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Are you a fan of Sims 4 decorative lights? If the answer is yes, we bet that you know how to appreciate good detail when decorating rooms. No matter how rich the furniture is, the trick is always in little detail. Details like Sims 4 CC string lights make a home. Now, your Sims interior can look better than ever, thanks to CC pieces!

sims 4 cc string lights

String lights custom content for your house

There are many interesting lights available in the game, but you can spice it up even more and add custom-made lights to the game, too. Here is a list of some of the best string lights CC made for the Sims 4. Enjoy!

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1. Wall grid with string light Sims 4

sims 4 cc string lights

This hyper-realistic grid will blow you away. Now you can have your dream office space in Sims. The grid combines tiny round string lights with grid messages to motivate your Sims to grind and hustle like a pro. This looks like something you’d find in Ikea’s décor section. To get your sample, check it out here!

2. Wall Light Waterfall Sims 4 cC String lights

sims 4 cc string lights

These remind me of Christmas and autumn photoshoot backgrounds and posing in a warm sweater with a cup of tea. With sims 4 custom content string lights like these, even the simplest, smallest dining room can transform into a rich-looking space. With nine rows of tiny lights, these spark imagination and create a subtle atmosphere. Imagine how nice it would be to line a few of these on the wall? If you’d like to check them out, go to this page.

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3. Festive string wall lights by incandescentsims

sims 4 cc string lights

Why not make every day a festive day? This set of lights is perfect for warm summer nights on the balcony. You can pick the length of lights, but also choose rainbow, single-colored or multicolored lights. Just imagine how awesome an outdoor party would be with these on, some drinks, and lounge music. If you’d like these fairytale lights for yourself, you can get them on this page.

4. Olive juice wire patio sims 4 CC string lights set

sims 4 cc string lights

Have you seen a string light set that’s more majestic than this one? I know I haven’t! This set of classic sims 4 outdoor string lights cc with light bulbs will make your Sims enjoy every minute spent in the backyard. Any patio with this detail can become a paradise for relaxation. I would use this one for weddings and special occasions. If you are charmed by this piece of outdoor decor, you can download it here.

The Sims 4: Cottage Living features some nice fairy lights! Learn more about the extension pack here.

5. sims 4 Jars of Electric Fireflies by Omorfi-Mera

sims 4 cc string lights

It’s as dreamy as it sounds. The Jars of Fireflies string lights is a Sims 4 CC that brings subtlety into any interior. These lights were previously found in The Sims 3, and are now back in a big way. They come in three varieties, and you can even choose yellow or white light. If you are enamored by these pretty jars as I am, feel free to check them out here.

6. Bottles and String Lights Sims 4 CC

prevue s4 lights

There is no better way to elevate the atmosphere than a pair of string lights. These are perfect for long summer nights and long chats in the best Sims company. Old glass bottles that hold the string lights spice up this CC, making it super unique. Place these on any table, and you’ll instantly make the whole space light up and look .dandy. If this CC is your cup of tea, check it out here!

7. holiday string lamp set for sims 4


Fairy light decorations make every festive season even more special. This CC pack gives you a chance to not only pick how colorful you want your string lights to be but also chose the shape. The pack includes star-shaped lights, big round ones, and wire with classic elongated bulbs. However, it also features one chic, minimalistic model with multiple strings and tiny lights, which is my absolute favorite. To get this sims 4 wall string lights to cc for your gameplay, you can download it here for free.

8. flower sims 4 CC string lights by bellassims

Well, this is how to take cuteness to the next level. Made for all little Sims princesses and those who feel like one, this flowery string light will charm you in an instant. They come in 26 swatches so you’ll be able to customize the CC to your liking. If this girly element is something you’d like to have in your Sims interior, feel free to check it out on this page.

9. Say goodnight little lights Sims 4


When I think of string lights, I always think of high school movies. Your Sims kids and teenagers will adore this one. These string lights come in three main variants – a single lights cord, double lights cord, and a cord with photos. Place the above bed or computer desk and the room will look like a teenage paradise from a magazine. Browse and download it here.

10. sims 4 fairy lights from akisima sims blog


With fairy lights, you can never go wrong. These decorative sims 4 cc fairy lights are multipurpose. You can use them to decorate your house exterior, brighten up the balcony, or add a touch of dreaminess to your Sims garden. Depending on what looks better, you can opt for a black or white cord. Not only that but there are 17 light combinations to choose from, so you’ll also enjoy some decent variety. To get a download sample of these pretty lights, go here.

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Customizing your house can be a nightmare if you’re not careful but with these best lighting options, you can decorate your backyard, bedroom, or any other space you want. We hope you enjoyed this list of Sims 4 cc string lights!

If your house needs a makeover, then it’s time you check out our suggestions. This will also help you to see what furniture and décor items would be good for your home. Visit the links below for related content. See you soon!

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