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If you’re looking for a new CC creator with a catalogue chock full of content, Peacemaker_ic is your guy. From casual male CAS items to unofficial add-on packs to completely unique build/buy content in a range of styles and builds, you are bound to find something of his that you like. Keep reading to learn all about his incredible stuff!

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Casual CAS Content for Male sims

Let’s face it, when it comes to male-presenting sims there are significantly fewer CC options available for CAS than for female-presenting sims. Peacemaker_ic hasn’t forgotten about them, though! Relaxed styles, Maxis-match hair, and even full-blown sims can be found in his CAS catalogue.

1. Pattern My Ombre V2 tee

image 132

A slim-fit tee shirt with 20 colorful swatches in 2 different styles to fit a variety of looks. Half the swatches are dual-toned ombre patterns in mellow monochromes, with a few contrasting brights thrown in. The other half are solid color pieces with a subtle geometric pattern fading out from the top. Get these casual tees here.

2. Kimi-Kimono Jacket

image 133

With 12 solid colors and 12 new patterns, this recolor set of the kimono jacket from Movie Hangout Stuff (required) adds some dimensional flair to an otherwise simplistic silhouette. Peacemaker_ic also recategorized the item as a “jacket” instead of “tee shirt,” so keep that in mind when you’re scanning CAS looking for them. If you want these funky recolors you can get them here.

3. Slim and Cuffed Jeans

image 134

A base-game mesh with Bowling Night Stuff textures, these jeans are super versatile with a touch of rebel edge. They come in 10 denim shades for Everyday and Party categories, and are a great Maxis-match option to expand your male clothing catalog. Beach bums and punks alike can snag these jeans here.

4. Racer Sunglasses

image 135

Trendy shades in stripes and solids for your sporty and fashion-forward sims. There are 15 swatches total (6 striped and 9 solid) available in Everyday, Athletic, Formal, and Party categories. As a bonus, they’re available for female sims too! Snag them for your game here.

5. Low Manbun

image 136

Most updos and tied back styles for males in The Sims 4 have the hair gathered higher up or completely on top of the sims’ head. This style is a lot more relaxed with small bun nestled at the nape of the neck for an effortless and casual look. Hat compatible and available in EA’s original 18 color swatches, tie back your hair and download here.

6. Blown Dry Conversion & Edit

image 137

Originally a female style, this mesh has been converted and “de-poofed” to fit male heads better. In addition to EA’s original 18 colors, there are also 10 extra shades in natural and unnatural colors. Show your male sims that this style isn’t just “girls only” and get it here.

7. Sleek & Swept

image 138

Originally a children’s mesh, Peacemaker_ic not only converted this hair for adults but also added dyed colors that children don’t have access to. It comes in 18 original EA swatches and is hat compatible. Get this conversion here.

8. Damian Hassler, Tyler Howell, Cypress Evergreen, Izaiah Hartford, & Henry Walker

image 139

5 handsome fellows from Peacemaker_ic that have been made for modeling his projects or just for fun. They each have their own aspirations, traits, and a little bit of backstory to get you started. Check out the sim dump here to find out more details about each sim, what packs they need, and how to add them to your game.

Buy Mode Objects to Complete EA’s Collections

Buy mode is where Peacemaker_ic really shines. His expanded sets make the vanilla game content even more useful and once you have them in your game you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

1. Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack Expansion

image 140

24 new objects to expand the Vintage Glamour Stuff pack including new seating, tables, and a few accent pieces. With this expansion you can furnish your entire home in glamourous vintage style. The Ward Den makeover, anyone? Get these add ons here.

2. Bowling Night Expanded

image 141

Bowling Night Stuff has a fun retro vibe to it, but a lot of the stuff looks out-of-place if you’re not at a bowling alley. This set from adds a bunch of new seating and table options, as well as some bed frames so you can use the items in every room of your house! These additional pieces are found here.

3. Paranormal Buy Mode Expanded

image 142

Compared to other stuff packs, Paranormal Stuff has some of the best looking content ever released for The Sims 4, with a color palate and silhouettes that fit well with content from several other game packs. There are 20 new items in this set including new plants, extra lighting options, and new bed frames plus extended seating and table options. If you love Paranormal Stuff you absolutely need to go here and download these add ons!

