Celebrating 25 Years in the Wasteland with Fallout CC for the Sims!

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Because the two game franchises share several features and concepts, it should be no surprise that many CC creators have converted content from Fallout for use in the Sims 4. In honor of Fallout’s 25th birthday, we’re sharing 25 of the best pieces of Fallout CC for you to add to your game!

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Fallout CC To Bring The Wasteland To You

Last year the Sims celebrated 21 years of gaming with a collection of 21 new items for players. This year, another gaming juggernaut is throwing a party: Fallout turns 25! If you’re not familiar, the Fallout gaming franchise takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States roughly 250 years into the future, and has covered locations like California, Nevada, West Virginia, Washington DC, and parts of New England.

image 135
The early Sims and Fallout games both had an isometric style

Though it started as a top-down isometric game (similar to the original Sims 1), Fallout has evolved over time and now exists as an action-adventure RPG full of personality. There are multiple elements in the Fallout franchise that may appeal to simmers, from character customization to base building to game modding. If you’ve ever played the Murkland Challenge, you’d probably really enjoy the Fallout franchise!

Find similar custom content for your game below!

1. Vault suits and Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV by PlazaSims

image 105 edited
Fallout CC: Vault Suits!

The quintessential look of any Vault Dweller: a Vault Suit and a matching Pip-Boy. Classic pieces that appear in every Fallout game, though their looks vary from place to place (and game to game). PlazaSims went ahead and made the suits available for a half-dozen different Vault numbers, and you can get them in clean and dirty versions. The Pip-Boy also has several screen options suited for wherever your exploration takes you! Suit up to face the wastes here.

2. Fallout 4 Scars by Yakfarm

image 110
Fallout CC: Scars!

One area that Fallout offers a lot of customization options is on your character’s face, and the games have a myriad of scars and other marks to show how the wasteland has worn on them. I’m very appreciative of how subtle and realistic these scars look, as a lot of the vanilla Sims game scars are incredibly cartoony. If you’d like these facial marks for your own wastelander sims you can download them here.

More on SnootySims: The best scar CC packs for the Sims 4!

3. Synth Eyes by Gen-Sim

image 102 edited

Okay, confession time: Nick Valentine is this author’s favorite video game character of all time (sorry, Bella)! A half-human noir gumshoe stuck living 2 lives in 2 different times, Nick’s proven to be a popular character to try emulating in the Sims 4. A unique feature of synths like him are their glowing yellow eyes, and Gen-Sim perfectly recreated them for our games. They even glow! If you want to try your mechanical hand at making Nick in your own game, you’ll definitely want to download this eye set here.

4. Hancock (clothes, skin detail, & sim) by RemusSims

image 103

Hancock is another incredibly popular character from Fallout 4. A ghoul-turned-mayor, he runs the city of Goodneighbor in what once was downtown Boston. Hancock is a laid-back, witty guy with a chem habit, a taste for adventure, and a very unique way of looking at things. If you love him as much as the residents of Goodneighbor do, get him for the Sims by going here!

5. Nuka Cola Jumpsuits by WastelandWhisperer

image 120 edited

Jumpsuits are a very popular garment in recent Fallout offerings and are available in a slew of colorways. In Fallout 76 alone there are around 25 different designs as of this writing! This Fallout custom content collection includes clean and dirty jumpsuits in 4 Nuka Cola variants and would look great on any Lone Wanderer, Courier, Sole Survivor, or evicted Vault Dweller. Collect them all at this link.

6. Retro Home of Tomorrow from Fallout 4 by Madam_Hyjinks

image 104

The opening of Fallout 4 brought us something we’d never seen before, in that the game begins before the Great War. Though brief, players get the opportunity to explore the Sole Survivor’s home when everything is still shiny and new. Inspired by the “house of tomorrow” concepts popular in the early-to-mid 20th century, this sim-ified version does a fantastic job of replicating the Fallout 4 starting location using in-game assets. There’s even a Mr. Handy bot out front! Even if you’re not into Fallout, this is still an incredible house to add to your neighborhood.

