!


And there you have it sims, lovers! While there are plenty of two-toned/split hair dye custom content options out there, the ones featured on our list here stand out for one reason or another!

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