New, Stylish Sets For Your Sims’ Homes

Set expansions aren’t the only items Peacemaker_ic makes! His own unique collections will make your sim’s home look like a fancy showroom, and he never fails to include little details that really make your builds pop.

1. Essa Kitchen

image 143

Essa is a modern kitchen set with clean lines and an impressive color range, including multiple wood tone options. There are two different countertops and the overhead cabinets can be configured in a more traditional closed style or an updated open-air look. Mix and match the options to make a chic, one-of-a-kind kitchen. See details and get the collection here.

2. Hamptons Getaway Bathroom

image 144

Peacemaker_ic has made a few different rooms for the Hamptons collection, but this bathroom is too cute not to share. A marriage of updated and classic designs, you can use this collection on its own or pick and choose pieces to mix with other content. There are lots of little accents that make your bathroom look cozy and lived-in, too. Learn more about this whopping 36-piece set and get it for yourself by clicking here.

3. Coba Bedroom Suite

image 145

This wild bedroom set blends bright tropical prints with pseudo-retro furniture designs. It doesn’t matter if you’re furnishing an old-fashioned vacation rental or a modern loft, the Coba set will add class to your home builds. Check out that gorgeous bed canopy! Download this amazing set here.

4. Futura Living & Dining

image 146

Futura is a retro futuristic mid-century fan’s dream. Funky shapes, vintage colors, and so many nifty accents make this set a must-have if you’re into retro content. Dress the part and live out your mid-century dreams by getting Peacemaker_ic’s collection here.

5. Vara Office Set

image 148

Whether you want your office done up in sophisticated black & white or in colorful pastels, the Vara Office Set has what you’re looking for. There are 10 new items, including a new laptop and desktop computer. Get them here.

6. Roarsome Kids Bedroom

image 149

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the little ones! Roarsome Kids has bedroom furniture for toddlers and children, so this is a set that will grow with your young sims. 30 new objects featuring dozens of animals mean that you can use this set over and over again and never make the same bedroom twice. There are so many cute items that you should click here and see them for yourself!

7. Oasis-Chic Outdoor Dining Furniture

image 150

Peacemaker_ic has beautiful CC for your outdoor spaces as well. This 15 piece set includes a pergola, several dining table sizes, and an angular outdoor fireplace so your sims can hang outdoors no matter the season. If you’d like to add this collection to your game you can find it here.

Build Mode Expansions for Fabulous Facades

With the exception of Kits, the Sims 4 tends to add windows and doors with every DLC pack. There never seems to be enough build objects, though. Luckily Peacemaker_ic again saves the day with his amazing expansion sets to round out EA’s collections.

1. Ghoulish & Ghastly – Vampire Pack Build Mode Addons

image 152

This 14 20 piece set adds more doors and windows from the Vampires Game Pack in larger, more useable sizes. The original collection is nice but the sizes are tiny and don’t look so good on taller walls. Get the set here and start building your own imposing gothic manors.

2. StrangerVille Build mode Expanded

image 153

Arches, wrought iron, and patterned stained glass are just some of the highlights from the StrangerVille Pack’s build mode, and if you can’t get enough of them you will really enjoy this expansion. Peacemaker_ic has made 43 new items along with a default replacement for one of the EA doors that had some mesh issues. See all the new items here.

3. Island Living Build Mode Expanded

image 154

Island Living is one of those Expansion Packs that has a completely different look to it, and while new styles are always fun it’s frustrating when the available items are limited. How can you build a whole world of beach lots with such few options? These 38 additional pieces add a lot of flexibility for island builds of all shapes and sizes. Add more to your Sulani lots here.

But Wait, There’s More…

On top of all the great content featured here, Peacemaker_ic has additional downloads that don’t quite fit into any of the above categories. But, they deserve some attention too!

Miscellaneous Custom Content you should check out


The Sims 4 CC community is full of incredibly talented creators, and Peacemaker_ic is definitely one of the best. We hope this creator highlight inspires you to check out his amazing custom content and let his creations add a dash of style to your game!

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