7. Red Rocket Station by Brasil Royale

image 101 edited

The Red Rocket Fueling Station is a well-known commercial auto service chain in the universe of Fallout, with locations dotting the country. In Fallout 4 you meet the goodest boy ever at one of these stations and in Fallout 76 they’re a guaranteed location to find stash boxes for unloading your stuff. This CC-free build encapsulates the vibe of the original Red Rocket Service Station with a mix of Maxis flavor, and you can get it yourself by going here.

8. Fallout 4 Garage Workbench by BigUglyHag

image 106 edited

If you’ve ever claimed a workshop in the world of Fallout then you are very familiar with this workbench. Now you can get it in the Sims, and it’s actually a functional woodworking table! Haggy also made several recolors for the bench in clean and dirty versions so it will fit into whatever build you have in mind. Claim the workbench here!

9. Fallout 76 Vault-Tec Lamp by hannahgaskarth

image 107

This recolor of a Tiny Living Stuff lamp is basically an amalgamation of these two floor lamps from Fallout 76:

image 134
You can find these in the Atom Shop.

I really like how the Vault-Tec logo fits so well on the lampshade, as if it belonged there from the beginning. If you want to add a subtle nod to Fallout into your Sims 4 game, you can get the lamp here.

10. Fallout Posters by Hippopootimus

image 118

This is a collection of posters from within and about the Fallout game series and includes several pieces that can be found in the C.A.M.P.s of Fallout 76 today. If you like your Vault Shelter so much you want to recreate it in the Sims 4 you will definitely want to download these posters!

Find an awesome variety of posters for your game here as well!

11. Gaming Posters: Bethesda Edition

image 119

This small collection of posters contain 3 pieces based on Fallout 4 with a Skyrim print snuck in for good measure. You can never have too many posters, right? If you agree, head here to download them!

12. Fallout Posters by Lore

image 114 edited

10 posters with an assortment of Fallout advertisements and other propaganda to decorate your vaults and outposts. Throw a few up in Rivet City so you finally have a way to tell all the floors apart! Grab the posters here.

13. Nuka-Girl Poster by Hannagaskarth

image 121 edited

Nuka-Girl is the quintessential pin-up from the universe of Fallout, dressed in a skimpy spacesuit and shilling the country’s most popular cola brand. If you’re a soda junkie, your favorite theme park is Nuka World, and/or your name is Sierra Petrovita, you need these posters!

14. Fallout Mini Fanpack by littlecakes & Quiddity

image 100
A desk fan? Who carries around a desk fan?!

This mini set includes a variety of deco and functional objects sure to please any scaver. There are bottles of Nuka Cola classic and Nuka Quantum (which glows!), Nuka Cola posters as well as posters from the Minutemen and Silver Shroud, a radio, a suitcase, and even a desk fan! Over-encumber yourself and download them here!

15. Fallout 4 Conversions – Chems by lay-zee ne-ef

image 99

When you’re wandering the wasteland you might find yourself in need of aid, whether you’ve got radiation poisoning, low health, or you just want a bit of a brain boost. Because it takes place in the future Fallout has a plethora of chems you can use to achieve whatever goal you have in mind. Now you can bring those same chems into the world of the sims by downloading these chem conversions!

16. Fallout 4 Conversions – Toys by lay-zee ne-ef

image 108

Another conversion by Lay-Zee Ne-Ef, this time brings pre- and post-war versions of popular toys from Fallout including the well-loved Teddy Bear, Nuka Cola Truck, Rocket, and even Jangles the Moon Monkey! Sadly they’re deco only, so you can’t scrap them to build yet another shack in your settlement. Add these atomic goodies to the Sims 4 by downloading them here!

17. Fallout 4 Toy Alien by Sokhra

image 117

This conversion brings the funky little alien toy from the world of Fallout into the playrooms of your little tykes. With its bright colors and silly face, it looks like it belonged in the Sims 4 from the beginning! You can loot one for yourself by going here.

