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Find the Best Scar for your Sim

This is not new trend that people enjoy having scars on their faces and body. This is one of the reasons people get tattoos on them and other people appreciate these art too. This is why scars on the face and body are an accepted trend. These scars are an art in itself for many and here in this list you will find a variety of scars. Wanna see more skin overlay mods? Then check this post!

A Wide Range of Scars for your Sim

Face Scars N04


Here you will find four scars. They come in red and black. You can pick which one would suit your sim best. The scars are not too deep but small but easy to notice and do make a different on the outlook of the face.


BRUISED Body Scars N01


This body scar looks very realistic. The scar is in bloody stain type where you will feel like someone had gone into a fight and then ended up with this blood stain on the elbow, belly, and back.


BRUISED Face Scars N02


This face scar gives out a bruised look. The sharp cut mark on one eye, a small bruised mark on the lip, and on the cheeks makes this look rather scary.


SAMCRO Tattoos & Scars Pack


This is a combination of tattoos and scars together. A scar is bold itself, adding tattoos with this look will make your Sim extra Thug! If you are going for a street style thug look, then these looks are perfect. You will find ten variations here.


Facial Scars


This look is suitable for women more than men. It gives out a burnt scar look. It goes from one eye then a mark from the cheeks and down the nose and lips. It gives out a very intense vibe.


SCARRED Scars Set N01


This is scar set where you will get about 14 different face scars. These scars also come in 26 combinations which means you can be as unique as your imagination.


S-Club LL ts4 scars 01


This scar is so simple yet looks very bold and somewhat attractive. You can find six variations of this scar meaning you can place it on the cheek, nose, lips, eyes etc.


Face Scars N03


This face scar is again very simple yet looks rather stylish. It adds a tough look to your Sim. It is simple bruised mark on the nose and below one eyc.


S-Club LL ts4 scars 02


This is not a traditional scar mark rather it is very unique. It is a star sign in bloody red color. It comes in six different variations. From putting it on the face, chest, hand, you can be creative with this scar design.


Automatic Burn Scars Skin Detail 4.2


This is a crazy scar where you can decide to put brunt scar on the body and face of your Sim. You can decide on how deep or light you want the scar to be. It comes in both red and black color.


Chest scars for FTM Sims


This is a chest scar that you can add on both men and women. If your sim has undergone the knife for a medical purpose then this scar is very relatable.


Bad Face Scars


These bad face scars are extreme in nature. There are six variations. One resembles a scratch of a tiger or a bear. The others are stitches. They are comparatively big and easy to notice.


Oscars 2017


Laupipi created three gorgeous female celebrity dresses from Oscars 2017. They are classy, elegant and modern. Every little detail of these designs is impressive.


Halloween Set Scars


This is a long face scar with stitches look. It is deep and noticeable. It goes from one side of your nose or from forehead to another cheek.


The Witcher’s scars


If you are a fan of the series Witcher’s then you have to love these face scars. They are six variations available. It will suit both men and women. They look very rigid. You can choose from red color to brown. If you like this iten, check our post on the best Witch (and Witcher) CC & Mods for The Sims 4.


Joker makeup without/with scars


This is a tribute to the infamous JOKER. If you like joker, you would love your Sim to have this make up look with or without the face scar. It is bold and very savage.


Brie Larson’s 2016 Oscars Dress


This is a tribute to Brie Larson and her special look in the Oscars back in 2016. Her beautiful long dress left everyone stunt. It comes in two lovely color, red and royal blue. The detailing on the belt is amazing.


Face scars by DinoDell


This face scar is very interesting as it comes in ten different variations. It will look good in both men and women. These scars look intense and attractive at the same time.


Body Scars


This is a unique body scar which looks like someone has cut slits on your body with a sharp knife or blade. The look is intense again and it can be used in both men and women. These scars can be added onto the legs, hands, back and front.


Jamie’s Back Scars


This detailed back scar comes in five different variations with five different body color. The detailing is very intense and sharp. It is as if some animal has scratched on the back.



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