10+ Invisible Crib Mods to Spruce Up Your Nursery!


Does the base game bassinet clash with your expertly decorated nursery? Mods and CC have the fix you’re looking for!

sims 4 invisible crib mod
Invisible Crib Mod for the Sims 4

Babies in the Sims 4 automatically spawn with a bassinet when they’re born. While (most of) the occult babies have their own cribs that follow their respective supernatural themes, human and mermaid babies get a generic, boring design. It’s quite the letdown when you’ve gotten all excited about a new member joining your sims’ family, built a beautiful nursery for them, and then they show up in this ugly crib! Fortunately there are invisible crib mods and crib CC that you can combine to do away with the unattractive infant bassinets of yesteryear.

Invisible Crib Mods

An invisible crib mod basically does what it says on the tin, and makes the default base game bassinet into an invisible crib. Infants will still function like they should but they will appear to be floating in the air if you don’t have any other cribs in place! There are a few different mods out there for invisible cribs but as many of them were made before infants were updated in Nifty Knitting and are now outdated, we’re only featuring more recent and/or updated invisible crib mods.

Martine’s Invisible Crib Mod

This is an updated version of the invisible crib mod first created by PandaC which unfortunately no longer works. It comes in 4 swatches which include 3 invisible cribs with a teddy bear anchor (to make it easier to find/grab) and one that has nothing at all, making it totally invisible. You can download this updated file here, but it’s worth going back to the original post by PandaC to see more images and details.

Invisible Crib DEFAULT by Severinka

This mod also comes with several swatches that include anchor points, although when testing in my own game the anchor points didn’t show. It still makes the crib invisible though, which is the main point of the mod. You can get this invisible crib mod here.

Deco Cribs For Use With Invisible Crib Mods

Now that you’ve made the default bassinet invisible, you can place a lovely deco crib in the same place to complete the illusion. These cribs have all been playtested by yours truly and should work without any cheats!

1. Cradle In a tree & Cradle On a Stone by AroundTheSims

If you’re playing a prehistory, homeless, rags to riches, or other challenge that calls for a less…refined “crib” to place your infants, you will like these beds! There are 2 versions of each crib on the download page; make sure you’re choosing the ones that come with 4 swatches (the beds with 1 swatch are not compatible with invisible crib mods).

2. Heyden Nursery Crib by Michelleab

This crib comes in wood, black, and white tones with 5 different mattress swatches, and includes other accessories such as a crib blanket and pillow. See the details and download here!

3. Nursery Purple Hearts Crib by Pink Baddie

This crib is highly-detailed with pillows, bumpers, and a cute plush heart garland tied to the front. Our only complaint is that it only has one color swatch! Grab this beautiful piece of baby furniture here.

4. Naturalis – Decor Crib by SIMcredible!

A simple, neutral crib for light & airy nurseries in 4 frame colors. This crib is part of a nursery set; you can get the crib on its own here or go here for the whole set.

5. Crib on Ropes by Plumbpool at SimsWorkshop

Don’t let the name fool you, this crib is perfectly safe for your sims! The crib frame comes in 30 swatches including Peacemaker_ic‘s wood tones, and the separated mattress with bumpers comes in a whopping 47 swatches of solid colors and patterns. Get this funky crib here.

6. Helios Nursery by Syboulette

This set comes with a variety of items for decorating a nursery, including a crib in 4 swatches, a hanging blanket in 8 swatches, and a crib curtain in 10 swatches. We like this crib because it would go nicely in an Island Living style build along with more contemporary nurseries. Download the crib and the rest of the set here.

7. The Practical Crib & Mattress by Onyx Sims

This is a simple, straightforward crib in 28 swatches including Peacemaker_ic‘s wood tones, and a separated mattress in 35 swatches of solid colors and patterns. It’s a pretty basic design but with so many swatches, the color possibilities are anything but basic! Download the crib and mattress here.

8. Smol Stuff Pack by Charly Pancakes

The smol stuff pack includes a tiny little crib and separated mattress that come in a variety of different colors. The design is nicely balanced between old-fashioned and modern lines, so you will find this to be a very versatile piece of nursery CC. This post goes over all the options and swatches, or you can dive in and be surprised by downloading it directly from here.

9. Owl Nursery by AroundTheSims

This nursery set includes a precious owl crib and coordinating mattress, each in 7 swatches. There are also other pieces of matching furniture available if you fall in love with these cute owls faces like we did! Get them here.

10. Fallout Baby! A Pre-Atomic War Nursery Set by Surely-Sims

If you’re a fan of the Fallout video game franchise, especially the most recent releases, you should recognize some of this furniture! This huge 22-piece set includes a precious pre-war baby bassinet in 11 adorable swatches. Note: there is a deco version of the bassinet as well as an override; make sure you’re installing the decor version! See the rest of the offerings in this S.P.E.C.I.A.L. set and download it here.

All cribs shared here have been playtested and should work without difficulty, but if you run into routing issues, try the following:

  • Make sure MoveObjects if OFF, so you’re not accidentally placing the objects somewhere your sims can’t reach.
  • Press the F5 key, which will allow you to move objects in quarter-tile increments and thus have more control over where you’re placing things.
  • Hold down the ALT key when placing your objects, which will free them from the confines of the grid.

If you find a CC crib you’re in love with that doesn’t work with the mod, it’s because the object has a conflicting footprint. You can use Sims 4 Studio to fix this issue by removing the footprint. Check out this tutorial to learn how.

Final Thoughts

Infants no longer need be confined to ugly, bland, boring bassinets thanks to invisible crib mods! With an override and some cute CC cribs, you can give your babies the stylish bedding that fits their families’ decor styles and add a touch of personality to your nurseries. We hope this helps you elevate your baby builds to the next level. Happy simming!

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