18. Fallout 4 Port-A-Diner (Buffet Table) by BigUglyHag

image 122 edited

The Port-A-Diner, Fallout’s least reliable vending machine. Don’t even attempt it without a few drinks first and be sure to don a ridiculous outfit to get your Luck stat as high as you can! Then? Maybe you’ll get a slice of pie. Thankfully in the Sims 4 the buffet table doesn’t judge, so your sims can eat to their heart’s content. You can get this working Port-A-Diner here.

19. Fallout 4 Computers by Veranka

image 109
ASMR terminal unlock minigame not included.

Veranka has added a trio of Fallout 4 computers for more functional electronics in the Sims 4! Choose between the standard RobCo terminal, Tinker Tom’s Railroad Terminal, or the Institute Computers. Each has a totally unique look to it that would fit in with a number of build themes, not just Fallout, and are definitely worth adding to your game.

20. Fallout 4 Radio by Veranka

image 111 edited
As long as I can hear Magnolia sing, I’m happy!

Whether you prefer the smooth voices of Three Dog or Mr. New Vegas, the awkwardness of Travis or Julia, or the snarky attitude of RedEye (my fave), tune into your favorite wasteland DJ with these radio conversions. The radio comes in 2 sizes and several colors including pre- and post-war finishes for all your vault and settlement needs! You can download them here.

21. Fallout 4 Bobbleheads by Ivka Sims

image 139

Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck…do you know what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.? Ivka Sims does! She converted these bobbleheads from Fallout into deco objects for the Sims 4, and it’s a real treat to see Vault Boy’s grinning face adorning your shelves!

Unfortunately Ivka’s original blog was hacked and she ended up having to delete everything. Thanks to the Wayback Machine we can see remnants of the old post here, and the bobblehead files can still be found for download on MediaFire.

22. (Fallout) Vault Boy – Bobblehead Poses by HoneysSims4

image 116

A fun collection of poses inspired by the various bobbleheads you can find across the wasteland in the Fallout series, with 13 individual poses in total. I’m quite curious how one could fit either of the Agility poses into one’s game photo rotation!

Some of the poses need accessories to look right so be sure to read all the details when you go here to download them.

23. Retro Fallout 4 Furnishings by BigUglyHag

image 113

This is a direct conversion of a Sims 2 conversion because like I said, simmers and Fallout players are cut from the same ballistic-woven cloth! The set includes kitchen appliances in 4 colors, a table, dining and comfort chairs, and a fantastic conversion of the Radiation King TV. You can download them all here.

24. The Kitchen of Tomorrow & Bedroom of Tomorrow Sets by Surely-Sims

image 138

These absolutely fabulous kitchen and bedroom sets inspired by Fallout 4 are a must-have for any fan of the game franchise. The sets are chock-full of Fallout references including Nuka Cola bottles, boxes of Sugar Bombs, and even the elusive slice of Perfectly Preserved Pie! It’s a mid-century dream and with so many recolors you will find yourself using them again and again. You can download the Kitchen of Tomorrow here and the Bedroom of Tomorrow here.

For an added bonus, Surely-Sims released a spooky add-on to both sets for #Simblreen 2022. See the creepy details and download the House of Yesterday add-on here.

25. Fallout Baby! By Surely-Sims

image 140

Another incredible collection from Surely-Sims, it includes furniture directly pulled from or inspired by Shaun’s pre-war nursery in Fallout 4. A mid-century fan’s dream, it comes with any article of furniture you might think a nursery needs, as well as artwork, wallpaper, flooring, and a bassinet override we’ve previously featured. Despite being inspired by a completely different game, this creation has been found on best-of CC lists and for good reason! See why for yourself by downloading here!

Closing Thoughts

25 years from launch Fallout is still a popular and booming franchise in the gaming world, much like its younger friend the Sims, and players who love both games have found a lot of ways to marry the two. Just looking at the EA Gallery, you can see that simmers love making Fallout content! If you’re one of those players, or if we’ve introduced you to a whole new post-apocalyptic world, this list of Fallout CC will make your game burn brighter than uranium! We hope you’ve found some new favorite CC from this list. Happy simming!

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